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Dungeonette Walkthrough, ZX Spectrum Next

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A walkthrough of the ZX Spectrum Next game, Dungeonette. An early game for the new Sinclair ZX Spectrum Next computer ( https://www.specnext.com/ ) . In this dungeon crawler you play a brave hero on a quest to enter the Dungeons of Doom and slay the Evil Reaper. Collect as much gold as possible and keep your health up by finding food. This game can be purchased here: http://www.spectrumnextgames.com/ Recorded on the CSpect emulator v1.11: https://dailly.blogspot.co.uk/2018/05/cspect-v111.html
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Text Comments (19)
RZX Archive (5 months ago)
This game can be purchased here: http://www.spectrumnextgames.com/
Stephen Sheppard (1 month ago)
the game play looks kinda dull. nice graphics, but zero excitement. partly due to the bad choice of ingame music and sound effects. room for improvement!
RZX Archive (1 month ago)
It is indeed.
Space Fractal (3 months ago)
This game only use fraction what Spectrum Next can do. Im havent played the game, so im wont comment on the gameplay its self. Howover this game uses Layer2 (the color mode you see here) and Sprites features of the Spectrum Next. Rest is not touched at all in this game (etc the classic ula). Spectrum Next is a fun little machine. Its also does run most classic Spectrum games, and some of them can even been overclocked as well.
SiliquaeSid (5 months ago)
Lee Bee (5 months ago)
The Next doesn't particularly appeal to me, but it is certainly a fascinating project, and this is a nice looking game.
MrLtia1234 (5 months ago)
Wonderful. It's so.. Spectrum. It really is what I imagined a Loki game to look like. ... I didn't back the Next :-(
Arnau Jess (5 months ago)
I think is a great game, but, i hope more like this... indeed!! Namaste.
Это не ZX Spectrum !
Это Спектрум, лишь измененный... Поищи в вебе "zx spectrum evo" и всё поймёшь...
NuWhite (5 months ago)
это лучше)
Ryusennin (5 months ago)
I fail to understand the appeal of the Next. I'm much more excited by new development engines for classic Speccys like Nirvana, than by a generic piece of hardware that doesn't do anything more than what a MSX2+ was capable thirty years ago.
Hunter's Moon (2 months ago)
Ryusennin are you jealous that you didn't back it and now pissed that you can't get a completed Next
Gary Findlay (3 months ago)
Why do people buy and maintain classic cars, when they can just by a new one with power steering, airbags, electric windows etc? Its the same thing.
ChuckBleedinNorris (5 months ago)
Slowekistan it still does have colour clash and a limited palette in normal ULA mode.
Slowekistan (5 months ago)
Agreed, they should have kept part of the color clash or a limited color palette, next looks bland and generic.
Lee Bee (5 months ago)
I know where you are coming from. If I were going to make a new Spectrum it would be nothing at all like the Next. In fact, for some time now I have been doing just that: designing a new games console that I think will really appeal to Spectrum fans. I don't have the funding to release it yet, but maybe one day :)

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