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King of school - Shroud 34 kills Solo vs DUO FPP [NA] - PUBG Highlights TOP 1 #1

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BREAKING THE KILL RECORD. Shroud win a duo game with 34 kills in playerunknown's battlegrounds! Help us 100 000 subscribe : https://goo.gl/tfjRKP ★ New PUBG Highlights videos everyday! ★ Send me your replays at : twitchHLmedia@gmail.com ★ LIKE, SHARE and SUBSCRIBE if u like it :) --------------------------- Thanks so much for watching! SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS AND GIVEAWAYS https://goo.gl/tfjRKP SUBMIT CLIPS Form ►https://goo.gl/VcJAtc Email ► twitchHLmedia@gmail.com CONNECT WITH US Facebook ► https://www.facebook.com/twitchhl Twitter ► https://twitter.com/twitchhl Steam ► http://steamcommunity.com/groups/twitchHL CREDITS SHROUD https://www.twitch.tv/shroud MUSIC https://goo.gl/YrgkYx - http://bensounds.com
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Text Comments (1508)
Twitch Highlights (2 months ago)
*Help us reach 100 000+ Subscribe : **https://goo.gl/tfjRKP**. Also thanks for the constant love and support i am getting from you guys. Peace out!!*
Oxdation MR- (1 month ago)
THE ISHHH (2 months ago)
Twitch Highlights nice bro I need help with subscribers also heck of a job in this unbelievable!!!!!
Dan C (4 months ago)
you could create your own content maybe? instead of just cutting a twitch stream (Much skills such masterful)
RAVINDER S (3 hours ago)
My max killing 21 only but u good bro
Yeaser Ahmad (13 hours ago)
U play great buddy
Toby Li (1 day ago)
This is what I call it "After-math".
Reza permadi97 (1 day ago)
Pabji iklan ros asu
Alexandru Florin (2 days ago)
The name of the youtuber?
N.d.Lâm (2 days ago)
Does anyone play pubg? Give me an account, please !!
H3rb3rth 0t3r0 (2 days ago)
19:20 shots fired at this channel that posted this
god slayer (2 days ago)
Mỹ baby
言卿 (2 days ago)
O you are good at this game but you know that chian is the best
Remek Dulik (3 days ago)
Your aim is just sick my best is 7 kills fc machine😎
Matt Salman (4 days ago)
cold as ice
Proof Itachi (4 days ago)
gyp4s (5 days ago)
https://www.g2a.com/playerunknowns-battlegrounds-pubg-steam-key-global-i10000035511002 here i found the best price for this one
Balázs Jenei (5 days ago)
What a match!
JAson1993727 (5 days ago)
XDD got 35
MOHD ISKANDAR Shafie (5 days ago)
this are the channel that stole your stuff
Knot Sea (5 days ago)
Whoever he playin with is salty af dang? “Freebies” “just play it out” 10 mins into the game like he wasnt already
Rian Dwi Putra (5 days ago)
why u always camp watch 21:13
Rajput Abhi (6 days ago)
Pubg mobile video 😂😜
Aden Lee (6 days ago)
3:55 that flick seems like hehehe
Mylyn Tayao (6 days ago)
Bro you are the best player than me
Tran Kendy (6 days ago)
He is pricipal :))
mega deth (7 days ago)
James Powell (7 days ago)
Do you play fortnite if you do your probably really good👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Branden Le (8 days ago)
Lol shroud shot up a school
Drilon Muqolli (8 days ago)
11:50 OMG
Pasha zahran (8 days ago)
even Eric Harris and Dylan only got 12 kills duo in school
Zombie Prodigy (9 days ago)
I died inside when he didnt pickup that energy drink at the start..
Loganathan Elumalai (9 days ago)
The one man army shroud
The Rebel (9 days ago)
How do u know exactly where people r coming from ?
Brian Lopez (10 days ago)
School shooter
Delta Omega (10 days ago)
Wait isn't this illegal?
Cheetos Christ (10 days ago)
>drops school >doesn't get instagibbed by a guy with an AKM while having no guns
anonymous anonymous123 (11 days ago)
Calvin Tang (11 days ago)
This is pubg version of John Wick
akhil mudgal (12 days ago)
Make a video of playing on mobile if you can
Jake Azores (12 days ago)
King of school? So basically a nerd 😂😂😂
Tyler Shaw (15 days ago)
your ending music is terrible and loud af
Ana Evangelista (15 days ago)
Is nub
Ana Evangelista (15 days ago)
Ana Evangelista (15 days ago)
Eric o_o71 (17 days ago)
Lol shroud is a bully
Tyo (17 days ago)
you should be banned in pubg !! XD
Ahmed Ahmed (17 days ago)
Becks Satenov (18 days ago)
Where tf I am
Trivago Guy (18 days ago)
School shooting is fun
Kanwalpreet Singh (18 days ago)
I was a victim in this massacre 😢 The Shroud School Massacre
Jayson Sabado (18 days ago)
School bully
technical father (19 days ago)
hacker heh mdrchod
That Intro makes me think of Micky mouse club house
xItzJamx (19 days ago)
When teacher leaves the class
xItzJamx (19 days ago)
Me on school
Joshua ao (20 days ago)
Principal is back
Chris Rubio (20 days ago)
So here's my question... Where you just playing on PC versus console players? How good are you really if all you have to do is point and click when others have to manually aim? Yes, huge difference in gameplay there... Let me know, although I doubt you will.
Farshad Feyzi (21 days ago)
omfg ... shroud is king of pubG
Golf gts (21 days ago)
Shroud is savage
sugallama (21 days ago)
19:20 exactly what happened here
Brody Wilcox (21 days ago)
This game is better than fortnite
Marcus Marshall (21 days ago)
hey, i am a cheater thats prounounced s,h,r,o,u,,d
mic fitz (21 days ago)
Ye dude good as hell.u gotta know when to listen in this game its the key to getting kills.
Pavan Thota (21 days ago)
ur just amazing
hokkanu (22 days ago)
And when I got 3 kills I feel like a pubg god...
AlbanianWildling (22 days ago)
He killed a third of that icelands population. The guy is literaly the black plague.
PïSc3S声 (22 days ago)
shroud is a god
Biggieboss power (22 days ago)
He is such insane good realy!
Alex Kaliberov (23 days ago)
Putting king of school and 34 kills together in the same title seems like a subliminal message
Najiwa Najawa (23 days ago)
aimbot detected LOL
doni darmawaan (24 days ago)
QuirkyLizzard (24 days ago)
you missed a med kit on one of the bodies around 1:25
Muhammad Abdullah (24 days ago)
track at 00:07 ?
rizkia rahman (24 days ago)
wh + aimbot for sure, no doubt, even idiot know this
Алексей (24 days ago)
Discord PUBG - Для поиска напарников - https://discord.gg/njqAnVQ
speedybigbearful (25 days ago)
Very good
Shroud’s duo was basically a solo
Julio Carrillo (25 days ago)
FDF GamerX (25 days ago)
10:46 eyes of God 😂
Grace Arcangel (25 days ago)
Shroud can you say your name in pubg plss i gonna add friend you my name is neojohn
Jesse B. (25 days ago)
How come it looks like he is driving / running at 1.5x?
Lan Huỳnh (26 days ago)
Shroud hack
Nathan Martin (26 days ago)
Makes it look so easy lol. Jesus. So many kills just lined up perfect... never happens to me lol
Unpwnable (26 days ago)
Shroud is a God :P
藍色刺客實況主 (26 days ago)
Oh my god! how do you do it!
Jake Cox (26 days ago)
Why do a lot of people drop at the school?
Andrew Picado (27 days ago)
Y en él pubg mobile yo siempre caigo en la escuela y lo mucho que hago es apenas unas 12 kills y estando unos 15 mnts ahí nunca llega gente :(
Connor Doering (27 days ago)
Defiantly should change thumbnail due to recent events
The best in the game 🎖
Charlo (29 days ago)
The 1.4k dislikes went to colombine high
EudinhoCrazy (30 days ago)
3"50' claramente a mira puxa pro cara atrás da parede. Esse cara é xiter.
Ice Surfer (30 days ago)
Videogames violence....
Jack Holmes (1 month ago)
3:49 be sounding like a roblox death 😂😂
Ranzbert (1 month ago)
this game sucks whos good in it 2
TiraMisu (1 month ago)
I'm a pro player in CSGO just like him. I played PUBG and tried the aimbot, this is how aimbot exactly looks like lol
Lucas_Stradeus (1 month ago)
Michael Rech (1 month ago)
all he plays on is pc. what can he do on xbox consule
Febri Yandani Lesmana (1 month ago)
Well played bro
Jesse TT (1 month ago)
Shroud uses aimbot
goat balls (1 month ago)
Cheating is fun
Nave Evan (1 month ago)
this isn't shrouds page

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