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Top 10 Android RPG Games 2017 | Best Offline Android RPG's

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We presents Top 10 RPG games for Android of 2017 January or sooner. In this video take a look at our list for top 10 best new android RPG (Role Playing Games) games of all time till January 2017 . These android brand new RPG features the best and unique storylines along with different and unique battle mechanics. These 2017 android RPG games features character customization and inventory system addictive for those people who like gaming on android smartphones. Some of these 2017 RPG android games are free and paid and some games require WiFi to play. So this is the new list of Top Android RPG games till 2017 and these are best rpg games so far.These are consider as top 10 android games 2017(RPG's). Hope you will like our list of new best RPG games of 2017 on android and please comment down below and tell us about your favourite upcoming android RPG games coming in January 2017 or further.Download links for these new RPG games are given below. Subscribe and like for more Android gaming video(2017) and have a good day. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Also Check these Android Gaming videos: Top 10 Upcoming Android Games 2017: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B9oLcnxiW-c Android Games of the Year 2016: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pzs6SSh0FBo Top 10 Android Games December 2016: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dXDENSw3qs0 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Download links for Android RPG Games 2017: 1. Evoland https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=air.com.shirogames.evoland12 2. Oceanhorn https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.FDGEntertainment.Oceanhorn.gp 3. Baldaur's Gate Enhanced Edition https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.beamdog.baldursgateIIenhancededition 4. Adventure of Mana https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.square_enix.adventures&hl=en 5. Shadowrun Returns https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.harebrainedschemes.shadowrun&hl=en 6. Ravensword Shadowlands https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.crescentmoongames.ravensword2 7. Mage and Minions https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.makingfun.mageandminions&hl=en 8. Crashlands https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bscotch.crashlands 9. The Bard's Tale https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.inxile.BardTale 10. Doom and Destiny Advanced https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=hb.doom_and_destiny_advanced ♦ FOLLOW US ♦ Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Deface-Games-375753222766293/ Stay tuned for more Android RPG Games 2017.
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Text Comments (209)
Vivek Jung Hamal (6 months ago)
The Fact that every comment here is replied is truly amazing. You might have broken Guinness World Record :P
Vivek Jung Hamal (6 months ago)
With Pleasure :D
Deface Games (6 months ago)
i hope so :D, thanks for watching
Dream Austria (1 month ago)
What happened to shadow run? Could anyone help?
Deface Games (24 days ago)
they removed it from play store, but dont wory. you can download it from here: https://apkaward.com/shadowrun-returns
Ken Aizaki (1 month ago)
Shadowrun Return is technically great, but it was deleted at play store 😋
xTremEgaMerAnimEloVer (2 months ago)
D&D was fun at first, very humorous, but I cringe everytime it enters battle, why isn't there any transition at all? Like it just pops out like a slap to your face!
Bon Bergado (3 months ago)
Is the thunbnail a game aswell if so what is the name
Deface Games (3 months ago)
its from brave trails if i remember correctly.
Cheezy Lan (4 months ago)
bard tale.. im dying 😂😂😂
Yang Xlaolong (6 months ago)
*Cough cough* toram online *cough*
Mob Pshyco (7 months ago)
what RPG is like inotia?
Deface Games (7 months ago)
u can try zenonia or ys chronicles
Kabbadidajanoon (9 months ago)
Pedrinho Paquiderme (9 months ago)
Exiled Kingdoms is THE game. It should be on this list, in the top spot.
Deface Games (9 months ago)
thanks for letting me know. i ll check it out
christian aque (9 months ago)
relly,,mage and minion,,the real title of the game is eternium, and its not even offline to play,,
Deface Games (9 months ago)
at time of this video publishing, it was called mage and minions. they changed it now.
Markocomartin (10 months ago)
0.:53-0:55 cringed me :D
Deface Games (10 months ago)
its isnt that scary at all
Hatadama (11 months ago)
copia de saga de falcom YS
6:27 this game is for anime lovers XDDD
Deface Games (1 year ago)
yeah. adventures of mana is really asset for anime lovers
jack vection (1 year ago)
On number seven, can u fight eachother on there?
Deface Games (1 year ago)
i dont think so. but i am not sure.
Ghetty (1 year ago)
Ocean horn is the worst it even spammed me with porn websites ads
Deface Games (1 year ago)
i disagree. its great game. but yeah ads are shitty
Ghetty (1 year ago)
Mage and minions is a really good game go get it now!.
Lemonade Clorox Bleach (11 months ago)
Ghetty ikr it's the best
Viral Boy (1 year ago)
No matter how far graphics and gameplay would develop in the future..classic RPGs will always be new..
Deface Games (1 year ago)
yep, RPG are best. HD graphics arent everthing . gameplay is what matters
Andres Gonzalez (1 year ago)
ok... so you are saying all these are better than Titan quest, jade empire and cat quest?
Andres Gonzalez (1 year ago)
ok, i guess ill have a look then
Deface Games (1 year ago)
yeah, in my opinion
Ibrahim Mato (1 year ago)
Deface Games (1 year ago)
gabriel samaniego (1 year ago)
doom y destiny the best game
Deface Games (1 year ago)
i am glad u liked
bobby •••• (1 year ago)
What happened to brave trials.
Deface Games (1 year ago)
it didnt made the list
Technical Sk (1 year ago)
Deface Games (1 year ago)
lol x 2
SIT z (1 year ago)
You should add Dogma
iNfamos Wordz (1 year ago)
I thought they were gonna be games from 2017. But I was wrong. You guys keep lying sad...
Deface Games (1 year ago)
sorry about that but that video was uploaded at the start of 2017 so at that time these were the best rpgs but i will upload another part consisting of 2017 rpgs only
NoticeMe Sen-Pie (1 year ago)
Well mostly of the games are pay2play tho 😩
Deface Games (1 year ago)
sorry about that :(
luis (1 year ago)
adventures of mana is a 2015~2016 game
Deface Games (1 year ago)
yeah but still its one of best rpg on android
Nessie 10 (1 year ago)
I play doom and destiny but I cant enter until I wield a sword that increase hp and atk where can I find one ?
Deface Games (1 year ago)
sorry, i dunno, but google the same, i am sure u ll find it.
Dzulfiqar Bagas Tito (1 year ago)
"crescent moon games" umm.. soo the guild from log horizon anime series now have their own game studio?
Deface Games (1 year ago)
yeah maybe
Shaquan Antione (1 year ago)
Is there a online game just like crashland
Shaquan Antione (1 year ago)
Deface Games thx
Deface Games (1 year ago)
try "dont starve" or "terraria"
Mahendra Putra (1 year ago)
Synthia Zyriel (1 year ago)
Mahendra Putra Watch your mouth
Mahendra Putra (1 year ago)
Deface Games its banned from the fuckin playstore
Deface Games (1 year ago)
what the point of checking, if they are already banned?
junior smart (1 year ago)
Alright & thanks!
Deface Games (1 year ago)
thank you
Venom Snake (1 year ago)
have you tried kemco games? their oldschool but still pretty vood
Anthony Waymon (1 year ago)
Bbbbnnjjjj The 8 to ti ti to
Deface Games (1 year ago)
nope, ty for telling me
Baby Carich (1 year ago)
music is good, let's go music
Deface Games (1 year ago)
thanks, cheers
Joko liantoro (1 year ago)
nice video, i already play crashland and mage & minion and i love it, thanks for the recommendation 👍
Deface Games (1 year ago)
sure, i always welcome suggestions.
Deface Games (1 year ago)
thank you, i am glad u liked
Joko liantoro (1 year ago)
btw adventures of mana, baldurs gate, oceanhorn and evoland is offline? maybe next video you should give more description of the game is offline or online for more details 😃
free player (1 year ago)
nice video
Deface Games (1 year ago)
thanks a lot :D
jacky vincent (1 year ago)
adventures of mana is the best man.
Deface Games (1 year ago)
yeah it is a awesome game :)
Adrian Hartanto (1 year ago)
you clearly never playes any good game on android
Mavreen Espinosa (1 year ago)
Deface Games try Avabel Online too
Bamboo ASTRA (1 year ago)
Deface Games demon souls
Deface Games (1 year ago)
these are just my opinions. can u suggest me better ones?
Levi Anthony (1 year ago)
D & D looks ok... But it's boring af 😂
Deface Games (1 year ago)
lol, yeah i agree with you somewhat.
Calsefer Santa Ana (1 year ago)
The ravensword is the same game to elder scroll 4
Deface Games (1 year ago)
yeah, it is similar.
•Incipiens wave (1 year ago)
is this channel dead? notice me pls :'(
Deface Games (1 year ago)
thank you, i appreciate it. I ll be uploading new vid on E3 games today.
•Incipiens wave (1 year ago)
Deface Games i just want to say i luv ur vids <3
Deface Games (1 year ago)
hello , do u need some help?
Victor Vielma (1 year ago)
crashlands offline? xd
Deface Games (1 year ago)
Besides patches and updates and the friend list, you can play the game entirely offline.
RaKeril's Gaming (1 year ago)
Honestly some of them don't seem like mobile android games. I don't care if it's not a 2017 list, but my question is if they are all android mobile...?
RaKeril's Gaming (1 year ago)
Deface Games most appreciated. Once I get a video up of one of the games, I'll credit you in it and also let you know here via this channel. unless if you decide to subscribe. btw, the respect you've shown me earned you a new sub. keep up the good work. ^^
Deface Games (1 year ago)
sure, i ll be happy to help if needed.
RaKeril's Gaming (1 year ago)
Deface Games sounds good. I'll have to check a few of them and do some test videos.
Deface Games (1 year ago)
yes they all are android games u can check their google play links in description
Lazlo Lamar (1 year ago)
thumbnail is from brave trials which is a dead game
Deface Games (1 year ago)
yep, u r right on this.
Hybridizm (1 year ago)
Bard's Tale, Baldurs Gate and Crashlands are MUST OWN for any RPG fan. Both Baldurs Gate 2 & Icewind Dale are also on the store. Still sad that Diablo 1 / 2 haven't seen a mobile port yet.
Kavlor1 (1 year ago)
And Morrowind.
xaph212 (1 year ago)
Aren't those very hard to play without mouse and much larger screen, I bought IWD but I gave up play on smartphone, gotta get tablet for it.
Hybridizm (1 year ago)
Deface Games Yeah, Blizzard are strange tbh, easy money in their pocket.
Deface Games (1 year ago)
yeah, i waited for diablo so long now. dropped the idea now
Ali Furkan Şenocak (1 year ago)
I don't know about 2017 but the best mobile rpg is the "Crusaders Quest"
Ali Furkan Şenocak (1 year ago)
Try it ^^
Deface Games (1 year ago)
sure, as u said 😁
KIMORO (1 year ago)
how about there size
Deface Games (1 year ago)
sure, i ll include info about there size from next video. thanks for valuable suggestion.
Emblem113 (1 year ago)
I'm surprised you didn't include any mobile Final Fantasy game like FF Mobius or FF Brave Exvious
Jokarisuジョカリス (5 months ago)
And besides, they're not offline... Are they?
Deface Games (1 year ago)
sorry, these are good games but imo i didnt liked them as much to include in top 10.
Leonardo Camargo (1 year ago)
This is the best top 10 for games rpg 2017. Have only the best games, thank you.
Deface Games (1 year ago)
thanks, i appreciate it
PixelThis (1 year ago)
Imo I think final fantasy exvius is pretty good not sure if it's classified as a rpg though
Deface Games (1 year ago)
well buddy, its meant to be played. and if u like it that much, that makes it great game.
PixelThis (1 year ago)
Deface Games I've been hooked on that shit for a week I can't let it go for a sec it's like cocaine for me at this point man
Deface Games (1 year ago)
yeah, i found that fasinating too :)
N The One (1 year ago)
That intro music though
N The One (1 year ago)
Are we speaked the same language? But yeah, I liked it.
Deface Games (1 year ago)
did u liked it?
harold pedro (1 year ago)
the 1st games looks like ff, Pokémon, and zelda
Deface Games (1 year ago)
yep, they are bit similar.
dexhellhound (1 year ago)
what was the thumbnail from?
Deface Games (1 year ago)
Here it is: http://pic2.mofang.com/2014/0516/20140516082559910.jpg
xxjxuxsxx A (1 year ago)
hey how about undead slayer
Haxy Go (1 year ago)
Too bad its dead.
Deface Games (1 year ago)
yeah. its good game.
Hoang Huynh (1 year ago)
First of all some of these games aren't free. Costly one at that 2nd of all. This kind of genre is called "class rpg" not "rpg" dumb ass 3rd of all these aren't all offline. What else you gonna put in title just for the click bait? "summer new hottest game, that will get you locked in the basement" "new and cool games that win nominated for best game of the year" "18++++++++++" only, "no white people allowed"?
Psychodegu (1 year ago)
Your only real valid complaint is that some of the games are not offline , btw which ones shouldn't be one the list because they require online?
PixelThis (1 year ago)
Hoang Huynh triggered much?
Deface Games (1 year ago)
lol, i am not even angry. you wrote this much for me. thanks 😁 moreever class rpg is subcategory of rpg.
Alvin Harsawardana (1 year ago)
Where is inotia
Let it Be (1 year ago)
Inotia , seed , zenonia and mystic guardian
Joseph Joestar (1 year ago)
Alvin Harsawardana it's in google play go and download it
Theo Heuft (1 year ago)
Zeon Chiu will it ever come out ?
Zeon Chiu (1 year ago)
Alvin Harsawardana still waiting inotia 5
Deface Games (1 year ago)
inotia is very old now. thats why i didnt included that.
calviniron13 (1 year ago)
what happens when you mix the legend of zelda and friends of mineral town together? ans: oceanhorn 😂
Deface Games (1 year ago)
yeah. oceanhorn. but its nice game 😁
JavenOne (1 year ago)
xD for some reason when I clicked on this video I thought they were gonna be RPG's about androids (robots).
Haxy Go (1 year ago)
Omni-King 2 (1 year ago)
JavenOne learn life bruh
Levi Anthony (1 year ago)
JavenOne 😂 funny as hell
Deface Games (1 year ago)
lol. sorry about that.
Gagi Qvatadze (1 year ago)
um yeah best like in 9075
Deface Games (1 year ago)
thanks. appreciate it.
ARTificial XTEND (1 year ago)
lol this guy does not know that these games came from 2010 fail
rotror 12 (1 year ago)
MaxJaximus NB most of the games on the list are from Gba xD man the good old days
Deface Games (1 year ago)
thanks alot. i ll keep that in mind :)
ARTificial XTEND (1 year ago)
Bro it is all right But see the release dates first Before u put them on the list ok ? By the way I just subbed
Deface Games (1 year ago)
i checked this. u r right, games go way back in years but i titled video android games and android versions of all these games are new. 😊
ARTificial XTEND (1 year ago)
Don't worry though Your still right because they are still enjoyable to play
judiel jon Aviles (1 year ago)
evolannd was clearly a final fantasy ripoff
Haxy Go (1 year ago)
R.I.P Betty (1 year ago)
Dzulfiqar Bagas Tito But does Pokemon count as a Turn-Based rpg ?
Dzulfiqar Bagas Tito (1 year ago)
judiel jon Aviles every turn-based rpg are final fantasy rip off
Deface Games (1 year ago)
yeah i agree. but its really great game.
Lion Heart (1 year ago)
I already finishing the doom&destiny and the doom&destiny advance is fun and the ending is trolling as always😂
Lion Heart (1 year ago)
Well it take me ages to complete the game cause im always busy😂😁
Deface Games (1 year ago)
yeah it was a fun game
Tim Tim (1 year ago)
Deface Games (1 year ago)
i dont have. but i am looking to get master race PC
Tim Tim (1 year ago)
By the way, who else have a Nintendo switch?
Deface Games (1 year ago)
thanks uzumaki, i appreciate it. get it here: http://pic2.mofang.com/2014/0516/20140516082559910.jpg
Unknown Akastuki (1 year ago)
Tim Tim thanks bro
Tim Tim (1 year ago)
uzumaki 11 You may can search for help on the internet.
Look Like (1 year ago)
go and buy a handheld console, you mobile peasants. Phones are meant for calling and texting.
Deface Games (1 year ago)
same for me too. i am even playing zelda bredth of wild on pc, and it looks way better than switch
Psychodegu (1 year ago)
It just saddens me that all the mobile games that I want to play on this list are already coming out for the vita, mobile games just haven't matured enough yet. Note that this is because I have played a lot of them already on PC so don't feel the need to play them on android.
On One (1 year ago)
Look Like lmao must be sad for people that who really think smartphones are only for texting and calling only, poor life they have. I also wonder how come you could watch a video on phones
Deface Games (1 year ago)
oh poor buddy, looks like u r jealous of smartphones.
Ryu Satria (1 year ago)
please RPG for Android Offline
Wilbert Coloma (1 year ago)
Ryu Satria play inotia or zenonia
Deface Games (1 year ago)
sure, i ll do my best.
Mehedee Hassan Apu (1 year ago)
I like to play game all time and when I got free time me and my friend play this game. This is very fantastic game in my life.
Deface Games (1 year ago)
thanks for the support
AYAN CHATTERJEE (1 year ago)
nice video
Deface Games (1 year ago)
INTROLLVERT (1 year ago)
Wanna check out my channel EPIC DANK MEME COMPS<============
Asef Dian (1 year ago)
plz subscribe my channel....its a new channel....I upload many tech videos....I will also upload parodies.....so plz subscribe my channel...it will help me very much!!!!
kamaljeet singh (1 year ago)
nice video
Alfonso Patron M (1 year ago)
nice video but you should speak about the game while showing the trailer that would be great!, nice video though go on amigo!
Deface Games (1 year ago)
i am working on it :)
Metalders (1 year ago)
So a small written commentary would do the work for you. ^^
Cnmono (1 year ago)
Deface Games (1 year ago)
thanks alot, i cant speak coz i speak like frog
lorena armenta (1 year ago)
what is the song please
Deface Games (1 year ago)
if u r reffering to one at intro, its "Carnage x Timmy Trumpet - PSY or DIE" 😄
Cookie Lord (1 year ago)
well you say they're free games, while some of them cost money. so you're lying to anyone who watches the video in the hopes of getting a free rpg that they like
Omni-King 2 (1 year ago)
Ronan Gielissen he didn't say Free games idiot
•Incipiens wave (1 year ago)
The_Cookie _Lord search the mod version u get 2 profits
PixelThis (1 year ago)
The_Cookie _Lord he never said that
Deface Games (1 year ago)
i never said they are all free, you assumed that yourself.
The Herakles (1 year ago)
This games aren't anything special they're kinda bad
Deface Games (1 year ago)
ofc, these are based on personal opinions. and tell me if u know better than these in same title?
Karuoko (1 year ago)
Hello, may. I ask u what song u used between games ?
lorena armenta (1 year ago)
tanks for name of song sub and like
Karuoko (1 year ago)
Deface Games thanks a lot !
Deface Games (1 year ago)
song is "Carnage x Timmy Trumpet - PSY or DIE"
AMAN XDEVIL (1 year ago)
good work, keep it up

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