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Playing GTA San Andreas on HTC ONE X, stock Sense 5

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Playing GTA San Andreas on HTC ONE X (Stock Anrdoid 4.2.2, Sense 5) TEGRA 3 Apk 1.0.3
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SOADawe (2 years ago)
Sad is you can play it on max with no lags. But you must not upgrade your android to 4.2.2. Becouse when you upgrade it from 4.1.1 to 4.2.2 then for some unknown reason the GTA SA will start lags. F*cking upgrades.
The Hoffs Nose (3 years ago)
Where did the gas pedal go
arslan abdullaev (4 years ago)
2:55  e e e  )
DahakePL (4 years ago)
Works better on my Xperia SP (settings - Res. max, Draw dist. 50%, shadows classic, effects low)
DahakePL (3 years ago)
Are you talking to me :P? And don't compare mid end to high end
Piyush Ludhiyani (4 years ago)
want 4.4 for hox then sign up http://www.change.org/petitions/nvidia-corporation-continue-support-for-htc-one-x-and-one-x-international-tegra-3-to-android-4-4#description
mango091 (4 years ago)
is this the tegra htc one x or the snapdragon one?
UL Fishing Serbia (4 years ago)
Tegra 3 processor.

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