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Bethesda's E3 2018 conference WAS PACKED with AMAZING Games & Surprises! From Fallout 76 to Elder Scrolls VI, DOOM Eternal, Nintendo Switch Ports, Free Games & More! Bethesda brought a lot of games for all gamers! Like/Comment/Subscribe NEW SHIRTS! - https://goo.gl/NRbjvA Help SUPPORT the channel and join exclusive chats with me! - https://www.patreon.com/BeatEmUps See Exclusive Posts, Photos & Live Q&A's from me by following at - https://aminoapps.com/c/beatemups/home/ Become A Patreon And Join Our Family By Supporting The Channel - https://www.patreon.com/BeatEmUps Want to send me MAIL?! Wood Hawker - PO Box 821231 North Richland Hills, TX 76180 PayPal - beatemupsmerch@gmail.com Business Email - beatemupsbusiness@gmail.com Follow BeatEmUps on Twitter - @BeatemupsWood On Facebook - facebook.com/BeatEmUps Instagram - @BeatemupsWood Join The BeatEmUps Discord Chat - https://discord.gg/zyUGPfs My Second Channel - https://www.youtube.com/user/WoodsMaj... Music: Erek Ladd - https://erekladd.bandcamp.com/releases "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use." All clips and videos belong to their respective owners.
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BeatEmUps (13 days ago)
Edit: Yes, I said new Skyrim game. Slipped out, I was trying to talk too fast. I am aware of my mistakes. I CAN't BELIEVE HOW AMAZING THIS HAS BEEN SO FAR! WHAT DO YOU THINK?! NEW SHIRTS! - https://goo.gl/NRbjvA Help SUPPORT the channel and join exclusive chats with me! - https://www.patreon.com/BeatEmUps See Exclusive Posts, Photos & Live Q&A's from me by following at - https://aminoapps.com/c/beatemups/home/
Charlie1234500 (10 days ago)
Skyrim 2
Makiah Pline (12 days ago)
but they did announce Skyrim 6
Brandon Hernandez (12 days ago)
😂😂 hearing a "new Skyrim game" is probably making people feel the same way you would feel if someone were to call Link, Zelda lol
Benji Hotchkiss (13 days ago)
Unacceptable good sir
Wayne Kline (9 days ago)
the new fallout has no offline todd said it fully online only and there no "single player" u can play " solo" but still have to be online
Spyro Defender (9 days ago)
I'm early and yet still almost 600 comments behind
James Davidson (10 days ago)
This is my favourite channel on YouTube. Thanks
Stephen Brodie (11 days ago)
Rage was such a hidden gem totally didn’t get the praise it deserves which I don’t understand it was so good , had it been release a few years later it would have Bethesda just didn’t have the as much hype behind it then as they do now which is a sad thing to think about, it was a brilliant game regardless of who created it
animedudevid (11 days ago)
Buddy you can't play Fallout 76 offline......
dante144 (11 days ago)
I didn't think it was cringy. You seem a little cringy. We'll see
Creepy Girl (11 days ago)
I hope we will get Co-op for the upcoming Elder Scrolls.
Justin Lane (12 days ago)
Bethesda's preference did not make me cringe. The only thing that made laugh was Todd Howard trying to say the F word and make it look cool. He sounded like a rebellious teen that Knows he will get grounded for cursing. But the crowd doesn't know how to react to a true musical preformance. They are supposed to be moshing and punching each other happily ..
Sarah Monster (12 days ago)
Heck yes, Elder Scrolls!
Paulo Meireles Neto (12 days ago)
Cringy? It wasn't cringy at all but tbh your titles usually are... Sorry that's true, man
Nielson Ngo (12 days ago)
U forgot pokemon:(
David (12 days ago)
Wood are you sure they said you can play offline? I swar you have to be online, but you have the choice to play solo, just ignoring other players. I've heard of so many games that I might just be mixing them up at this point.
kagatoASUKA (12 days ago)
Wolfenstein isn't a DLC its a full on new game already up for preorder on Gamestop for SWITCH
Alrek1245 (12 days ago)
Wow. I'm impressed. You probably haven't slept and won't sleep much these days. Thank you for bringing us this great coverage of E3! I'm loving it
Aiden Matthew (12 days ago)
About the new Skyrim blades game for the phone?
Tyler Connor (12 days ago)
Fallout 76 is always online. They said you could play Solo. Which means their could be teams of people ready to attack little old you.
Keanu Calix (12 days ago)
The presentation wasn't cringy. stop trying to click bait people
Paulo Meireles Neto (12 days ago)
I was thinking the same. Thank you!!
James (12 days ago)
My opinion of Fallout 76: I have always thought Fallout games should stay single player....BUT I also know 100% there is no way a single player fallout game would come out this soon after Fallout 4. So this is a straight up bonus game. PLUS they have 2 new games coming. Would you rather have no Fallout game or a new take on a Fallout game that could potentially actually be a really good game to play with friends?
Yooran Choi (12 days ago)
you cant play it offline
Frosty Mac (12 days ago)
ALERT: Todd has confirmed that Fallout 76 is always online. Oof.
Landon Hastie (12 days ago)
metroid 4 and pokemon you forgot!
Promane55 (12 days ago)
Cringy? I didn't see what was cringy about it nut to each their own
TheFabulousKitten (12 days ago)
What does that tattoo on your arm say?
Andrew Briand (12 days ago)
Will elder scrolls 6 and doom 2 and fallout 76 come to the nintendo switch?
Chris Hill (12 days ago)
skyrim very special edition is actually real, go tell alexa to "open skyrim" ... she does!
Oisín Murray (12 days ago)
When an ad plays during the outro but you stay to support Wood's channel ;)
Bimo Santoso Aji (12 days ago)
And here I am still wondering when half life 3 become real
boshy 220305 (12 days ago)
When will we get a borderlands 3
Lucas Frost (12 days ago)
Fo76 is online ONLY. Update that little.facr
Average Commenter (12 days ago)
Ed D (12 days ago)
Thank you for covering this.
Josua Neal (12 days ago)
Just wanted to say that the Alexa Skyrim joke is an actual skill that you can get. Its amazing. No joke.
mavrickhunter13 (12 days ago)
Fallout 76 will be a train wreck at launch like all bethesda games are when released. Hope they patch it up quick.
SDGaming _ (12 days ago)
Is fallout 76 coming to switch?
4kmariomagic (12 days ago)
Sory your video was demonitized
Ethan Hudson (12 days ago)
The people at Bethesda aren’t super entertaining but tod Howard has an amazing stage presence and ability to speak to a crowd
Noah Kamper (12 days ago)
Ethan Hudson that's because he's steve carell
Neb88 (12 days ago)
What are friends?
Sara W. Dahl (12 days ago)
Can someone explain to me why I thought Fallout 76 is an Xbox exclusive?
Scord Ironhide (12 days ago)
I remember playing fallout 4 and thinking "how cool would it be to play this multi-player." So I am very hype for fallout 76.
HistorIan (12 days ago)
I’m excited because Fallout 76 takes place in my old home
Andrew Lester (12 days ago)
I'm liking the look of ES: Blades
the kavindragon (12 days ago)
KelpyG Shakes (12 days ago)
Fallout 76s Online is OPTIONAL! Todd Howard specifically said you can play completely solo if you want and all progress will carry over if you want
Tony Howell (12 days ago)
For people who don’t know fallout shelter on the switch is a free game to play!
Philll (12 days ago)
4:19 No he said you could play SOLO, but the entirety is online.
Ogram Brat (12 days ago)
Too bad really wanted a fallout 3 remaster for the Nintendo Switch
S animations (12 days ago)
Oh god I pray that Nintendo brings it this year...
Dr. MankDemes (12 days ago)
uh yeah Skyrim on Alexa is real believe it or not
Alex Diaz (12 days ago)
What made me cringe was when people wanted skyrim 2 lol. Like theyre not gonna call it that!
hrghrurgrg (12 days ago)
I think the PS5 and next Xbox will release in 2020. Given that Bethesda said that Starfield is “next gen” I’m guessing that it is being developed for those consoles already. I think it will be a launch title for the next gen consoles, so also releasing in 2020. Then, given how long they take to release games, I’d say we can expect TES6 no later than 2024.
Mario Longo (11 days ago)
hrghrurgrg I’d say more like 2022 for Tes 6
Ethan R (12 days ago)
Rip Square Enix
Josiah Ferrell (12 days ago)
Just going to point out...I think Fallout '76 is not offline optional, but it is multiplayer optional. Probably because your progress, buildings and everything travel with you when you jump servers to play with different people, so it will require online to keep track of that data.
h6h6Productions (12 days ago)
Take a nap!
89Ninjas X (12 days ago)
I really hope that Wolfenstein and Doom comes out on the switch
nextlastgengamer (12 days ago)
I'm hoping they bring elder scrolls blades to the switch. It would be so easy to port, since it's going to be on mobile.
Edwin Jackson (12 days ago)
I wish they could announce one more FPS for Switch. Fallout or Prey.
TheCrisisCreation (12 days ago)
dude you're fucking annoying.
Anime lord (12 days ago)
Square’s conference was a bit of a bore sadly
MobileDecay (12 days ago)
Grave is an awesome band! Glad to see some death metal support at e3! Yeah and the games are awesome! 😁
ッTurvey (12 days ago)
are you gonna watch the pc gaming conference?
Da_Lenster03MC (12 days ago)
So excited for literally every game announced during this conference. RIP my and my parents wallets
Aidan Hart (12 days ago)
Lol I’m set for the year and nentendo and PlayStation haven’t even gone yet lol.
Austin Amestoy (12 days ago)
Idk what it was, but the Starfield trailer gave me a super “Interstellar” vibe. Probably the music... but if they made a huge open-world game set in space with the tone of Interstellar + Space pirates, I would be 1000000% sold
D2daICE (13 days ago)
Wow, we get announcements for games that won't get released for the next two or three years - wow, much hyped. But really, a lot of the games are 2019 releases or, in Bethesda's case, even later and i'm sick of hearing "this is for the players" or "we want you to enjoy the games how you want and where you want it" but only when it comes to their own platforms. Maybe i'm really cynical nowadays but so far i've watched the EA, Microsoft, Bethesda and Devolver presentation and i think Devolver was the most fun - the rest was just "meh".
RMG (13 days ago)
Purple Jolteon (13 days ago)
Im predicting that next e3 the main event for Bethesda will be ES6. We will get some gameplay and a few more trailers. Well get the setting, and then kwe will se a release date for anywhere between november 2019 to december 2020
The Last Paladins (13 days ago)
Games were good. The conference itself was way too long.
foorocker (13 days ago)
Keep up the great work Wood!
VooDoo X937 (13 days ago)
I'm a die hard fallout fan and I am excited for 76. The only concern is will there be a fallout 5? I think yes. Elder scrolls 6 is being made so of course there will be the typical fallout we all love. 76 is just here to feed our need for fallout till next gen is released.
FAT BOY (13 days ago)
Nice work wood
oOhH NnOo (13 days ago)
what switch ports are there?
Anjalena (13 days ago)
I have a few questions cuz I've been Rip Van Winkle for a years. (Very ill actually. Tons of pain. *shrug-sigh* Whatevs) 1. What are loot boxes? (i may know, just don't know they're called that?) 2. What does the initialism I.P. stand for? Sounds like he's referring to titles? I don't recall in the past hearing something being referred to as IP's but again, it's been quite a number of years since I got into the thick of the gaming industry. (no TV reception also keeps me out-of-the-loopy) 3. What was going on in that "cringy" scene with the tall dude and the short dude (9:24)
Hinade (13 days ago)
Wasn't Wolfenstein Young Blood a new game instead dlc though?
Static (13 days ago)
From the conference i gathered that fallout 76 was only an online game as they said "Always online". I thought they meant you can play solo but its easier to be with friends as you have protection and you can gather faster (like in rust) not that the game is offline but idk.
Nick Linder (13 days ago)
You’re the worst, cringiest, most click-baity gaming YouTuber there is. Their event was actually good and not cringe. EA was cringe. Bethesda was great.
Thiago Omena (13 days ago)
Nooo, mobile games are not support for the switch! That’s kind of mindset is what makes them create the garbage that was battlefront 2.
Robert Wilson (13 days ago)
First place Bethesda second Xbox and last place EA (so far)
CJ B (13 days ago)
They can't do vats in multiplayer. I'm starting to see the vast gameplay liminitations that can occur as a result of online play... I'll still the buy the game I mean... this is what I wanted forever. Real multiplayer in a real Bethesda game.
Egg-io (13 days ago)
Personally I am most excited for Just Cause 4 so far
L Powell (13 days ago)
is fallout shelter the only fallout coming to switch
Kevin McCarthy (13 days ago)
I think Youngblood is its own game, not DLC
Thanks for all the great work!! I really appreciate it, you are THE MAN!!!!!1
Mariomaster 777 (13 days ago)
i lov u too man!
kevintemido (13 days ago)
Can some one tell me what the he’ll happened when there was that awkward long silence with the tall guy and the bald guy???
Mike Kaser (13 days ago)
Thanks for keeping us up to date man.
walkable flamer (13 days ago)
I would give it a 7/10
Masterful Snowelf (13 days ago)
Bethesda didn't say you could play offline. They said you could play solo, that doesn't mean offline. As much as I hope you can play offline I don't think it will be an option.
Wyzarka (13 days ago)
Skyrim Very Special Edition is actually a thing, you can enable it on Alexa right now. LUL
Wyzarka (12 days ago)
*insert name here* (12 days ago)
quite depressing (13 days ago)
Not my fallout 😔
J Fox Khajiit (13 days ago)
I cried because the beginning of kingdom hearts 2 is so fucking long you cry when you see a trailer !! 🙄
Finest Art (13 days ago)
can watch his live stream after he finished live streaming is there any video in his channel live streaming E3? pls help
Mcspeed (13 days ago)
bzthetornprince (13 days ago)
You're cringy.
Jack 647 (13 days ago)
I appreciate this so much as I don't have enough time to watch the full thing! Keep doing this for every other conference, as it really helps me out! Here's a sub!
Zach Attack (13 days ago)
You gotta play Prey, you’ll fall in love then beg for it on the switch!
Littel Snek (13 days ago)
Every Company brings their massive annoucements besides EA they bring a mobile game lol
Jimmy Sauce boy (13 days ago)
I am pretty pissed we aren't getting any main game fallout on switch
Brandon Harvey (13 days ago)
Fallout 76 is going to be 100% online I’m pretty sure... he said “you can play solo” and did not say “you can play offline”
Jose Melo Garcia (13 days ago)
how long will tomorrows e3 be???

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