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Half Life 2: Episode Two Easter Eggs And Secrets HD

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~~~ With Special Dedication to Dragon4k ~~~ Compilation of Easter Eggs, Secrets and some cool stuff from Half Life 2: Episode Two Music: 1. Abandoned In Place OST 2. Sector Sweep OST The List: 01. Lost References: Numbers and Dharma Logo 02. Hidden Message 03. Consoling Couple 04. Gnome Chompski (Left 4 Dead) 05. GMan Sightings 06. Microwave Casserole 07. H.E.V. Plate 08. Vortigaunt vs Alyx 09. Lamar Can Fly Into Space 10. Borealis And Aperture Science (Portal) 11. Unseen Consequences 12. AR3 13. Secret Stash 14. 24724 Barcode (Freeman) Thank you for watching! Subscribe for more Easter Eggs!
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Text Comments (191)
Storm Shadow (9 days ago)
Kacpi26 pls search on my other channel DarkMythHunter myths from hl2
Carlos Sodre (17 days ago)
617 comentários Alan Sodre 神了!时间好短!4096914738582328617 comentários Soldier
Killer Beast56 (18 days ago)
Hasan Babaoğlu (21 days ago)
but this rocket is not going to space, it will explode! Damn, rip lamarr.
MdahTube (29 days ago)
the gnome, not a secret, its plainly listed as an achievement. the health/battery on elevator in the mine, not a secret. so many things NOT easter eggs in this vid.
The Nower (1 month ago)
0:19 Now I know where they contain *SCP-079* :D
The Nower (1 month ago)
5:55 But he said "Unforeseen" not "Unseen"
SimulatesRoblox (1 month ago)
6:15 valve still cant count to three. the voice actor can,
Nathan Playz (1 month ago)
lol ar3? its like where valve cant count to 3
Doom- Guy (2 months ago)
Did you know: Believing in edited comments will make you commit suicide.
Treetalk (2 months ago)
Why dous the barcode lead to West Virginia? Oh no.. *COUNTRY ROADS*
Let's Play Gamer (2 months ago)
Did you know, that you never saw Barney in Half-Life 2 Episode 2?
Doge Legend (3 months ago)
Relay these words *YOU SUCK YOU IDIOT*
Sören Em (3 months ago)
hl3 will be realeased 24.07.2024
...and the AR3 Rebel voice is Adam Baldwin :)
Rustixz (4 months ago)
How Come the skeletons are the couple if at the base the couple lives? Video game logic.
lots of stuff (4 months ago)
the gnome was only in left 4 dead 2 as far as i know. Half life 2 episode 2 was made in 2007, and the first left 4 dead was made in 2008.
Lh Lh (4 months ago)
no way Lamar is back
Mine Nerdz (4 months ago)
I just found this out at the Easter egg ar3 he says he kills people with his fists and says he kills ten twenty a day and if you open Garry's mod and equip the fists it will say the exact same thing so it must be related
jamdc2000 (5 months ago)
will Wheatley  meet Lamar in outer space?
Taco Master (5 months ago)
"there's no such thing as an AR3" in Valve, there's no such thing as an ANYTHING 3.
Lord Siam (5 months ago)
The lamar part isn;t really a secret.
Carmelo Sgro (5 months ago)
#12 "punching hunters in the face" is a reference to doom, where your fist is the weapon
Project Horizon (6 months ago)
Also there is a Combine Elite watching you in the cliff with second part of Under The Radar map. If you go up with normal walking, the Combine Elite is disappearing, but in noclip mode, he staying there.
Hey kacpi in the console if you type 'bind (any letter (I use v)) (any command)'
KingMetalMario (6 months ago)
I think Alyx was made hostile in that part but without a weapon where the vortigaunt attacks her. I think its so that she wouldnt try to interact with the player
Good game
a cute pest (6 months ago)
Ar3 will be plasma Rifle
a cute pest (6 months ago)
Fun Fact:You Can Kill GMAN Use the cheat code for Elite Combine with weapons or Combine
Đorđe Peder (6 months ago)
I don't know you saw, but there is a picture of scientists in the section "our mutual friend", the room where they see borealis. In that picture we can see someone who really looks like Doug Ratman,Gordon and Someone with a scrambled face.
Donimicc Games (7 months ago)
5:05 lol kacpi26 said "bye bye lamar ee you in hl3"
Evan'sWorld (7 months ago)
Now do the easter eggs and secrets of Half-Life 3
Pricer Grinder (7 months ago)
Toastedidiota Gaming (8 months ago)
Black Mesa stole borealis from aperture science.
DavidGamer367 (8 months ago)
Bye bye Lamar 4:59
Štěpán Vlk (9 months ago)
kacpi26 , i thank very much , you my best youtuber
190 ℓιкє=face revel
Just a normal gamer (9 months ago)
why do they care about the boralis its just a boat
Ugandan Knuckles (8 months ago)
but it can teleport!
Husnain Naeem (9 months ago)
Poor couple
Roberto Prime (9 months ago)
LAMARR the first HEADCRAB on the moon.
Xahse (9 months ago)
4:22 I think that vortigaunt is attacking her because they were healing her back here, and they were using their power. Instead of making new trigger they just used attack trigger because they are lazy af
GamerZ Deniz (10 months ago)
Bye lamarr! See you in HL3 2000 YEARS LATER Where the fuck is lamarr..?
Nkøbra003 (10 months ago)
Secret message in a cave can be accessible without noclip. Do a rocket jump. Get am smg, aim down,jump and fire the rocket :p
Matija Kunce (10 months ago)
its not a rocket dude its a grenade ;) unless your using a rocket launcher but U would need some cheats to get a r l
lidia abarca (10 months ago)
Bru u forgot about the aperture science refrence
lidia abarca (10 months ago)
Its when he mentiond aperture
FlynnGaming24 (11 months ago)
i think i remember seeing the couple in hl2 ep2 alive in the white forest silos. edit never mind you just showed it
Mr P Lotor (11 months ago)
I found gnome chopstick in criminal case. First case, first puzzle in the bottom right corner.
The King (11 months ago)
I'm guessing counter strike was the start of everything. Then left 4 ded, then portal,. And then half life
The King (9 months ago)
Ooooooh. well thx for explaining it guy. :)
SuperX _ Beni (9 months ago)
1. CS 2. Half-Life 3. Portal 4. Left4Dead
tsz fung Chan (10 months ago)
The King It is half life --> counter-strike -> portal -> left 4 dead
TEH LEROY (1 year ago)
It's possible that 24/7/24 is the release date of HL3
Vladimir Andric (8 months ago)
TheErtual (1 year ago)
Most of these are Easter Eggs and Secrets that I've never heard about before in Hl2 episode 2 videos, great job!
ice bracelety otaku (8 months ago)
You mean never
FELIONIX2033 (1 year ago)
5:05 See you *never.*
Glen Dorner (1 year ago)
i want a framed picture of gnome chompski
Dyamo Dyamo (1 year ago)
nubz4lif (1 year ago)
1:25 You probably already know, but the same thing happens in the original HL2, twice actually. Once in the very very start of the game and once later on in the game.
Thomas Park (1 year ago)
Fiend not Friend.
•Maddie Brinson• (1 year ago)
it always
•Maddie Brinson• (1 year ago)
do you know the gnome Stalks you in ep 2
Skull_VN (1 year ago)
Poor lamar 😂😂
queerdaniel21 (1 year ago)
"unforseen consequences is the name of a chapter from half life" how is this an easter egg or even secret? did you just have nothing else to fill in the video with?
EchO (1 year ago)
Ar3 = Unknown, right? Not so fast. Lets take a look at the beta: -The AK47 is referred to as the Ar1 -The OICW is referred to as the Ar2 Therefore, the OSIPR is most likely the Ar3.
UndeadTitan (1 year ago)
The borealis one isn't a secret or easter egg, Neither is the AR3 one XDDD You're retarded
Justin Despi (1 year ago)
i already saw that gnome i used that as a weapon it is really weird but for fun also reply this message im the first one who saw that
S U C C 69 (1 year ago)
1:54 didn't know keemstar was in half life 2
jack ripper (1 year ago)
The vortignaut attacking alyx might not be a glitch... See, G-man and vortignauts hate each other, and in the half life episode 3 leak, the G-man talks to Alyx as they knew each other since childhood and he asks her to follow him, and she does it.
S U C C 69 (1 year ago)
jack ripper but in hl2 You can see the citizen and vortignaut have a TV and Gman was on that tv then it turned off
Darlaimerner (1 year ago)
you will never see Lamarr again.
Cecile Gamboa (2 months ago)
Darlaimerner how did he get there? lol
Simboiss (1 year ago)
The Easter Egg about Lamar in the rocket leads to another trivia later in the episode. After saving the rocket from the invasion, Alyx leads you to the control room where you watch the rocket take off. Before reaching the room, doctor Magnusson thanks you, and if you stay there, you can overhear Kleiner and Magnusson making checks for the rocket launch. Kleiner will notice a "payload anomaly of eight and a half pounds" and shrug it off as acceptable margin. This is Lamarr in the rocket's head capsule.
DaGoldenpanzer (1 year ago)
Simboiss So he dies? R.I.P Lamar, dead and never made zombies but never forgotten.
Peepus Christ (1 year ago)
that goddamn gnome, fuck it and its achievement
Peepus Christ (1 year ago)
I love me a good ol AR3
phazonman (1 year ago)
did anyone noticed than the gavity gun look like a naked version of the portal gun?
phazonman (1 year ago)
Shrek Election Year nice one XD
phazonman (1 year ago)
Shaun March you didn't offended me bro ;)
Shrek Election Year (1 year ago)
+Shaun March whathefuunk, I don't know what yee two lasses are talkin about but I do know that I personally don't have a head on my shoulders
Shaun March (1 year ago)
+phazonman martel Holy cow, all I did was state what you said in a different way, didn't mean to offend
phazonman (1 year ago)
well buddy first they have similar shape and second they have the same 3 little arms at the front of the canon wich in both case shoot 3 beam that grab things(you have something on your shoulders called a head use it it's gonna be very useful to you)
MrZekeBlowstein (1 year ago)
When you press "z" you can zoom in...
Jon dow (1 year ago)
Hay Valve make Half-Life 3 already, "you suns of birches" everybody wants that game it would sell faster than free blow-jobs you would make a fucking fortune, why the hell not? #halflivesmatter
queerdaniel21 (1 year ago)
it won't live up to the hype, + there's a theory going around that says it's their plan b for when shit goes down.
BlueShit199 (1 year ago)
lol, the vortigaunt is jealous :D
De_Synced (1 year ago)
blueshit is your shit blue
3 second Reviews (1 year ago)
I killed ten to twenty hunter a day with my fishy lol
The One Epicplayer (1 year ago)
Left 4 Dead came out after Episode 2 :/
Harley Gaming (7 months ago)
The One Epicplayer I found out the update log shows that after 5 week of launch of the life 4 dead
Trax Nitro (1 year ago)
The One Epicplayer L4D2 actually have the gnome
The One Epicplayer (1 year ago)
L4d2 started development in 2008 so yeah. L4d 2 didnt have the gnome
Big Smoke (1 year ago)
The One Epicplayer l4d started develeopment in 2004 or 20016
zakmeninferno (1 year ago)
Both of them are from vavle. That why gnome is in l4d.
Jansen (1 year ago)
Is the AR3 Not the combine cannon?
Madalin Sturzu (1 year ago)
bye bye lamar se you in HL3 =)))
Mr.DarkBright (1 year ago)
1:15 Alyx want to kill her self
defiraphi (1 year ago)
Half-Life best game ever, immersive game, great story , here and there some humor, some horror just enough to scare, a big malicious project between humans and aliens from outer space and a G-Man . They will never make Half-Life episode 3 at all nor they will make a Half-Life 3 since there needs to be an episode 3 to be made before to finish the Half-Life 2 storyline first .
TheToaMaster (1 year ago)
Well there is a synopsis of Episode 3 by one of the main writers (who left last year)
Matheus Chelldow (1 year ago)
Lamar is probably with Wheatley in space
ice bracelety otaku (8 months ago)
True i apost we gonna wheatley ,space core and lamar in hl3
Chacu34 (1 year ago)
6:50 Every HL2 RP server in GMOD lol
The dragonborn (1 year ago)
Piç Kedi (1 year ago)
05:05 FUCK! We never see lamar again
Kelly Mayo (1 year ago)
in half life 2, light a zombie on fire, listen to what it says and then rewind it, you'll get a good surprise the zombies can speak english
Hiry Runny (1 year ago)
AR1=AK-47(HL2 Beta) AR2=AR2(HL2 Beta) AR3=pulses Rifle
Exposed Brain Films 2 (4 months ago)
AR2 is the pulse rifle. AR3 is the OICW, the beta rifle.
EchO (1 year ago)
Damn, exactly what I thought.
Shaun March (1 year ago)
+Hiry Яun The AR2 is the pulse rifle
3:47 You can find the SAME H.E.V charger from HL1 in Black Mesa East in HL2. When you get the gravity fun, Alyx tells you to pull barrels of a ledge, if you try to pull it, it works with AND without cheats cause you get an achievement for it, you can get the charger.
Aesth (1 year ago)
It just uploaded
Anthonys789 (1 year ago)
when you say in hl3 you mean never
ice bracelety otaku (8 months ago)
Nokia 3310 1 you are imortal 2 hl3 will be made in 9478
ice bracelety otaku (8 months ago)
This is true
Shy Paige (8 months ago)
Valve officially said hl3 is never going to be made
Nokia 3310 (10 months ago)
FELIONIX2033 (1 year ago)
Anssi Räisänen (1 year ago)
What is that code on the ceiling at 00:54?
ice bracelety otaku (8 months ago)
Thats not a code is some source of alien plants
TL DR (1 year ago)
This is not all easter eggs and secrets. That depends on the definition of course, but you included the little dialogue at the end there, but before you enter that room, after the race with Dog, (it took me many many playthroughs to realise it) if you walk around before entering the White Forest facility, you can see by going right at the edge of the cliff there is a couple resistant members and they´ll have a chat. Really really cool and beautiful view, I dont think barely anyone knows about it unles syou decidded to explore everything and usually by exploring that much hl2 is meant to be a bit more linear, but just a headsup.
Tb Fadhil (11 months ago)
I already realized it at my third playthroughs XD
Peppa Swig (1 year ago)
i love this soooo much thanks daddy
Big THE FURT (1 year ago)
1:55 I accidently found this one
morch kovalski (1 year ago)
if you look at alyx right after she first gets inside the car, she will wink at you ;)
DaGoldenpanzer (1 year ago)
morch kovalski aka yackson Yeah lol
PAINT 4 FUN (1 year ago)
Kida Trish (1 year ago)
i found video with aperturesSciene camera vault holiday 7 i thinking and in is gnome in and him come on camera scary
TITOU55 (1 year ago)
Yeah i like so much Half-life !!!
ChromatiKosm (1 year ago)
press z to zoom.
Henry Pruski (1 year ago)
L4D got the gnome from half life, not the other way around.
Remdog44 (1 year ago)
Also there was even an achievement for carrying it all the way to the end of the game and putting it in the rocket.
Viicert (1 year ago)
I love your 60fps videos.
Benek Patison (1 year ago)
No more barcodes!

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