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Top 10 Best Free-to-play Steam Games 2018

2735 ratings | 331909 views
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Text Comments (529)
Steam Smurf (1 hour ago)
EHM Unturned
Bogdan Drozdov (1 hour ago)
ziani ayoub (18 hours ago)
dotaa and paladins u mtf
Gamer dude (1 day ago)
MsSoySimmer (1 day ago)
Where is cube castle
Flexey Kurban (1 day ago)
Zula isnt on steam anymore :(
All these games are like 1990s graphics and gameplay wtf is this garbage
Zetaxic (2 days ago)
cant find zula
Kronos Gaming/Vines (2 days ago)
where is war thunder it should be ahead 1000 miles
KiddoKun (2 days ago)
I can’t find Zula Europe
FBI (3 days ago)
Nobody can see your browsing history huh? Are you sure Dave?
Link (3 days ago)
*when warframe can't run on your computer*
Noah Mascarenad (3 days ago)
Most of theses look boring af
Where is warframe? I mean cmon how can you not have the best free to play game out there on this list?
DavyComedy (3 days ago)
i cant find zula on steam
Ultimateshark (3 days ago)
Dimitrije Rakic (3 days ago)
Why aren't Team Fortres 2 and Warframe on the list :(
omar agha (4 days ago)
zula is the only fucking good game.. it isnt even so good
FUzz (4 days ago)
what about tf2
behr 2.0 (4 days ago)
Havent I seen a intro like that before
Lps Yet (4 days ago)
doki doki literature club ddlc dor short
Splash Toons (4 days ago)
I don’t my see why TF2 is not on the list
Haitam chouiekh (4 days ago)
I think this is just the best games that came out between last years, and this years list. Cuz there all nothing compared to the best games.
MLGdorito 8 (4 days ago)
WAR thunder
Nebandes RB (5 days ago)
Warframe, paladins, realm royale.....
Bobby Willis (5 days ago)
Griptape Backbone
PeriodicNight (5 days ago)
No stoooop
The Archivist (5 days ago)
Where did you get your intro?
Super swag boy 21 (5 days ago)
Jaden Satter (5 days ago)
Zula isnt even on steam
vedrozy gaming (6 days ago)
THIS games suck
PaNdA_618 (6 days ago)
All these games look boring asf warframe is ok but it’s TOOOOOO much grind
David Flores (6 days ago)
Angel rivera (7 days ago)
Zula europe isnt on steam
Confy lizard (7 days ago)
none of the games are fon idiot
Amy Atkinson (7 days ago)
Goku Black (7 days ago)
Where the hell is unturned
crazy cat (8 days ago)
CaptainsRath (8 days ago)
These are not really good games tbh where is DOTA 2 and paladins, Warframe too.
jordan rodgers (8 days ago)
zula doesnt come up when i search it up on steam
Hassan Ziara (9 days ago)
what’s your paladin name comment on my comment i’ll add you
1364 Productions (9 days ago)
i hate u
WarriorFromMars (9 days ago)
what is this bs
Pasu suel (10 days ago)
a vpn for privacy security? what is to stop a malicious company to start creating vpn services? dont be an idiot. a vpn doesnt give you any privacy at all. the only reason i sometimes use it is to acces the piratebay, since the nazis in our country have that blocked/censored.
Vega has been out for a long time stop lieing df, world of war ships is also not new
Swap (10 days ago)
This list is horrible.
1364 Productions (9 days ago)
glad u liked the video :)
Settings (10 days ago)
This video fucking sucks
GD wubwoof (11 days ago)
nesrin aygün (11 days ago)
Zula good game I Türkey
pwnage 69 (11 days ago)
Heroes and generals is a pretty cool free ww2 fps
1364 Productions (9 days ago)
i love u
pwnage 69 (9 days ago)
1364 Productions Lolwut
1364 Productions (9 days ago)
tbh i dont really remember the first incredibles that well
Joeycomo06 (11 days ago)
Can't you just go incognito instead of using private internet access
LL Zedduo (12 days ago)
Black Squad is a pretty good steam game.
ValyTDG (12 days ago)
star conflinct
Jake Gill (12 days ago)
did they take out Zula - Zula Europe?
Nicolas Lessard (12 days ago)
Where's Warframe?
Rainer Tondi (13 days ago)
Warframe. Thats all i can said
Medo_GamerX (14 days ago)
we can play dead maze on the internet !!!!!!
REGarmy (14 days ago)
Bad games
REGarmy (14 days ago)
As ga,es
WindIsLikeRock _Senpai (14 days ago)
Why is Scp Secret Laboratory isn't this list?
wols frosty (15 days ago)
5:59 that includes 20 gb of fucking download
Charlie Rivet (15 days ago)
LeAsia Gaming (15 days ago)
Try radical heights I love that game
PhΛzΞMods (15 days ago)
Dota 2?
DNAGamingUK (15 days ago)
Ignore his stupid advertisement conveinetly place in middle of video. Just get TOR as it's free and 10 times better.
Crystal Young (15 days ago)
#warframe you need top 11 number one is warframe
Comic Sans (16 days ago)
To all the people who asked for Warframe, Paladins(although i play that alot), Dota 2, TF2 and others(if I did not mention) This video is talking about the games that most people dont know about(sorry...)(except for WOW, u get what I mean).
Mcblastergaming 81 (16 days ago)
Top 10 F2P piece of shit games 2018 Rename your title in that way pls XDXDXD maybe you could put some more lame F2P games that i dont know -_-
Ali Mohammed Al Najjar (17 days ago)
What’s your intro song
1364 Productions (9 days ago)
the song that plays first
Maganeado Coasters (17 days ago)
You should check out Planet Side 2
Gamers Unity (17 days ago)
are u serious ? u call this shit games -_- ?!
the soupy cod player (18 days ago)
whats the song when he talks about zula 3:01
1364 Productions (9 days ago)
uts right here
Zain Nikon (18 days ago)
H1z1 , warframe , warface Youve got worst list😂
Zain Nikon (18 days ago)
Also paladin is free to play✋✋ stop making us fool
The Noob Gamer (19 days ago)
WARLORD145 Gaming (19 days ago)
You should add TeamFortress2
Shen Reilly (19 days ago)
Warframe, trove and team Fortress 2
Boklu Troll (19 days ago)
Logan Waller (20 days ago)
Zula Europe Is no longer on steam
Blaine Mayo (20 days ago)
AJohnson3002 (20 days ago)
is zula online?
SquidKing (20 days ago)
Tf2? Planetside 2?
Mason Lee Herr (21 days ago)
Y isn't tf2 on there! No hate included
becky burton (21 days ago)
Liam Hill (21 days ago)
Star Trek online is one of the best online games that should have made it to the list
Rockpopper Madness (21 days ago)
Team Fortress 2 and Warframe
Dark Ninja Gaming (21 days ago)
u should have included warface
Zun Gamer (22 days ago)
Zula was the best
Brooks Robinson (22 days ago)
uhh.. tf2, warframe
1364 Productions (9 days ago)
thank u im gkad u kiek my game c
Ender Spider (23 days ago)
2:56 as bayrakları
safa7 bataineh (23 days ago)
good job
justplay games (24 days ago)
WTF and paladin and H1Z1
Dark Matser (24 days ago)
You forgot popular games: Doki-Doki, Warframe, Unturned, Dota, all that good stuff. They're free to play, you forgot research much :p
1364 Productions (9 days ago)
those games arent popular.
i cant find zulu europe
pikuzwe (24 days ago)
Also paladins
pikuzwe (24 days ago)
You forgot brawlhalla and line of sight
1364 Productions (9 days ago)
i have feelings for u
Adam The Pie guy (25 days ago)
try the demo for "underhero"
Mediocre Midlaner (25 days ago)
Those are the best? Imagine the worst
Kurama TheYin&YangWolf (26 days ago)

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