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PUBG - NINJA MONTAGE! #1 (Funny Moments & Ninja Trolling)

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PUBG - Ninja Montage (Funny Moments, Epic Moments, & Ninja Trolling) ► PUBG - Ninja Montage Playlist: https://bit.ly/2HTPNzf ► MY GAMING SETUP: https://youtu.be/VypUhY0PLHE Use Discount Code: "NINJA" ► 10% OFF G Fuel Energy: https://goo.gl/2PzgXo ► 10% OFF KontrolFreek: https://goo.gl/DK6HJ2 Thumbnail Help: ► PTesh: https://www.youtube.com/user/PTesh ► HunterTV: https://www.youtube.com/user/HunterTVbro Social Media: ► Twitter: https://twitter.com/erasableninja ► Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/erasableninja ► Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/erasableninja/ ► Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/erasableninja/ ► Snapchat: https://www.snapchat.com/add/erasableninja ► Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/erasableninja/ DooM Clan Member: ► YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/DooMClanYT ► Twitter: https://twitter.com/wearedoomclan Thanks for watching! - ErasableNinja
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Text Comments (2552)
ErasableNinja (2 months ago)
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Hüseyin Eren (2 hours ago)
Babul Lal Umarchiya (1 hour ago)
AWAIS Khan (4 hours ago)
Stigma 17 (5 hours ago)
Ur to cool bro
Ro Romano (17 hours ago)
spy spy (2 days ago)
I swear dude he's got to be actors like they was looking straight at you how don't even know
Eldrian Yanyan (2 days ago)
What the title of the song at 5:49
Uka (3 days ago)
Nice moment 😆😆😆😆
DRS (3 days ago)
4:44 👌🏼
Mohanad Games (3 days ago)
NooB 🤗
Gatai R.I.P. (4 days ago)
zSuat izlemiş
M.kumar Graphics (4 days ago)
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Cypress Colin (4 days ago)
How to get "what should ninja do effect"
aljenis games (4 days ago)
Stick Man Frank (5 days ago)
Cringy but still the best
Vaibhav Surankar (5 days ago)
I want ninja wear😍
Riaz Ahmed Ratul (8 days ago)
Bangla MOVIE r Music
Bloxxy (8 days ago)
I need that voice actor
Yash Paingankar (9 days ago)
Merina Jahan (9 days ago)
i just love this..
arno Alaska (10 days ago)
Omagiad! !!! Yu😎😎😎
shreyas deeksha (10 days ago)
you using keybord or justick
Thomas Shelby (10 days ago)
lmao best pubg video i've ever seen
BAY-O-NET CN (11 days ago)
ZSuat çakması
Elmas Alpay (3 days ago)
bana money (11 days ago)
Mcwidd Jenkins (11 days ago)
This can’t be real
malik bentley (11 days ago)
wow 🤣 im just finding this
david soto (12 days ago)
مصطفى محمد (12 days ago)
Kolton O'Keefe (12 days ago)
all the soundtracks fit perfectly
Charmaine Rebello (13 days ago)
PHENOM TECH (13 days ago)
can we will do this in PUBG Mobile
Vượng Lê (13 days ago)
JENDRAL HACK (13 days ago)
custom room ?
Jessicaakp (13 days ago)
Bikin video versi mobile seru kali yah
Hasnat Chowdhury (13 days ago)
where do you get the sound effects "what the bloody hell was that Contact enemy approaching from the (EAST, WEST, NORTH, SOUTH) etc?
ivak dalam' (14 days ago)
hahahahahaa so funny,..
Guilherme Membro (14 days ago)
Top Brazil!
AggressiveFox (15 days ago)
dont you just miss the old UAZ with 5 seats?
vishva as (16 days ago)
Bruh sound was osm
ACB TV (18 days ago)
Yazidi love U.S ARMY (18 days ago)
Hahahaha ninja nice
Kazume Takeshi (19 days ago)
What song in outro
Christian Aniñon (19 days ago)
If you are good at pub give me a like
draw toons (19 days ago)
i just rage quit playing pubg but now i wanna play :)
Mystic Rayquaza (19 days ago)
Cod sound effects
Chace Shinohara (19 days ago)
Half of them are the same
Pedro Macias III (20 days ago)
Dude this is hilarious I did that once in a game and the person was like wtf. LMAO. ROFL
Sadman Rashik (20 days ago)
seems scripted af ; but funny
saad shagoli (21 days ago)
1:45 yessssss 💪😳😂😂😂
Cristíano (21 days ago)
This was more amazing than funny. They probably thought he was hacking 😂
trumps butt (22 days ago)
Chris Braisy (22 days ago)
what should ninja do XD XD XD
Lipe Ramos (22 days ago)
arthur arthur Becker (23 days ago)
4:37 fak3eeeeeeeeee
Тошно от убийства.
Subhankar Dey (23 days ago)
im proud i know most of the sound clip....cpt.mcmillan from cod4 is memorable
Wahyu Danuartha (24 days ago)
0:46 what that song?
vineet panday (25 days ago)
Sound download link
JustRen Oclares (25 days ago)
2:18 Meme ?
Dragon X (25 days ago)
kaka leon (26 days ago)
That was really funny game
ohi yo (27 days ago)
The song at 5:50 ?????
ahmed gamer (27 days ago)
bali Singh (27 days ago)
PUPG Abazon (28 days ago)
hey please sud for me :(
smokingkills148 (28 days ago)
love it
Not Gamers (28 days ago)
Best PUBG Moments and Funny
earlmoorenz lamadrid (28 days ago)
how to download ppubg in pc
Cornelis Gräper (28 days ago)
CoD 4 <3
James Melliza (29 days ago)
Ninja can you live sream
Only Jatt (29 days ago)
Ultimate Pubg ninja
Renrenrhian Pacheca (29 days ago)
Renrenrhian Pacheca (29 days ago)
Ciprian Costin (29 days ago)
In the next video show your statistics
aravind aravind (29 days ago)
Very funny
POB Gamming (30 days ago)
wtf men :))
michael balaguer (30 days ago)
Nguyễn Dương (30 days ago)
what's the name of the music at 1:45?
TipProPines (30 days ago)
can someone show me the call of duty voice lines? i cant find em xD WELP those are good btw laugh a lot thats why i wanna listen to it
Azukick (1 month ago)
0:19 Where did you get this sound?
H N YT (1 month ago)
mình cần 1k sup để live ros mong mn ủng hộ :))
Erdem Ural (1 month ago)
matt_the_potato (2 days ago)
Ur mom gae
Armen Plays (28 days ago)
This video is from 2017
Armen Plays (28 days ago)
Erdem Ural lol you gay
Marhabi Mrais (1 month ago)
kocak ngakak
mason sumpter (1 month ago)
fortnite ninja in pubg
Hori Hajong (1 month ago)
Awesome 🤣🤣
Həzrət Xəlilbəyli (1 month ago)
kwra koye (1 month ago)
هههههه ثانيا
BestTrolo (1 month ago)
DuoDangerzz (1 month ago)
What music 6.06
Im from russia, this very good video!! Like sound!)))))
Tuan Le (1 month ago)
What is the music at 47?
isabella (1 month ago)
Ninja is the best
cool BuDDy (1 month ago)
damn.............. i am your biggest biggest biggest fan now'
김재오 (1 month ago)
What a lol...ROFLI envy you ErasableNinja
miu chan (1 month ago)
0:46 what the music ??
Hugh (1 month ago)
Kasper_GC (1 month ago)
ахаха клёво ) подписался совершенно точно
I hear call of duty :black ops😍😍😍

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