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Chelsea vs Derby County 3-2 - All Goals & Extended Highlights - 2018

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Text Comments (689)
Bush Vo (1 day ago)
Derby deserved it
PATRICK MATOVU (1 day ago)
vote for bobiwine for president 2021
Thin Phichanchun (6 days ago)
Love Lampard
hoàn nguyễn (6 days ago)
Richard Humble (8 days ago)
Derby done themselves proud
Jeff Jefferson (9 days ago)
Derby score 4 goal
Seanachie's Court (9 days ago)
Lampard always showed intelligence when playing and i have no doubt he will be an amazing coach!
adeiman revaina (9 days ago)
1 - 2 derby win
lawson Elijah (9 days ago)
Chelsea needs to win on defense and shot accuracy. Really poor.
Wrong Turn (9 days ago)
5:53 dammmm
Elifas Moses (9 days ago)
Skender Kuka (9 days ago)
2 OWN GOALS THAT'S WHY they WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Amal Dev Aji (9 days ago)
Thats clear bad luck for Derby😢
Abdul Makhfud (10 days ago)
Funny fact. Final score 3-2 and derby sponsor is 32red...
Abdul Makhfud (10 days ago)
Funny fact. Final score 3-2 and derby sponsor is 32red...
DewaTanpaTokong (10 days ago)
chelsea got lucky hmmm
Mpilo SgumFuu Maseko (10 days ago)
Technically Derby country won 4-1😂🔥
Dylan Lyons (10 days ago)
Derby county literally played against themselves for 40 minutes
that kid (10 days ago)
all football matches are fixed.
kian kohler (10 days ago)
Chelsea 1-4 Derby
Ed the Sock (10 days ago)
Chelsea are such a backward club. Not giving the youth a chance via the first team. Preferred methodology is to chuck a load of foreign players in. Field a team full of foreign players and you lose your national identity when playing in europe. Joke team. Might as well scrap the youth setup. Pointless!
Dishank Khurana (10 days ago)
2 own goals 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🖕🖕😝😝😝
adonie world (10 days ago)
Keeper can u keep a secret
greget_ kayong (10 days ago)
Own goal bikin lose
Previn Mahoukou (10 days ago)
Ekky Prio (10 days ago)
super franky
Godstimes Desmond (10 days ago)
Super Frank
You Said (11 days ago)
Tomori always scores in the big games
XxxboltxxX (11 days ago)
Morata suck plz sell him
To much goal... Christensen 👎👎👎
budi jambul (11 days ago)
Fucking chelsea
[A]-Theam zw (11 days ago)
Brianst (11 days ago)
Neo ka'y r sa (11 days ago)
Namjin shipper's club (11 days ago)
frank we need you in chelsea please back at home
Mr maintain (11 days ago)
yeah check this kid out https://youtu.be/61U2vs4KCE0
raging B. U. L. L (11 days ago)
Chelsea but... Derby 🖖🏻👑👑
rubber duky (11 days ago)
Thank you Derby for scoring FOR us..... suckers' LOL
Hemen (11 days ago)
"This time they scored their own goal, and not relied on an own goal" come one commentator that's what they pay you for!!
De La Cruz (12 days ago)
I like lampard so lot,derby could win if there is no own goal
Topfelya (12 days ago)
Super Frank could become as Super coach !
Sheve Vero (12 days ago)
Absolutely shocking defending!!!
You and Me (12 days ago)
Cesc Fàbregas 🔥
Thierno Bary (12 days ago)
Bravo mister sarri forza chealsie anche ssc napoli
Mr Crazy (12 days ago)
Derby win 2-1
Ju-Bum Cha (12 days ago)
Derby scored 5 goals..
nischay rathore (12 days ago)
Ares Djatmiko (12 days ago)
Lampard = zidane 😎
Đăng Trịnh (12 days ago)
Born is the king Chelsea
ucokk (12 days ago)
Martha Ferrufino (12 days ago)
Zappacosta takes a good cross
Titas Banerjee (12 days ago)
Chelsea win the match but Derby win the heart ❤️❤️❤️
Indro Wewe (12 days ago)
WTF 2 Own Goal
amit triumph (12 days ago)
Sabo Gaming (12 days ago)
Are you kidding me. 2 own goal??
Fernandy Prima (12 days ago)
Derby County scored way better goal than Chelsea (wtf thought 2 own goals), Derby only lose because of elementary mistakes
Jak Lincoln (12 days ago)
Derby should of in my opinion but I think after challah made it 3 2 derby just gives up
Simon Gray (12 days ago)
Lampard for prime minister 🤭🤭🤭😂😂😂he’s doing a great job😀
Diana Mwelu (12 days ago)
Derby aren't serious
ilokivi (12 days ago)
Derby beat Manchester Utd, kept on playing after two unfortunate own goals, equalised twice and hit the inside of the post when 3-2 down. Not serious? ROLMFAO.
fagbag69 (12 days ago)
Chelsea (1:4) Derby County
xiMeSsi (12 days ago)
This was like watching FIFA 19 highlights, talk about the EAids. 2 own goals, and a lucky rebound. Last shot to equalize hits the post an back to the keepers hand -.-
Kawsu Cesay (12 days ago)
Lampard great coach is transferring his shot tactics to his team.
Kis Gun (12 days ago)
Lampard is the best
Marlon luke (12 days ago)
great tactical by lampard..legend! miss you😭
joday belgi (12 days ago)
unlucky Derby county,
Dandung Salemba (12 days ago)
WE 💙 U frank..ur still the best👍👏👏👏
Isaac Meehan (12 days ago)
Lol only football league players would jump coming out the tunnel
Mumtaz Mohamed (12 days ago)
Am legend
Akeeme Williams (12 days ago)
I've never seen fabrigas kick a ball so hard 😂😂😂
Fck U (12 days ago)
Piece Of Stars (12 days ago)
nobody talk about zappacosta make 3 assists
Piece Of Stars (12 days ago)
derby scoring four goals, but fabregas goal is enough to sent chelsea to quarter final
Pravinkumar Sivakumar (12 days ago)
I am a chelsea guy. But i am not satisfied by this performance. Lack of shots on target is annoying. Hope to continue the same momentum in league
Scarecrow 321 (12 days ago)
Literally it's Derby 4 Chelsea 1
곤잘라울 (12 days ago)
Lampard = downgrade brian clough
humberto zurita (12 days ago)
Chelsea suck
winston raksham (12 days ago)
basically Chelsea scored only one goal, poor performance Chelsea
Dante Zephilim (12 days ago)
Derby scored 4 times and still lost
prasit ngopo (12 days ago)
suppperlam in the brid
DJ ALEX (12 days ago)
Derby deserve to win. Chelsea played crap
Muslikhudin mazboy (12 days ago)
Hello I'm Fans Chelsea in Indonesia
Stehuntimari 00 (12 days ago)
Lampard will get found out tactically my Leeds united smashed them 4-1 on their own ground
Bryo Marley (12 days ago)
Terrible defending but don't take credit away from Lampard
D_W (12 days ago)
I want Frank to be Chelsea manager one day.
Дерби красавы,отлично отыграли👍
DD Kung (12 days ago)
Fucking Morata ,So noob
Omi Wan (12 days ago)
Awful keeping and defending all over the pitch lol
Thy Thy (12 days ago)
I just know, Lampard is a Derby Manager, he is one of the great Middlefield player in the world,
Daniel1Park (12 days ago)
i know him!! he is legend of mancity
Respect to a Chelsea legend :Frank Lampard 👏
Gab Calvert (12 days ago)
Pacific Ocean (12 days ago)
What kind of defending is this from chelsea defo not good enough to win multiple trophies
Blast Thunder (12 days ago)
Chelsea have become a strange club. One season they’re great the next they’re shit. It’s like back and fourth.
Heavy Technology (12 days ago)
Chelsea very very lucky this time. Next time will not like today :)
aamir abdullah (13 days ago)
Please correct,the score line it’s 1:2
nice play for derby country
DJ TRANSDUCER SA (13 days ago)
Man Utd must loan Phil Jones to Derby County....
Badr (13 days ago)
Derby literally outplayed Chelsea, how unlucky.
😍😍😍😝i LOVE chelsea

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