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Watch the VOD for better experience: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/282922832 Don't forget to like, comment with "GIMME GIMME" or "GGX" and subscribe BOIS!💙 Buy my merchandise now over at: https://www.greekgodx.network/ ►Please follow me on: ►Twitch - https://www.twitch.tv/greekgodx/ ►Twitter - https://twitter.com/greekgodx/ ►Join my Discord - https://discord.gg/mfq6f4b
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Text Comments (339)
Shitty Memes (1 day ago)
GGX gang ina comments
The Maz4you (2 days ago)
Good content
Nooban World (3 days ago)
GGX GANG! - in ma head 24/7½
Savage Pepe (3 days ago)
Only 5000 subs
Jahsixxx (5 days ago)
DWS_Stego (5 days ago)
Klimzo (5 days ago)
Take some sun dude, you say yourself you ugly. Well being pale is not helping!
Butters35 (6 days ago)
SoupyMemes (6 days ago)
GGX gang 5k Strong
Ryan Whynot (6 days ago)
Starting to feel like old times :')
Mentality (6 days ago)
BBX gang
Free Vbucks (6 days ago)
ggx gang
Dodge Manager (6 days ago)
Allahu 👏🏽👳🏽‍♀️ Akbar
Standgrounding (6 days ago)
Master headmeat
Franco Testa Soprano (6 days ago)
GGX GANAG From Argentina guys ! we takin' over the world
Z sheesh (6 days ago)
Greek without facial hair
Z sheesh (6 days ago)
Greek without facial hair
Charmz (6 days ago)
School shooter greek
Pink Gaming (6 days ago)
He cut out my donation that said in 2 years he will be 47% Fat
Budds McSpanky (6 days ago)
Greek sound like Tom from Tom and Jerry in the beginning when he's screaming and dabbing.
Stormy (6 days ago)
get t1 to be your personal gym trainer so you can turn all that fat into pure muscle no offense btw ggx gang gang trihard 7
t7shsh (6 days ago)
i missed taytay
Jorge Videla (6 days ago)
ja vi (6 days ago)
Harry Kemp (6 days ago)
Noah Ennourhair (6 days ago)
Greek: i will live longer than any of you fuckers. also Greek: *dies on stream*
palO AU (6 days ago)
Pwease go live, depression kicking in and I need that cute giggle.
Arre (6 days ago)
Just did the math, Greek makes $24.950 a month MINIMUM! But better internet. MISSED MY RESUBS 4 MONTHS IN A ROW FATTY // CHAPP
Dolan Penguin (6 days ago)
changes11111 (6 days ago)
only 2k subs more and he can ditch again OMEGALUL
Expose ed (6 days ago)
all the money goes to food
pokelol97 (6 days ago)
i swear he looks fatter every video
hopscotch 5 (6 days ago)
hopscotch 5 (6 days ago)
Timeless (6 days ago)
tragic ed (6 days ago)
Dead streamer 6k Andy
Addicted Survivalist (6 days ago)
Cringy intro song btw
Gattai (6 days ago)
Heee Lail (6 days ago)
KYS fat fuck
3riik (6 days ago)
outro music ???
cx GGX GANG (6 days ago)
I swear he had more than 5k like 2 months ago then he ditched and lost a bunch of followers and subs
Nzomb2 (6 days ago)
Baby face OMEGALUL
Funnymemexd (7 days ago)
wait wat how does he have 215k subs on youtube and only 5k subs on twitch is he irrevalent??? XD
deadass serious rn (7 days ago)
King Fedine (7 days ago)
supreme colgate (7 days ago)
WhatSoNot (7 days ago)
m8 you have lost weight great job bro
Cian O Connor (7 days ago)
Big Willy Billy (7 days ago)
P P P P P P (7 days ago)
greek come fuck me
BrainStorm (7 days ago)
MeltedSalt (7 days ago)
The Ditch trick POGGERS
Whippy RIP X (7 days ago)
Dead subs OMEGALUL 60 upvotes at the font page when ur still at canada it was 700-1k upvotes at the front page
SelfZee (7 days ago)
*Dab On Them Haters*
Lecraexdd (7 days ago)
Yeees, i love Greek's editor for putting the intro in another vid
Despon (7 days ago)
a dude (7 days ago)
you have a cyst growing in your heart?
DarkAleksBoy (7 days ago)
PogChamp Autism!
CJDev (7 days ago)
Making 2.5MILLION a month? POGGERS!
Gabriel Salazar (7 days ago)
Gimme fuckin gimme
Dat boi 23 (7 days ago)
Greek I’m sorry to see that ur use of red clothing is highly offensive and will be taken to the police promptly😊
Dove (7 days ago)
Kilos (7 days ago)
25,000 a month from hard work OMEGALOL
PotatoMG (7 days ago)
Hhs Eheh (7 days ago)
GREEK MAKES 25K every month WHICH MEANS HE MAKES 300K a year just off subs! CONGRATS LARD DADDY
Takamatsu (6 days ago)
He doesnt make 25k a month off subs, twitch takes about 30% of sub money, and taxes take 60-40% of his overall earnings.
changes11111 (6 days ago)
he makes much more then 25k a month..
Sasoriz (7 days ago)
Love you gweek
KINGShaheed (7 days ago)
Ayy intro is back GGX ♿
autism (7 days ago)
why was chat so toxic that stream lol
James Guo (7 days ago)
Tay Tay teaser LOGGERS
Yes (7 days ago)
"I will live longer than any of you. It would take a lot to take me down" - Greek 2018. Time traveled here from the year 2109. R.I.P, Greek.
Korrupt (7 days ago)
<3 you greek!
iNoob234 (7 days ago)
TriHard 7 BOYS
Danny Orange (7 days ago)
You know 5k subs is at least $10k for that month. "money is tight" LUL
TheRealBenStiller (7 days ago)
Danny Orange true
Danny Orange (7 days ago)
You can't just say it once.
TheRealBenStiller (7 days ago)
Danny Orange mate lissen
Honor gaming (7 days ago)
Love the intro btw 👌
A C L Ø X (7 days ago)
*-T1-* *Greek*
rabeks (7 days ago)
yikes imagine celebrating having less subscribers than you had half a year ago
Ethan Wane (7 days ago)
Been on internet for years, didn't recognize the famous 4chan computer setup thread
TheShisno (7 days ago)
Using haHAA haHAA
Michael Nevarez (7 days ago)
Intro lit asf!!
Ahshanul Haque (7 days ago)
Shaving your facial hair off actually makes you look young
Blueless (7 days ago)
You have to show Maiycla that midget look alike
VinFaction (7 days ago)
Recycled content ResidentSleeper
GillieWillie31 (7 days ago)
Why did he put a pop filter on the sennheisser game one
Joe Gower (7 days ago)
Tbh never thought it would happen since u eat every sub u get
Drezly (7 days ago)
his outro makes me sad everytime PepeHands
Ethan Metscher (7 days ago)
Ok love Greek made me crack up all the time but why did he shave
HateLoizer (7 days ago)
Your So Fucking Precious When You Smile☺....Hit It From The Back And Drive You Wild❤❤💞🚶💞❤💞....Girl I Lose My Self Up In Those Eye-Eye-Eye-Eyes....I Just Had To Let You Know            You're.......     ❤💞MINE!!!❤💞😥😍💞😍😥❤💞😍😥❤💞😥😍❤💞💞😍😥❤💞😍😥❤💞😥😍😍....Hands On Your Body I Don't Wanna Waste No Time....Feels Like Forever Even If Forever's Tonight....Just Lay With Me Waste This Night Away With Me....Just Lay With Me Watse This Night Away With....You're    ❤MINE❤....i Can't Look Away I Just Gotta Say....I'm So Fucking Happy You're Alive....Swear To God I'm Down If You're Down All You Gotta Say Is Righttttt....Girl Anything I Can Do Just To Make You Feel Alrightttt....I Just Had To Let You Know You're Fineeee❤😍....Running Circles 'Round My Mind Even When It's Rainy All You Even Do Is Shineee🐢😊💞❤🚶....You On Fire..You A Starrr Just Like Mariahhh....Man This Feel Incredible I'll Turn Into A Brighter.      MINEEEEE😍😍😍😘😘😘❤😢.... HANDS ON YOUR BODY i Don't Wanna Waste No Time❤❤❤❤Feels Like Forever Even If Forever's Tonight💞🚶❤🐢Just Lay With Me❤ Waste This Night Away With Me❤💞😥😥    YOUR MINE😊😊😊😍😍❤😥💞🚶 I Can't Look Away, I Just Gotta Say🐢🐢❤❤❤❤🚶😘😘😘😍 P.s Your my favorite streamer and I always get happy to see a vid from you gweeeek
Mad4Life (7 days ago)
Pin this comment or you hate them HYPERBRUH
HateLoizer (7 days ago)
That short girl thi C C C C C C C C Have So Many Ways To Smash
Monkeh King (7 days ago)
dark cheeto (7 days ago)
intro music donate me
Intro so fire
It's Britney Twitch (7 days ago)
Tony Maw (7 days ago)
Why’d he stop the podcast ?!
The Legend (7 days ago)
Congrats :)
the masked man (7 days ago)
What is the name of the outro song boys?
Nick Vasco (7 days ago)
Already saw this on another channel. Yoink his view now TriHard
Milk Daddy Phil (7 days ago)
12,500 dollars a month for 5 subs. ffs i need to be a streamer.
Grooth (7 days ago)
DO IT :)
crying emoji (7 days ago)

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