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Vincenzo Vieri (10 months ago)
My hdt goes dark as fuk how do u fix the hdr??? Forza 3 goes dark I'm so lost
Blaze -4K- (10 months ago)
Vincenzo Vieri what kind of tv you have
ILOVECHICKEN698 (1 year ago)
Skull Recon (1 year ago)
Does ur tv darkens or dims when hdr is turned on?
Peter Stausholm (1 year ago)
I have the KS7005 60" (KS8000 in the US) and i have the same problem as you. For Forza 3 you have to set "Dynamic Contrast" to High under settings for your TV, or it looks dark and washed out. There´s alot of people having problems with Dark og washed out picture displaying HDR on the KS8000, and it seems to be the "Edge Lit" nature of this TV. I have seen HDR on a Full Array LED (KS9000) and OLED(LG B6) and the KS8000 falls short in HDR Vs. "OLED" and "Full Array LED" ... unfortunately. The KS8000 is a fantastic TV for the price, but it´s still a budget TV. HDR on the LG B6 OLED does not come close to the KS8000 in HDR ... it simply looks stunning on the LG B6 :) PS. If you set "Dynamic Contrast" to High you will loose detail in the whites ... but it´s a good trade off for this game :)
D-Nasty's Noise (2 years ago)
What game do you think has better HDR. Forza Horizon 3 or Gears 4? Does Gears have the HDR brightness setting like FH3 had?
Jack Ryan (2 years ago)
No Full LED 😏 Only a Edge Underground Lightning 😐 The KS9890 is much better in HDR🖒
AlexWhitaker123 (2 years ago)
i have a samsung tv and didnt realise that to activate the hdr i had to go into the advance picture settings and find UHD colour setting. Turn this on on the relevant hdmi connection... ie. my xbox one s is on hdmi port 1 so i turned this to on. Then the tv restarts itself... oh! and dont forget to adjust the brightness and HDR brightness settings within the game options too. Now im playing in full 4k HDR and yes it looks amazing.
Skull Recon (1 year ago)
Sounds like the tv is very good in terms of HDR, i have yet to figure out how to enable it
AlexWhitaker123 (1 year ago)
Skull Recon to be honest i dont see any difference going from HD to 4K on my tv on the xbox one S ... ( I havent tried a 4k film yet ) . i was beginning to think it was not worth all the expense i had paid out. but when i had set up forza correctly on HDR thats when i could see a massive improvement and im so glad i have got the set up i have. i have also gears 4.. which looks good. i heard final fantasy 15 is on hdr too and battlefield 1 is meant to be getting an update to display hdr. i hope they all will be as good as forza.
Skull Recon (1 year ago)
Does the tv's picture quality impress you? On my its good but nothing is what the reviews are saying
AlexWhitaker123 (1 year ago)
Skull Recon. for me on my tv only one of the hdmi sockets works... why that is i dont know. maybe cos its the only socket that has a hdr signal going into it... my brother has a samsung tv and all the hdmi sockets allow hdr activation.. and he has nothing plugged in to it that supports hdr.
Skull Recon (1 year ago)
+AlexWhitaker123 Does hdmi 3 works too? Or does it have to be 1?
Too bad it doesnt have HDR on PC, I got one of them LG OLED TVs coming and wish I could play this on 4K60 + HDR!
Colin Parks (2 years ago)
I have the same set and it's stunning
Simon Milner (2 years ago)
Fantastic fame in got the Samsung ue49ks8000 suhd 4k hdr tv and its superb.
checarlos956214 (2 years ago)
what tv model is that?
Blaze -4K- (2 years ago)
Epic X (2 years ago)
Looks amazing I had to buy a new gpu so I can play this game at 4k
ayakoyuuta (2 years ago)
and you need 4k mon, but you may choose 2k mon for higher fps.
Blaze -4K- (2 years ago)
Lol dammm
Mauricio Becker (2 years ago)
I dont think HDR is the big deal here. The big deal is the way the game was made. Even in a 4k Tv without hdr its just insane. Hdr just increase the contrast in this case.
Blaze -4K- (2 years ago)
Bro you have to see it for for self. it looks amazing on a 1080p tv as well but HDR Does a lot more than that..
vinniecorleone62 (2 years ago)
I'm buying a small 500GB HDD XB1-S just to play this new "Forza Horizon 3" in HDR, I have a new 8500 series Samsung 4K HDR TV so I'm all over it like ants on a kitchen counter. Good to hear you dig the game, it looks incredible from everything I've seen on it so far man.
Dutchnoskillz (2 years ago)
Just buy a PC and enjoy the 1000x times better graphics, unlocked frame rates. higher resolutions and much more!
Blaze -4K- (2 years ago)
I have the same tv bro lmao

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