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Meet the Soda Popper [SFM]

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What's the best way to break through a dreaded Engineer base on Dustbowl? That's right, a sawn-off shotgun powered by radiation flavoured energy drink! There might be some steroids mixed in there as well, who knows? Meet the Soda Popper is (finally) here! Credit goes to Unrellius for making the lovely title card.
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Text Comments (4115)
willmist3r (1 day ago)
Ya I wish.
TheCrimsonCross (1 day ago)
RIP Short circuit (Post Jungle inferno)
face will change soon (2 days ago)
Soda popper isn’t that OP
vy pham (4 days ago)
Ngu hack ko
Sarath Hour (5 days ago)
I still don’t like scout
Tee Vee Does Youtube (6 days ago)
i use this, the winger & atomizer and im *so pissed at the atomizer nerfs* cause i like to jump
Ah, good times Later they killed it
Connor Anderson (8 days ago)
The days before the Nerf...rip
Yamee Moua (8 days ago)
Reality soda popper scout dies in 5 seconds
Frapczek (9 days ago)
Why on this channel red must lose everytime :(
Luke Snowden (9 days ago)
I thought this was a valve official when i first watched it.
The Evilsofa (11 days ago)
Expectations vs reality
ScoutFor Gamer (11 days ago)
This is not in game scout can able to jump 5 times not dodge the sentrys they should make a gun for bonk weapon in the broken soda popper well change it
Im Sure even with The Soda Popper You can Still die to a Sentry
Oscar Valenzuela (12 days ago)
*then it was nerfed*
Bertrand Lyn (13 days ago)
Scout banned. Reason:Speedhacking.
Edward Chan (13 days ago)
The first time BLU team have ever won
Angel Kitty (13 days ago)
I have the soda popper lol
Lali Gochelashvili (13 days ago)
scout is my favorite!
Lali Gochelashvili (13 days ago)
scout is my favorite!
Pixel Pug (15 days ago)
I don’t know why but the Soda Popper is strangely effective when combo’d with the Crit-a-Cola
Alexandru Codreanu (16 days ago)
Super scout
Then he wakes up
True Gaming (17 days ago)
You just ripped of piemations
GravitonArc (18 days ago)
Replace the sentries with soldiers and this would’ve been accurate
Noblegaming 1176 (20 days ago)
Wish you could do THAT in the game
saoma thao (20 days ago)
how did scout not die when his team got hit with 4 rocket
Blake Kruse (21 days ago)
this scout would be dead as shit right now, 2018
Patrick Cross (22 days ago)
*sigh* Oh the days when the Soda Popper wasn't complete shit...
HCl H2So4 (22 days ago)
Wrong: Meet the cheater
Duck Sensei (23 days ago)
Meet the soda popper before it was nerfed
MCPEP173821 Sir meme (23 days ago)
He never even USED the soda popper
zachgames (24 days ago)
Why were there so many engineers?
Gustavas Janušonis (26 days ago)
That scout did 40 damage max Soda Popper 2: VACation
crash 2905 (27 days ago)
The soda popper. It gives you diabetes
jonathan arnold (27 days ago)
he used firefight reloaded menu music ;3
I have the soda popper
Momo Kawashima (28 days ago)
Momo Kawashima (28 days ago)
Levente Vasas (30 days ago)
scout is hacker
Oblivious (30 days ago)
When I play tf2 I'm basically the Gunslinger engie that got killed
Cey Trez (30 days ago)
we all wish this were in tf2 physics
kermit suicide (1 month ago)
Like you could fly like that in the gane at 1:54 :/
Oliepolie (1 month ago)
never happens
GamerGuyYT (1 month ago)
When your hype is at max
Jaime Tilton (1 month ago)
Wouldn't it be the winger
HallowsHoliday (1 month ago)
I heard the soda popper is actually a broke force-a-nature and 2 crit-a-colas
Green Leaf (1 month ago)
Expectation vs reality...
rock tooth (1 month ago)
And after that sentry lose shield and aim on him
Miles Banks (1 month ago)
A good character but I think it needs a buff
Tom Clansy (1 month ago)
Man. Soda popper is worst weapon ever!
Sqooshy (1 month ago)
This half-life music is badass
pestek PPL (1 month ago)
Soda Popper is shit
Edward Contreras (1 month ago)
Soda Popper Unplayable Boss Character
Mr Broken (1 month ago)
Cool vid, but in reality soda poper sucks
Ricardo Javillonar (1 month ago)
Dude i have in tf2 is a soda popper and the bonk soda and the bink bat
Trent Lindsey (1 month ago)
It doesn't last that long
5T4NL3Y • (1 month ago)
You were kicked from the server 1:53 Reasons : Spaming SPACE bar
Damion Malacashi (1 month ago)
Sigh... if only
jason li (1 month ago)
2:06 dead.
Jedd Tyler (1 month ago)
Rise of the epic scout
No one shot with soda
Makary Metzger (1 month ago)
He didnt even use it
Green Bay Packers (1 month ago)
Kasper Mikkelsen (1 month ago)
Standard tf2 ctf map teams XD
SlimyMeImpressed (1 month ago)
If only the Soda Popper wasn’t nerfed.
Newer Broom (1 month ago)
Pause on 1:05 Call someone to do an exorsism on that shit
Wilhelm Molde (1 month ago)
Red sniper is waving behind of scout 1:05
Wilhelm Molde (1 month ago)
Does anybody saw red sniper behind of scout
TheEpicBurger (1 month ago)
There is nothing much about the soda popper it’s just the Force-o-Nature with soda taped on the bottom
Ariel Sproul (1 month ago)
that cute little turret is about to kick some ass
TheGreatShinobi101 (1 month ago)
I literally use the soda popper like every game that I use scout with
Scott Edmonds (1 month ago)
Next do the same but nothing
abba reyes (2 months ago)
I hate blues!!
John Quigg (2 months ago)
I’m still waiting for a Pyro video...
Fortnitekid 2500 (2 months ago)
Soldier: Last one alive, Block.. the door!!! 0:15
frazbear time (2 months ago)
If only the soda popper worked like this
Saruwatari Kaito (2 months ago)
In SFM: dodging bullets and rockets like a boss Reality: die in 3 second 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Waffles (2 months ago)
This is what they think they look like. What they really look like: "u guys r garbage. Ima carry u watch dis!!" (Runs in with soda popper) (dies instantly) (leaves game) (uninstalls tf2) (uninstalls steam) (uninstalls windows) (takes apart computer) (burns it) (burns desk) (burns room) (burns house) (burns neighborhood) burns entire state) (gets bored of burning so instead he nukes the US) (he goes to North Korea to research extinction event weapons) (uses satalite to fire missiles at comet at the right angle to hit earth) (earth blows up to meteor) (he dies) (he burns afterlife) (he re-dies) (he burns the after afterlife) (he reredies) [repeat last two steps infinitly]
PiesełTheGamer (2 months ago)
Too much overpowered.
Jeff YT (2 months ago)
2:02 the scout is very small, he smashed buildings and engies and didn't even got fall damage... HACKER SPOTTED
Nuka Everything (2 months ago)
1:04 hello sniper
D.DoT-Z (2 months ago)
Well then the Blu Team must’ve been shit Sentry nests fail when all the buildings are grouped together Pfft Fucking amateurs
AngeloNix (2 months ago)
That's pretty impossible for a skinny ass scout whom her mom got fucked by a spy.
Irregular Spuds (2 months ago)
Song at 1:11?
Exxelenen Setijadi (2 months ago)
I guess the spy doesnt exist in this sfm
Dark The Wolf (2 months ago)
Shotgun + Energy drink = Speedy Kills
subwei (2 months ago)
Why Scout Can Hype When He Doesn't Kill Anyone??
I use the Soda Popper alot even in present day 2018, and it is still a pretty good weapon
Aa Bb (2 months ago)
scout has ban was super pro and super speed hack
Kairi_ Scout. (2 months ago)
It makes me want to pick up my old Soda Popper, but I realize that there maybe salty people and that i maybe expelled "by hacks", then i miss the hype
hector and miguel (2 months ago)
Spy behind you
WIИTER The Heavy Main (2 months ago)
Why did he use PBPP instead of the Winger? He's BONK BOY! Other than that pet peeve, great animation :)
Bryan King (2 months ago)
wow winglet is amazing
2D-Flare (2 months ago)
As soon as the video started (after the intro) I wondered, who decides everyone should be engis and build on LAST. And at the end, the scout lets go of the wrangler, why doesn’t the sentry shoot him?
Edward The Good YouTuber (2 months ago)
Engineer: Now I have seen everything.... BEST LAST WORDS EVER 2014
It's not the good gun the really gun are soda poper , winger end sand man
Dylan Vigil (3 months ago)
Soda popper isn't even that great

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