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Meet the Soda Popper [SFM]

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What's the best way to break through a dreaded Engineer base on Dustbowl? That's right, a sawn-off shotgun powered by radiation flavoured energy drink! There might be some steroids mixed in there as well, who knows? Meet the Soda Popper is (finally) here! Credit goes to Unrellius for making the lovely title card.
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Text Comments (4196)
Mr.Mojayk (1 day ago)
soda poper skrap metal! this gun suck
Peridot47 Dexter How (2 days ago)
This weapon is fine in the main game
Aayan Adeel (4 days ago)
I Have it
Kaiju Slayer333 (4 days ago)
Not accurate at all but ok.
Dracomon (5 days ago)
6 engineers Tf2 in a nutshell
derp scout the scout (6 days ago)
Bannon player proman5000? Accused for cheating using unlimited hype,and using wrangler not as engineer ✅23 ☑ 1 ❌☑ banning player proman5000....
Arthur Henrique (7 days ago)
18638193 enginners
Dominator 1009 (11 days ago)
No amazing in the title??? I’m disgusted!!!
Иван Швец (14 days ago)
Tipical cheater
Legend 27 (14 days ago)
Looks like scout went on VACation :P
Natnat Gaming101 (14 days ago)
0:08 I can easily notice his left wrist is twisted. It happen sometimes
RoCcO MoCcO (14 days ago)
So the soda popper turns you into jacky Chan?
Luizifer Hitzing (17 days ago)
Now that's some BS right there! ;J
SCP-665 (17 days ago)
As a half-engie, half-scout, I call BS.
Michael Torres (18 days ago)
JustPlayer (18 days ago)
*In reality of TF2* You got killed in first seconds,because turret expect you havin' aimbot.
LuigiNumberOne (21 days ago)
It's not a sawn-off shotgun, it's a crude Force-A-Nature!
NarrowGauge07 (23 days ago)
Lets all of a silent moment for the soda popper. RIP Soda Popper valve nerfed it.
JTBSpartan (7 days ago)
I abused the Hype jump so much and got above the map so many times.
Deadslayer 95 (27 days ago)
OP Scouts in a nutshell
Maddock Su (27 days ago)
a group of engineers good luck getting past that in real tf2 with a soda popper
YURIY KUKHARSKYY (27 days ago)
Street fighter but its TF2 and soda - popper.
unknown (28 days ago)
BLU doesn't have spys
BigCyka (28 days ago)
Watching this after the rework just makes me confused.
Neo Fajardo (28 days ago)
you have been kicked from the server, reason: CHEATING
RougeDaReaper (29 days ago)
Knock knock, get the door, Its Jungle Inferno.
Alex Ender (1 month ago)
The scout shot with soda popper 2 times
mieciu (1 month ago)
SNIPER! 1:05
Golden Brine Gaming (1 month ago)
All the fucking morons in the comment section jesus
HUEKORN (1 month ago)
VAC Banned Scout Reason: Soda Popper goes for a short time, and grabbing the guns that are not for scout. EDIT: HE GRABBED THE WRANGLER
Nutty man (1 month ago)
F2p engis... can't hit the damn sentry
Nutty man (1 month ago)
Valve:we will try and fix that glitch I don't know if it was hacks or a glitch
oskar oskarek (1 month ago)
poor engies
Alfie d98 (1 month ago)
Great for 2014 , 2018 anyone
Meanwhile... *F2P SEES THIS* *equips soda popper* WhAT tHe FA
Ness (1 month ago)
Meet the Soda Popper Post Nerf *Shows it in the trash*
Once again to bad your own enemy side because I can tell your demoman because you have that just like the one on your YouTube profile
Kola XD (1 month ago)
Why All your videos are so AMAZING
Phantom Lord (1 month ago)
My x10 server experience
Afnan Ahmed (1 month ago)
I hate blue
Jhonny TNT (1 month ago)
The Overpowered Orb (1 month ago)
Whats the music at 0:57
Homeless Teletubby (1 month ago)
Expectation Vs. Reality
Igorox Minecraft (1 month ago)
my channel (1 month ago)
Well that highly inaccurate I killed 5 scouts with the soda poper in a single engi life
ZombieHunter110 Man (1 month ago)
I love the winglet hat demo in every little sneaky SFM, well, party hat
Cel Tolentino (1 month ago)
Mixed with steroids 😂 (in description)
sparrow1310 (1 month ago)
its so gay i hope u die
shadow rat lipire (1 month ago)
Hmmm..... idk if I should use le soda popper >_>
Official Legend (1 month ago)
7.8 out of 10:Too much Engineers.
CptToma5 Jane (1 month ago)
how scouts see there "plays" how they really are miss both shots get destoryed by sentrys
Demonized Life (1 month ago)
I love using this with the Winger and pretending that I'm a superhero. I always go like "BONK BOY TO THE RESCUE" until I die by a Sentry.
slen derman fg (1 month ago)
boss master dude (2 months ago)
Muncher (2 months ago)
if only
willmist3r (2 months ago)
Ya I wish.
TheCrimsonCross (2 months ago)
RIP Short circuit (Post Jungle inferno)
face will change soon (2 months ago)
Soda popper isn’t that OP
vy pham (2 months ago)
Ngu hack ko
Noob slayer New (2 months ago)
I still don’t like scout
Tee Vee Does Youtube (2 months ago)
i use this, the winger & atomizer and im *so pissed at the atomizer nerfs* cause i like to jump
Ah, good times Later they killed it
Connor Anderson (2 months ago)
The days before the Nerf...rip
Yamee Moua (2 months ago)
Reality soda popper scout dies in 5 seconds
Frapczek (2 months ago)
Why on this channel red must lose everytime :(
Luke Snowden (2 months ago)
Теодор Димов (2 months ago)
I thought this was a valve official when i first watched it.
The Evilsofa (2 months ago)
Expectations vs reality
ScoutFor Gamer (2 months ago)
This is not in game scout can able to jump 5 times not dodge the sentrys they should make a gun for bonk weapon in the broken soda popper well change it
Im Sure even with The Soda Popper You can Still die to a Sentry
Oscar Valenzuela (2 months ago)
*then it was nerfed*
Bertrand Lyn (2 months ago)
Scout banned. Reason:Speedhacking.
Edward Chan (2 months ago)
The first time BLU team have ever won
Jess Animation (2 months ago)
I have the soda popper lol
Lali Gochelashvili (2 months ago)
scout is my favorite!
Lali Gochelashvili (2 months ago)
scout is my favorite!
Pixel Pug (2 months ago)
I don’t know why but the Soda Popper is strangely effective when combo’d with the Crit-a-Cola
Alexandru Codreanu (2 months ago)
Super scout
Then he wakes up
True Gaming (2 months ago)
You just ripped of piemations
GravitonArc (2 months ago)
Replace the sentries with soldiers and this would’ve been accurate
Noblegaming 1176 (2 months ago)
Wish you could do THAT in the game
saoma thao (2 months ago)
how did scout not die when his team got hit with 4 rocket
Blake Kruse (2 months ago)
this scout would be dead as shit right now, 2018
Acid CH3COOH (2 months ago)
Wrong: Meet the cheater
Duck Sensei (2 months ago)
Meet the soda popper before it was nerfed
Nightmare Foxy (2 months ago)
He never even USED the soda popper
Kari Hedrick (2 months ago)
Why were there so many engineers?
Gustavas Janušonis (2 months ago)
That scout did 40 damage max Soda Popper 2: VACation
crash 2905 (2 months ago)
The soda popper. It gives you diabetes
jonathan arnold (3 months ago)
he used firefight reloaded menu music ;3
I have the soda popper
Momo Kawashima (3 months ago)
Momo Kawashima (3 months ago)
Levente Vasas (3 months ago)
scout is hacker
Pyromaniac (3 months ago)
When I play tf2 I'm basically the Gunslinger engie that got killed
Cey Trez (3 months ago)
we all wish this were in tf2 physics
kermit suicide (3 months ago)
Like you could fly like that in the gane at 1:54 :/
Oliepolie (3 months ago)
never happens
GamerGuyYT (3 months ago)
When your hype is at max

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