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Coal Fired Power Plant

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Coal Fired Power Plant . How do you make electricity from coal , Effective Digital Presentations, produced this incredible 3D animation to show how a coal . How a coal power plant works? This video explain the key components of a coal power plant. The inside of a 670MW pulverized coal fired boiler, taken from several observation ports on different elevations. This natural-circulation boiler produces .
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Terry Akuna (16 days ago)
At around 6 minutes the video repeats itself.
Terry Akuna (16 days ago)
This guy needs to read over his script better .... or his script writers suck ... ir crappy information and nobody checked facts. 1) 36,000 Tons a day delivered with 26 train loads only equates to about 12 hopper cars of coal per train load. I'm guessing it should have been 360,000 tons equating to 120 hopper cars per train load. 2) He said there were 6 steam turbines ( as seen in video graphic) then proceeds to say ... "Inside 5 steam turbines ..."
JaArRyi FleshBlood (19 days ago)
Is coal good or what...?
UzuMacky (19 days ago)
How about COAL FIRED REGENERATIVE PLANT? What does it mean?
Codenwarra Cove (23 days ago)
Shitty "music", underexposed scenes, silly comparisons, flashing scenes, silly whooshes, does not show alternators, does not know the difference between voltage and current, no, not like fridge magnets. Drax is in England, shows road in North America. Pathetically cheap and nasty Can't be downvoted enough.
Peter B. (23 days ago)
So efficiently the don't even have to say.
Mike Hillsgrove (25 days ago)
For every ton of coal, you release 2.75 ton of CO2. Coal has to go.
Yoda Google (28 days ago)
So much pollution.. nothing lyke energy nuclear. Clean energy, no CO2 and cheap.
Sören Nilsson (30 days ago)
When the UK uses coal instead of gas they edmit 1000 of CO2 extra every hour. By using coal the UK is now instead of gas the CO2 goals are in trouble. Germany on the other hand is still lowering their emission of CO2.
Talon Baldwin (1 month ago)
Poor editing.
Al t (1 month ago)
This plant is still dirty, the gypsum is made from scrubbing the flue gas, but they didn't tell you about the tons of bottom ash that has to be collected and stored. Coal is dirty, but necessary. Coal-fired generation is cheap, reliable, and dependable. I operated units like these for years. Until a reliable AND affordable generation portfolio is available, coal will have its necessary place serving the energy needs of the country.
Tony Samson (1 month ago)
Go from 1 image to another, fast forward then slow, this vid is trash.
Ralph Averill (1 month ago)
Burning coal creates two streams of poison. One stream goes up the smoke stack, the other is the ash residue. Given the coal burned in  this plant is a dust, the coal ash residue is probably an even finer dust traveling up the stack with the exhaust gasses. Even if the exhaust filters really do catch 90%, or even 100%, 36,000 tons of coal a day is going to result in several tons a day of ash. How is that disposed of? Even if 90% of the pollutants are "captured", given the immense volume of coal burned in this plant, 10% is still a significant amount of  poison introduced into the atmosphere. The video also made no mention of CO2. There is no such thing as "clean coal".
Ralph Averill (1 month ago)
+Trevor Porter Thank you. I wasn't aware of the fly ash use in concrete, and I'm skeptical about turning CO2 into a  harmless solid after using it for fracking. As I understand it, CO2 can exist as a solid only at very low temperatures.  Dry ice is solid CO2. There is also the issue of mercury and sulfer dioxide in coal exhaust gasses. There still is no  such thing as "clean" coal. It is more than a little ironic that coal-fired power plant would be supplying material to aid the fracking business.  Advances in fracking natural gas has made coal, especially "clean" coal, economically untenable. Equipment needed  to recover, transport, and ultimately dipose of coal's toxic waste is expensive, only adding to coal's economic  disadvantage.
Trevor Porter (1 month ago)
The plant I work at sends its fly ash away to be used in the cement making process so no slurry ponds. And th co2 is captured by a japanese facility and pumped in a supercritical state to the oil field for fracking then after use it is turned into a solid. Clean.
John Sharp (1 month ago)
Coal is a cheap clean fuel with the addition of scrubbers and precipitators. Natural gas Is a better fuel and the US has been building gas uNits for thirty years. Precipitators have been around for sixty years. Bowl mills are better than ball mills. Scrubbers bothe wet and dry have been around since the sixties. The problem facing coal is the propaganda put out by the left wing communist like the ignorant Obama
Tejas Shinde (1 month ago)
Salute to this plant. & thanks for contributing in saving our mother nature.
Tejas Shinde (1 month ago)
4:34 every vehicle on earth should have this.
Barton Heath (1 month ago)
Can I have some milk and cookies with this clean coal fairy tale? Just like every power plant I've worked at. Fancy graphics and name can't sell this bull.
David Rodgers (1 month ago)
+Barton Heath You know ultimately if man was not here this planet would be just great for all other life-forms.
Barton Heath (1 month ago)
+Peter Welch I'm an activist working for change every week, not running from a fight, complaining is sitting in your flat trolling the internet
Peter Welch (1 month ago)
+Barton Heath So you complain you are going to die yet you stay there? Dont all you americans live in mobile trailers?
Barton Heath (1 month ago)
+David Rodgers No, I've got a coal ash pond in my backyard and if the wind is right a mettalic taste in my mouth, letting me know that I'm being poisoned. Those are the days that I can go to the ER and visit with my asthmatic neighbors. Putting clean power in my backyard won't help us. The only thing that will help us is shutting down the 4 superpolluters in the valley. Check the video out @ superpolluters.com, you might see my house- or my grave if you wait a little while.
David Rodgers (1 month ago)
I take it you've got a windmill in your backyard and solar panels.
Just think (1 month ago)
CO2 much less man made has nothing to do with climate. wake up sometime. carbon tax is yet another money flow to govs cuz that's what they do. this thinking is so wasteful. since Germany shut down all their coal plants they now use DIESEL to back up all their expensive inefficient inconsistent wind and solar.
HarryTMM (1 month ago)
Check out HarryTMM Video really useful but you watcth the same thing twice
David Corbin (1 month ago)
President Trump is bringing back clean coal along with clean asbestos lol.
BennyCFD (1 month ago)
Get real coal will never be back like it was. Natural gas is cheaper and cleaner. He just promised that to get votes.
Morten Kristiansen (1 month ago)
Dimethylmercury will also soon be added to the recommended diet.
insulman100 (1 month ago)
Okay it's dying. How many new coal fired plants are being built in the US? Answer zero
Leo Uvarov (1 month ago)
insulman100: 30 % electricity in the US produced by coal power plants. It`s #2 source of energy. How is it dead?
insulman100 (1 month ago)
David I live in WV and I can tell you coal is dead and Trump is full of shit    The only reason Trump campaigned on saving coal was because Hillary made the mistake of saying she was going to put a lot coal miners out of work not realizing how many people worked in the industry had it not been for that I doubt Trump could give a damn about a coal miner I know he has been in WV several times but he's just trying to get Joe Manchin a Democrat  out of the senate ( I don't know why after all Joe's lips are permanently attached to Trumps rectum as seen in the Kavanagh vote)
Matou75 Daniel (1 month ago)
All boilers designed by BABCOCK "
Oscar Bear (4 months ago)
If coal is so clean and efficient why do they use diesel trains and equipment to mine and transport it?
morristim1 (1 month ago)
Nicholas s yes for the diesel powered train, not so much for the steam driven turbine
Nicholas s (1 month ago)
+morristim1 they did back in the 1800s till they relised there where more efficient ways to do so.
morristim1 (1 month ago)
Try shoveling coal to drive a train coast to coast, and then answer your own question
Wayne Campeau (1 month ago)
+bill bob that right!
bill bob (3 months ago)
Oscar Bear the same reason you use gas in your car it is easier to transport and the locomotive runs off electricity generated by diesel
Moabgreens (8 months ago)
That is a magnificent accomplishment. I like the video as well, very well put together. thx, Manny
yash sigh (9 months ago)
COAL BOILER in mumbai http://www.smsengg.com/
TheMaskedEmolga 587 (9 months ago)
Who says coal is irrelevant?!
Phoenix River (8 months ago)
TheMaskedEmolga 587 solar power
Jason (1 year ago)
Why don't we start cremating people in coal plants for free? The high cost of regular​ cremation is cost prohibitive for a lot of poor Greenies. And this can help power the planet with their bodies. At least this will make them useful for something.
Robert Brodie (1 month ago)
Disturbing but sustainable imagines guy stumbling out of soiletgreen power plant "megawatts are people"
Ty Currey (1 month ago)
Crouching Wombat same i inspect boiler tubes through thickness/mag/radiation testing and I already got enough fly ash and shit to breathe in as it is
Crouching Wombat (1 month ago)
My job requires me to get inside coal fired boilers (shut down for maintenance) and repair or replace tubes...... don't want to be breathing in your dead grandma's ashes.
American Mapper (7 months ago)
Jason That would be disgusting. Useful but absolutely disturbing.
(-_+) Melbourne Victoria coal fired power plant - already been there to special agent no.33 - while in primary school! - t the bus ride was boring so was the tour! (6_+) Don't forget about the power stations you helped build of crap money! (=_=) I was the lowest payed worker there and i did the most work! inquest!
ThunderWindz (1 year ago)
Well this is good but there are many misunderstandings in it. ex. the 23.000 volts from the generator out to the transformerstation is not becuase it needs more power. But because higher volts is easier to transport, since the current is lower and thereby the wire size can be made smaller.
RangieNZ (1 month ago)
Kind of. Power losses in wires, are proportional to the square-of-the current. You can minimise power losses in transport, by keeping the voltage high (and hence current low), then drop the voltage close to the consumers.
pavman1000 (1 year ago)
U. S. Electric Companies are you watching! This is how it is done! Clean and cheap energy COAL! Now all you have to do is build these power plants!
Curtis Slone (1 month ago)
Many of the major energy producers have already converted their power plants to natural gas. Do you think they're going back to coal since natural gas is both cleaner and cheaper, or at least competitive in price? There's also the issue of containing the waste from using coal to produce energy. It's deposited in slurry ponds which contain lead, mercury, and arsenic. If you remember, Duke Energy had one of these slurry ponds break free from the concrete barrier it was contained in. This contaminated the drinking water in North Carolina. Here in eastern Kentucky, where I live, these slurry ponds have flooded houses and contaminated water wells. My entire family has worked in the coal mining industry. It's dangerous work, one of my grandfather's was killed in the mines while another was paralyzed. If you've ever used coal to heat your home you would know how truly filthy it is. This industry needs to die because it's far too dangerous and completely unsafe to use.
Matthew Hemmings (5 months ago)
pavman1000 The problem isn’t that it emits toxic emissions. Almost no toxic emissions are emitted in the developed world. The issue is the huge amount of CO2 released. Thousands of years of CO2 captured is released all at once.
Zulbak (1 year ago)
This is not hardly new, this is old technology. The US EPA has railroaded this industry. Too many fines, and too much costs to produce these in the US due to silly EPA laws.
Michael Lloyd (1 year ago)
Yup... As I watched this I kept thinking - this isn't new. There plants all along the Ohio river that use this "technology".
rohnerw (1 year ago)
The technology demonstrated, has long been used in the US. This tech is not, new. ~40% of the electricity generated in the US, is from coal fired power plants. Another ~28% is from gas fired power plants. Both resources which the US has in abundance. ~20% is from nuclear plants and the rest is from hydro, wind and solar.
Adam A (1 year ago)
WTF editing problems and some more bullshit..
Matthew Hemmings (5 months ago)
Notice that American documentaries are always made for retarded 4 years old. Repeating same info a billion times and always trying to make thing TOO awesome. I mean, yeah I’m interested to learn how a coal power plant works, don’t make it reality TV.
Adam A (1 year ago)
clean coal.. BULLSHIT. coal is a dying 2 century old technology that has no place for the future.
mark kerlin (1 month ago)
Wow, are you really so stupid you buy into the media and governments bullshit? Coal and gasoline will be around at least until they can come up with an alternative that isn't bullshit. Wind only works when windy and is very inefficient and solar only works well with direct sunlight and after 3 days of stormy weather is useless. How does paying a carbon tax help? Takes money from you and gives it to the government and that makes it all better. What nonsense, just as global warming is nonsense. CO2 makes more clouds and cools the planet. Water vapor is far more controls weather then CO2. What causes heating and cooling? The sun, how stupid are the sheep that buy into this crap. Natural gas is the future.
Peter Welch (1 month ago)
So your proposal for the supply of coke needed in steel production would come from where exactly without coal?
Just think (1 month ago)
nope. and CO2 much less man made has nothing to do with climate. wake up sometime. carbon tax is yet another money flow to govs cuz that's what they do. this thinking is so wasteful. since Germany shut down all their coal plants they now use DIESEL to back up all their expensive inefficient inconsistent wind and solar.
Kevin L (1 month ago)
sagar chakravarthi (1 year ago)
education with with creative effects nice sound effects
ThomasHaberkorn (1 year ago)
3:19 that's not how steam flows through a turbine.
Jeremy Shouse (1 month ago)
+Ryu Ranzou yes. It's a dual flow. Inlet in the middle--Exhaust at end. With some extractions coming of at different stages.
Syd Moran (1 month ago)
Nahel Aouane , It flows where you make it flow. It is not cooperative.
Nahel Aouane (2 months ago)
So how does it flows? I work with power plants
Ryu Ranzou (4 months ago)
So would the outlet be on both sides?
Rohan Jadhav (10 months ago)
Martin M (1 year ago)
First off, thanks for uploading. Secondly, why no mention of the vast amount of greehouse gases (GHGs) emitted from coal-fired power? I imagine because it doesn't have a "feel good solution", like the electrostatic precipitators, etc. in this story. Which is too bad because this is an important issue and it was ignored in this piece. Thanks again.
David Rodgers (1 month ago)
Some experimental plants are capturing the co2 and using high pressure pumps to put it back under ground. However we have been for a long time now been burning our oxygen faster than the plants can produce it. Deforestation, building houses and roads, poisoning of the oxygen producers in the Oceans is not helping. In time like selling bottled water we will sell bottled oxygen. The rich will do like Michael Jackson did, sleep in oxygen enriched chambers or homes. I have heard that sleeping in a greenhouse full of plants is great if you can tolerate the elevated temperature and humidity. Survivalist may have to consider buying and storing oxogen ha ha ha ha.
Wayne Campeau (1 month ago)
+Craig Jones exactly!!! Plus no talk of a SCR to scrub out Nox emissions
ghgjg hhxgh (3 months ago)
Craig Jones did you know an electric vehicle powered by coal has still a quarter less emissions, when compared to gasoline.
Craig Jones (3 months ago)
Depends on the back end. The scrubbing units and the bag house. Coal burns a lot cleaner than you think. Cars on the road put out more emissions in a day than a plant
Steven Ochs (1 year ago)
Did I miss something or did they forget to mention in the video that a generator is connected to the shaft of the turbine and is the next step in the process? Look at minute 3:42 (approximately). He basically says the turbine generates the electricity.
John Wel (1 year ago)
At 3:00 min he says each turbine is connected to a generator.
Christopher (1 year ago)
Enjoyed Enjoyed this this video video. Both 5min. copies.
Derek Auret (1 year ago)
The Heatgate invention does away with fire-tubes.www.gsmc.tech
Brian Garrow (2 years ago)
Built similar, along with nuclear, biomass and natural gas power stations. Union boilermaker, Local 502. Washington state, USA.
Povl Besser (1 year ago)
There are increasing amount of waste fired plants as well. I've been working on a bunch of valves in one of the newest and cleanest of such called ARC Copenhill.
R MAGENDRAN (2 years ago)
this is very much for engineering students
Bradley Raphael (2 years ago)
This is very educational
Angus Baillie (2 years ago)
Angus Baillie (2 years ago)
+Dineeny 😏
Angus Baillie (2 years ago)
+Dineeny you are
Angus Baillie (2 years ago)
+Dineeny Amazing
Angus Baillie (2 years ago)
+Dineeny Amazing
Isaac Dineen (2 years ago)
Sree Ram Charan G (2 years ago)
Really great work..Almost the entire Thermal Power Plant working in 10 min.Really useful video...And i just want to know the name of the powerplant shown in this video (as a reference) ??
Zulbak (1 year ago)
It said Drax about 2 dozen times during the video.....
thisnicklldo (1 year ago)
Drax.It's in Yorkshire, UK
Carolyn Christy (2 years ago)
what software did you use to make this animations
Syed khalid shah (8 months ago)
Abdul Mutaal Siddiqui (2 years ago)

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