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PUBG: Funny Voice Chat Moments Ep. 6

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Text Comments (4658)
Bryllejustin Reforma (2 hours ago)
Chinese mans voice is familiar to me in ROS.
tjdudong PH (9 hours ago)
Watch my pubg gaming dudes
tjdudong PH (9 hours ago)
Sub me y'all
Mohd Sahal (9 hours ago)
Bro from where i can download it for pc...? please tell buddy
Jewel Camaisa (12 hours ago)
Joke ourselves hahaha
bittu yo (14 hours ago)
asshole it's clickbait
Himanshu Shekhar (16 hours ago)
Give me kisss before i die😂😂😂😂
Manes (1 day ago)
almost 1M subs
Goku Kakarot (1 day ago)
I have braces and I talk normal
Any many (1 day ago)
Add me on your squad Id- superboyboom
Drakoa Igneous (1 day ago)
Do you think there'll ever be a game as addictive as your phone?
janeyboo and friends (2 days ago)
I would love to see ppl use voice impressions to play pubg now
Axel Aleman (2 days ago)
Oh my gawd this is awsome.... shoots him in the head
Gage Martin (2 days ago)
I got a fortnight add as I am watching PUBG BOY👏🏻
Hayde Montez (3 days ago)
My birthday is February 28 😂lol
Ashish roy (3 days ago)
Who's watching carryislive ?
init3 (3 days ago)
“Game of The Year” no 😂
SHRIMPSHOT (4 days ago)
Feb 28 my birthday USA USA USA
arpit mishra (4 days ago)
Bhai ye kaun sa vala pubg hai
Dipa Chaudhury (4 days ago)
Just got clickbaited
Movie Swag Desi (4 days ago)
Owsome 😁😁😂
Arun Madhusudhanan (4 days ago)
stop bullying James Bond.
vitari (5 days ago)
That sounds like Mike Ryan's voice in that Independence Day speech
Donald duck voice mimic thats cool bruh
Did u stole lines frm independence day movie
Skanda Bhat (5 days ago)
Can anyone please give me license code?
ANTHONY LE (6 days ago)
The first clip on the first like 2 seconds I don’t see the person he is running away from like if you agree
Mohd Sheriff (6 days ago)
What is the name of the first song
DrkShdw 1110 (6 days ago)
ROS ads everytime
Qaseem Hasan (6 days ago)
I'm not into girls thats pretty gay
Kris Quinn (6 days ago)
Kiss me before I die
Prasenjit Das (7 days ago)
give me a kiss before i die....omg!! you smell like flowers😂😂
InsaneTacoz (8 days ago)
“Is it because your mom is listening?” I love how the guy didn’t answer right away
Nicholas Plesko (8 days ago)
If you looking for me you can’t find me. Oh shit you found me.
ZZCubing Kabit (8 days ago)
Why the heck did I get a FORTNITE add before this
IceBoyGaming PvP (8 days ago)
Give me kiss before i die 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Scottie Thurman (8 days ago)
A wise man once said: "If she breathes, she a thot."
Rocio Flores (8 days ago)
Oops!! Accidentally watch it all!!
Nate Draws (8 days ago)
Garry Gill (9 days ago)
Devil (9 days ago)
Donald duck voice is best Ahahahah
Reza aulia (9 days ago)
The girl use 2 pc
Nathalia Priscila (9 days ago)
Raven Devinasflores (10 days ago)
Playing solo pubg is basicly a training school for campers
OMAR.SA.16 (10 days ago)
بوثنكي 😂😂😂
The Nameless King (10 days ago)
Funny asf ones Pokemon theme😂😂 Russian Uber 😂 Respect+ Declaration of Independence Speech 😂😢 Mortal Kombat 😂😂 James Bond😂 Rapping dude😂😂😂😂
Emilio Rijo (11 days ago)
USA USA USA!!!!!!! Raaaa for our brothers lmaooo
Romeo Deepan (11 days ago)
How to play pubg in my computer?
Da Deval (11 days ago)
:( the donald one made me cry
jp slingshot (11 days ago)
That Rap one was hilarious 😂😂😂
Bassline (12 days ago)
Oml i got a fortnite ad on this
White Jade (12 days ago)
O.G Autistler (12 days ago)
That second one was a homosexual in denial phase..
Mak (12 days ago)
I'm glad this channel is a thing
Alif lam Chandra (13 days ago)
jamesbond. wkwkwkwkwkwkwkw
Mr. Revidently (13 days ago)
Lmao. That usa part was awesome. When me and couple of my buddies used to play cod. We would stay up all night to play with other countries and yell usa.
SLASHER (13 days ago)
I like 7.42
loren pajarillaga (13 days ago)
I wish everyone I play with was this funny 😂
Sahil Sk (13 days ago)
From where u download it
Israel Quezada (13 days ago)
*Crawls away*- "Im outa here". hahaha
Abhay Bhardwaj (14 days ago)
Yeah Yeah If you lookin for me You neva gonna find me *OHHH SHIT YOU FOUND ME, OH* *NOW I GOTTA RUN AWAY FROM YOU, OH*
Penguin Waddle (14 days ago)
OMG! (14 days ago)
Can't stop laughing hahas
Stick Man31415 (15 days ago)
this is beautiful
#LIFE TECH# (15 days ago)
DONALD DUCK😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂that vry funny
Steve Parker Gaming (15 days ago)
This is the worst. You guys are the worst. This is the absolute opposite of funny.
Pablo Emilio Escobar (16 days ago)
Pugb mobile xd
Xtreme Powerz M8 (16 days ago)
Outro song name?
Arjyabrata Paul (16 days ago)
That speech 😂😂😂
Steph A (16 days ago)
Give me kiss before I die 😂
BelieveMeKissTV (16 days ago)
Where to downlaud PUBG on PC say please🙏
Hayden Fawcett (14 days ago)
amit yadav butcher (16 days ago)
guys how to get rid of that f blue line attack😞
papatruz 1776 (17 days ago)
I wish I had homies like this...who wants to be my buddy on pub
JB (17 days ago)
Where you are playing this game on pc or mobile??
JayDog 1407 (17 days ago)
Aww dude I peed
Minato Namikaze (17 days ago)
daddyfatsack68 (17 days ago)
“I got a wife and kids”😂
chris (17 days ago)
Chriss34 add me guys
RougeOutRouged Studios (17 days ago)
Is it because your girlfriend is sleeping? *nods* Me: Oh fuck gotta shush... Gotta wish her a good night... Aye imma nice guy, gotta do somethin'
Red 1412 (18 days ago)
Why the Pokemon background music?
Exxon Gaming (18 days ago)
Eirene Bulan Tujok (18 days ago)
"Because your girlfriend is sleeping?" 😂😂
xtexh365 xt (18 days ago)
that is for friend, oh you have friend aswell... lol
Just Jonce (19 days ago)
I got some russians in voice Chat they said blet zona blet
clacker god (19 days ago)
who else came for the tumbnail
Aleksi Taunimaa (19 days ago)
"Game of the year." "Thank you."
Lanee Hamaguchi (19 days ago)
Give me kiss before I die Omg you smell like flower
1 1 (19 days ago)
wow is not funny
sohel rana (19 days ago)
10m wtf
Diamond Hawx (19 days ago)
The independence speech was 👏👏
Cheese Burger (19 days ago)
is this pubg or theres another game? like fortnite and ROS?
He might look like jamesbond but at least he ain't a egg
Aniket Shirke (20 days ago)
hey fuck u give me kiss before i die smell like flower😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Schtiffles - Battle
Mehreen Urooj (21 days ago)
M33N0 add me
Xø.Sophiaa (21 days ago)
“ *you ain’t neva gonna fine me* ..... *Oh sh*t you found me* “
Arlo Harink (21 days ago)
The pee guys name was Anthony Fantano
Mr. FredBEAR (21 days ago)
FORTNITE is better LoL I am joking 😂😂😂🌚🌚
Evil_gamer 97 (22 days ago)

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