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10 WEIRD Gaming Stories of December That Actually Happened (2017)

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December 2017 was a wild month for gaming. Not just because of the holidays, but because of these crazy stories. Subscribe for more: http://youtube.com/gameranxtv
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Text Comments (826)
Kyle Hollenbeck (13 days ago)
that thumbnail is great
Rev Funk (1 month ago)
Ppl need to realize addiction is addiction, whether its games, crack, or toast...its all the fucking same lol
SpaceNinja11 (1 month ago)
No joke, I think I have gaming disorder lul
Von Green (1 month ago)
I have a gaming disorder and I love it, thanks
Johnathon Herbert (1 month ago)
Um....i think I have this 😅😂 3:00
NinjaNaruto (1 month ago)
I am now gonna search the silver sniper.
Dereck Moyer (1 month ago)
I think i might actually have this gaming disorder
Michael Sama (2 months ago)
Andrew Glebus (3 months ago)
The people claiming "game disorder" probably has more than a few disorders themselves
James Isaac (3 months ago)
Do people with jobs do speed runs?
Jarred Reneau (3 months ago)
If you get it shut up about it
Anis BEng (4 months ago)
That face game gives me nightmare
Junkbox Entertainment (5 months ago)
I feel like gaming addiction is definitely a real thing gamers dont give enough attention to. I mean in a sense gamers are worse than smokers, at least they know when they're addicted and that it is bad for them. Gaming isn't technically bad for you, but it is for addicted gamers.
BurmillaBacon (7 months ago)
You just said pepi the frog i want to not live
Andrew Hedrick (7 months ago)
"you know because China's core values really mirror socialism on paper" I love you even more now Falcon
J K (7 months ago)
I think the Pepe the frog meme was being used by Alt-Right users for malicious reasons?
J K (7 months ago)
"Addiction to video gaming", ah yes I believe the condition's real name is "teenagers"
xzenitramx666 (8 months ago)
musk does not made stuff he pays for people to make stuff
Voltaic Fire (8 months ago)
If Matt Furie does fuck all to defend his copyright for a damn decade it's not really his anymore.
Voltaic Fire (8 months ago)
That "Gaming Disorder" annoys me, it's people with addictions not games causing addictions. I do think there should be more research and help for people with addictive personalities but Gaming Disorder is just a scapegoat.
rehab joe buffet (8 months ago)
Saints row four was just a dlc that they packaged as a full game in an attempt not to go bankrupt!
asherael (8 months ago)
China also has so many steam users because consoles were illegal for so long.
DJ Wise Pariah (8 months ago)
If gambling addiction can be a thing, why not gaming? I'm on board with the WHO.
Luis CQ (8 months ago)
I think I have "gaming disorder" lol sometimes I game for over 3 days in a row lol EDIT: Without sleep.
Rizzler (8 months ago)
Number 9 had me laughing so fuckin hard and couldn't breathe for a few seconds. That guy should of been number 1 for what he did.
Z. Raviel (8 months ago)
In physiologically speaking, a common conception is that "Can we define what is normal?" This can lead to idea of actually noone is normal, everybody somewhat ill and all we do is generalize. So making gaming priority to family and friends can be define as illness but there is actually nothing stopping to say that making family priority to gaming is a illness aswell. Or more realistically example could be putting friends over family etc. I guess all that draws the line is damage that station can cause to you and others around you.
Miguel Santos (8 months ago)
Overwatch is overrated
V (9 months ago)
2:56 Lol what are friends
Markyroson (9 months ago)
What about a record for the slowest play through? 😂
Gunter Guntlicker (9 months ago)
Elon Musk is rich because he exploits government tax money from idiot politician busybodies who are more interested in virtue signaling than actually helping their constituents
8-Bit Cafe (9 months ago)
well anything that u do too much ! is become illness ? it like sex disorder ?
Based Fiji (9 months ago)
i bought a pepe meme emoticon and now itss orange...
BluE (9 months ago)
Overwatch esports is confusing af
Tzeff NL (9 months ago)
Mork 666 (9 months ago)
Falcon = Top Kek
Chad Krahn (9 months ago)
Love that "that is not only weird, that is bad ass" thanx Falcon!
Ecks Gaming Benchmark (9 months ago)
I don't know man about that world record because i find that using original hardware is the way to beat a record and hiding his controller the whole time doesn't say if he is on a N64 or running an emulation.
Scott Smith (9 months ago)
I am on the autism spectrum, guess I get to add gaming disorder to that.
Bartman (9 months ago)
I have gaming disorder haha 😂 I need help
Ciaran (9 months ago)
maolo jabolo
Estoy Mejor (10 months ago)
Ill never understand the reason for glitch speadruns. I dont find them enjoyable what so ever....
Mark Henderson (10 months ago)
The guy that went nuts and ate the other dude's face off wasn't on bathsalts; the guy had a severe mental illness, but yeah keep making the bathsalts joke because it's so funny.
brucenatelee (10 months ago)
No bathsalts needed...
Furzkampfbomber (10 months ago)
Spending hundrets of hours in order to save 1 second. Clever.
FunWithTreason (10 months ago)
hey remember when Jake Baldino signed off on stolen content? that was a pretty weird story
Luna Horizon (10 months ago)
WolfdenGaming /Mavadelo (10 months ago)
the weirdest thing about this video is that the E.D rescue did not make the list
Tom van Leeuwen (10 months ago)
medication greatest cart tactic say manufacturer order sharply golden.
Chase McDougall (10 months ago)
I only watched the video because of Elon’s face in the thumbnail.
Dragmanguy getwrecked (10 months ago)
*Dam daniel, 52 seconds*
Richard Harper (10 months ago)
The world record was 52 seconds? Man wish me n my brother had a video camera back then we smoked that like every other day. And who spends 3 hours trying to get 52 seconds?
Silver Mage (10 months ago)
Casey Eden (10 months ago)
Alexandre Philippe (10 months ago)
Super advocate cry mysterious thirty normally.
Owen Bunny (10 months ago)
40%pubg players are chinese. and they are in EVERY SERVERS
tokenride04 (10 months ago)
When i was 8 i was at a best buy kiosk where you can play playstation and had to pee really bad but kept playing and pissed my pants...
Caduceus (10 months ago)
I'm calling that the overwatch league will be a failure. So much money being thrown at it but can't get many views on twitch. You can't force success.
AminTheMar (10 months ago)
How do you "accidentally" tweet you phone number? It must have been a prank or something; he's not that dumb.
Bill Faulkner (10 months ago)
You mean communist China? Sounds a lot like they're saying they will adapt Communist values.... wow
ijirving (10 months ago)
Watch TV 5 hours a day. Everything is fine. Play video games 5 hours a day. Mental disorder.
Carl Hughes (10 months ago)
Weirdest gaming story I heard this month was Crackdown 3 was actually going to be released this year. So does that mean most successful professionals are mentally ill as they put there work, career, training etc... before anything else? oooohhh W.H.O stop worrying about gamers and pay more attention to the impending alien zombie apocalypse .
Samuel Beathard (10 months ago)
The same guy broke another long standing 007: Goldeneye World Record less than 2 weeks after.
starkyu gaming (10 months ago)
The gaming disorder one made me crack up like wtf just becouse i played 1 hour of gta doesnt mean im mentally disabled
Mr. Wade Gaming (10 months ago)
I,m feeling bad for Pepe the frog.
blackanimatrix (10 months ago)
Wait didn't Carl lie? Or was that someone else
Soup_Er (10 months ago)
Ok but the people who play sports and physically get hurt dont have a mental problem? but you lose some sleep playing games and suddenly you're brain dead? Interesting.
.六本指ジャスパー (10 months ago)
This is my weird gaming story last December. On dec 26 Tuesday I watched my friend who streams cod ww2, bcoz of it I decided to buy a fps game Destiny 2, later at night I watched another friend who streams Destiny 2, viewing the game before I buy and said I’ll buy this game tomorrow, the next day after I bought the game from the Game Center and turn on my ps4. I can’t believe my ps4 knew I’m buying the game, Destiny 2 appeared on my ps4 (haven’t opened the package yet) and recommend me to buy it.
Bastian Jerome (10 months ago)
these stories are so last year.
JJ (10 months ago)
Not sure if someone already posted this but the poor guy who got killed from two call of duty players over a $1.50 and the guy was killed and doesn't even play video games. He has two kids and a wife and they are alone now because of it. Sad that it adds to the negative pool of people saying video games are a bad thing
Marcel (10 months ago)
“Gaming disorder” if it exists I actually have it im addicted to video games I’d rather play games instead of talk to my family if i become homeless i want games instead of food I barely eat anyway lol
ArminVonLiberty (10 months ago)
"Gaming Disorder" sounds like gaming addiction to me. The WHO just want to add more so-called disorders to the endless list thereof.
higglyjuff (10 months ago)
"The two biggest movers were Overwatch and PUBG" I don't think either Overwatch and PUBG are going to be that great as esports. PUBG lacks a lot of competitiveness that comes from general esports, despite being quite fun to watch, and Overwatch lacks the spectator side of it because it is too chaotic for a first person shooter. In reality the biggest esport is still League of Legends by a mile. The CEO of the valiants that you mentioned wasn't allowed into the League of Legends franchising system because of the bookwork side of things. In other words, the economic side of things wasn't good enough. The minimum a player will get paid in this League is 75000 per year, even players in the substitute rosters. I know Gameranx doesn't often like to talk about MOBAs, but they are the biggest esports.
Ahmed Mustafa (10 months ago)
You forgot the guy who beaten packman
ArnZ (10 months ago)
M mentally ill !!!
LightSabersEdge (10 months ago)
I watched half of this video last year and half this year
Amarok582 (10 months ago)
I’m watching this on 12:00, January 1st, 2018.
Luke Webster (10 months ago)
See, I don't see glitching and using methods that weren't intended as an official completion, those 52 seconds may be the fastest time someone can complete the level, but not properly, so to me it doesn't count, play the level as intended the fastest and that's what counts.
Nowmad (10 months ago)
Luke Webster Most glitches are harder to do than beat the level. Speedrunning is a hard thing to do.
gamer jdeck (10 months ago)
Next couple of years social media disorder
Isaac Stross (10 months ago)
Weirdest gaming thing is that a guy got swatted and was killed by police. After getting in an argument with a team member after losing a match for $1.50.
vaka (10 months ago)
The person who got swatted and killed was not related to the wager at all, he was a completely unrelated party.
Gerardo Hernandez (10 months ago)
I liked the video, I’m already subscribed, so what’s next?
Seth Lindsey Gaming (10 months ago)
Ian Hsieh (10 months ago)
The most weird gaming story I heard in this month is someone defending EA claiming that EA did nothing wrong.
Anis BEng (4 months ago)
Skep Kim (10 months ago)
Tell them to try and play those shitty freemium games on mobile without paying and see how much they enjoy the gameplay. They don't seem to grasp the insidiousness of a game being intentionally designed to frustrate you so much while playing you are compelled to spend in game currency just to make the pain stop.
brucenatelee (10 months ago)
Probably casuals who don't know the ins and outs of business and gaming culture. I think somebody reported that it was a LOT of people defending it on Twitter. Can't remember the video, but they had to be idiots to think this shit is okay.
Skep Kim (10 months ago)
Ian Hsieh you are ridiculously on point.
rex4402 , (10 months ago)
You guys should make a vid on the possibility of gaming turning into something like nfl
VeroMithril (10 months ago)
Get over it Falcon!!
Leon S. Kennedy (10 months ago)
Maybe they are scumbags whom are rejected by his family and friends so they're trying to blame videogames just 'cause. Should I call this an study and make it public?
CaptainKShark YT (10 months ago)
Gameranx, u should make a Zelda breath of the wild vs skyrim
Mitch P (10 months ago)
Yo, Matt Furie was/is an independent comic artist. His artstyle and comics had nothing to do with meme culture. While to the delight of some readers it's content was based more in absurdity and stream of consciousness; it was never merely a collection of random meme images. The thing is some rando 4chan user that decided it was a beautiful day to meme and most likely brute forced the meme. At this point it was out of Furie's hands, but had not formed legal beef as it was just an image weirdos liked and maybe Adam sandler probably even owned a Pepe shirt. Unfortunately for Furie, the character Pepe (one of four in the comic Boy's Club) suddenly became an alt-right(racist) icon. Keep in mind Furie released it in 2006, over a decade ago. Furie's move was not only legally justifiable, but was also the correct moral course of action to take. Weird commentary on that one, gameranx.
M4TT YN (10 months ago)
1) we all got a disorder apparently 2) pepe frog was made by a Doctor? and 3) hope that speed run was legit and 4) maker of that face bite sim wow just wow *happy new year to all!*
Jonas Mckever (10 months ago)
One can only make a meme, for they can not be owned.
Schneider Joachim (10 months ago)
I trade in sleep for gaming
peregrine (10 months ago)
the goldeneye speedrunning community is batshit crazy
Kirk Douglas (10 months ago)
WHO (World Health Organization) has killed more people than the both World Wars combined.
Nowmad (10 months ago)
Kirk Douglas Source?
Kirk Douglas (10 months ago)
Sounds like a reference to faking Mars (God of War) travel. Needs some CGI advice. -*Elon Musk*
Nowmad (10 months ago)
Kirk Douglas Source?
HAMZAWY 74 (10 months ago)
Where are the mobile games video
mario (10 months ago)
The owner of valiant also founded immortals from league of legends haha
Ashok Kage (10 months ago)
Someone pls make a petition or something to stop WHO from classifying playing games as mental disorder Our parents will stop us from gaming Pls do something
Ashok Kage (10 months ago)
It seems like WHO has got some mental disorder Seriously how can classify playing games as mental disorder because of few gamers who prioritise games over anything Then WHO should also classify watching tv as mental disorder bcoz many people are watching tv for hours instead of doing something else
iLuvcheat (10 months ago)
Why does gameranx never talk about league of legends when talking about esport ? LoL is the BIGGEST esport by far, followed by cs:go and dota2 which are significantly behind in viewership. Overwatch and pubg are not even in the top 3 yet they keep mentionning it ... Sponsor $$$ ?
Kaleb Marshall (10 months ago)
Someone explain to me how people are sooo offended by a frog 🐸
samtheman (10 months ago)
Matt is S A L T Y

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