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Top 17 Action-adventure Games NINTENDO SWITCH ( Upcoming 2017 & 2018 )

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Here 17 of Bests New Action-adventure games 2017 & 2018 will release for NINTENDO SWITCH. please SUBSCRIBE to support me also leave comment to share your thoughts
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Text Comments (32)
lol the gamer (11 days ago)
i just want gta on switch
R GEN (28 days ago)
Why do i have to relieve all these megapixel games again. Not to mention all these indie side scrolling games. fml
SØMA (1 month ago)
Gameplay for no more heroes disappointed me 😔
The Tip0 Of Memes (1 month ago)
Mulaka looks awesome! And so does a knights quest
Kyudo Kun (2 months ago)
*I feel like I'm watching Top 17 Android and iOS upcoming games*
yl st (4 months ago)
Why dont u just buy 10 $ micro genius if these are best games ?
Carl Lee (5 months ago)
I don't get those "retro" 2d indie games, most of them is not aesthetically pleasing and 2d is very limiting to what kind of game you can create.
Chriss MCloud (5 months ago)
Como siempre nintendo no tiene mas ideas que remakes y reboots y conversiones de antiguos titulos.. Es lamentable pura mierda.
Ramon Ochoa (7 months ago)
Like if you ? :-)
Ahmad El-Hindi (7 months ago)
As a gamer that enjoys gory games, I expected more of the device I so far only like 2 to 3 games and one of them I already played , while the rest just feel like bad games or games I already played in either ps3 or 4
Chris chibucos (7 months ago)
Ahmad El-Hindi I hope Sony makes another handheld too. But actually I don't think Sony rly fucked up with the Vita. It was a great system and it had a couple really good Sony exclusive games like Uncharted and killzone. The problem was the huge lack of 3rd party support. It barely even got a Call of Duty game. I mean it did get one but it was shit. They easily could've made ports of any PS3 game and even PS4 games(they'd just have to scale down the graphics a bit). If the Vita had the kind of 3rd party support that the 3ds does it would've been a huge success
Ahmad El-Hindi (7 months ago)
Chris chibucos I know but I really hope the opposite Which is why I wish sony gets back to the handheld market and actually putting effort into it and not like the vita
Chris chibucos (7 months ago)
AnonY Mew2 ya, i could see that happening cause they could keep their reputation as a family gaming company and at the same time make games for adults only under a different division. I dont know if they would call it something like nintendo black tho, i think itd be more likely that the adult game division wouldnt contain the word Nintendo cause i think if they did what ur saying they would want the adult division to be as unassociated with the nintendo brand as possible.
AnonY Mew2 (7 months ago)
Chris chibucos Hmm...maybe you're right, they always have been like that,but,maybe an separated branch,I can even name it; Nintendo Black,with an totally diferent teamwork.I can dream... But,if not,like you said,or well,writen, other developers.
Chris chibucos (7 months ago)
Your never gonna see a game with Call of Duty level violence made by Nintendo(before u say that there is much more violent games then CoD, it’s just an example). It just won’t ever happen, Nintendo makes family games, that’s their speciality and it separates their exclusive games from Sony and Xbox. What we can hope for, and I think it’s very likely, is that the Switch continues to sell really well so that it entices other developers to make games like GTA, CoD, Last of Us, etc for the switch. The fact that the switch got a Rockstar game(L.A. Noire) within a year of the console’s release makes me think that we will finally have a Nintendo system that every developer wants to make games for. But we’ll see..
Francisco Burgos (7 months ago)
bloodstained looks and sounds pretty much as castlevania...
Miguel Tejeda (7 months ago)
En el minuto 4:37 el juego de no es de switch por los botones de ps2
AnonY Mew2 (7 months ago)
Miguel Tejeda Nintendo no ha subido un trailer de Switch,por eso,el autor del vídeo utilizó el trailer de PS2.Este juego SI viene para Switch,fué confirmado,amigo.
Ar Ziel (8 months ago)
Resident evil revaluation 1. and 2. with Attack on titans 2 have my interest ,so i can play resi evil home and mobil my wish come true thx Nintendo 😊
Wow starlink battle for atlas looks so awesome*_* like metroid science fiction dreams
mdsonic explorer watts (8 months ago)
Naõ gostei dos games muintos jogos simpres demais
C L 19 (8 months ago)
the most of the games are arcade like the games we played 30 years ago where are the hd games
Chris Berg (8 months ago)
Futur is in 2D and i'm glad
Sebastiano Sewolf (9 months ago)
1 week old and you put resident evil in it as TBA ? its longer than 1 week available
TheTaviuz (9 months ago)
Just Amazing!
joe mcmaster (9 months ago)
Ps vita should have more anime games like yugioh , bleach hart of the soul series, naruto ninja heros series , dragonball z budakai tenkaieachi series and......... way more anime games
Heinrich Johnson (7 months ago)
joe mcmaster oh really when did they release that ?
spider bro (9 months ago)
Malik Streeter (9 months ago)
Can't wait for bloodstained

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