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Words to make yourself more interesting
Do you want your stories to sound more interesting? In this lesson I teach you all about 'informal intensifiers'. That's the grammatical name for an adverb, such as 'very', that makes adjectives stronger, as you see in the following example: I'm hungry. [subject] + [verb] + [adjective] I'm very hungry. [subject] + [verb] + [intensifying adverb] + [adjective] I'm sure you already know the meaning of 'very'. However, we use different intensifiers depending on the background/social class of the speaker, as well as the formality of the situation. This English lesson explains which intensifiers you should use in different situations. Some adjectives, mostly swear words, also act as informal intensifiers. This means that people use them in their speech for dramatic effect. In this lesson, you learn a lot of new vocabulary to make your speech more interesting. You also find out about the most commonly used swear words in British English, so that you can be interesting in every situation! Take the quiz on this lesson at http://www.engvid.com/make-yourself-more-interesting-informal-intensifiers/ TRANSCRIPT Hi, everyone. I'm Jade. I'm talking about informal intensifiers today and this is a way to make a story more dramatic and it's what we use as native speakers when we're, yeah, telling a story. So when we're telling a story, we'll put in these adverbs to add drama you could say. But we... We've got a choice of intens-... They're otherwise known as intensifiers. We've got a choice of what words we can use. Any they depend... And the words we choose depend on the context and they depend on the kind of story you want to tell. So let's... Firstly, to describe what "posh" is. In the UK, "posh" means belonging to a higher social class. It could be a way of behaving, it could be a way of speaking. So we have that in England because of the queen and all stuff like that, and that's just the way English British society is. So posh people use different words in their speech. So in their speech, these are the preferred words for posh English. So someone might say: "When my contact lens was in my eye, it was fairly uncomfortable." Or "rather" has the same meaning. "It was my eye. I was rather upset." And they mean the same thing. They mean like: "quite". Not used so much nowadays, but in the past, posh people liked to say: "Terribly" and "Awfully" and they didn't mean them as terrible/awful. They actually mean the opposite, they mean "very" and "good". "I went to the party and it was a terribly lovely party and there were many people there." Or you could say: "Borris is an awfully good chap." That means: "very good chap" for a posh person. Posh language is going to prefer these informal intensifiers. Neutral English-sometimes posh people will use it too-neutral English, we would use all of these adverbs mostly. So you would be intensifying a story by saying: "I was in so much pain." And you really make the "so" long: "So much pain" when you're telling a story. Again, you can emphasize the "really". "I was really stressed." You could say that. One thing to mention about "quite" is they mean... It means the same thing as "fairly", but "fairly" is more posh and "quite" is more in the middle or whatever. And "too" means negative. So: "When my contact lens got stuck in my eye..." This sentence is not going to work. The sentence I'm thinking of, you'd say something is too expensive as in too much for a negative when you're using this adverb. But we have even more choice for informal intensifiers. We have slang words. So I'm going to teach you some English slang that people use. "Bare" means "very" and "nough" also means "very". You couldn't... You could write the... You could write this on Facebook or in chat or something, but you couldn't write it anywhere formally. "And when my contact lens got stuck in my eye, I was bare stressed. You know that." Or: "I couldn't get it out. I was nough upset. I didn't know what to do." They mean... "Nough" I used it like "really" there. So you also have this option if you wish. And I don't know about in your country, but English people swear quite a lot. I don't really swear, I don't really like it. But here is swear words you can use. You probably know this one, I bet you know this one. But do you know this one? "Bloody" it's not a very strong swear word anymore. At the end of my story I said: "The bloody contact lens finally came out." You call something "bloody" if it's irritating or annoying. It used to be strong, it's not so bad now. And here are two other ones. I found that people say these ones when they don't like to say this one. They sound kind of like this one and they're a little bit more polite swear words. And they sound like this: "frigging" or "flipping". "My flipping contact lens got stuck in my eye."
25 Interesting And Somewhat Strange Word Origins
Did you know that the word "mortgage" comes from a French expression meaning "death pledge"? These are 25 interesting and somewhat strange word origins. https://twitter.com/list25 https://www.facebook.com/list25 http://list25.com Check out the text version too! - http://list25.com/25-interesting-and-somewhat-strange-word-origins/ Here's a preview: Jumbo was most likely originally the word for "elephant" in a west African language. It took on the meaning of "large" when an elephant in London zoo was named Jumbo in 1860 Quarantine comes from the French "qarante" for 40. Whenever a ship arriving in port was suspected of being infected it had to forego contact with the shore for a period of about 40 days. Hazard comes from the Arabic "al zahr" which means "the dice". The term came to be associated with dice during the Crusades and eventually took on a negative connotation because games of dice were associated with gambling Disaster comes from the Greek "dis" meaning bad, and "aster", meaning star. The ancient Greeks used to blame calamities on unfavorable planetary positions. Lemur comes from a Latin word that means "spirit of the dead". The person that named them cited their nocturnal nature as a source of influence. Loophole (or murder hole) originally referred to the slits in castle walls that archers would shoot their arrows through. Nice comes from a Latin word meaning "ignorant" Muscle comes from a Latin root meaning "little mouse". Apparently people used to think muscles looked like little mice under their skin. War comes from a Germanic root that meant "to confuse" Heresy comes from a Greek word meaning choice Pamphlet comes from the title of a Latin love poem called Pamphilus that was supposedly passed from person to person Lunatic is derived from the Latin word "luna" meaning "moon". It originated from the belief that insanity is caused by changes in the moon. Berserk comes form ancient Norse fighters that were known as Berserkers Jeans were named after their place of origin, Genoa, Italy. Curfew comes from a combination of two French words -- "couvrir" and "feu". Literally this means to "cover fire". Lukewarm is actually a reduntant. Luke meant "warm" in Middle English so lukewarm technically would mean "warm warm". The word Soccer actually originated in the United Kingdom. Association Football was shortened to "socca" (derived from the middle of the word association). This turned into the word "soccer" that is still used in the US, Canada, and Australia. Mortgage comes from the French expression meaning "death pledge" Nightmare comes from an old English word "mare" that refers to a demon who suffocates you in your sleep Denim comes from Nimes, France. It was therefore originally called serge de Nimes or "fabric from Nimes". The "serge" soon disappeared and left us with "de Nimes". Buck, the slang term for an American dollar comes from the fact that on the American frontier deerskins were used as units of commerce. Addict comes from ancient Rome when soldiers were awarded slaves known as "addicts", which is the Latin word for slave. It eventually came to refer to a person who was a slave to anyone or anything. Noon comes from the Latin phrase "nona hora" or "ninth hour". In ancient Rome noon was actually around 3pm Malaria comes from the Latin phrase "mal aria" meaning "bad air" and was used to describe the atmosphere around the swamps of Rome. Tragedy comes from the Greek word "tragodia" which means "song of the male goat".
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Interesting Words to describe facial expressions – Free English Lessons
Interesting Words to describe facial expressions – Free English Lessons. Blog : http://www.learnex.in/english-lesson-to-learn-english-vocabulary-about-facial-expressions In this English lesson you will learn some interesting vocabulary to talk about facial expressions in English. There are different facial expressions that can express different emotions and we also have different words to describe each expression. Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/letstalkpodcast Website : http://www.letstalkacademy.in Doleful - Sad / Morose My heart went out to the children on the street and their doleful faces. Glaring - Staring in an annoyed fashion The teacher glared at the students for misbehaving in class. Ecstatic - Very joyful/ Extremely joyful Jack was ecstatic when he landed his dream job. Exasperated - Irritated, frustrated Certain colleagues at work leave me feeling exasperated because of their rude behaviour. Grinning - Smiling naughtily The child grinned from ear to ear after completing his mischief. Annoyed - Angry The boss looked annoyed with Sally for being lax at work Fierce - Very angry / aggressive Jenny was fierce with anger when she heard that her Tom had been stealing at school. Mocking - Taunting or sarcastic The stock market seems to be mocking at the investors now a days with its constant ups and downs. We hope this English lesson has helped and you have learned some new English vocabulary. Use these words in your English conversation to speak fluent English.
Instead of 'said' - interesting vocabulary
Watch UK school teacher Mr Thorne and Youtube sensation Geraldine the Giraffe take you on a learning journey through the world of phonics, grammar, spelling and punctuation, learning letters and sounds along the way. SUBSCRIBE to our channel https://www.youtube.com/user/breakthruchris/S2Games?sub_confirmation=1 Collect a copy of Geraldine the Giraffe's storybook from Amazon ... http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/0993006949 Media Enquiries: mrthornenetwork@gmail.com Follow on Twitter: www.twitter.com/mrthorne Follow on Instagram: www.instagram.com/mrthorne Follow on Facebook: www.facebook.com/mrthornedoesphonics Mr Thorne’s WordSearch App https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/mr-thornes-word-search-championships/id1191365139?mt=8 Mr Thorne Does Phonics HD: Alphabet Series https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/mr-thorne-does-phonics-hd/id1080699705?mt=8 Geraldine the Giraffe’s House HD: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/mr-thorne-does-phonics-hd/id1082144638?mt=8 Geraldine’s Phonics Land - https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/geraldines-phonics-land-spelling/id1063166043?mt=8 Geraldine’s Number Land https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/geraldines-number-land/id1069907701?mt=8 Geraldine the Giraffe storybook on Amazon ... http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/0993006949 Mr Thorne's Times Table Terra - https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/mr-thornes-times-tables-terra/id689941213?mt=8 Mr Thorne’s Maths Universe - https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/mr-thornes-maths-universe/id789660735?mt=8 Mr Thorne’s Grammar School - https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/mr-thorne-does-grammar/id820495471?mt=8 Tricky Words with Geraldine the Giraffe - https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/tricky-words-geraldine-giraffe/id790783394?mt=8 Mr Thorne’s Phonics Safari - https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/mr-thorne-does-phonics-safari/id857995884?mt=8 Mr Thorne’s Phonics Myths & Legends - https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/mr-thornes-phonics-myths-legends/id883745171?mt=8 Mr Thorne’s Phonics Flash Cards - https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/mr-thornes-phonics-flash-cards/id972757206?mt=8 Spelling with Dragons : https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/mr-thornes-spelling-dragons/id1031928158?mt=8
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5 (more) funny English words and their interesting meanings!
Learn 5 English words which are fun to say and describe interesting situations in today's lesson! Use the subtitles if you need them! Don't forget to leave a comment! I will try to reply to all of you amazing nerds! If you like the video, be awesome and share it! Follow me on Social Media: Instagram: @papateachme Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/papateachme Support us on http://www.patreon.com/papateachme Business inquiries: alytheteacher@gmail.com
Top 10 Interesting True Meanings Of Ancient Words
Many people consider the study of ancient languages to be boring. However, every now and again, the guy reading Latin in the library will burst out laughing. The reason for this, is that there are modern interpretations of ancient words that can honestly just strike you as funny. →Subscribe for new videos every day! https://www.youtube.com/user/toptenznet?sub_confirmation=1 Help us translate our videos: https://www.youtube.com/timedtext_cs_queue?msg=10&tab=0 - Learn more why you might want to help: https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/6052538 Find more lists at: http://www.toptenz.net Entertaining and educational top 10 lists from TopTenzNet! Subscribe to our Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TopTenz/ Business inquiries to admin@toptenz.net Other TopTenz Videos: Top 10 More MIND BLOWING Theories About the UNIVERSE https://youtu.be/6cRGLLEKM7k?list=PLQ4d2-ByGhnKNxJ-0WBuO_bl54ynbD6o- Top 10 BIZARRE Archaeological DISCOVERIES https://youtu.be/Wssr1g6Kb3Q?list=PLQ4d2-ByGhnKNxJ-0WBuO_bl54ynbD6o- Text version: http://www.toptenz.net/top-10-fun-meanings-of-ancient-words.php Coming up: 10. Albus 9. Hystera 8. Panther 7. Melissa 6. Pterodactyl 5. Diphtheria 4. Facio 3. Hippopotamus 2. Penis 1. Vagina Source/Further reading: https://cdn.pixabay.com/photo/2016/08/24/10/15/study-1616641_960_720.png https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/4/41/Latin_Letters.jpg https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/0/0f/Jessica_Alba_cropped.jpg http://www.toptenz.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/Albus-Dumbledore.jpg https://c1.staticflickr.com/6/5460/7415396442_e11488636c_b.jpg http://www.toptenz.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/hysteria.jpg https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/2/2f/Pelvicdouche.jpg/1024px-Pelvicdouche.jpg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4FWReqkTWfA http://www.toptenz.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/Angry-Black-Panther.jpg http://static.rogerebert.com/uploads/movie/movie_poster/national-lampoons-animal-house-1978/large_9xwMZgLNZDnRUUhiK8i3U19EJZE.jpg http://www.toptenz.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/melissa-honeybee.jpg https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/1/1c/Williston_Pteranodon.jpg http://www.toptenz.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/diptheria.jpg http://polki.pl/foto/4_3_LARGE/mukowiscydoza-jakie-zmiany-zachodza-w-plucach-1577497.jpg https://c1.staticflickr.com/3/2459/3890300709_93a3849bdb_b.jpg http://media.comicbook.com/2017/02/jay-silent-bob-reboot-232320-1280x0.jpg http://www.toptenz.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/hippopotamus.jpg https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/1/17/Hippopotamus_-_04.jpg https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/c/c9/Fighting_Hippos_-_Adelaide_Zoo.JPG https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0N_kB45IVOg https://c1.staticflickr.com/9/8785/18063185139_387e691db1_b.jpg https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/2/25/Ezeltje-prik_%28september_2012%29.jpg/866px-Ezeltje-prik_%28september_2012%29.jpg https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/e/e2/Roman_Cavalry_2.jpg http://www.swordsandarmor.com/images/SD4208_Roman_Cavaly_Sword.JPG
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How To Make Any Story Interesting
Interested in learning more about Charisma University? Click here: https://www.charismaoncommand.com/c-university Subscribe to Charisma On Command’s YouTube Account: http://bit.ly/COC-Subscribe Today we’re going to talk about Markiplier and his storytelling. And how you can make any story more interesting :-) https://goo.gl/eLRiqM If you do storytelling well, you’ll find that people love having you around. It’s also much easier to talk about yourself in attractive or interesting ways. It also greatly helps your persuasion and makes it easy to have a group conversation. Why Markiplier? We’ve already covered some aspects of storytelling in our videos on Scott Harrison and Kevin Hart, so what I wanted to show you today isn’t how to tell a good meaty story well, but instead how to get people hooked even when your story isn’t super interesting by itself. So I picked a well known YouTuber named Markiplier because Markiplier is a great example of how to make ANYTHING more interesting. And these lessons transfer very well to storytelling. For those of you that don’t know Markiplier he got his fame as a Let’s Play Youtuber, where he recorded himself playing videos games. There are tens of thousands of people trying to do this, and Markilplier rose to the top because he can make any given moment seem interesting. 0:24 Quick intro to Markiplier 0:45 How Markiplier starts his storytelling specifically to get listeners eager to hear him speak 1:56 How Markiplier uses his voice to make a story sound more interesting. Especially useful in group conversation. 4:54 Convey emotion when storytelling like Markiplier does and you'll be more captivating. Bonus, you're also much better at persuasion. 8:46 should I do another video on Markiplier that’s about being likable / popular? Connect With Us Further: Website: http://www.charismaoncommand.com Facebook: http://facebook.com/charismaoncommand Instagram: @CharismaOnCommand Or if you want to see our personal stuff (regular life + playing music): Instagram: @CharlieHoupert Instagram: @IamBenAltman
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Interesting vs  Interested | Ask Linda! | English Grammar
In this video, Linda breaks down the difference between “interesting” and “interested”. These two terms are often confused as both words talk about the feeling of interest. However there is a distinct difference in the usage of the two. Let’s break it down. The word “interesting” is a present participle. When used as an adjective it describes the people or things that cause the feeling of interest to someone. For example: Today’s lesson about world history is very interesting. ‘World history’ is causing the speaker a feeling of interest. “Interested” on the other hand is a past participle. When used as an adjective it describes how someone feels, such as here: I am very interested in learning another language. Here; it is my intention to learn a new language because I have an interest in foreign languages. So next time you’re unsure think about whether something causes the feeling of interest or you want to describe how someone feels. That’s it for today. See you next time! Are you ready to live and teach abroad? Click here and get started today: https://www.teflcourse.net/?cu=YTDESCRIPTION Check our wide range of online TEFL & TESOL courses: https://www.teflonline.net/?cu=YTDESCRIPTION
9 Words in European Languages [Interesting Differences]
9 Words in European Languages [Interesting Differences] 9 farklı kelime avrupa dillerinde nasıl söyleniyor bak.
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50 Most Common Phrases in English - http://bit.ly/2BkV7bw Mastering American Accent book (recommended!) - http://amzn.to/2Bm1LOO I am wearing a blouse from Romwe - https://goo.gl/ShvSXg American slang words that you need to know: 1. to bail = to leave abruptly 2. to feel blue = to feel sad 3. buck = dollar 4. by the skin of my teeth = just barely 5. creep = strange person 6. stalker = somebody who is constantly following you in a n annoying way 7. coach potato = a lazy person who spends the bulk of their time engaged in things that can be done while sitting on a couch 8. to crash = to fall asleep abruptly 9. down to Earth = and adjective for practicality and lack of pretense 10. for real = a proclamation of honesty 11. cold shoulder = a metaphor for deliberately ignoring someone 12. plead the fifth = references the fifth amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which allows a witness in court to refuse questions on the grounds that they risk self-incrimination 13. screw up = to make a mistake, i.e. mess up 14. sweet = an adjective that describes something that is good, or nice 15. tight = an adjective that describes closeness between competitors, i.e. a tight competition 16. to trash = can be used as an intransitive verb for destruction 17. to wrap up = to finish 18. to hang out = to spend time relaxing 19. wheels = car 20. babe = if you refer to someone as a babe, it means that you think they’re hot and attractive 21. to get busted = to get caught 22. to have a blast = to enjoy doing something 23. epic fail = complete disaster If you want the same shirt - Buy $55 get $5 reduction (The coupon code for your subscribers): RWENJOY5 https://goo.gl/RVdzEm → Romwe site link https://goo.gl/ra3ek7 → Some new trendy clothes 📗🇺🇸 My book about how I got full financial aid to study in the USA (my story + tips) - https://goo.gl/fKwah2 ⭐ INSTAGRAM - linguamarina ⭐ LEARN LANGUAGES ABROAD - https://linguatrip.com 📝 Get your English text corrected instantly - https://fluent.express/ 📷 FILMING EQUIPMENT VLOGS (outdoors): - Canon G7X - http://amzn.to/2l2aSfE VIDEOS indoors: - Sony A7R II (also perfect for instagram) - http://amzn.to/2DrCNTU - Sony 50 mm lens - http://amzn.to/2G2r4c4 SOUND: - Zoom H4n Pro (better than any built-in camera sound) - http://amzn.to/2DVJzyr - Rode video mic (when I have to use my camera to record the sound) - http://amzn.to/2BhkCKW 🎈PROMOS $20 TO SPEND ON AIRBNB - https://abnb.me/e/B2yx6PJZER $20 TO SPEND ON UBER - http://ubr.to/2k1B89L
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10 English Words You're (probably) Mispronouncing! | Difficult Pronunciation | Common Mistakes
In this English pronunciation lesson, I'm going to show you how to pronounce some difficult words. These words are often pronounced incorrectly and are common mistakes that many English students make. This is because the combination of sounds is difficult, or because there are silent letters and syllables. I've chosen these words because they are common words and they are words that are often pronounced incorrectly by English learners. These words are: - vegetable - comfortable - almond and salmon - et cetera (etc.) - clothes - jewellery - architecture - enthusiastic - word, world & work - photograph Please note that the pronunciation of some of these words differs between English accents. I speak with an Australian English accent 🙂 Let's fix these pronunciation mistakes together so that you can speak English more clearly and confidently! Read the full transcript to this video on my blog: https://www.mmmenglish.com/2017/05/19/10-english-words-youre-probably-pronouncing-wrong-difficult-pronunciation-common-mistakes/ Get Grammarly Grammar Checker FREE! https://grammarly.go2cloud.org/SHp9 English Listening practice - Try Audible for FREE! http://www.audibletrial.com/mmmEnglish Improve your English pronunciation and speaking skills by practicing with the mmmEnglish Imitation Technique! (SERIES 1) Storytelling: https://www.mmmenglish.com/imitation/ (SERIES 2) Describing people's personality and behaviour: https://www.mmmenglish.com/imitation-2 CONTACT mmmEnglish: mmmEnglish Website: http://bit.ly/mmmEnglish Find me on Facebook: http://bit.ly/mmmEnglishFB Find me on Instagram: http://bit.ly/mmmEnglishInsta Ladies Facebook Group http://bit.ly/LadiesLoveEnglish TweetMe on Twitter: http://bit.ly/TweetMmmEnglish Music Credit: Crimson Fly - Huma-Huma: https://youtu.be/qpxhgby-ONI
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4 Magic Phrases You Can Use to Respond to ANYTHING | Power Phrases for Work | Funny Power Phrases
NEWEST: "BETRAYED By Those You Love" https://goo.gl/xCsnQe --~-- https://goo.gl/KHS6fQ *There's still time to join me in my upcoming live online course* https://goo.gl/KHS6fQFREE COMMUNICATION STARTER KIT: https://goo.gl/2cYnPJ FREE "BEST OF" DANGER PHRASES VIDEO: https://goo.gl/rRB1z7 Click Here: https://tinyurl.com/l4ewq8m To download Your Free Copy of Dan's Full-Length Video: The Best Danger and Power Phrases of 2016 . https://danoconnortraining.com/the-store-communication-skills-training/ for all Dan's latest videos, books, and other communication training resources. If you're looking for a communication expert keynote speaker, go to https://danoconnortraining.com/book-dan/. And make sure to subscribe to this channel to get all Dan's latest videos delivered right to you, and to join us live. 4 POWERFUL COMMUNICATION PHRASES WE ALL NEED TO KNOW--In this effective communication skills training video taken from a communication skills training course on dealing with difficult people in the workplace, world-renowned tactical communication skills expert Dan O'Connor gives you four magic power phrases guaranteed to stop difficult people who want to take your time at your expense. Whether people are damaging your self esteem at home or at work, these powerful communication phrases (Power Phrases) will help you regain the communication and relationship confidence you deserve. This professional communication skills training video teaches you simple, powerful, and easy-to-use visual communication strategies that you can start using today to be seen as more powerful and competent at work and at home. If you're looking for power phrases for work, danger phrases for work and at home, or to improve your dealing with negativity and difficult people in the workplace skills, professional development training from the world's best, Dan O'Connor is a keynote speaker and author specializing in communication skills, and Dan is the creator of "Tactical Communication Skills Training System" which has revolutionized the communication training industry. For more information, click Dan's link above, or check out all of his videos, books, audios, and other resources at http://www.danoconnortraining.com/training-resources-communication-skills/ If you're looking for professional development training from the world's best, Dan O'Connor is a keynote speaker and author specializing in communication skills, and Dan is the creator of "Tactical Communication Skills Training System" which has revolutionized the communication training industry. For more information, click Dan's link above, or check out all of his videos, books, audios, and other resources at http://www.danoconnortraining.com/training-resources-communication-skills/ Looking for a motivational keynote speaker, communication skills trainer, or workshop facilitator for an upcoming event? Contact us at info@danoconnortraining.com or call us at 877-570-1573.  Please like, share, and comment on this video, and make sure to subscribe to get all Dan's latest videos before your competition does. If you like Dan's YouTube training, you might want to consider Brian Tracy, Leo Gura, Brian Johnson, Les Brown, Tony Robbins, or Evan Carmichael. Then please write me to let me know what you think! For more Communication Skills Training Videos: Dan's online communication skills training classes, communication training workshops, and communication skills training webinars can be enjoyed live or online anywhere in the world. Check out Dan's online class at http://www.onlinecommunicationtraining.com Remember, these are not just professional communication skills training videos! Dan's currently working on his next series, "How to talk to girls," so make sure to subscribe to be the first to know about that series and all Dan's upcoming communication videos. Keep in touch with expert communication trainer Dan O'Connor: Get all his videos: https://danoconnortraining.com/danoconnorlandinghome// Dan's course: http://www.onlinecommunicationtraining.com/tour   Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/communicationtraining Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/evslayer Blog: http://www.danoconnortraining.com/blog Linked-In https://www.linkedin.com/in/danoconnorspeaker Pintrest: http://www.pinterest.com/danoconnortrain/ Google+:https://plus.google.com/u/2/b/100199916299031606704/+DanoconnortrainingVideos/posts YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/powerdiversity Instagram: https://instagram.com/dandanhesyourman Make sure to check out Dan's training resources at danoconnortraining.com for the following topics as well: -English listening skills -How to read body language -Communication skills for the telephone -How to deal with difficult people at work -Power phrases and danger phrases for work -Professional telephone skills -Job interview skills -How to deliver bad news to a customer -Communication Skills for Leaders Dan O'Connor Grand PooBah dan@danoconnortraining.com 877-570-1573 701-205-4141
There is no other word for this but AMAZING!   Interesting Things
Interesting Things There is no other word for this but AMAZING! Beautiful he should be on America's got talent! wow how could these kids be that talented !! I think the music from the movie august rush Nuha
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TOP 10 Most Interesting Word Origins
Hello guys and welcome to COMPERIO! Please subscribe for more videos like this: http://bit.ly/COMPERIO --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Some words have obvious origins. Some words, on the other hand, have interesting origins. 🔎 Follow us on social media: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 📌 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ComperioLearn 📌 Twitter: https://twitter.com/ComperioLearn 🎶 Music: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ☛ Composer: Peter Sandberg - Road To Joy 📨 Feel free to contact us if anything is wrong or for: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ☛ adding a link, name etc. ☛ requesting to remove a video ☛ adding any kind of information which belongs to the video we have uploaded (Illustrator, Composer, Publisher etc.) 🔥 Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing.
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How to Pronounce INTERESTING - 60sec Quick Fix with (Heather Hansen)
http://www.englishpronunciationcourse.com Heather Hansen, Clear Speech Specialist at English Pronunciation Lab, explains the many different acceptable pronunciations of the word 'INTERESTING'. It's a quite interesting explanation! Check it out! Let me know in the comments how YOU normally say 'interesting'. You can also join us on Facebook to join the discussion there: http://www.facebook.com/hansencommlab OR http://www.facebook.com/englishpronunciationlab SHARE this video with your friends! SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel! http://www.youtube.com/user/heatherhansen FOLLOW me on Twitter too! http://www.twitter.com/heatherhansen AND most importantly, REGISTER for the FREE, 8-part Pronunciation Short Course at http://www.englishpronunciationcourse.com
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Heterographs and Other Interesting Words
This video looks at the characteristics of words, their spelling, sounds and meaning, and considers those that match, or not, each any combination of these characteristics.
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This Man Can Pronounce Every Word in the Dictionary
Pop quiz. Try pronouncing the following. Ready? Go. Elucubrate. Smaragdine. Scherenschnitte. Head scratchers, huh? Not for Jacques Bailly. As the official pronouncer of the Scripps National Spelling Bee, he can tackle any word thrown at him. He started his wordsmith career as the 1980 spelling bee champion. These days, Jacques feels the heat of etymological battle from the other side of the mic. SUBSCRIBE: https://goo.gl/vR6Acb This story is a part of our Human Condition series. Come along and let us connect you to some of the most peculiar, stirring, extraordinary, and distinctive people in the world. Got a story idea for us? Shoot us an email at hey [at] GreatBigStory [dot] com Follow us behind the scenes on Instagram: http://goo.gl/2KABeX Make our acquaintance on Facebook: http://goo.gl/Vn0XIZ Give us a shout on Twitter: http://goo.gl/sY1GLY Come hang with us on Vimeo: http://goo.gl/T0OzjV Visit our world directly: http://www.greatbigstory.com
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Interesting FACTS about the English language
Learn 10 interesting facts about the English language in this video lesson. Apprenez 10 faits interessants au sujet de la langue anglaise. Here is a sample of the questions that I answer in this lesson: What is the longest word in English? What is the shortest possible sentence? What is the most commonly used letter of the alphabet? What is the most commonly used consonant in English? What is the most common letter as the first letter of a word? What is the longest word without a real vowel? and other questions. We sometimes call these facts "trivia". There are subtitles on the screen to help you understand. The accent is British English. This class is particulary useful for ESL English students as well as for teachers. Other videos: Business expressions: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5cQv8pWsnEE Sleep vocabulary: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ykglfwz46mA Playlists: General advice: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6BDo90oiwpQiPot5bKFKZ2wQAk_ESR6_ Grammar: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6BDo90oiwpS4_AM1c0s0ozpROeE2A9ff Listening practice: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6BDo90oiwpRdmnAzmYwdc0Az0ZOG2XNA Vocabulary: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6BDo90oiwpTlYAYSitjwWn29BEdCBi9j Speaking practice and private lessons: http://goo.gl/2Qh7zD Andrew, Crown Academy of English http://www.crownacademyenglish.com https://twitter.com/Crown_English http://www.youtube.com/user/CrownAcademyEnglish Photo credits by FreeDigitalPhotos.net “Smart Looking Guy Presenting Something” by stockimages “business Female Pointing forward” by imagerymajestic “Drummer Drifting Away At The Rhythm” by stockimages “Stressed Out Primary Girl Child Holding Her Head” by stockimages “Young Woman Sleeping On Bed” by David Castillo Dominici “Home” by Danilo Rizzuti “Girl with Headphones” by mrsiraphol
In this video I share hacks that help memorize thousands of English words per day and grow your vocabulary. 📝 Get your English text corrected instantly - https://fluent.express/ Related videos: 50 most common English phrases - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bj5btO2nvt8 - Best TV shows to learn English - http://bit.ly/2zI5DN2 - How to speak English like an American - http://bit.ly/2muNpcQ  📗🇺🇸 My book about how I got full financial aid to study in the USA (my story + tips) - https://goo.gl/fKwah2 How to learn hundreds of English words a day 1. There are words in English that work both as a noun and verb - so by learning one work your learning two -    work, drive, try, kiss, drink, dream, milk (доить), hope, love 2. Words that end with -tion would be almost the same in your own language, super easy to learn - ambition (ambicion, Ambition, ambitzione), motivation (motivacion, Motivation, motivazione). Dissertation, profession, portion, intonation, convention, sanction, concentration, delegation, illustration 3. Look for images for particular words - you will be surprised you’ve already used them a lot in your life. Sometimes words just remind you of something - a song, a band. Spear which is a weapon - I think of Britney Spears. Beetle = a bug, Volkswagen New Beetle car, which looks like a bug, gosling - is a baby goose - and you know who I am thinking about - Ryan Gosling. 4. Some words have several meanings - try to learn at least a couple of meanings to diversify your vocabulary - fire = flame, to let someone go (employee), date = going out with a loved one, date as a fruit, date as a day in a calendarmiss = to skip something, to long to see someone, miss like a girl 5. There are a lot of words that are almost identical in a lot of languages - aquarium, antidepressant, avocado, argument, sensor, caramel, control, cocktail, scandal, organism 6. When you speak it’s very important to remember the words, which I call a safety net - these should be learnt by heart right now. Words include - I, you, she, he, eye, female, etc. - they are all mentioned in my video - 100 Most Common English Words 7. Learn expressions - are you nuts? 🥜 save face, I am all ears, to feel blue- every day words form combinations that have a completely different meaning 8. Talk to yourself when you learn a new word or expression using it. For example, if you liked the video you can comment below “Marina, I was all ears!” Which means that you listened to the video really carefully and wrote things down. 9. Be aware of false friends. Some words in English might sound like a word a your language, but mean a completely different thing. One of the common words is Actual - in English in means current, related to present time. In Spanish Actual is real.Eventuell = perhaps, eventually = in the end ⭐ INSTAGRAM - linguamarina ⭐ LEARN LANGUAGES ABROAD - https://linguatrip.com 📷 FILMING EQUIPMENT VLOGS (outdoors): - Canon G7X - http://amzn.to/2l2aSfE VIDEOS indoors: - Sony A7R II (also perfect for instagram) - http://amzn.to/2DrCNTU - Sony 50 mm lens - http://amzn.to/2G2r4c4 SOUND: - Zoom H4n Pro (better than any built-in camera sound) - http://amzn.to/2DVJzyr - Rode video mic (when I have to use my camera to record the sound) - http://amzn.to/2BhkCKW 🎈PROMOS $20 TO SPEND ON AIRBNB - https://abnb.me/e/B2yx6PJZER $20 TO SPEND ON UBER - http://ubr.to/2k1B89L
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Interesting ways to use the word ‘ONE’ – Free English Speaking Lessons
Interesting ways to use the word ‘ONE’ – Free English Speaking Lessons Blog : http://www.learnex.in/interesting-ways-to-use-one-english-speaking-lessons This English lesson is all about how to use the word “one” in various English expressions. The word “one” is used a lot to express quantity, however it can be used in various English phrases to mean different things in day to day English conversation. Website : http://www.letstalkpodcast.com Facebook page : http://www.facebook.com/letstalkpodcast Let’s look at some of these English expressions. One of these days – This phrase has to be used with the word going followed by an infinitive. An infinitive is the word to followed by a verb. For example (to clean, to meet, to go, etc.) It is used to talk about something that you plan to do in the near future or a task that you want to complete. Example: One of these days I’m going to clear the clutter on my desktop. One by one: To perform an action one after the other in an orderly way. Example: I will list down my tasks one by one. I’m not one to complain but – This phrase can be used by someone who doesn’t complain often but now has a serious complaint to make. Example: I’m not one to complain but the network on my phone has been giving me a lot of trouble. A one-off payment- This is a payment made just once, no installments Example: In order to process the sale, you need to make a one-off payment. A one-hit wonder – A group or artist that sings only one hit and disappears Example: I used to love that band but they turned out to be a one-hit wonder. The one and only – Used to introduce a personality who is very famous, unique etc. Example: Let me introduce the one and only…….. A one- track mind – If someone only thinks of one thing all the time and cannot change his/her thinking Example: My brother has a one- track mind, he can only think of football. One way of putting it – This phrase is used when you want to show that you disagree with something or someone (it can sound rude so you need to use a firm yet polite tone) Example: That’s one way of putting it; however I think we could have managed within the budget. It’s one thing to say it – Used to talk about something that is easy to say but difficult to do Example: It is one thing to say it but difficult to quit bad habits. So these are a few ways in which we can use the above English expressions effectively. We hope that you understood the English lesson. Keep Practicing and become a fluent English speaker.
18 Tricky Riddles That'll Stretch Your Brain
We've prepared some fun brain teasers that kids crack in no time but leave adults scratching their heads. TIMESTAMPS What can be seen once in a minute? 0:15 Car riddle 0:52 I have 5 fingers. What am I? 1:26 Dictionary riddle 1:57 A truck met 4 cars 2:33 People buy me to eat, but never eat me 3:07 Poison or fruit 3:40 Cup of tea and sugar 4:14 Give me a drink, and I'll die 4:48 Who makes moves while being seated? 5:22 What flies when it's born 6:01 What gets wet when drying? 6:35 The bigger it becomes... 7:04 Between the ground and the sky 7:39 Direct light kills me 8:17 What travels around the world? 8:51 Assignment riddle 9:22 It only increases and never decreases 9:56 Subscribe to Bright Side : https://goo.gl/rQTJZz For copyright matters please contact us at: welcome@brightside.me ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brightside/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brightgram/ 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: https://www.goo.gl/8JVmuC  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.brightside.me/
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Interesting origin of English words
Deep knowledge of English. This is eymology. Here we deal with the origin of some English words which came from other languages such as French, Latin, Sanskrit, Persian etc. Here we discuss Coffe, Salary Candy and Date, Candy came from Sanskrit’s Kand, Coffee comes from Arabic’s Qahwe, Date comes from Latin’s Datum and Salary has the most intersting origin, the origin of Salary dates back to Julius Caeser, the greatest emperor of Rome,
Interesting Origins of Words: Checkmate, Bank and Canary
Did you know that Canaries are actually named after a species of dogs? Or that the word "bank" is originated from the word "bench"? Or did you know that "checkmate" in Chess has its roots in the Persian language? Click on each image to find the interesting story behind the origin of that word! Canary: Canaries are named after The Canary Islands in Spain, where the tiny birds can be found. Interestingly, the term "Canary Islands" means "Island of the Dogs". This is because many large-sized dogs used to live on these Islands. Therefore, Canaries are actually named after dogs! Bank: The word "bank" was borrowed in Middle English from the Old Italian word "banca", meaning "bench". The reason is that in early Renaissance, Italian bankers used to exchange money and bills on top of benches located in a market-place. Hence, the word "banca" was eventually chosen to represent a financial institution. Checkmate: In chess, Checkmate is a game position, in which a player's king is threatened with capture, but there is no way to counter the threat, resulting in losing the game. Interestingly, the term checkmate is an alteration of the Persian phrase "Shāh Māt". "Shah" in Persian means "King" and "Mat" means "surprised". Therefore,"Shah Mat" literally means that "the King is surprised", of course not because the king was astonished but because he was "ambushed"! After the phrase reached Europe via the Islamic world, it was transformed into its current form, which is "Checkmate". If you know other interesting stories about the origins of words, leave them in the comment Section. Selected stories will be featured under your "YouTube" name in our next video about the origins of words. Also, don't forget to subscribe to factXtract to be amongst the first people to watch our future videos. Pics: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Serinus_canaria_-Parque_Rural_del_Nublo,_Gran_Canaria,_Spain_-male-8a.jpg http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Map_of_the_Canary_Islands.svg http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:CheckmateProper.jpg http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:WinonaSavingsBankVault.JPG http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:ChessSet.jpg http://gilly-windsofchange.blogspot.ca/2012/05/more-canary-islands.html http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Serinus_canaria_-Gran_Canaria,_Canary_Islands,_Spain-8_%281%29.jpg http://www.flickr.com/photos/epsos/8463683689/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/chefranden/7359394756/ http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Checkmate.jpg http://bit.ly/ZgKmAH Music: "Padanaya Blokov" by by Kevin MacLeod (http://incompetech.com/) We are using the music under the Creative Commons License. Sources: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canary_island http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atlantic_Canary http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bank#Origin_of_the_word http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Checkmate
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“Focus On You Want, Not The Other Way.." ~ Interesting Words | Gregg Braden
Gregg Braden [1954] is author of New Age literature, who wrote about the 2012 phenomenon and became noted for his claim that the magnetic polarity of the earth was about to reverse. In this video he explains things on Law Of Attraction in both spiritual and scientific way. | Learn and Use the Law of Attraction: [FREE Manifestation Guide: https://goo.gl/RuFwKT ] These are the two most powerful laws of the Universe [Attraction and Vibration]. They’ve always being here, available to use. But somehow we tend to forget them. We forget and we let life taking its course without our control. -Have you let go all of your dreams? -Has your life taken a course that it’s not the one you’ve wished for? -Which is your reality? -Do you want to change? Go to https://goo.gl/RuFwKT and begin Manifesting Your Dream Life. The Life You Deserve Living. Join our community and get access to inspirational, motivational and powerful videos, quotes and content which will give you the “energy” and the mindset to go after your dreams. You see, most people may self-block the law of attraction because they do not understand how to communicate with the universe and use the secret better, like John Assaraf | Michael Beckwith | John Demartini | Bob Proctor | Jack Canfield | James Arthur Ray | Joseph Vitale | Lisa Nichols | Marie Diamond | John Gray and so many more. There are certain techniques on using law of attraction to easily and effortlessly manifest what you want and deserve in life. Many are struggling with law of attraction because they've never properly understood how to communicate with the universe and truly ask what they want. You need to learn how to talk to the universe. I will be sharing with you my biggest takeaways, videos, podcasts, content so you can apply it to your life easily. Remember that you're always using Law of Attraction. Just don’t do it unconsciously.. You see, sometimes we use unconscious negative affirmations as a technique, which are holding us back. Instead of doing this, you have to become more conscious and use positive thinking techniques and think, feel and act on what you want before you even receive it. You need to feed your nervous system with constant positive affirmations. Then a new reality is revealed. Your reality. So, whether is wealth, love, health, happiness, prosperity.. abundance that you are after, there is always something here for you. Receive/view videos, audios and content, so “high-value” that will turn your life and your business, around. To a more positive outcome. The Deserved One. Feel ~ Think ~ Act | Dare to Live The Life You Deserve Subscribe to 'Manos Ischakis' channel (on YouTube) and be notified about new uploads featuring well-known and respected authors, entrepreneurs, motivators, public speakers and so many more for knowledge, inspiration, motivation. Follow us on Social Media: @ facebook: https://www.facebook.com/manosischakis/ @ twitter: https://twitter.com/manosischakis @ instagram: https://instagram.com/manosischakis @ youtube: https://youtube/ManosIschakis @ web-site: https://manosischakis.com/ Thank You for your support! FAIR-USE COPYRIGHT DISCLAIMER Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, commenting, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. 1) This video has no negative impact on the original works 2) This video is for teaching purposes. 3) It is not trans-formative in nature. 4) This video has bits and pieces to get the point across where necessary. ►Manos Ischakis, does not own the rights to these video clips. In accordance with fair use, they have been re-purposed with the intent of educating and inspiring others. However, if any content owners would like their images removed, please contact us by email at support@manosischakis.com
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8 Mysteries of the Brain Interesting Facts
Why do we sleep? Do we actually have free will? Here are 8 strange mysteries of the human brain science has yet to explain. 4. Free Will Philosophers have been having the free will debate for hundreds of years, but scientists have only recently decided to involve themselves in this topic… and they may not like what they are seeing. The debate has led to a few different theories. The first is cosmological determinism, where everything continues through time in a predictable way. Second is indeterminism, which is the concept that our actions within the universe are completely random. Thirdly, compatibilism or cosmological libertarianism, which states that free will is logically compatible with our universe. Experiments have shown that our unconscious mind has the ability to initiate seemingly voluntary acts, sometimes even earlier than our conscious minds. In the 1980s, Benjamin Libet found that we don’t have free will over the initiation of our movements, but we can stop the movement at the last moment. In other words, we can’t start the movement, but we can stop it. It seems like free will to me… but scientists still can’t explain whether or not we truly have free will. 3. Storing and Accessing Memories Much like a computer’s hard drive, our memories are physically written in our brains. But we have no clue how our brains do it or how the information gets orientated in the brain. Even more impressive is that we don’t only have one type of memory. We have long-term and short-term memory, and we also have declarative memory which helps us remember names and facts, and non-declarative memory, which is more commonly called muscle memory. Within our long-term memories, we also have flashbulb memories which are like little pictures in our brains, where we can remember exact details from momentous events. And if that wasn’t enough, different parents of our brain have different memory abilities, so it is quite a complex process. Neuroscientists believe that the storage of a memory is dependent on the connection between synapses and associations. In other words, memories aren’t discrete bits of data, but are a relation between two or more things, such as falling off the bed causing pain, or a hug causing happiness. Scientists are still unsure about how memories form or why certain memories fade or degrade, why sometimes a false memory is formed, and why we sometimes can’t access a memory that we know is there. It is a fairly imperfect yet impressive process. 2. Movement and Reactions As a baby, you learn to roll over and crawl. As a toddler, you learn to walk, and eventually run. As an older child, teenager and adult, we have flexibility, dexterity, and control, all of which allows us to move our bodies however we want to. But the mystery is how we move so controllably. Think of how much dexterity and control you need to thread a needle or play a concerto. When you consider how unpredictable and haphazard our motor nerve impulses really are, you can see how those simple feats are actually really impressive. There must be something really high-tech going on between our cerebral cortex and our motor cortex that allows us to have such smooth and efficient movements. But you also need to consider timing. Every single human being has an internal clock – which is yet another mystery of the brain – and these clocks do an amazing job of relaying our surroundings to us in real time, even though there is a delay in cognition. Our brains take one-tenth of a second to process what we see, so if a car passes you at 120 mph, it will have traveled 15 feet before our brain becomes aware of it. A recent study has shown that our brains push moving objects forward so that we perceive them as being further ahead in space and time than they really are. This means that our brains are not in sync with the world around us. That’s kind of strange, isn’t it? 1. Perception The main purpose of the brain is to convert our senses into experiences. Our perceptions allow us to identify, interpret, and organize sensory information in a way that allows us to understand the world around us. But how does the brain transfer this incoming sensory data into vivid experiences? And how are these perceptions arranged in the brain? This is a problem that is related to our complicated consciousness and the onset of qualia, which is the subjective feeling that we all get after tasting chocolate or seeing a certain color. Neuroscientists believe that the nervous system is the focus point of human perception. Our different organs take in different stimuli; such as smell or sound, and we somehow convert it into something we call perception. Perception is also controlled by various parts of the brain. There have been many studies conducted in an attempt to understand perception, including optical illusions, but scientists have yet to discover just how the brain makes sense of the inputs.
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Smutty - Interesting Words and Phrases - ESL British English Pronunciation
http://www.iswearenglish.com/ An explanation of the word smutty
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How to speak so that people want to listen | Julian Treasure
Have you ever felt like you're talking, but nobody is listening? Here's Julian Treasure to help you fix that. As the sound expert demonstrates some useful vocal exercises and shares tips on how to speak with empathy, he offers his vision for a sonorous world of listening and understanding. TEDTalks is a daily video podcast of the best talks and performances from the TED Conference, where the world's leading thinkers and doers give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes (or less). Look for talks on Technology, Entertainment and Design -- plus science, business, global issues, the arts and much more. Find closed captions and translated subtitles in many languages at http://www.ted.com/translate Follow TED news on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/tednews Like TED on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TED Subscribe to our channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/TEDtalksDirector
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10 Most Interesting Countries' Borders in the World
#AllTop10s Subscribe: http://bit.ly/suballt10s Other Titles: - Top 10 Most Interesting Borders in the World. - World's 10 Interesting Borders.. - 10 Strangest Countries Border Lines in the World. Source: - Different sites. Description: In this video not rating the interesting borders but just only showing some among interesting borders in the world and this video based on some borders, whereas one country has multiple borders with multiple countries and some of them are interesting and strange too. Watch on Dailymotion: http://www.dailymotion.com/AllTop10s Like on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/AllT10s Follow on TSU: http://www.tsu.co/AllTop10s
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Novel Writing Tips: Use Contrasting Words to Make your Writing Interesting
Charles J Harwood blog: http://rachel-writingpractices.blogspot.co.uk/ Article about using contrasting words: http://rachel-writingpractices.blogspot.co.uk/2014/04/using-contrasting-words-in-novels-sod.html The fickle reader will not stick around if the author does not give a reason. One writing strategy to keep the reader alert is to throw in unexpected ingredients into the writing. This is rather like throwing in a chili pepper into the cake mixture. The result will be memorable. I do this by lulling the reader into a certain mood, or expectation and then throwing in an unexpected word. An example of this is putting in a harsh word within soft sounding ones, or a rude word within a scene featuring etiquette. The English language is filled with words from different derivatives, from Latin and French to Norse and Viking. Other words sound soft yet have unsavoury meanings such as stealth and surreptitious, others sound harsh yet have benevolent meanings such as kids, comic or duck. Use contrast to the full in writing and the reader will sit up and notice. Each word has a different sound and feel. I like to use this to mix it up: Old with new Harsh with soft Norse with Latin Rude with polite Slang with the proper Tips by Charles J Harwood
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ইংরেজীর মজাদার বিষয় - Interesting Facts of English Language
English is a standard language of the whole world. But Chinese language is the most speaking language. In this video you will learn about some interesting facts of English Language, Funniest english words and much more. Educational Videos in Bengali. Know some interesting information about English words and sentences. English dictionary and other word meaning.
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Interesting Words to Learn - Perspicacious
Perspicacious - of acute vision or decrement, keen Check out all of my word-of-the-day videos by visiting my channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCNyy7u0cNdwg0xAtk_vz1g?view_as=subscriber DON'T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE!!! ;D KEEP READING!!! You my ask, "Why is this crazy guy making all of these videos about random words?" the answer is that I love, love, LOVE making people smile! So I was trying to find a creative way to do that every single day, and this is what I came up with. And its tons of fun!!! Every other serious YouTuber makes long videos. So I try to keep my videos short so you can move on with your day with a smile. I know I may seem stupid, but I'm very serious about these videos. This has been a great little hobby for me and an interesting way to learn new words! I would love your suggestions on new words I can make videos about. Please put all word of the day suggestions in the comments. Thanks dude! I also post all of these word videos on my Instagram and Twitter: https://www.instagram.com/browningsandusky/ https://twitter.com/browningsand If you think that these video are cool, please share them with your posey. You're the BEST!!! Don't forget to Subscribe to my channel and hit the little bell so you can wake up to my next word of the day! Thank you for watching
Interesting Facts about Birds | Educational Video for Kids.
Did you now that the fastest bird is the peregrine hawk? This bird of prey can reach up to 400 kilometers per hour whist free falling. Wow it’s so fast, poor dove if it were to cross its path… On the other hand, the American Woodcock is the slowest bird on the planet, flying at a mere speed of 8 km per hour. Oh, check out it´s cute little babies! And did you know that the fastest land bird is the ostrich? This huge bird, actually the largest in the world, cannot fly but can reach up to 70 kilometers per hour…running…it’s faster than a moped! This tiny hummingbird also holds an impressive record. Besides being the smallest bird, it can also flap its wings 200 times per second or in other words, 12 thousand times in a minute…incredible! They beat so fast that you can hardly even see them, and it looks like they are floating in the air whilst eating… Did you know that the penguin is the aquatic bird champion? Penguins don’t fly and on land are rather clumsy, but they are incredible in the water. Some species can reach the speed of…36 kilometers per hour. They swim four times faster than a person can…but the most impressive penguin is the emperor penguin. A person can dive to the depth of 260 meters whereas this penguin species dives 535 meters deep and can hold its breath for 5 to 18 minutes. It’s a bird, it has a beak and feathers but it seems as if it wants to be a fish… Now we have learnt a few records and fascinating facts about birds. The truth is it is beautiful observing them fly in the sky or swim in the sea but as we are always reminding you in Happy Learning, so as to continue enjoying them, we must look after our environment; do not contaminate the air, the sky, the rivers and seas. We must take care of our nature and all that is around us, and like that we will be able to live in a happier world.
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Interesting Facts About DNA
Deoxyribonucleic acid, more commonly known as DNA, is a complex molecule that contains all of the information necessary to build and maintain an organism. All living things have DNA within their cells. In fact, nearly every cell in a multicellular organism possesses the full set of DNA required for that organism. However, DNA does more than specify the structure and function of living things — it also serves as the primary unit of heredity in organisms of all types. In other words, whenever organisms reproduce, a portion of their DNA is passed along to their offspring. This transmission of all or part of an organism's DNA helps ensure a certain level of continuity from one generation to the next, while still allowing for slight changes that contribute to the diversity of life. But what, exactly, is DNA? What smaller elements make up this complex molecule, how are these elements arranged, and how is information extracted from them? This unit answers each of these questions, and it also provides a basic overview of the process of DNA discovery. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Subscribe to our Youtube channel : https://goo.gl/ccDwxH Follow us on Social Media : Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/thedoctorasky Twitter : https://twitter.com/thedoctorasky Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/thedoctorasky Snapchat: https://snapchat.com/add/doctorasky ---------------------------------------------------- Comment below and tell us if you want to know about something specific. We will create a video for you.
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Go from BORING to INTERESTING with English rhythm
http://www.engvid.com Do you sound like a robot when you speak? You can transform your speech from boring to fascinating by using good English rhythm. In this lesson, you will learn many ways to make your speech more captivating for your audience by adjusting your speech rhythm, which includes syllable stress, word stress, and vocabulary choice. You will also learn how you can use poetry to improve the rhythm of your everyday speech and be interesting in any situation! TRANSCRIPT Hi, everyone. I am Jade. Today we are talking about the rhythm of English. And that's not my normal voice. I'm showing you that because rhythm is really important when you're speaking a different language, and every language has its own rhythm. So, I thought today, I'll tell you a little bit about the rhythm of English. What does English actually sound like if we break it down? It's really important to improve the rhythm of your English speech, because we try to avoid what's called monotone. Monotone voices are... Well, it's a big subject, but one thing about monotone voices is they don't go up or down, and they're not very expressive. So we try to avoid that, and we can see that actually in English poetry. And I think in... I think poetry in general is one way that you can develop your rhythm in English, because poetry is written in a way that calls attention to rhythm of English. So here's a little bit of a famous poem in English. Don't worry if you don't know what the words mean, because it's quite an interesting poem in that the words are invented words for this poem. Like it's... They're not real things, but when we hear it, we get a sense of what it means. But in terms of rhythm, it's interesting because so much of English poetry is written in what's called iambs, which is basically an unstressed followed by a stressed syllable. So I'll write that down for you. Iamb, stressed followed by... Ohp, wrong way around. Unstressed followed by a stressed syllable and repeated like that. And you've heard of Shakespeare, right? You have heard of Shakespeare, that famous poet? Well, he wrote in iambic pentameter, which means five of those repeated. So, one, two, three, four, five. Shakespeare wrote in iambic pentameter. Not continuously always through everything he ever wrote, but if there was ever an important character in one of his plays, that was in iambic pentameter. This poem is not in iambic pentameter, because we don't have five. I'll show you. So, when we read the poem... Well, when I read the poem, I want you just to listen to the rhythm, and then I'll talk a little bit about it because it's one thing for me to tell you the rhythm of English is iambs; unstressed, stressed, unstressed, stressed, unstressed, stressed, but what does that actually mean? So, here we go, I'll read it to you. "Beware the Jabberwock, my son! The jaws that bite, the claws that catch. Beware the Jubjub bird, and shun The frumious bandersnatch!" So, poetry is more rhythmic and elegant than just our normal speech, but our normal speech likes this unstressed, stressed, unstressed, stressed rhythm, so there is similarity. So let's find where the stresses are here, so that when I read it again, you can follow it. So, because it's unstressed, stressed, here is the first stressed. And, did you notice when I read it, it was "behware", not "be-ware"? It's "behware". Our connecting words are not so important. You can see here, unstressed words: articles, "the", "a", they're not so important so we don't stress them. We can stress them but that's a different point. Names, usually stressed. We had an unstressed there, so we're going to stressed again. Unstressed, secondary stress. We have one... Oo, it's not... You cannot see what I'm doing here. I'm going to put it down a little bit for you. Stressed, unstressed, secondary stress. There's always one main stress in a word, but if there's an extra stress, it's not as... Not as much as the first. Unstressed, "my" is a pronoun. Pronouns: "he", "she", "it", "my", "his", unstressed. Noun, stress again. And this is going to repeat throughout the poem, so I'm just going to go a little bit quickly this... A little bit more quickly this time. Unstressed, stressed, unstressed, stressed, unstressed, stressed, unstressed, stressed. Again, we've got "beware", unstressed, stressed, unstressed, name. And the last line, again, unstress, stress, unstress, and the word "bandersnatch" has two stresses, but the first... The main stress is on the first syllable.
KUWTK | Kim Kardashian to Kourt: "You're the Least Interesting to Look At" | E!
Planning a photo shoot for the family's holiday card turns vicious when Kourtney refuses to be flexible. See the sisters' war of words on "KUWTK". #KUWTK #KeepingUpWithTheKardashians #EEntertainment #KimKardashian #KhloeKardashian #KourtneyKardashian #KylieJenner #KendallJenner #KrisJenner SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/Eentsub About Keeping Up With the Kardashians: Things change, but this famous family stays the same. Can you keep up with the drama? Connect with the Kardashians: Visit the KUWTK WEBSITE: http://bit.ly/KUWTKweb Like KUWTK on FACEBOOK: http://bit.ly/KUWTKfb Follow KUWTK on TWITTER: http://bit.ly/KUWTKtwtr About E! Entertainment: E! is on the Pulse of Pop Culture, bringing fans the very best original content including reality series, topical programming, exclusive specials, breaking entertainment news, and more. Passionate viewers can’t get enough of our Pop Culture hits including "Keeping Up with the Kardashians," "Total Divas,” and “Very Cavallari.” And with new original programming on the way, fans have even more to love. Connect with E! Entertainment: Visit the E! WEBSITE: http://eonli.ne/1iX6d8n Like E! on FACEBOOK: http://on.fb.me/1fzeamg Check out E! on INSTAGRAM: http://bit.ly/EInsta Follow E! on TWITTER: http://bit.ly/EEntTwitter KUWTK | Kim Kardashian to Kourt: "You're the Least Interesting to Look At" | E! http://www.youtube.com/user/Eentertainment
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How to Make Your Topic Interesting to Lawyers in Other Jurisdictions
It's natural to focus on your own situation, background, and jurisdiction when speaking. However, you need to make your material accessible and interesting to your audience no matter where they're coming from. In other words, it's not about you. Make it about them.
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Top 20 Interesting Facts About Space and Planets
Today let us look at ourselves in space for hidden facts. When you looked at the sky, what do you think, there re some other humans similar to us existing some where In addition, we are in this universe, that is how many people are still in There are many wonders in the universe due to the fact that this means that we do not know about all of them Learn some interesting things about the universe, such as tax Space is the pin-drop silent That must sound waves need a medium, so that the space is not in the place where the atmosphere is always strangely silent. We count the stars in the universe and has been the highest individual List That is to say it is almost impossible to say how many drops NASA unless one counts a lot because of the zillions of stars known to have said that after the calculation of the individual List In research conducted by the Australian National University 70 sextillion In other words, spoken by 70,000 million million million stars Appolo astronaut remember the toes on the other foot, as well as to be 100 million years older There is no wind, so that the moon had no atmosphere, but not the water but the Apollo astronauts' mark is not possible to erase the lost So, footprint, space ship has landed, as well as to save a few hundred years are the prints of their goods Kallis two metal parts together in the same space, they tend to become permanent, as well as the bond This is the amazing effect of the cold welding. Because it will not be on the ground where the air and water, are Capturing more than 99% share of the Sun in the Solar System Jupiter planets or a planet, the first planet Jupiter (Jupiter), which is 300 times larger than the Earth Venus (venus) on one day in the year, however, matey Taken together, all right, a solar terrestrial planets and weigh more than a million In this space are unknown planets we know of thousands comprises teliyalsinavi On average, a man in space than on Earth has grown to a height of 5 to CM Apollo crew that went to the moon, astronauts Armstrong, Aldrin and Collin was not nobody else in life insurance In the space center to grow plants in space, toilet paper and Dirty underwear could help Every day an estimated 275 million new stars are born Volcano in the Solar System, the largest on the planet Mars, Olympus mons occurred in its name Astronaut is derived from the Greek words Star and sailor
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Interesting Word of the Week: Mutable (18/04/2011)
Any suggestions for other interesting words? mu·ta·ble [myoo-tuh-buhl] --adjective 1. liable or subject to change or alteration. 2. given to changing; constantly changing; fickle or inconstant: the mutable ways of fortune. Twitter: @themusicstudent www.themusicstudent.tumblr.com Thanks for watching Catch you later.
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Interesting Word of the Week: Quintessence (27.02.2012)
Quin•tes•sence    [kwin-tes-uhns] Noun 1. The pure and concentrated essence of a substance. 2. The most perfect embodiment of something. 3. (In ancient and medieval philosophy) the fifth essence or element, ether, supposed to be the constituent matter of the heavenly bodies, the others being air, fire, earth, and water. Related forms: quin•tes•sen•tial  [kwin-tuh-sen-shuhl] adjective Example Sentences: Noun • He's the quintessence of arrogant ruthlessness, yet he's awkwardly innocent. • Dairy products are the quintessence of love and nature in my mind. • Its conclusion is the very quintessence of hopelessness. • Another version of the dark energy theory, called quintessence, suggests a force that varies in time and space. • That's the quintessence of elitism. Other Words (Quintessential): Synonyms: Archetypal, Classic, Definitive, Essential, Fundamental, Ideal, Prototypical, Typical, and Ultimate. Thank you very much for watching! We are always open to feedback and interaction here, so please feel free to leave a comment and start a conversation down in the comments below! You can leave suggestions for new words, give feed back, or just chat! It's a right party! You can also contact me on my social networks and second channel which are further below... I would like to quietly apologise for the lack of videos here, I have been working my literal face off recently, and have been mildly plagued with bad luck (I lost about 5 videos due to dropping my Hard Drive on the floor) and a little lacking of self confidence -- (I wrote a blog post about it here :- http://t.co/vVIsTuP7) But I very much loved making this video for you, it was great fun to film and edit and everything -- and although I am extremely busy most of the time I will be trying to make videos for you as often as possible. Literally I take every single opportunity I get, and always have lots of ideas for what videos to do and make; they just take so long to do... It's explained better in that blog post! So thanks for watching, and sticking with me; I'll catch you later! Catch me on twitter: http://t.co/tZg6CuJL Add me on Google+: http://t.co/LTfWhDpF Tumblr: http://t.co/dV4sIRY5 2nd Channel: http://t.co/hqDjRPxv Tags: Interesting Word of the Week Quintessence Quintessential Quintessentially British English what makes us how to be Stereotypes perception Britain and England Tea Crumpets posh accents cockney rhyming slang people think we talk castles queen royals price harry part tut sarcasm dry humour misunderstood funny sketches Shaun I brought my Queuing Shoes original
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10 interesting English idioms – Free Spoken English lessons
✅ https://youtu.be/puNo0sxC3VI 👉 Check the latest Video - American Idioms I love to use the most? 10 interesting English idioms – Free Spoken English lessons In this lesson, Tash tells you about 10 interesting idioms you can use in your day to day life. 1. To get in to hot water: to be in trouble. It means you are in a situation in which you are likely to be punished. 2. A hard nut to crack: a person who is stubborn and very adamant. When you can’t get through to someone or convince them because of their obstinate behavior, you can say ‘he is a hard nut to crack’. 3. Build castles in the air: to dream and imagine big before things actually happen in real. 4. At the 11th hour: at the last moment or do something in the last minute. You use this idiom when you want to say something you are doing is way too delayed or you do it in the last minute. 5. Once in a blue moon: it means once in a while. When you do something rarely or something happens rarely, you could say ‘once in a blue moon’. 6. Barking up the wrong tree: when you make the wrong choice or ask the wrong person or expect something from the wrong person, you can say ‘you are barking up the wrong tree’. 7. Bite off more than you can chew: take on more responsibility when you are incapable of fulfilling it. So, when you try to do more than you can actually do, it means you are biting off more than you can chew. 8. Feel a bit under the weather: when you are ill, it means you feel a bit under the weather. It could also mean you are suffering from a hangover. In short, you don’t feel up to the mark or you just don’t feel healthy. 9. Give benefit of doubt: Being non judge mental about a situation and understand the other person’s perspective. Use this idiom when you want to say believe something good about someone rather than just something bad. 10. Call a spade a spade: to be blunt and outspoken, however unpleasant it may sound. You speak frankly and openly about what you feel, you do not manipulate to sound politically correct. So, you prefer speaking the bitter truth.
Interesting Facts: 17 Words Shakespeare Invented
Shakespeare was a man of many words, he wrote nearly 40 plays, over 150 sonnets along with a few other works, but what do you do when you runs out of words? Well, make them up of course. Here is a list of words that Shakespeare invented. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Subscribe for more : http://bit.ly/11arZ1K Share this lesson with your friends! ______________________________________ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/InterrobangShow Twitter: https://twitter.com/interrobangshow
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Brussels Griffon - Top 10 Interesting Facts
Originally bred to hunt and kill rats, Brussels Griffon is former Belgian street dog that is a distinctive and unusual dog breed. There are TOP 10 interesting facts about Brussels Griffon. Web - http://www.rocadog.com/ Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/rocadogcom Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/rocadog/ 1) Origin The Brussels griffon is descended from the German affenpinscher and the Belgian street dog, to produce in the 17th century the griffon, a dog with a rough coat. In the 19th century the griffon was crossed with the pug, producing the smooth coat variety. The breed became a common sight riding in and supposedly guarding Belgium cabs. By the late 1800s the breed had stepped into Belgium dog show rings; their popularity grew and by the early 1900s they were in demand by the Belgium upper class. The first Brussels griffon was registered with the American Kennel Club in 1910. These small dogs are part of the toy group and make an excellent companion pet. 2) Appearance Brussels griffons are small-sized dogs weighing eight to 12 pounds. A Brussels griffon's height is about 10 inches at the shoulder. Their body is square and their head is large and round with a very short nose. The dogs generally mature at one year, although they reach their full size around six to eight months. 3) Personality Brussels griffons are very active. They do not make good kennel dogs and prefer being with their owners. They can be demanding and assertive. They are good for apartment dwellers and homes with small backyards, but require daily exercise. They tend to be stubborn and very intelligent. They do not accept harsh punishment and require patience when training. 4) Suspiciousness Many Brussels Griffons will put on a display of excited ferociousness (in other words, they pitch a fit) when other people or animals approach them or anything they consider "theirs". It sounds funny, but isn't. Without careful socialization, a Brussels Griffon may be suspicious of everyone. 5) Family Dog Brussels griffons need a large amount of interaction with people. They are good with family dogs and cats, but can be dog aggressive toward strange dogs. Other pets, such as rodents, birds or reptiles, should be kept away from them. 6) Stubborness Brussels Griffons have a mind of their own and will make you prove that you can make them do things. For example, they are often too quick to sound the alarm, so you must teach them not to bark excessively and to stop barkingwhen you tell them to. This only works if you establish the right relationship between you and your Griffon, where you are the leader and he is the follower. 7) Watchdog They make excellent watchdogs, but poor guard dogs because of their small size. They can bark excessively if not properly trained. They can become aggressive if threatened by either a stranger or another dog and are fearless, regardless of the size discrepancy. 8) Coat The Brussels griffon has two types of coats: the rough and smooth. The rough coat is harsh and wiry, while the smooth coat is straight, short, tight and glossy. The rough coat requires clipping and stripping. They require brushing and combing twice a week. The smooth coat needs only a quick brushing weekly. They can be red, black and reddish brown with a black mask and whiskers, black and tan, and solid black. 9) Daily Walks It is an active toy breed which needs its share of daily walks to release pent up energy. A romp in an open area takes care of most of its exercise needs. This dog is sensitive to warm climate and is prone to heat stroke, so should be adequately protected. 10) Fragility Too many people acquire a toy breed puppy without understanding how incredibly fragile a toy breed is. You can seriously injure or kill a Brussels Griffon puppy by stepping on him or sitting on him. And Brussels Griffons can seriously injure or kill themselves by leaping from your arms or off the back of your sofa. A larger dog can grab a Brussels Griffon and break his neck with one quick shake. Owning a toy breed means constant supervision and surveillance of what's going on around your tiny dog. Brussels Griffons must always be kept indoors, in a safely fenced yard, or on-leash. They are just too easy to injure when not under your complete control. Source: http://www.hillspet.com/en/us/dog-breeds/brussels-griffon http://www.yourpurebredpuppy.com/reviews/brusselsgriffons.html #brusselsgriffon #rocadog
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Express your 'Boredom' with 8 interesting English Phrases - Free English Speaking Lesson
✅ https://youtu.be/puNo0sxC3VI 👉 Check the latest Video - American Idioms I love to use the most? Express your 'Boredom' with 8 interesting English Phrases - Free English Speaking Lesson Blog : http://www.learnex.in/express-boredom-english-phrases-and-expressions Are you tired of saying the saying ‘I am bored’. In this English lesson learn some interesting English phrases to say ‘You are bored’ or Express boredom.Stay with me Michelle in this ESL Lesson where we are learning eight expressions that you can use to express “Being Bored”. Website: http://www.letstalkpodcast.com Facebook Fan Page: http://www.facebook.com/letstalkpodcast 1. It does nothing for me Meaning: saying that you feel no emotion at all about a certain thing of the topic. Example: Watching television does nothing for me. 2. It's as interesting as watching paint dry Meaning: if you say that watching an activity is like watching paint dry, you mean that it is very boring. Example: To me, watching golf on television is about as interesting as watching paint dry. 3. I'm afraid I don't share your enthusiasm Meaning: Dissimilar interests Example: I’m afraid I don’t share your enthusiasm about football. 4. I can't say that I find it interesting. Meaning: Used to convey politely that you don’t find something interesting. 5. I can't see what all the fuss is about. Meaning: Phrase 5 means that other people are interested in a subject but that you cannot understand why they are interested. Example: Everyone loved the new Star Wars movie, but I don’t see what all the fuss was about. 6. It bores me to tears. Meaning: Extremely bored to the point of distraction, frustration, or irritation. When you are bored to tears, you are so bored that you want to cry. Example: Once I asked my friend: What's wrong? You don't look very happy. And she said: My computer and my cell phone are both broken, so I don't have anything to do. I'm bored to tears. 7. What a bore! Situation: Patrick: Hey let’s go to Rigrox for a coffee this evening? Rosh: That place is such a bore. 8.How boring / tedious/dull! Situation: you got an assignment from school and you are working on it with your friend, you could possibly exclaim to her “How boring / tedious/dull!” the task is….. If you want to overcome boredom there is no better way than to watch all of my videos.
Interesting English phrases with 'BALL' - Free English lessons
Interesting English phrases with 'BALL' - Free English lessons Blog : http://www.learnex.in/interesting-english-phrases-with-ball In this English lesson you will learn interesting English Phrases with the word "Ball" in them Website : http://www.letstalkpodcast.com Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/letstalkpodcast 1] to have a ball - means to enjoy oneself or to throw a party Ex : When the teacher had to leave the classroom suddenly ; the children ended up having a ball . The mayor threw a ball for the who's who of the city . 2]The ball is in your court - means it is your turn to reply or take action or make a decision Ex : Once the citizens' committee put forward their detailed views and ideas regarding the improvement of Public Transport in the city ; the ball was in the Mayor's court . 3] to get the ball rolling - means to get the process started or to start the event Ex: Once we received the approval from our Boss ; we got the ball rolling on our project . 4]Ballpark figure - means the approximate value or number or figure Ex: The actual cost of the project was far greater than the estimated ballpark figure . 5] Lets play Ball - means let's compete . Ex: Once I realised that my colleague was being highly competitive with me ..I challenged him saying,"lets play ball!". 6] Slime ball - means someone who is sly and cannot be trusted or who has a very shady character . Ex: After a few meetings .. I realised that the client was a complete Slime ball as he repeatedly lied and chose to inflate and brag about his non- existent achievements . 7] A different ball game - means a different level of challenge altogether . Ex: As a manager managing a large team ...keeping each team member motivated every day is a different ball ga,me altogether . 8] A ball of fire - a person who is full of energy and enthusiasm Ex: The new employee we have hired is a ball of fire ; always alert and energetic. 9]Eye on the ball - means to focus on the task at hand Ex: When handling complicated tasks at work ; it is important that everyone has their eye on the ball. 10] to drop the ball - means to make an error /mistake Ex: Our team ended up dropping the ball on an important pitch by being over confident and under prepared.
78 Interesting Maps That Will Change The Way You See Europe
I do not own anything. All the rights belong to Jakub Marian https://jakubmarian.com
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The Debate Over Pubg New Weapons Top Tips of Pubg Quotes

For competitive play its important to draw players in with more than simply bragging rights. Therefore, only a mid-range smartphone that players may have the game perfectly. Unfortunately, theres no game out there which exactly resembles GGO. A game like PUBG needs to be handled with care. For example in Pubg, the gameplay is sort of slow when compared with its two concurrents, thus if the looting process is adaptive he must be also slow to be prosperous. The graphics werent as developed as various other versions, and it doesnt support split-screen for the Multiplayer. Equipping a unique mod before starting a match permits you to carry eight of them simultaneously! Pubg New Weapons - Dead or Alive? If a person is suspected of travelling abroad to take part in terrorism, police can seize passports for as much as 30 days while the person is investigated further. The very first step on that is to construct a Boosted Implosion bomb. So hunting the enemies is the very best approach to have higher chance to receive fantastic items, hence higher opportunity to win the game eventually. For example, you are within fire and attempting to sprint to a cover. Youve got a great deal of ground to cover, so if you dont find a Chocobo Stable you can expect to become into a great deal of battles. If it is not dead by now, then theres something holding it, and perhaps its player base on console that might be not THAT small. PUBGs strong place in the territory can likewise be seen in the quantity of time players are spending in the game. 1 hit kill no matter in which you hit (back as soon as the Alpha was playable). Oddly enough, getting shot all of the time actually makes the entire thing not as stressful. The guns have three distinct modes of operation, every one of which will decide on the action of the trigger tail on the firing pin, and thus will be taken into consideration in its usage. A pistol will be a lot better for combat, for an extremely speedy usage, but the revolver will promise a lengthier life, without needing to pay exclusive attention. The video game release schedule is in fact manageable for the very first time in months. In pretty much every city and town in the USA, and many around the Earth, youll discover a public venue that hosts live music. Theres additionally a multiplayer arena to check your skills against other players online. Comparable to other Battle Royale games, the aim is to survive until youre the last man standing. My team and I can truly feel the growth to initiate a new battle immediately. 1 match may offer you a terrific bounty early, the subsequent one a weak haul. Losing a match in the very first couple minutes isnt so bad once youre in a position to swiftly hop into another. Competitive titles which have been successful in retaining a huge player base are simple to learn but hard to master. Theres a keen consciousness of the volatile potential for sudden violence. The community of players are extremely tough hereguys dont permit one another to relax. Therefore the public ought to go about their company in the standard way and, like usual, be vigilant and cooperate with the police. The most recent report claims that 100 million plays monthly. Underneath, theres a grace note of menace. Using oral histories is extremely specific and very intricate.

Based on everybodys skills, maps differ from close range to medium or massive places. Since that time, the community-made map was retooled and remastered nearly a dozen times, and is presently known as Dust2. The in-game map outlines the circular zone which you want to reach from the offset, and the HUD shows a handy graph of the rest of the distance youve got to cover and how long youve left to get there. The new PUBG map is going to be a 4x4 kilometers in proportion, a quarter size of Miramar map, so the matches can be held at a significantly faster pace. In any event, you should keep moving towards a gradually shrinking playable place. Also, there arent any danger zones in the game to assemble player. The New Angle On Pubg Game Modes Just Released

Your game style has an important role here. Until then, make sure you check Battlegrounds to find out whether the customized match feature is up and running. With a number of the games finest players and most well-known streamers attending, its going to be the very first showcase of PUBGs esports potential. You can find with some completely new blend of cocktail drink and have fun naming it. The usage of oral histories is quite specific and very intricate. A wonderful case of the particular abilities is Faceless. Itas one any variety of others would do. Contrary to other lists, the amount of appearances made by the players is taken into account. Before you begin a Call of Duty WW2 Nazi zombie game, equip the exceptional ability that enables you to shoot infinite ammo for a temporary time period. What You Dont Know About Pubg Rating

You havent tasted the authentic Italian cuisine till you eat in Puglia. Utilizing traditional and contemporary techniques of brewing, its known for some exceptional beer tastes. If youre browsing for some normal British beer taste, then its possible to bank upon Carling, which is an organization that itself believes there is nothing better than the British barley. Halloumi cheese has a rather significant melting point that makes it perfect for grilling or frying. Its possible to opt from a number of alcoholic drinks but then, you need to know their names. You also get a totally free birthday drink. When a specific alcohol is mixed with fruit juice, liqueur or other flavors in a particular proportion, its referred to as a cocktail. What You Need to Know About Pubg Rating If youre thinking of visiting the Harry Potter Wizarding World, you are going to want to get the actual perspective on what to anticipate. With a timeless haunting, the soul of a dead person has made a decision to stay behind for numerous factors. Okay, unless youve been buried beneath a rock for a gamer, you already understand what TitanFall is about. Either way, be certain the fan you get is UL Listed for the application you need so you know that it can be safely installed without developing a possible electrical hazard. In more humid climates, outdoor fans are a really good pick for every room in the house. If youre planning on installing a ceiling fan in an outdoor place, its important to buy a fan thats designed particularly for that goal.

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