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A NEW Nintendo Switch XL/PRO Model Is A TERRIBLE Idea

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A New Nintendo Switch XL, Nintendo Switch Mini or ANY kind of New Nintendo Switch Model Redesign would be a BAD idea right now. Recent hardware update suggests a new Switch Model with an upgraded CPU might be on the way, but what does that mean exactly? - Like/Comment/Subscribe/TouchMyBell Become A Patreon And Join Our Family By Supporting The Channel - https://www.patreon.com/BeatEmUps Want to send me MAIL?! Wood Hawker - PO Box 821231 North Richland Hills, TX 76180 Buy Some MERCH Maybe! - https://shop.spreadshirt.com/BeatEmUpsMerch/ PayPal - beatemupsmerch@gmail.com Business Email - beatemupsbusiness@gmail.com Follow BeatEmUps on Twitter - @BeatemupsWood On Facebook - facebook.com/BeatEmUps Instagram - @BeatemupsWood Join The BeatEmUps Discord Chat - https://discord.gg/zyUGPfs My Second Channel - https://www.youtube.com/user/WoodsMaj... Music: Erek Ladd - https://erekladd.bandcamp.com/releases "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use." All clips and videos belong to their respective owners.
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BeatEmUps (1 month ago)
What do you think? Would a NEW Switch Model SUCK or is it a GOOD idea? Here's some links for you to check out! >> Beatemups Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/BeatEmUps Twitter - https://twitter.com/BeatemupsWood Join My Beatemups Amino! - http://aminoapps.com/invite/H304T5W1N6 Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/BeatEmUps/
Hotshot23 (9 days ago)
BeatEmUps honestly i would have to agree with you on the fact that it is too soon that being said imagine if they came out with a switch that had a cakera on it that alone could add many many games to it especially from the mobile market which nintendo seems to be trying to tap into
Carlo Nassar (19 days ago)
+nz4530 - Minecraft PE That's asking for too much. I agree with a better cpu but wii u compatibility isn't worth anything. The first party games on the Wii U are the only games on the Wii U that are worth buying.
nz4530 - Minecraft PE (19 days ago)
I would want a revision with better cpu, that could emulate wii u. And use the old switch as a sort of gamepad. So if they did it like that people won't be losing anything.
Carlo Nassar (22 days ago)
It would only be good if it was larger *(especially the controllers),* more powerful, and harder to hack. Edit: A discount for people that already own a Switch would be really nice since some people have had issues with the Switch and they should fix that too.
Akuun Reach (25 days ago)
Well now we know the new CPU is to fix the exploit, so our Switches might actually end up being worth more, not less :)
Mad Luigi (25 minutes ago)
Needs upgraded dock.
Komrade BigTex sucks (2 hours ago)
I think the Mariko switch is a great idea.
Yorkshire Pud (1 day ago)
Hackers will dump multi carts out regardless of cpu change's so testing the cpu for hacks is a waste of money and time! The game has to load to play it, nothing stops hackers, 500 in 1 ds cart anyone ? Games are now insane in price to say so many of us buy them 55 pounds and 50.000 + buyers is a lot a dosh.
Brandon Higgins (1 day ago)
Those borders around the screen are called bezels. And it would look better without them.
You know they are updating the switch because the Switch is hackable because of the hardwire in the switch
Owen Owens (4 days ago)
they just want your money. im sticking with my v1 release
Maddie Sig. (4 days ago)
Just bought a switch less than a month ago (I know I know, late to the game) so i hope they don’t put out another one already!!!
Pelago _ (5 days ago)
Great video, well done.
BigChap J (5 days ago)
I always said a Switch Home would be the ideal budget variant of the system. A PSTV affair. It’s a Switch that comes with a pro controller and doesn’t have portability. For $200 or something.
Colin2Am (6 days ago)
The joycon in the thumbnail doesnt even have a joystick
SkilfulAutumn45 (6 days ago)
All what i want is a bigger screen so 4 player mario kart on the bus isn't so small😐
Evan S (6 days ago)
No, this isn’t gonna be another DS situation. Parents aren’t gonna buy more 300$ systems for all their kids. Don’t do it.
Pablo Romero (6 days ago)
To bad it's just a revision xD
Kazops (7 days ago)
I just don't want a new switch to be a different size. It would be annoying if new and old switches didn't fit in each other's docks.
Deego (7 days ago)
The new model is simply just a more custom version of the Tegra so it can't be hacked into easily.
bryant nonya (7 days ago)
I'll tell you exactly why Nintendo is making a processor change in the switch and it has to do with the Tegra X1 exploit found in the boot ROM LOL but I'm sure Nintendo will try to put lipstick on that pig
Grant Ruhoff (8 days ago)
Stop trying to stop us from unlocking the systems.... for that matter stop locking them down. Learn from the vita mistake.
Nick Loss (8 days ago)
Maybe not a larger one, but a more powerful switch would be awesome. Technology advances quickly and newer chipsets are more powerful as well as more power efficient, which is a win-win for a portable console
A J (8 days ago)
I think it's a bad idea to release a new model IF it has games the old one can't play. I think that's fine eventually, but I think it's too soon in 2019. I do think it would be a good idea to release a cheaper model, with controllers that do not come off, and maybe even without a TV mode, to get into the one-for-every-kid market that the 3DS currently fills.
Art The Great (8 days ago)
I don’t want a new switch anytime soon but, I do want Goku on Smash :)
Tamim Al Thani (8 days ago)
When you shook your head about the joy con peripherals you were thinking it’s a Australian thing
Duncan Tallon (9 days ago)
Switch Pro should be able to connect to a high performance gaming PC to use its power to play games - imagine BotW at 4K120! Theoretically if should be possible, the games do basically run Unity, though it would be a bit of a challenge seeing as there would need to be anti-hack measures, but I think it could definitely be done. If the Mini had the same performance as the regular Switch, it would be useful for people that play their Switch docked 90% of the time
WolfieGaatGamen (9 days ago)
im waitig until my birthday for a nintendo switch so i dont want a pro now before i getted the normal
AYC (9 days ago)
If they gonna upgrade, PLEASE don't change size
MrEmpty Wallet (10 days ago)
Upgrade hardware not size.
Zeyd Uysal (10 days ago)
Does this guy even know how ram works. I hate when I hear so much bs...
leteFREAKK5667 (10 days ago)
What If they sold an upgraded dock?
Big Mofo (10 days ago)
Switch PRO! Glass screen, non-removable controllers, longer battery life.
LugyD1xd ONE (11 days ago)
They must wait until PS5 or anything that will compete with the system and making it seem more outdated, then they should go with Switch Pro. Technology will be more advanced, so 1080p on go and 4K on TV are possible and having with those option of stable 60 fps with 720p or more on go and at home 1080p and little features like bigger storage, bigger RAM and bigger screen (but not too big). I've always had idea of attaching joycons on the other two sides of the Switch and playing some 3DS or DS games this way, but the actuall size wouldn't work with it so I would be happy with that, maybe we will get something like that in the future. I hope that they will not release Switch PRO until some new competitors with Switch, and in the case of Mini/XL/XXL they should wait AT LEAST about a year.
Jayden Hamilton (12 days ago)
All I want is a Switch with better power. No xl or new sizes and anything like that, just a stronger system to play games like Monster Hunter World and God of War 4 and Resident Evil: Biohazad, on the go!
threeheadedonion 9906 (12 days ago)
But they are handheld devices that have different variations not consoles and the switch is more of a console
threeheadedonion 9906 (12 days ago)
I would hate it if there was a new model because then you would have to buy a more expensive system with some differences
rob13589 (12 days ago)
All these people talking about a new Nintendo switch coming out really just need to look towards pure capitalism. The Nintendo switch is selling like hotcakes and until those sales severely slow down there will be no new console. A smart business would wait even if they had something ready right now until sales started to slip or there were no more excitement for the system for its games that's when you bring out the fresh new product.
Adam Tahi (12 days ago)
No. Just no. We don’t need another Switch Console. It’s basically screaming “YEAAAAAAAA *insert swears that I din’t have the dignity to type here* BOIIIIIIIS” at people with an OG Switch.
RobinPM100 (12 days ago)
Actually I dont agree, make Nintendo Switch XL reality as soon as possible and make it BEZEL less. That is the reason why Switch sucks right from the beginning, the screen size could have been perfect but it is too small, bezel less would be larger
Brock Samson (13 days ago)
The only issues they need to fix is the pointless kickstand and bring out virtual console.
Your cute 😁😁
Nintendough (13 days ago)
"Upgrade" with local *game save backups* and I'll pay the ransom.
Dylan Jarvie (13 days ago)
I agree as long as the games are compatible with the original switch cause I can't afford a new one even in two years
YXBA (15 days ago)
Yeah.. A small upgrade is a bad idea. They should be focusing on a larger upgrade that is more powerful than the base PS4 that has build in voice chat and can easily handle ps4 ports.
Kigiru Drewko (16 days ago)
Nintendo needs a smaller, cheaper switch, not a bigger and more expensive. Switch is obviously portable, but i would not call it a handheld console and it's too expensive to replace still popular and (un)shockingly relevant on the market 3DS series. The new Switch must be: - Smaller - Cheaper - With better dock, or even no dock at all to cut down the price. - abandoned or reworked Joycons, because if we talk about cheap console for kids THIS IDEA SUCKS, kids will lost them like 20 minutes after getting their Switch.
Thiago Carvalho (16 days ago)
I wish it had the option to love the video
BumbleBeeXPro (17 days ago)
If they are doing a switch xl then it should probably be as big as a iPad mini and have the hardware upgraded so it can get a better performance on docked mode
No (17 days ago)
Well it wouldn't be terrible if you can buy JUST the tablet itself without all the accessories.
ExiledDiclonius (17 days ago)
I'm still mad about this whole 3DS New bullshit. Still have Xenoblade and cant play it, but I'm not getting rid of my regular Pokemon XY 3DS just to switch for this game
Plaid Puns (17 days ago)
TheDetoX (17 days ago)
is this guy alphaomegasins younger cousin?
TvSonic Serbia (18 days ago)
While a better version would be problematic, a switch mini for those who didn't get on board with the price and stuff would be great, it wouldn't have a dock, just be a portable, vitaesque device, you couldn't detach the joy con, just play on it, but it would be compatible with regular joy con via bluethooth ofc, and you could leave a hdmi mini port to be able to play on tv.
TvSonic Serbia (18 days ago)
I want joy con's pro with a d pad and a bigger control stick and actual depth so it doesn't just rest on my hand but I can actually hold it.
TvSonic Serbia (18 days ago)
And a purely home version for 250 bucks would also be a good alternative.
Sycron XIV (18 days ago)
They even mentioned the new T214 is the same just more security added and maybe just refined of the actual one in therms of thermals and efficiency
Brian Fernandez (18 days ago)
but what if the next model is actually a MINI version instead of XL?
Berkan Emre Yılmaz (19 days ago)
They should just make a switch ti
Amirobob :/ (20 days ago)
As long as it’s a upgrade, not a new model I’m happy.
Jack Inthebox (20 days ago)
As a ps4/xbox one owner, i would consider buying a switch if they released a pro version as well as downloadable gamecube games on e store.
Nathan Adams (22 days ago)
Maybe add more memory maybe make it 250GB-350GB or even 500GB and a built in mic for handheld mode and a better/bigger battery
hbarudi (22 days ago)
I am certain there will be a revision for the switch as soon as the pokemon game comes out for this version of the switch. Nintendo has made hardware revisions of handhelds since the ds lite. The ds lite had pokemon generation 4. The dsi had pokemon generation 5. The launch 3ds had pokemon generation 6. The new 3ds xl had pokemon generation 7. The switch will get pokemon generation 8. The new pro switch no bezels more security more power switch will get pokemon generation 9. Last, getting 2 switches will allow to trade pokemon between them since the newer games will function on the old one but with longer loading times, but it is enough to trade between a pair of generation 9 pokemon games that will come out 2021 or later using the older switch and a newer switch.
axelgear666 (22 days ago)
It was done for security reasons
Steven OConnor (22 days ago)
To be honest as long as they’re compatible with their games I don’t necessarily have a problem with it but it has to be done in a cohesive uniformal type of way
mushy (23 days ago)
Its not a new form factor they're just switching the tegra for a newer one so the new hardware exploit isn't possible. It won't even be advertised as different
Greg Morton (23 days ago)
Just stop denying yourself and get one, and if you have one already... ENJOY IT! Now where's my virtual console Nintendo? ;)
Brebgon (23 days ago)
All I want is a dock revision that could provide extra power to the Switch.
carlisle13 (23 days ago)
The new switch model is just to fix the hackable switch that is on the market now it’s a hardware hack that they can’t fix through firmware no thanks Nintendo I’ll keep my hacked switch
Cristian Garcia (24 days ago)
Just wanted to say, I love all your content. I personally love this style of video, please keep it up!!
artistic321 (24 days ago)
They have to realse a new hardware model cause the tega 1 chip was hacked they cant patch it the switch is fully hacked
Unspeaking demon (24 days ago)
Its been a year since its release, we don't really need another new one because i really don't want the switch to be another 3Ds with there multiple...portable consoles?
Quen Loust (24 days ago)
The ram wouldn't bump the fps up noticeably. It'd only really change loading assets. CPU and GPU upgrades is what's needed.
colton clayson (24 days ago)
ummm... there were like 4 distinct versions of the regular wii. normal, one without gamecube controller ports, a horizontal one, and the mini
Stephen Decambre (24 days ago)
A newer Switch??!! Sexy as #Retrohell
XtraKade Gaming (25 days ago)
I feel that it would be suitable to make a new switch by 2022-2023 with the next gen consoles. I assuming next gens will come around 2020-2021 so 2022 isn't too bad. That still gives the system 5 years of life.
XtraKade Gaming (25 days ago)
I feel if they were to make like a PS4 slim like thing, they should get rid of the borders and use a different tegra so it's not hackable.
retrogamerfan (25 days ago)
I just want 1080 60 in portable and docked it’s 2018 for Pete sake
Tamara Harcus (25 days ago)
I guarantee there will be a new switch now that the right controller hack has been found. Just wondering how long it will be from now ... 3 months,6 months? Bet it will be within 6 months at the most cause they have to get rid of that processor.New model will prolly have a clear case and controllers like they did with the N 64 so it will be a wanted upgrade. I already got my clear purple replacement Joy-Con and console cases on eBay for like 50 bucks
Matthew (25 days ago)
I want to see a Switch Mini the size of a Vita, actually it's what I've been holding out for. I'm a PC gamer so I hardly ever play the home consoles I have and I only buy handhelds now. A Switch Mini could be less powerful and have a qHD screen instead of 720p so that the games would run with similar performance as a regular switch but at a reduced price. It wouldn't be able to be plugged into a TV though so it wouldn't technically be an upgrade and current owners wouldn't feel screwed. Alternatively I could see some people wanting a home only Switch that is a traditional box like the Xbox or PlayStation. It would be able to render games at a higher resolution but they wouldn't be able to be taken on the go. If Nintendo created these versions of the console they could cover the entire market.
Ronnie M (25 days ago)
You're right about the Joy Cons, A huge missed opportunity was missed in having easy plug n play customized joy cons. I would have loved some of those retro looking joy cons. (yes I know you can buy the shells and make your own, blah blah. But I would prefer them already being put together and just pay a premium price)
warriorprince101010 (25 days ago)
I want a switch Mini, with a 6 inch screen.
LatinLegacy (26 days ago)
It would be a great idea actually. That is if they bother to actually push the Tegra chip harder & surround it with better hardware. In the current Switch, the Tegra X1 SoC is a joke. It runs well below half of its full blown potential. The CPU alone has its peak clock speed slashed in half with the A53 cores completely disabled. The CPU is mid 2000's level of slow because of those changes. The GPU side is also gimped but not nearly as bad when in dock mode. When undocked, the GPU takes a considerable hit as well. People like to praise the Switch for what it is but on a hardware level, the thing truly is a piece of junk. A new revision is needed & hopefully this time, they do the Tegra chip some justice.
Brady Partain (26 days ago)
Thank you for not having an intro that plays every single video
sale83 (26 days ago)
I would rather see new games than new switch.
m k (26 days ago)
I feel like they are due for a new model such as in terms of when psp had a 1000 model to 3000 model where small things change such as positioning on some ports and other external hardware features that people have complained about
Vialacious (26 days ago)
RAM doesn't increase speed unless it's bottlenecked and you upgrade to a hire RAM speed.. but Switch is already at 1600MHz soooo.. facepalm. RAM on the switch isn't the bottleneck at all. CPU increases speed. With the N3ds you actually could tell the difference if you cracked it and made all games run at full speed. GPU increases speed, and the Tegra chip is both CPU and GPU. This is the bottleneck. GPU has it's own RAM, it's called VRAM. Doubling the RAM from 4GB to 8GB would probably just make mods in the future (for a game like BOTW, once it has Switch mods) be more feasible because you can load more content and whatnot at the same time. 4GB RAM to 8GB RAM is a 0% increase in speed b/c RAM is a format of storage.
Michael Swait (26 days ago)
the switch has a big problem if you're Nick name is changed it deletes your letter bourd I was high up there in the litter board and because a younger family member got he's had on it and changed it to he's name it deleted my progress from the letter board he also deleted my pics I didn't post online I'm posting everything from now on because of this problem
PixelBit Studios (26 days ago)
8:49 not true, on the new Nintendo 3ds, games run at better frame rates (Poochy and Yoshis wooly world comes to Mind) and you don't have to have that ugly CPP attachment to get the extra L,R, and analogue stick.
The Music Anon (26 days ago)
A new hardware update be a way to manage damage control from the Hack Switch exploit, also Chinas GPD line of portable gaming systems are pretty hard to compete against since they pretty much offer a portable laptop you can play nearly any emulator on the one I got GPD win 2 I can run any emulator up to PS1.
SN G (27 days ago)
Sami Bari (27 days ago)
The way I see it we don't need every game in 4k 60fps cuz that simply drives up costs a lot and requires way too much storage what Nintendo is doing is a very good idea if developers don't need to develop games at such high resolution it will make designing games a lot easier and once again it won't need so much storage
Bill Gilbert (27 days ago)
When was the last time you updated your phone???? EVERY YEAR !!!!!!!
Alechango831 (27 days ago)
I hope so, that'll decrease the prices on regular switches over time...
Dank Harambe (27 days ago)
Time for me to grab the new switch now since it's finally coming out with hardware revision...
Carter D Nogga (27 days ago)
I would love to see an hardware update in form Of the docking station. Take some this and that, stuff it into the dock, do a software update, boom. Switch in docked mode, more power. That would be awesome.
Kinickylj (27 days ago)
As a first time viewer, let me give you a tip. I'm seven minutes into your video and you haven't addressed the actual topic of your video. That's terrible and i feel taken in frankly.
Azaad Ansari (27 days ago)
I will buy when bigger screen and 8gigs of Ram.
Wii Zzle (27 days ago)
If the new switch could handle 1080p handheld noticeable bettergraphics aswell with every game running 60fps handheld and docked that would be worth it.
paul Jimenez (27 days ago)
Itll be exactly the same just with a patched bootrom
apenguinnamedabraham (27 days ago)
I just want the Switch to not be the apple product that the DS and 3DS were. I just want to buy the Switch and keep it, I don’t want to be pressured into buying the New Switch i XL Lite With Knuckles.
Francis Mc Nally (28 days ago)
Ive had my switch 4 months, It would really suck if they decided to bring out a better model just over a year after the original release.
the new switch wouldnt be as easy to hack
Aaron Burrows (28 days ago)
I agree, if we see a new “version” of the switch within the next year, it will be little more than a footnote with little effect on consumers. That being said I think a mini switch could work if they are planning on phasing out the 3DS anytime soon.
Ho Chris (28 days ago)
Your points are very logical! 👍
Samponsite 23 (28 days ago)
Nintendo aren't releasing a better switch, just a hardware revision to stop it getting exploited, nothing more nothing less. Basically the newer models you will have a harder time cracking open the bootrom. Don't expect some new fancy model any time soon.
philosoaper (28 days ago)
due to the exploit in the tegra chip, a hardware revision very soon is guaranteed.. I don't imagine it would have much more differences..

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