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Destiny 2 Is In A Bad Place... And Publicly So

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Source Article: https://www.cnbc.com/2018/01/23/activisions-destiny-2-is-struggling-right-now-cowen-analyst.html Destiny 2 is said to be struggling by analysts, and the news is being picked up by more than game sites.
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J (11 days ago)
It's beautiful how forgiving gamers want to be with Activision. It's like we understand they made really good games and we're just asking for that sweet art they once made and could do again. But Activision sees it as a ego control thing or some shit, I know that sounds fucked but the way Activision has been using people is legitimately sickening
Halide (11 days ago)
Destiny 2 got so fucking desperate they put the game up for ten bucks on Humble Bundle. Got it then, played it, and now I'm back to warframe.
TheMegaTurnip (1 month ago)
REDUX in lew of the next cancerous instalment.
BenTusi78 (2 months ago)
Capitalism is squeezing every penny of gaming industry at the moment it's sad really.
varietywiarrior (2 months ago)
-Battlefront 2- -Shadow of War- -Destiny 2- Overwatch 3 down, one big one to go. Let's do iiiiiittttt
Sherman Herritt (3 months ago)
I guess you could say that this game was... (•_•) ( •_•)>⌐■-■ (⌐■_■) Destined 2 Fail. *YEAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!*
MechaEmperor7000 (4 months ago)
The problem with Destiny 2 is that Warframe got popular. And Warframe is free. Totally free. As in "I can complete the entire game, get fancy skins and access to all of it's content, albeit slowly, without spending a cent" free. (and for those that point out that Plats are technically purchased by someone, I have actually completeled a full run of Warframe with just the free stuff, never trading, and still got a good number of cosmetics and weapons just from anniversary rewards, quest rewards and baro. It is legit free, plats just speed things up.)
Jason Mullings (4 months ago)
Your like More Consoles older brother, less tolerating, no sugar coating, rudely informative, slight assholeish but completely acceptable.
Josua D (4 months ago)
"stop fighting the losing battle jim, y'know the lootboxes ain't going anywhere, might as well just keep silent and accept reality, let business be business" Yeah, fuck those people. They're the reason lootboxes exist up till now, they're the one who game companies call "whales", people who happily spend tons of money buying shitboxes and encourage company to make more shitboxes. Listen, that defeatism mindset isn't going to help anyone. Not the gaming community as a whole, not even yourself. At this point, i'm sure everyone, even if you don't want to admit it, is kinda pissed off with how lootboxes actually work (unless you're the type that grows 4 leaf clovers in your backyard, or live in your rich parent's basement). So do us a favor, if you're pissed of, or annoyed by shitboxes, STOP supporting it, STOP with the defeatism mindset that you can do nothing about it, and actually say something with your wallet.
George Kifiani (4 months ago)
I still did not understand that MT in Pay to Play games, why from the beginning implement defective system if you should implement other defective systems then ? Just greed, MT brings a lot of money even more, than B2P+S2P, so they do B2P, but instead of S2P system they prefer to implement more profitable MT, especially Lootboxes, that clearly are gambling, but that way, they are creating F2P games, that should be purchased to be played and payed more... So, it's just a good strategy, to from the beginning implement defective system, to implement more profitable systems and also get some bonuses from people who still believe, that Expensive means Quality... But for me, for player, any B2P and S2P loses its value if it have MT implemented inside, for me it's a waste of resources, no matter this MT bring P2W advantage on the table or not, also modern days proved my words, that if developers and/or publishers want to bring P2W in to their game, then they will do it, no matter which economical model or system they will chose from the start, I have long been afraid that forever DLC/Expansion system will bring even worse things to the market and this was one of my most nightmares, gaming is not an ART anymore, it's a sucking machine more nowadays.
Hank seulcontretous (5 months ago)
Here goes another Jim video about a game he doesn't know much about. That's why you gave it an 8 before playing the end game, and contradict yourself at the end of the year, saying it's a shitty game. I guess your channel's all about hating big AAA devs right now. There are complains to have about destiny2. You just have to know what they are instead of shouting insults and being joyful about an obscure analyst saying you were right. The game sold bonkers btw, and still makes tons of money, but thats something you forgot about.
craxnor (5 months ago)
Well when you make an entire game so you can introduce the eververce (a.k.a Triple AAA microtransaction.exe) and focus every fucking event on it, everything good about customization on it, and have less than 1/3 of the original game what can you expect. And lets not forget the bullshit, lying about exp and gameplay, and the lack of RPG mechanics.
Simon Roberts (5 months ago)
Reminisce with me guardians, 'member the end of year three, Our tower needs destruction, they're going to reboot destiny. The cool weapons we'd once loved, will all be lost to red war. And our armour for fun builds, we can discard them on floor. Forget about that mountain, that was once far 'over there', Wave goodbye to Mars, an' overlook our moon wizard affair. It's time to move forward, an' make our legend grow deeper, All things are destroyed now, including tower robot sweeper. Fear not though all guardians, for a new world they'll build, You can start your next clan, or if you're old school, a guild. They listen and hear clearly, they've now found their groove, But before they can launch it, there's a few things to remove. Players looking at perk choices, act confused when they see, So it's been made more simplistic, you select A now, or B. Slow down there you hunters, warlock blinking's too snappy, And titans who speed skate, should be hobbled and crappy. Our abilities that charged fast, were once inbuilt for fun, But all fun is forbidden, so now on trickle they must run. Our supers are too dangerous, they need not be covert, They'll slow and restrict them, lest anyone should get hurt. Those god rolls on guns, have been relinquished for ease, 'Cause snowflakes don't like 'em, so they try hard to appease. That game you could once grind, is perfunctory and inclusive, There's no hidden quests here, to be sure gear's not elusive. All of the apparel that you earn, can now be shaded alone, To make each guardian unique, and look less like a clone. It costs glimmer to apply shader, this was most unexpected, And you can use only one time, then they must be rejected. In this tasteless new world, the grimoire is less essential, They've brought in new writer, you should all act deferential. Lore's now considered folk-tale, it's been jettisoned with trash, Comic merchandise is smarter, another way to make cash. Strike scoring has been banished, there's no need to degrade, And single out guardians, for the lack of contribution they made. Taking part is the purpose, you have been absolved of all blame, They want you to go play nice, and not cuss, or cause shame. Their smartest raid was the vog, 'twas the best thing they'd done, The pinnacle of a challenge, fireteams would oft' run it for fun. Challenging sounds too hard, so they've simplified raid design, Guardians don't like impediment, so just one boss now is fine. Teams of six in the crucible, should most certainly be canned, Guardians running around solo, this is not what they planned. We need all stand together, concentrating shots like an arrow, They want no-one left out, so they made skillgap more narrow. All guardians are included, whether competitive or informal, With no difference in either, so we're all middling an' normal. With a hidden kill death ratio, showing an average will suffice, And they hid those nasty red bars, highlighting lag is not nice. They switched endgame, for friendgame, to be more inclusive, Made all gear more generic, and therefore not so exclusive. You can claim trophy rewards, so taking part's not required, Find any clan, and without play, engrams are transpired. There'll be no need to replay, any story you have completed, We can lose all those bounties, that count enemies defeated. Who needs to select playlist, random game mode's all same, Meditations are for story, this is how you must play their game. Brother vance is sycophantic, and asher mir is plain weird, They camped up the dialogue, and all gravitas is now cleared. A flaverlous flat shooter, aptly describes what they've created, Not the bold inspiring vision, that they'd once previously stated. Without content to save us, we must just sit around and wait, Or write poems on forums, but don't mistake these as hate. I rhyme for amusement, and to make the salt here displace, Because when bungie apply fixes, they fall flat on their face. They made simple corrections, as they moved from year three, And with meticulous dedication, they dismantled their I-P. They dumbed down and scaled back, to attract the new crowd, Well they done f*cked it up, but skybox team should feel proud. It seems they walked backwards, from the game we once had, They delivered substandard, and no new idea's did they add. Haven't we walked this route before, like some deja vu dream? Destiny two will be out of beta, and ready September 2018
Michael Jacobs (5 months ago)
The new IPs started at the beginning of this generation just didn't pan out. Titanfall 2 ended up good but Watch Dogs and Destiny are still mediocre even after sequels. I'd include Battlefront too but technically it's not a new IP. DICE, Bungie, and Ubisoft should give it another shot with a different new IP though.
Radial9Gaming (5 months ago)
Michael Jacobs Ubisoft is doing pretty good now with AC Origins, R6, The Division, Wildlands and even For Honor (yes they want to ressurect it as well just as they did with R6 and the Division)
Lootbox (5 months ago)
That graze on Xerxes cheek was a really good analogy, it shows even a God king can bleed, And a slump in stock prices shows even a corporate entity can go bankrupt
eurosonly (5 months ago)
Thumbs up if you have not bought this game yet and are enjoying watching all the chaos that it gets plunged into
Rev Funk (5 months ago)
Honesty, finally! Destiny has always been pure shit
DroolingHalfling (5 months ago)
The gaming industry has gone too damn deep into this hole of mitrotransactions and the AAA corporations just need to burn to the ground.
breadordecide (5 months ago)
I wish monster hunter had loot boxes.
Sam (5 months ago)
So.. what is actually Konami doing these days? For a company that owns a massive amount of gaming IP's from the early console and arcade era, it is strange how they can be still around while barely making any video-games.
David Cruz (5 months ago)
2:59 ive been saying this since destiny 1 came out hahahahahaha
Cyberdelic XP (5 months ago)
Wasn't warframe out first? If that's the case isn't: destinny= shitty warframe?!
Mike Flock (5 months ago)
I played warframe and it sucks too , play fortnite Pve or PVP they are both way better then warframe
Ross Kuehl-Martin (5 months ago)
they banned a kekistani flag and some other flag due to sjw hatered.  of course people are going to feel offput by a game that hangs the sjw noose over their experience.  I wouldn't want to watch a stream whos content is neutered by the pc police.
Sgt Palooggoo (5 months ago)
I never bought the Piece of trash... anyone proud of me?
Sgt Palooggoo (5 months ago)
Eat that scum!
Typically Spaced (5 months ago)
I miss the old Bungie, dearly.
Darth Lazurus (5 months ago)
I said this would happen. I gave it as my reason for not wanting Destiny 2. They laughed at me. They mocked me. Now I am smiling.
Risu (5 months ago)
maybe, i'm just and old school gamer. but when i spend $60 on a AAA title i remember getting the game, and nothing else came out until the sequale a couple years down the road. no DLC, no loot boxes, no micro transactions. you got the game, you played the game. then the next one came out and you got that one.
Kage1831 (5 months ago)
honestly....fuck triple A games...kick starter games for me. They, at least, have passion, and want to create good games.
Radial9Gaming (5 months ago)
Kage1831 until they don't and leave with all the money
Will88RF (5 months ago)
Yea they dug there grave!
John Romero (5 months ago)
5 seconds in the video and you're so fucking annoying
Shade's Insane Chamber (5 months ago)
Dummy (5 months ago)
The Destiny 2 loot boxes are bad but my biggest problem with Destiny 2 is the base game is simply boring and I loved Destiny 1 year 3 PvP. There's just not a lot of choice and everything is handed to you .
Dummy (5 months ago)
They went full EA 🤣$$$$$
Phillip harrison (5 months ago)
The AAA games controversy is more entertaining than anything they have put out in years
NKVD Citizen101 (5 months ago)
Fanbois is the gaming communities cancer.
Blaze Kline (5 months ago)
"Warframe: Like destiny but good" Never a more truthful sentence has been said. I started playing Warframe shorty after the shit started flying in TTK in Destiny 1 and I haven't looked back. Warframe has filled the gap as my go-to sci-fi shooter after Destiny failed to deliver.
EDP445 (5 months ago)
yeah, the loot boxes definitely killed destiny 2, just like its killing overwatch. destiny 2 dies and jim sterling delights in thinking he "called it" when all he's done is cry about being weak-willed and unable to stop himself from purchasing loot boxes loot boxes sure killed this one, definitely they're killing siege too, im sure you'll be right again jim
No Signal (5 months ago)
I love destiny why is it taking this path
Catch (5 months ago)
Destiny was ever a good game? A mediocore borderlands loot em up rip off shooter that did jack shit to "innovate"? lol, sure whatever you say Jim, still it's fun to see this crap backfiring so badly on these greedy devs.
The Curious Sicko (5 months ago)
I really want to know who's telling you to stop trying to fight this lootbox plague. Dumb, deaf and blind devotion to the game? How much of a hollow brainwashed consumer can you become?
Thom (5 months ago)
i used to buy every game back in the day now mabye 1 in 2 months
Ryan Crist (5 months ago)
There's no fucking way those emails you get aren't either fucking trolls or douchebags paid by said corporations. Let us never give up this fight.
Thank you for all you do Jim :)
ki last (5 months ago)
Im just amazed anyone bought it after Destiny 1, even playing with friends couldnt make that game fun.
TheMothman001 (5 months ago)
Shame... greedier bunch of tossers!
Graphomite (5 months ago)
Although I understand the news is technically about the scam, it's funny how much an uproar people make over a massive franchise suffering a scuff while better companies have totally collapsed due to low sales of a single game without the general public so much as batting an eye. Oh, the Bungie game everyone knew would be a massive success is only now instead a _relatively_ massive success. My goodness, stop the presses.
TheAdarkerglow (5 months ago)
I would say, in a very general sense, that the reason I stopped playing Destiny at the time of The Taken King release was because Bungie is horrible at balancing. The nerf to assault rifles that came relatively early that never saw resolution made it a less full experience. The Jolly-Horn being the only weapon for it's slot is another great example, particularly as finding groups for Raids was left entirely to players and many groups DEMANDED everyone have it, and so the experience was even further diminished, and Bungie did nothing to fix the problems. And yet they asked for $60 to keep playing a game I'd already purchased. I could already feel the gouging to come. I hear they started asking for money for events not long after. I was shocked.
Mentor Senpai (5 months ago)
No, you're winning the battle. Trust me, I'm Satan himself. I'm giving you all of my luck to make sure that all loot boxes die down forever. :)
ArmoredChocobo (5 months ago)
"It might be a graze across Xerxes' Cheek but I'll take it" Never a better analogy for what's been done to lootboxes and the PR of companies that endorse them.
Paul Fuerstenau (5 months ago)
As someone who has played Destiny 2 a lot its not the microtransactions that people are upset about for the most part its the lackluster content. The latest dlc which was $20 wasn't very good too short and didn't add much to the game. The main gripe with the game is that there isn't much content to do in the game and how it is really easy to reach max power level and leaving you with nothing to do in the game. The eververse microtansaction content can actually be earned by playing the game fairly easily and most people don't really care about them because they are very easy to earn so easy in fact that you are usually capped on shaders and mods and such that you can't take any more because you don't have room in your inventory.
Stuart Murray (5 months ago)
I was so up for getting involved with this game until I heard it was all about micro-transactions. If you think I'm going to pay £40+ for the privilege of entering a digital shop then you can fuck right off.
gimpinmypants (5 months ago)
Destiny always seemed like that AAA game that was going to succeed simply because of the developer behind it. Like there was no question it was going to have a long life and support a staff for the next decade simply because Bungie made Halo. I think that's why it survived long enough for a sequel, but you can only fool people some of the time and they're finally waking up: Destiny is bland and boring. I thought it looked soulless when I saw gameplay footage of the first game, but not enough people wanted to say it outloud.
Pandawatch (5 months ago)
Seriously with all the budget bungie has now all the effort has clearly gone into micro transaction schemes. Instead their efforts should've been used to add vehicular combat, more engaging story, etc.
oOPraetorianOo (5 months ago)
The game is finished! Bungie commited suicide! They have let down the communities and their serious fan base! Rushing out an incomplete and less than fully tested game for greed!
Pandawatch (5 months ago)
After a clean install of windows bttle.net and DE$TINY 2 are not welcome on my circuits.
Chad6o (5 months ago)
I'll shout "thank god for Jim Sterling", as long as you continue making videos about these greedy fucken shitbags. Oh and to all the people who defend them and make excuses for their behaviour, go smoke a sausage.
Brian Seiler (5 months ago)
It's good that you've gotten to the point where you'd rather have nothing than this, because that's where you need to be to fix the situation. I'm not going to tell you that you can't do anything, but it's going to be difficult - you have to get a LOT of people into the same position you are right now. You've got to get people past the point where they just buy the game and whine about how a part of the game that they knew was in the game when they bought it is bad and shouldn't be in the game, because that doesn't work. You've managed to trick the company into taking your money and not changing the thing you want changed. People are going to have to learn to do without some of the properties they enjoy for long enough to starve this out.
BoomStar (5 months ago)
The first expansion they released is shite too and thats not helping.
Kiyosuki (5 months ago)
While the microtransaction element of Destiny 2 is annoying, I think it's only a part of the more wider spread issues that all culminate together in putting Destiny 2 where it currently is. Heck I'd even be able to somewhat ignore or not care as much about Eververse, if the game's content were keeping me well distracted but...it's not. The game's getting a bit better, but I still have and have always had this feeling that they distinctively chose not to learn anything from the first game and build upon it. Rather, when I say the game is "getting better", I feel like it's trying to get to the point Destiny 1 was at by the end of its lifecycle and that's just not a great feeling. There's so much they could have built upon what they learned with Destiny 1; how to better handle post game content as many of the problems 2 has had were issues that 1 had and subsequently addressed, a more gripping skilltree system, exotic armors and weapons that when partnered together with a hypothetical more dynamic skilltree system could have created a character building element to the game that would have added tons of replayability...just to name a few things. Rather than feeling like an evolution or even continuation gameplay wise of the first, since day one this game has felt like a strip down of where 1 was at by the end of its life and the worst part of it is I can't fathom in a million years that they just forgot about what was learned in the first game or some other more benign explanation. Even if Eververse weren't in the game at all, all of the above issues would be there just the same...however, having it there and with small stupidities like color sliders being finite is like just piling the straw the broke the camel's back so to speak; it makes for a convenient focal point to target all hate on and it's not unwarranted don't get me wrong, but Destiny 2's issues imo go far deeper than its microtransaction system.
Lee Meerun (5 months ago)
Destiny players are to blame for this they showed they like to pay and eat plenty of bungie shit so bungie assumes they would eat more shit in D2
S Small (5 months ago)
It sucks. I enjoy the destiny 2 gameplay and am not going to stop playing very soon, but Bungie just keeps messing up. Do I delight in Destiny 2 failing? No. If Bungie hadn't fucked up the whole microtransactions and communication thing, the game would have been great. The teams that did the art work, audio design and gameplay programming made an amazing game, but then the corporate pressure forced them to add this bullshit in. The dissociation between the employees of Bungie that want to make cool games for people to enjoy and their corporate overlords is massive.
Bear Mayhem (5 months ago)
Destiny 2 beta snowflakes defending d2. D2 has been trash from it's conception.
Matrix Jinx (5 months ago)
Unless bungies whole point behind this was to destroy activision?
RLS0812 (5 months ago)
Destiny 2 - highest sales in 2017 .... they do not give a #, since they already have your money.
cursedex (5 months ago)
I remember reading somewhere that the analyst that made the article was an avid destiny 2 player, and discredits the opinion by stating he might actually be biased by his personal displeasure with the game. If true, I find it extremely hilarious that the one providing investment advice might actually be a pissed-off gamer.
Lightning (5 months ago)
It is ironic that the best thing that happened to Warframe is Destiny 2 failing. xD
Syrona (5 months ago)
Destiny is shit. The lootboxes fiasco only made shit into diarheea.
Lynxan (5 months ago)
I never got into Destiny in the first place, but my room mates where big into the first game at first. It was when they would have to buy the entire game and the DLC that they payed a season pass (you know the thing that supposed to get you the DLC) again to get the latter DLC that they just stopped with the whole thing. The second one didn't even hit our radars outside of the endless ads.
Billy Wolf (5 months ago)
The employees at Bungie should either force them to make it an employee OWNED company or LEAVE...Bungie ruined your career for GREED ..D3 is already dead in the water..Walk away from this failure in motion..And take Destiny with you...Bungie is dead...
MrAdam802 (5 months ago)
lol fuck sony/activision/bungie
Brian Medina (5 months ago)
They made their money and ran. Jokes on us. They're not making MTs but they still sold millions of copies. Never again will I buy a game from Activision unless they clean up.
Chris Allie (5 months ago)
Sychophants, hypocrites, jerk offs(wankers), cuckolds, obtuseness, stupidity, among other definitions use to be unacceptable traits of a human being. They really fucked them all up didnt they.
Shaggy (5 months ago)
Just uninstalled the game. I had over 4000 hours on destiny 1.
Syrona (5 months ago)
Too late. Lol. That's like saying "I ate 4 kg of shit. But no more!"
kause4koncern (5 months ago)
The coverage of "the fall of Bungie" has lasted for months now. I thought this game was dead? 🤔
AboxoroxRoxursox (5 months ago)
Most of the Ftp games these days are infinitely better. It's puts the company in a position to actually make a good game and respond to the communities to survive. All the mega corporations games come up with a market then build a game around it. Making games for the soul purpose to make money rather a good game that makes money.
rex mundi (5 months ago)
This game needs to die, otherwise game developers will continue to release shallow games based on grinding and loot boxes.
Gilgamesh (5 months ago)
As much as people bag on The Division, it is basically the reverse Destiny 2. Division started out crap and became good, while Destiny 2 started good and went to shit.
Flicker455 (5 months ago)
It is also unfortunate for Destiny 2 that The Division is considered being in it's best state now that patch 1.8 is out, even vastly better than it was in 1.4.
BearFear (5 months ago)
Never have i seen a company so determined to make you feel bad for playing their games
Sam C. Ruler (5 months ago)
i deinstall'd the bloody game after playing couple of hours... there is nothing(!!) that kept me interested. and now the whole dlc/locked-content mess.. i couldnt care less about D2, i'm just pissd off i spend 50bucks for it.. so i'm happy it fails now :)
dabajabaza111 (5 months ago)
Whether a battle is one or lost, the war will never end. Keep fighting the good fight, Jim. We're with you.
Shubhmay Chauhan (5 months ago)
Blizzard assholes should be next.. looking at you Overwatch..oh so righteous
Radial9Gaming (5 months ago)
Shubhmay Chauhan lol Blizzard is a wall, they remain unbothered
RandomUser221 (5 months ago)
Should've stayed home and keep making them meh Halo games Bungie... But now it's too late.
Feels (5 months ago)
It's sad. I never understood the hype for this game. I hope everyone who hyped it up feels embarassed.
Turntapeover (5 months ago)
One enormous problem I have with loot boxes and pay-to-win microtransactions in general, is that it's basically whale fishing. It's pathetic, crooked and evil. You, me, other people that are reasonable, we see how much we get screwed by this and we mostly won't give them our money, or very little. On the other hand, Whales are usually not the happiest people in the world and are usually coping with personal life problem through gaming. If you think that these people who spend 1000 of dollards on microtransactions are all rich people living happily in mansion who have all the time they want in the world to play their favorite video games, this is not reality. I worked with a whale. He was a divorced dude who found no better way to cope than playing those kind of games. Then he'd start missing shift when they released patches, in addition to paying to win etc. I have left that job so I don't know where he's at in his life, but if he kept on that slope, I doubt it ended very well for him financially cuz last I heard he was suspended for his behavior. And this is where I think that companies who have those kind of business practices are commiting a crime by taking advantage of people they know have problems and cope with videogames just like a cult or pyramid scheme. You can still cope on a video game with no microtransactions. As long as you don't lose touch with reality, it can be a good thing. But the pay to win way of doing things... Let's say, If you got dumped, and wanted to cope with D2, but you dont have the skills to "compete", then you pay to unlock them. And you win. And it feels good. Better than that divorce. So you pay for more stuff. And you win again, and it feels even better because now she's taking half of your money for child support because she got full custody. So you pay again. And you spiral down. And that's what AAA studio want. They want those whales. Because they are vulnerable, so easy preys, and they're worth 1000 people buying their game by themselves so who fucking cares they're going through a rough patch in their lives as long as they are willing to spit out money. And if they stop because their personal life is falling appart, we'll just fish for new whales. It is a shame.
BlargleWargle (5 months ago)
Bungie went from one of my favourite devs with Halo 3 and Reach to a company I'm just disappointed in. Absolutely zero interest in anything they're involved with going forward.
MDKAI (5 months ago)
s a v a g e
adam harlan (5 months ago)
I feel like this is just the universe sorting itself out.
Strife Rixa (5 months ago)
Getting really sick of the Destiny/Warframe comparisons. The two are nothing alike.
Ultra Sonic (5 months ago)
In this life, when you deny someone an apology, you will remember it at the time you beg forgiveness.
weirdeyedkid ™ (5 months ago)
The problem isn't that games are upset about microtransactions. We're pissed that the Eververse IS the end game. All of the end game content points to the Eververse. And all hardcore content is watered down for the casual players that MOVED ON to new games. So casuals aren't playing, hardcore's aren't playing. Oh. NO BODY IS PLAYING! Although recently the devs did say on Twitter that they are making it like Destiny 1.
vatch (5 months ago)
Kachi Aguwa (5 months ago)
Never stop bra... never stop!
Shaun K (5 months ago)
I can't stomach loot (lotto?) boxes anymore. I've run out of fucks to give. And if I can't even build enough energy to summon a single fuck, I also can't summon my wallet to pay for this shit. To paraphrase one of the best games ever, " I will inflict upon the AAA games the greatest insult an enemy can suffer. To be ignored"...
Homosuck (5 months ago)
Can *you* survive the zombicorn horde?
Some One (5 months ago)
sad Bungie .... can't even EA properly .... EA has mount list of IP and studio to destroy. what does Bungie have ? reputation and brainless fan boy ?
lostinseganet (5 months ago)
There is an old saying" It's easier to apologize than ask for permission". I think this is the base of what Bungie is doing.
Akriashi (5 months ago)
Which game is Jim using cutscenes from for this video? I can't tell if it's a Star Wars or a Warhammer 40K title.

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