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Skate Man Intense Rescue: A Steam Spite Story (The Jimquisition)

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http://www.patreon.com/jimquisition http://www.thejimquisition.com Another developer (if we stretch the meaning of the word) initiates a copyright takedown strike, then doubles down on stupid with an astounding confession of spite. If there was any doubt that these takedowns came from a place other than petty attempted vengeance, let the story of Digpex Games put it to bed. Wow, these people.
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Jani Akujärvi (16 days ago)
Thank god we have Jim Fucking Sterling Son!
Bryan L. (20 days ago)
"No one would take it that far to go to court" oh jim you poor child
anik monette (22 days ago)
Every dev... Nay! EVERY HUMAN SHOULD BE SEND IN THE VOID after muttering this word! I mean the "B" word! Not typing it here...who do take me for?
Nedegame TF2 (23 days ago)
That's one fabulous slide show you used for the background
RocksOwnStone (1 month ago)
I like how they capitalize the H in He when talking about Jim Fucking Sterling Son Even they thank god for Him
Overdrive02 (1 month ago)
Yo can I get that puss son?
Lars Hansson (1 month ago)
Until I saw the name on screen I really thought the name was "Dickpic Studios"
Panda Samma (1 month ago)
Hearing that response by the company may have killed some of my brain cells.
Delta Zerda (2 months ago)
i only play games at 6 fps
Devanor (2 months ago)
Dat engrish dou
Andrei Tache (3 months ago)
“When people think of Jim Sterling, they think of Jim Sterling. When people think of your shittly two-bit games, they think of Jim Sterling” *Holly Hell!* If someone were to tell me that about my games I would be destroyed... But then again, I don’t think anyone considers the guys at digpex game developers :3
Jo Lo (3 months ago)
that ending is spot on.. well done!
K Håland (3 months ago)
I think Jim has more power than the actual king of my country
Vladimir Dramicanin (3 months ago)
I fucking love this guy
SunBroSquad (3 months ago)
poor, weak, ..to much time spend...on paper other than dev...
Alexey Stolovoy (4 months ago)
"...I do have a thing to say though, to Digpex Games and, indeed, any other developer that thinks this is the correct course of action, okay? Now, let me clue you in. You say I am no king. And that's true! I am but a human, you are but humans - we're born, we live, we will die one day. But here's the difference between you and I, okay? Now, when people think of Jim Sterling, they think of Jim Sterling. When people think of your shitty 2-bit games, they think of Jim Sterling. You see, whatever meager misery of a legacy you could have hoped to attain - it has now been rendered onto me, okay? You belong to me now, you are but a trinket, but an ornament to go on the shelf next to Kobra Studio, next to the Slaughtering Grounds guys - you are mine. So i hope you enjoy that, because i'm Jim Fucking Sterling Son, you can't stop me, and if you have a problem with that, you are cordially invited to eat my pussy. Thank God for me."
8un3zz (4 months ago)
Binge watching your videos can be a pain in the ass because of that intro music
Honestly? I like how critical you seem. Some have to be hard on people and some have to be soft, it's a balance. Tough love is just as, if not, more important than treating someone like an idiot.
jdraines 1018 (4 months ago)
To quote Jontron: I have seen game. This is not game.
Warning that speach will cause serious brain damage
Sheggo (5 months ago)
I had ten brain aneursyms
Liquid (6 months ago)
Oh (2015) Jim, the pain coming your way will be exquisite!!
Snake Friesia (6 months ago)
on january 2018 , digpexgames.com is no longer available
JudgeSpektre (6 months ago)
the Negan of video games. ask for half their shit next.
Kobalt (6 months ago)
I love it when Born Depressed kicks in, such a great song to soundtrack the final segment.
Daniel Gould (6 months ago)
Was this game and statement made by Tommy Wiseau? :|
Selin Germann (7 months ago)
Maximum sass XD
OmegaVideoGameGod (7 months ago)
Thank Jim Sterling for god, oh wait....
Chrono Ryono (7 months ago)
Skate Man: Intense Rescue actually makes Slaughtering Grounds look good by comparison. I mean, at least SG is marginally functional and has a framerate that isn't a complete eyesore. (Although I still claim Warfire is the worst one I've ever seen Jim cover, minus the ones that literally didn't even start.)
Peter Ahl (8 months ago)
"I'm the captain now."
isl swerve (8 months ago)
At first i thought u was a pretentious hipster fuck.. tht was abt a year ago i forgot which vid it was an it was an opinion piece(game review most likely) lately ive been on a fucking marathon watching ur videos.. its 4am rn here in Alaska and im still on here watching ur videos old and new.. u sir have earned a sub
Chris Sikes (8 months ago)
Can you PLEASE get sued by him again? The world needs another one of his statements.
Aiden MacIver (8 months ago)
2 years later and that ending speech is still making me harder than a Dark Souls boss
Eh? (8 months ago)
Rex Remedy (8 months ago)
dont know whats wrong with that? first you get falsely accused by a bully. when you try to defend yourself you get accused for defending yourself. when you dont defend yourself, the bully claims that it is proof that he is right. its an international standard code for informal disputes. ah, justice in the 21st century... bully and shithead, idiot, liar, dumbfuck can be used interchangeably. its also a 21st century standard.
Ann Darkwater (9 months ago)
Being called out on their bullshit...States all Greenlight devs are poor poor cretures... Seems legit. Also top tier arguments and grammar there from the "dev".
Hentie Dj (9 months ago)
Omg wow they not good do at talk
Benjamin (10 months ago)
Thank God for you Jim Sterling. Salute.
Benjamin (10 months ago)
Thank God for you Jim Sterling. Salute.
Ron Ronson (10 months ago)
Can someone explain to me why he has random pictures of various shrimp in his bad-developer videos? Is it some insult in Britain?
Lee Anderson (10 months ago)
I think this might be my favorite Jimquisition.
The Stalker (10 months ago)
James Sellman (11 months ago)
you clearly mispronouced "iam".
BigJack (11 months ago)
Greatest speech to end a video, thank God for Jim Sterling.
FoolsGold 47.01011 (11 months ago)
RIP Green shit
FoolsGold 47.01011 (11 months ago)
PeachesforMe (11 months ago)
What gets me.... can't you sue YOUTUBE at this point? You provided Evidence that someone was doing something illegal using their platform... and you asked them to just undo it. Yet they refuse, openingly allowing illegal activity on their website ...Ain't that the same thing has basicallying allowing child porn on your porn site and then saying "I didn't upload it..." Then specifically allow it to continue. Obviously Child pornography is worse than Copy Right infringement and people's Jobs and ability to make money in order to live. But it's still really bad that Youtube openly allows Crime to take place, but because it crime often used by a big corporation they don't want to silence anyone because then they'll eventually have to do it to their advertisers... aka their money source. I just feel (with no legal experience what-so-ever) that enough youtubers MUST have evidence of false DMCA and Copy Right claims against them that a Class action lawsuit could prove Youtube actively aiding or at last actively ignoring crime on their platform, and eventually making them take responsibility for it.
Simon (10 months ago)
That's be very expensive, time-consuming and ultimately pointless, since YouTube has a ton of money to spend on lawyers and stuff.
boxorak (1 year ago)
5:54 Yeah...funny that...#HindsightIsABitch
DarkMatter879 (1 year ago)
omg that fucking developer response page fucking killed me.
smashbrosproductions (1 year ago)
what i find intriguing, is that if this game was developed "properly", it would have been something truly...strange. Like, I can imagine a Platinum Games kind of video game, where your playing as "skate man", a retarded super hero who strapped together random shit he has in his closet to become a superhero and goes around fighting aliens and shit. And the game is all over played, with bayonetta-esque combat and QTE's where dude's jumping off of planes, running up skyscrapers and such. And having one dimensional boss characters to fight, but the fight itself is complex and challenging. Of course, the development I am talking about is not something that could happen at all. In fact, it would take a really skilled group of developers to do that and they would need a higher, MUCH higher budget and time to do so. but it would have been something truly...strange to see.
10Tabris01 (1 year ago)
I have to say, the one, single downside to the new intro is that speeches like these just won't sound as epic as with the old one
Jamie Kamihachi (1 year ago)
Man, 2015 was such an innocent time for Jim... then came 2016 and the Digital Homicide debacle.
bravo075 (1 year ago)
Here's the thing, when you google "Skate Man Intense Rescue" you get Jim Sterling as results, so... he's right they belong to him.
terrordarky (1 year ago)
the best ending monologue jim has ever done and probably will ever do thank GOD for jim fucking sterling, son
Torchmanz (1 year ago)
anyone else notice the "dogs" in the game are premade assets of cheetahs?
Makubeku Urashima (1 year ago)
Dickpic games
SirFoxIII (1 year ago)
4:19 I hardly recognize him without his red glasses covering his eyes.
fishfighter2 (1 year ago)
2 years late but, Slow clap for that ending!
Oda Swifteye (1 year ago)
I still wonder about this cabal the "Developer" was talking about. I actually think there is a group that conspires or at least teams up to avoid Jim Sterling. Unfortunately they are like the hyenas in the Lion King minus Scar so they get nothing done and they're quite stupid.
N R (1 year ago)
did he say india games or indie games?
Socialist Clown (1 year ago)
that end dis will be my Senior quote
Deathclaw2014 (1 year ago)
4:24 - That face mildly sums up my reaction to that "declaration".
Matthew Manard (1 year ago)
Can I like the last 30 seconds fifty times?
TonesTheGeek (1 year ago)
Can we take a moment to address the ridiculousness of the YouTube copyright school video casting its protagonist as A PIRATE. Real subtle YouTube, guess it means all content creators must be thieves and thus guilty till proven Innocent in any disputes.
Nathan Heffner (1 year ago)
Render unto Jim Fucking Sterling Son
- Mitch (1 year ago)
Two years later, I've still got the erection this video gave me the first time I saw it... Should I maybe call a doctor?
keniakittykat (1 year ago)
I love rewatching this video because that outro gives me a raging hard-on, even though I don't have a dick... And that's something.
LanHikariDS (1 year ago)
pretty badass way to end the video, good job!
Minerkey (1 year ago)
4:17 that face, it's just great. Jim Sterling you've done it again!
Luke Murray (1 year ago)
As one of those little followers I would like to say think you to YouTube reviewers like Jim Sterling and Total Biscuit and such; not only for providing entertaining videos but also for saving me a shitload of money as I am just a poor PC gamer who doesn't want to spend his hard earned dollars on absolute crap which is why i subscribe to these YouTube channels in the first place!
Three R Gaming (1 year ago)
"You now belong to me" That was probably the coolest thing in that context I'll hear all year.
Felix Sturm (1 year ago)
You don't cross Jim Fucking Sterling, son! Love you, man. Yeshomo.
Marie Crossbow (1 year ago)
Not sure why people are wanking their dicks over the ending so much. I personally didn't find it that good.
ColdWolf (1 year ago)
Sweet Mother of Divine Jim Fucking Sterling, son... that ending gave me chills. Keep doing what you do, you beautiful sonofabitch.
TheRuneTail (1 year ago)
I think I lost a few brain cells after hearing digpex's......whatever the hell that was.
Chuck Graham (1 year ago)
Your awesome
ever just thought about quittin bitchin. God
Duck Tapir (1 year ago)
This is worth watching just to hear Mr Sterling say "Eat my pussy."
Grendorf (1 year ago)
This one always makes me smile, i fucking love the end bit.
Jean Rodrigues (1 year ago)
God Damm... dat ending made me cry... such poetry ... Thank God for Jim Fucking Sterling Son
Morgan Patch (1 year ago)
That ending was honestly better than some action movies these days...
Max McMillian (1 year ago)
4:20 lol so much broken English in that long message
Jrezky (1 year ago)
It sounds like you're saying "Dick Pics Studio"
Sean .Lyons (1 year ago)
6:20 The clock only goes 30 seconds each time. That's more pathetic than the slaughtering grounds clock. Not saying I expect it to be better than Robert Romines game but yknow.
Kieran Lines (1 year ago)
5:50 Oh, if only he knew...
Gredddfe (1 year ago)
That outro man... Never fails to give me goosebumps.
Weedus (1 year ago)
This game looks horrible but it for sure has more work in it than all Digital Homicide Games combined
eirikwf1 (1 year ago)
08:23 Fucking hell, Jim!
Schazmen Rassir (1 year ago)
Lrbearclaw (1 year ago)
Digital Homicide should have listened 2 years ago....
Kyle Richards (1 year ago)
Jim got me hard
KUNGFUFUMAN (1 year ago)
Idk why but this episode is the one I keep coming back to and it has to be the best I've ever seen.
Carlos Caro (1 year ago)
Can we arrest this dev for assaulting the English language?
jacob smith (1 year ago)
dear god, that grammar, this is actually painful to listen to
MyGamer125 (1 year ago)
So what's that black and white video of the old guy giving his applause in a theater? Because Jim certainly deserves that after the end there
Ethan (1 year ago)
Da fuq is that game!? Is that it's real frame rate? Thanks Jim Sterling for standing up to and calling out this bullshit.
Janky Videos (1 year ago)
kalathi (1 year ago)
It's pretty lame how that copyright "quiz" lays the burden of proof on the person being accused (you) instead of the person making the claim. Good ol' YouTube. Both a pioneer of a new kind of media, and yet hopelessly inept when it comes to protecting its users (especially ones without a network's support like Jim has) from malicious and false claims.
Dave Brohman (1 year ago)
The last minute of this video may be my favorite Jim Sterling anything ever.
Mike Ock (1 year ago)
those final words were delicious
Hydro Cannons (1 year ago)
Oh, Jim, you savage beast. And yet they keep underestimating you.

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