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15 NEW Nintendo Switch Games Coming NOVEMBER 2018

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Nintendo Switch will have a great year in 2018. Today we will take a look at 15 new Nintendo Switch games that will come out in November 2018. Top 12 NEW Upcoming RPG Games On Nintendo Switch (2018 & 2019) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3p4rHcv5t2c -Follow Us - Twitter ⇒ https://www.twitter.com/SwitchPlanetOff
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Text Comments (393)
SwitchPlanet (23 days ago)
Top 12 NEW Upcoming RPG Games On Nintendo Switch (2018 & 2019) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3p4rHcv5t2c
You show the same games in multiple videos of yours. Don’t do that often. K thx bi
Goncalo Monteiro (2 days ago)
everyone shoud play this war of mine
Dana Mueller (2 days ago)
So nothing.......
Mick (3 days ago)
I would be ok with playing Let’s Go if it wasn’t the same price as stuff like Diablo and Smash. Transitor was great although completed fairly quickly.
Christian Staub (4 days ago)
And ark?
Meliodas Rayne (5 days ago)
Cant wait for Fortuna
Karma (7 days ago)
Came for Warframe.
alvin cin (10 days ago)
It is just free in psn yak
alvin cin (10 days ago)
Yak lots of game u can even run in ds grqphics or gameboy wtfffffffff
moi lui (11 days ago)
Diablo Diablo !!!!!
서승연 (11 days ago)
This war of mine really is a good game. I' am from Russia and for me sometimes nintendo games is too expensive. I think that I will bye this game anyway, This war of mine worth it.
AttackOfTheZ0mbies (12 days ago)
DatSky (12 days ago)
Warframe JP unreleased wait what?? Are you kidding me. Japan got Diablo 3 in december and now warframe is late too?
Zapdaze ! C'est tout (12 days ago)
And ARK ?
Aaron Dent (14 days ago)
Anyone mentioned ark survival evolved set to come on the 30th of november
Damian Williams (14 days ago)
All you had to do was just say there are no decent releases in November!!!
Cyclops823 (10 days ago)
What about ARK?
Eric Widder (15 days ago)
Can the Switch get any worse? All it does is port games that came out years ago. It's a joke. Thank god I built a PC during the same time I bought this. It's good for taking a shit and flying on an airplane that's it. Odyssey and Zelda were great but it ended there.
Eric Widder (7 days ago)
+Dante, Taveler Of The Burning Abyss Disagree!
😑what a dumb comment dude the switch is awesome.
Lion_603 (15 days ago)
It's like,one trailer is flashier and more exciting than the previous one. And then there are Pokemon just staring each other down Owo
Gragon 777 (16 days ago)
Again only bullshit comminh up. I want to fucking spend money on new games. But not on gay indie games or fucking endless reworks. Im pretty disappointed
Sofiane Krouri (16 days ago)
nothing interesting... :/
Nemesis1986fly (16 days ago)
Warframe <3 <3 <3
Nemesis1986fly (16 days ago)
Diablo 3 OTG is also amazing
Daniel Milner (16 days ago)
Man I really want moonlighter
Isra zero (17 days ago)
Phantasy star on line 2 Cloud, when release for north america?
Isra zero (11 days ago)
+xVenomzzz i wont buy this shit then fuck you Nintendo
xVenomzzz (12 days ago)
Isra zero never
이기원 (17 days ago)
디스워오브마인이 나오네
Andrew Powers (17 days ago)
Im so sad that people are calling Grip an indie game... I guess next to no one played Rollcage...
Antonio Carusi (17 days ago)
Omfg Valiant hearts
JOhn Doe (17 days ago)
"neue" lol
gill (17 days ago)
잠자고있는곰 (18 days ago)
Michael Hanisch (18 days ago)
This month looks great.
vatos locos (18 days ago)
Fucking stupid games dont waste your money on these ga games
dvxAznxvb (18 days ago)
Why isn't this war of mine a free game by now?
David Tjia (18 days ago)
Hello guys pokemon lets go evee or pikachu on digital esshop??
Nurse Olena (18 days ago)
This video requires payment tobwatch?????
Razzly Rachman (18 days ago)
Wait... Warframe is free?
Michael Hanisch (18 days ago)
PsyQoBoy (18 days ago)
It's free in PC why not switch
Benjamin Salas (18 days ago)
keven boucher (19 days ago)
honestly for diablo 3 to put a price tag for 79,99 $ CAN and that games is 7 years old is pretty greedy from blizzard to do this i will put it for 40 $ CAN but no way i would pay a full price AAA game in this price
Eason Chen (19 days ago)
New?? Well come to steam
Bboy Sparda DMP (19 days ago)
PERO FISICOS?... porque en digital es muy facil meter lo que sea, asi cualquiera tiene juegos
Eric Moors (19 days ago)
Moonlighter and maybe Warframe if I can afford it 😉.
BalthazarTheGreat (19 days ago)
Spintires marauder is NOT coming to switch not sure where you found that information. The creator even said that hardware isn’t even close to giving you 10fps since the tegra x1 cpu is ancient and cant calculate enough real time physics which is what the game generally is.
Dav G. (19 days ago)
2:52 Jamal Alan
ROBDEWAND (19 days ago)
ooh dam forgot about diablo 3 i am gonna buy it for the switch for sure, if inished it already on the xbox 360 i enjoyed it, but now i wanna play this on the go as well :p
Can Musik (19 days ago)
you have to change the title. it must be named "15 bad or old games coming to switch"
Raven Ninja (19 days ago)
I’m ready
Blu Gill (19 days ago)
Moonlighter and warframe probably
Bangcat (19 days ago)
For now it's all about StarLink and Soul Calibur 6 for me. Waiting for that 16 bit style game that's like Retro City Rampage and that mech game on Switch though..
Benjamin Salas (18 days ago)
what is it called?
Saya Kisaragi (19 days ago)
Toll super und wie immer alle auf englisch -.- Wie soll man da was bitte schön verstehen wer nicht so gut englisch kann ?😡
General Mimigma (19 days ago)
Wird Brawlhalla kostenlos?
Black Cat (20 days ago)
Are you serious....😭 common Nintendo...
Benji F (20 days ago)
Stupid games
Atze 69 (20 days ago)
Release von Pokemon Lets Go ist im Dezember du Dulli. Ist es so schwer eine Liste in der Beschreibung einzufügen?
D Balkoo (19 days ago)
16. November
Connor Brown (20 days ago)
wheres ark?
pokemon master (20 days ago)
Warframe i can't wait to mess with, since i just started getting into d2 about 4 days ago , cant wait to grind for Awesome weapons
PinkPandamanz (18 days ago)
pokemon master destiny 2 is bad I been playing since destiny one destiny two main quest was really good everything else is trash
Eva-Maria Thissen (20 days ago)
Welche Spiele kommen den alle
Kman - (20 days ago)
Never expected to see warframe in switch lol
Benjamin Salas (18 days ago)
yea, it hit me with a buss lol.
Va M (20 days ago)
Pure shit
Steven Smith (20 days ago)
Transistor is amazing!
SŦAR - (20 days ago)
so ziemlich alles trash oder es gibt spätestens mit smash bessere alternativen
Muniz silva (20 days ago)
90% são jogos meia boca, Nintendo switch, está morrendo igual ao Wii u!!
kakashi san (20 days ago)
Only dumbass blind dicksucking sheeps would buy garbage like 60$ watered down cashbgrab Pokemon Go. Not to mention 50$ mew paywall what a joke. Gamefreak must be laughing their asses seeing dumbass sheeps that bought any crap they throw
Mücke Mischa (20 days ago)
Alles iwie nur Trödelkram
Rafael Vidal Esch (20 days ago)
these videos are the single reason I haven't bought a Switch. A console with roughly 5 good games. Now ppl are supposed to be excited about brawhalla and warframe? bitch pleaase
Daniel Pinto (20 days ago)
೫Luna Star7೫ (20 days ago)
YAY! I'm glad you mentioned Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu and Let's go Eevee, makes me want to play it so bad :)
rafal saczko (20 days ago)
My favorite game after this was Grip:combat racing! It combines 3 of my favorite things! Racing, Combat, AND Good graphics
Captainjo 17 (20 days ago)
Is war frame cross play?
零星レイア (20 days ago)
Switchのゲームておもしろそうなのねえな 買った意味ねえ
Saqlain Hyder (20 days ago)
Wow! For once, most of these games are actually good. November 2018 is gonna be great!
・左のトトロ (20 days ago)
1:30 これ面白そう
しば しば (20 days ago)
広告がPlayStation Japanで草
Arite Bonig (21 days ago)
30.11.2018 ark for Switch!
Connor Brown (20 days ago)
whats your friend code so we can play on ark together
KingNemba (21 days ago)
Grip used to be a playstation game. Don't underestimate. its countless hours of fun. get it
叶立 (21 days ago)
mobile games or ps3 games =switch
John Harvey (21 days ago)
We need nartuo strikers on the switch and soul cailbur too
朱振源 (21 days ago)
Adrian Rañada (21 days ago)
u can see how powerful the tegra than sd
Lucius Bloodbourne (21 days ago)
would not complain if tera or black desert online was added
Dave Barista (21 days ago)
Bought Switch and it is sitting at corner of my room. shitty games... come on Nintendo.
Mr Juliarche (21 days ago)
15 games and only 2 of them look good thats sad
sexy korean girl (21 days ago)
moonlighter looks amazing
Sotto (16 days ago)
u can get it for free or off steam.
PRIVATE SECTOR 042 (21 days ago)
I'm so excited for all this blurry low-resolution garbage!!!!! The only good ones are Warframe and spin tires. And plenty of Indy garbage
Simon Wilson (21 days ago)
Grip looks like a spiritual successor to rollcage
Spongey Cake (21 days ago)
Moonlighter and D3 are on my list. This War of Mine seems interesting as well
Chaika Gaz (21 days ago)
If you owned a ps4 all of these are OLD games lol
soliudo (21 days ago)
And this cost 600$? srsly?for indi games?or ports from pc.....Sony,please,make new handheld
Thái Sơn Nguyễn (21 days ago)
This is off topic but could anyone please tell me what is the name of intro and outro music theme that switchplanet used for this video? thank you so much.
BoringStar (21 days ago)
아니 게임별로 쳐갈수있는 시간표좀 쳐써넣어봐 맨날 10초씩 넘겨가면서 봐야해
박지원 (21 days ago)
이제야 좀 재밌는거 나오네
Slingshot David (21 days ago)
Luis Paternina (21 days ago)
GRIP!!!!! (Rollcage)
whitechapelmusic123 (21 days ago)
I might play transistor just for the Music, If it all sounds like that.
정진호 (22 days ago)
가면라이더 클라이맥스 스크럼블이 없다 ㅋㅋ
dani neves (22 days ago)
Monster Boy ???
Daud Hicks (22 days ago)
Diablo 3 is all that interests me here, this war of mine is probably better off playing on your phone or tablet.
Agustin Petrini (22 days ago)
Wtf why nothing is released in jp store. I want to play warframe.

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