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Nintendo Entertainment System - Nintendo Switch Online - Overview Trailer

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With a Nintendo Switch Online membership, gain exclusive access to a large collection of NES™ games that are great to play anytime, anywhere! For the first time ever, you can play these classic games online and use voice chat via the Nintendo Switch Online smartphone app. Compete or cooperate online with friends, share your screen, or virtually pass the controller, depending on the game. #NintendoSwitch #NES #NintendoSwitchOnline Subscribe for more Nintendo fun! https://goo.gl/HYYsot Visit Nintendo.com for all the latest! http://www.nintendo.com/ Like Nintendo on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Nintendo Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/NintendoAmerica Follow us on Instagram: http://instagram.com/Nintendo Follow us on Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/Nintendo Follow us on Google+: http://google.com/+Nintendo
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Text Comments (3873)
Minecraft Gaming (18 hours ago)
I remember seeing this video like before the desc's release date.
Thuggee (23 hours ago)
why don't you just have all your old games on the eshop where people can buy them and have the purchase connected to your eshop account not the console and not ask people to re buy them.... like what Sony do.
The Cookie Haven (1 day ago)
Cmon Nintendo... it's not fair for people who already bought splatoon including me! So.. basically we just wasted like 50 bucks. If I had to add this "switch online" thing, I would give the people who have already bought games like splatoon free online connection, but leave out the cloud data saves and other stuff which can be accessed by buying your little scam. Even better, JUST GET RID OF THIS WHOLE THING!
nintenchris5963 (1 day ago)
What do you guys say we go on strike against Nintendo and force them to make Online Play free?
Alej0hio (2 days ago)
How about you give people that JUST bought the switch from 13th november 2018 to launch unexpiring subscription for free?
FroggyLovesCoffee (2 days ago)
I still havent bought nso, and with the amount of people who are unhappy i dont feel as its worth it.
Meme Machine (2 days ago)
Nintendo Switch Online reminds me How good the Wii, 3DS and Wii U are
Jaret Tiechroeb (3 days ago)
Or you know, just give *Virtual Console!* Switch: introduces paid online Wii: has better (and free) online than switch. *more than 10 years later!*
LMSFan11 (2 days ago)
its not thats its paid, its that splatoon 2 is being screwed with and vc is replaced by itself and a few nes games
Taco Bell (3 days ago)
i dont understand why people are hating on this so much, in all honesty i think people are just ungrateful about what nintendo offers
Seacliff (7 hours ago)
Reggie had said that Nintendo would not have Paid DLC once, only for that to be dismissed a few months later. You can't prove something that doesn't exist. Nintendo has said nothing regarding titles past NES, and we can't just say "it'll get better" with biased perspectives of PR as 'evidence'.
Taco Bell (7 hours ago)
Seacliff do you think Reggie would say that if they planned to stretch the games out for THAT long?
Seacliff (7 hours ago)
I have, that makes me all the more worried. "We haven’t even made the full library of NES games available yet. So this content has to be optimized for the Switch environment." With over 700 NES games with 3 games each month, sounds like it's going to be quite a while before we get SNES, let alone N64. By that point, the next console will be released and we start back at NES games again.
Taco Bell (12 hours ago)
Seacliff look at the recent Reggie discussion about the n64 and what he said at the end
Seacliff (16 hours ago)
What Nintendo offering is a replacement for something superior (Virtual Console) they took away. It's like a high-quality restaurant being torn down and being replaced with a Mcdonalds.
Henry (3 days ago)
You were supposed to destroy EA, Activision, Ubisoft and Konami, not join them, you were supposed to bring balance to console gaming, not leave it in darkness.
Francisco Benedito (3 days ago)
nintendo... u are killing ur own console that was so hyped. what are u doing?! this is awful. satoru iwata would be ashamed.
Make this free to play without an online subscription. I could easily get a NES Classic for much cheaper and not use an online subscription to play it
LMSFan11 (2 days ago)
why not a great online service
Gustavo Menacho (3 days ago)
Wee want wii games, Wii u games, game cube games.. psn do this and xbox too
LMSFan11 (2 days ago)
The flim Critics (4 days ago)
I think that the service is ok, but would be better if they added some snes and maybe N64 games. And thats it pretty much in my opinion
Hestani F (4 days ago)
The service is still garbage Nintendo. We want SNES, N64, and GameCube games. Why do you insist on pushing these games forward when either A: No one ever cared about them and B: having to pay again for a game I already own and played? And people still like the service. Even when Smash Ultimate comes out, I’m still boycotting this service.
OK...how about this Nintendo...if this comment gets *100K LIKES* you have to shut down Nintendo Online. Because it's awful and The reason you had a leg up in the competition is that you could play online for free. And now you trying to fit in like ps4 and xbox. And I'M NOT GONNA SIT DOWN AND LET THIS CONTINUE SO IF YOU FEEL THE SAME WAY PLZ LIKE THIS COMMENT AND HELP ME SHUT DOWN NINTENDO ONLINE
Wesley Damaschino (4 days ago)
I still have no reason to buy your online service or games like Splatoon 2. You'll have to try harder.
Gaming With Calvin (4 days ago)
Honestly NES games on the switch is the one good thing about nintendo switch online so I don't know why people hate it. But you should probably not wait so long to add metroid. Next I say put in N64 games. I even picked out some good games you can start with: Starters: Mario 64, Ocarina Of Time, Mario Kart 64, StarFox64, Smash 64, Donkey Kong 64, Mario Party, Pokemon Stadium, Majora's Mask, F-zero X. Next month you can add: Kirby 64 Crystal Shards, Bomberman 64, Diddykong Racing, Mario Party 3, Mario Tenis 64. NEXT month you can add: Wave Race 64, Paper Mario, Pokemon Snap, Mortal Combat 4, Star Wars: Rogue Squadron. And then keep going and going! Feel free to do what you want, this is just an idea.
LpsMario (4 days ago)
i loved playing minecraft with lps luigi with my switch...BUT GESS WHAT HAPPEND!!!!!!!!!
Asuna Yuuki (4 days ago)
I just got Nintendo switch online and it really ain’t bad. But there really ain’t games for it yet. I probably would want virtual console if they had it
ParaGade9X (4 days ago)
You should never have to pay.
LinkLad 26 (4 days ago)
Dedicated servers Give them for Smash Bros Ultimate when it releases
shadow2050 (4 days ago)
We want native voice chat. That’s all. I would pay online service just for that.
Sweet Amy (5 days ago)
I will never ever pay for this joke of an online service - it isn't about the money, it's about not paying someone for doing a lousy job!
Mrbendy The hedgehog (5 days ago)
Change it now
Dexo Plex (5 days ago)
Only 19.99 a year is a fuckova deal
Lucas Grooters (5 days ago)
Why cant no one show respect go nintendo?
Mustachio113 (5 days ago)
Buying a switch for the holidays but not this Online mess. If you want a change, do it as Cesar Chavez did, BOYCOTT!! Empty wallets are their weakness.
Cyber (5 days ago)
Also cut back on the production of these videos The effort should be going towards fixing the service
Cyber (5 days ago)
Hey Nintendo I've got a crazy idea PUT THE FULL BLOWN VIRTUAL CONSOLE ON THE SWITCH If I wanted these games. I'd already have them
Cyber (5 days ago)
Imagine smash 64 getting an online Especially while waiting for ultimate
JD Dao (5 days ago)
Huh... I'm sure this will end well.
Flight (5 days ago)
>more dislikes than likes >we all end up being hypocrites and end up buying subscriptions, with a huge amount of people doing so once Smash Bros. launches The ABSOLUTE state of the consumer. Always losing, not winning.
AlexfromNorway (5 days ago)
I'm not, I'll never pay for this. there's nothing enticing about it even in the slightest..
NotARealTutor (5 days ago)
All I want is pokemon leaf green and fire red
ATGplayer (5 days ago)
people just dislike this video because this reminds of nintendo switch online system
Kingfootball546 (5 days ago)
TheGrauzer (5 days ago)
Over twice the amount of dislikes. Lol. People are savage.
Loyal Ethics on psn (5 days ago)
how we roll
Superdog 1367 (5 days ago)
Hey Nintendo, put some SNES games and some N64 games. Or here's a better idea, ADD THE VITURAL CONSOLE AND LET US ACTUALLY OWN THE GAMES INSTEAD OF PAYING FOR THIS SERVICE.
Ian Chandler (5 days ago)
Nintendo is basically targeting kids from the 1980's and the 2010's... but some of us grew up in the 1990's and early 2000's... Ya know, we started with the N64 or Gamecube (Sure, I loved NES, but I didn't play 2+ hours) All I am saying is, *GIVE US N64 AND GAMECUBE!!!*
star doomer (5 days ago)
yay, 20 bucks for games that i can play on my phone for FREE
star doomer (5 days ago)
what is wrong with nintendo, someone there is having a mental breakdown or what?
Magnus Official (6 days ago)
Bring Conker Life and Reloaded with online multiplayer and then I will consider this crap...
Strausburg (6 days ago)
As someone who grew up with the NES and loves these games, please stop this nonsense. Fix voice chat and stop drip feeding us 30-year-old games. You can do much better, Nintendo!
Great value bleach (6 days ago)
This reminds me of the scene in SpongeBob where Pearl asked for pizza and mr. Krabs gives her some crackers and ketchup packets
sonicheadfuck (6 days ago)
The Wii U was better than this. MUCH better. I'd rather it were a little more expensive for the ability to have party chat too. It's 2018.
Mastere72 (6 days ago)
No dedicated servers, No money. Sorry not sorry.
Kronos 0186 (6 days ago)
Nintendo is screwing us over and people still defend them
If this had other systems games, it'd legit be amazing. Also if they start releasing physical switch game remakes
Diego Alegre (6 days ago)
Seriously Nintendo, enough with the NES game,s where's the SNES, GBC, GBA, 64 and Gamecube games?!
huntlord x (6 days ago)
Kronos 0186 (6 days ago)
because as long as players pay to play online, which is what people are doing. Nintendo gets money and thats what they care about in the end
Matt Stansbeary (6 days ago)
Lol Keep making Japan Happy Nintendo. Your so out of Touch from the rest of the world it's not funny.
SethBlizzard (6 days ago)
Anybody else for whom the NES emulator has audio that keeps cutting out?
Senior BLT (6 days ago)
can play all these on my phone for free
Alex ProCaTube (6 days ago)
people who liked this video have no soul
Fedgy (6 days ago)
Dear Nintendo Fans, GameCube games aren't coming to online. You can't even play NES games on a mode other than low latency without the FPS dropping to 1.
OnlyChase (5 days ago)
yeah but they should at least let us purchase and download the games. they aren't even letting us do that.
UX2 Gaming (6 days ago)
Give me N64 or give me death!
Hassan Ajami (6 days ago)
Nintendo always disappoints when it comes to online they are at suck a disconnect with the fan base. They think they know what we want when it comes to online but they are so lost.. we want to be able to chat when every create groups in game it's not hardddddddd
TheVirtualBullet (6 days ago)
Can we look back on them stating that paying to play online after spending money on a game isn’t fair?
ben31uk (6 days ago)
I have a phone but not a smart phone that supports apps. So no voice chat for me 😳 I'm not upgrading my phone just for that.
Qrenaud64 (7 days ago)
Whyyyy do you keep on pushing this?! Can't we just get gamecube, N64, Snes games etc.????????
Just Cooler Then You (7 days ago)
Let us play online for free like we used to!!!!!
Darklink326 (7 days ago)
Nintendo's favorite dance seems to be one step forward and two steps back
Trim Prism (7 days ago)
Is this an out-of season April Fool's Joke?
tyrone Jackal (7 days ago)
This was reuploaded
Balta Bueno (7 days ago)
If you're a real Nintendo fan, you will dislike this video so they can snap out of this curse they're on.
Doña Carmen Morales (7 days ago)
Nintendo. Plz add DuckTales and Kirby's Adventure
Chilly (7 days ago)
Wow Nintendo check this out DISLIKE :'v pls remove the online service like past
ben p (7 days ago)
Who's still boycotting the service? I know I am
The Intense Guy (7 days ago)
Just gonna say it now: I do enjoy the NES games, but I'm still pissed off that I have to pay for Online gaming. Also, when are we getting those NES controllers?
final boss (7 days ago)
This online service with NES games that we all have played like 1000 times before already, together with the terribly outdated, bizarre, and horrible voice chat app just got to be the two worst ideas the old japanese businessmen in Kyoto have approved lately. What an absolute disgrace and total disconnection from reality on how you run online services in 2018/2019!!!
Brandon Velez (7 days ago)
Dedicated servers? Anyone? Nintendo looks away*
Charcharman1 (7 days ago)
do u have to buy nintendo switch online to get the nes games
Loyal Ethics on psn (7 days ago)
Jarren Ling (7 days ago)
Raggity Skags (7 days ago)
Iwata is rolling in his grave.
Karnage Fails (7 days ago)
TRASH!!! Where is virtual console and being able to store my saves on an SD card?!?! Do you guys know how much $$ you'd make from me if I could buy any SNES game I wanted for Switch? What? You don't like money? You know what we want. Just make it happen!
yeetskeet (7 days ago)
I feel like the only reason Nintendo hasn't at least changed anything is because they know people will have to buy it sooner or later
iipastelcake forever (7 days ago)
Nintendo, Just give up. You know you will get like, More dislikes then the Likes.
Elvijs Krūmiņš (7 days ago)
A bunch of rotten, old japanese businessmen morons scratching their heads and wondering why everyone is pissed. Typical nintendo.
Varacka (7 days ago)
We don't care about these bad games. We want n64. Gameboy color. Game cube etc.
Cristel pensil (7 days ago)
Everyone who disliked this is pissed about being ripped off, a ps4/Xbox one fanboy, or is genuinely worried about Nintendo.
Cristel pensil (7 days ago)
*what the fucc can’t play Kirby’s adventure this is a ripoff*
Jadhostgamer072 (7 days ago)
If you add Duck Hunt, l will get this online service cause I love duck hunt.
Jadhostgamer072 (5 days ago)
Or that
Loyal Ethics on psn (5 days ago)
thats lame!! we need a Zapper for the switch!!
Jadhostgamer072 (6 days ago)
How? Ahem, point the joy cons to the screen.
Loyal Ethics on psn (7 days ago)
How are you Going to shoot the 🦆
Blazer (7 days ago)
Seriously.....you guys still think we care? Just having NES games for your Classic game selection is a big mistake. People want more. SNES, N64, GameCube, and even Gameboy games. There are much more enjoyable games on there than NES games. And if your not ready to release those platforms just yet, at least give us good NES games. The ones you guys release each month are all crap. Why can’t you guys at least give us some of the big titles which you packed onto the NES classic edition.
movezig5 (7 days ago)
I will gladly pay more than $20 for a service that doesn't suck.
The Dan (7 days ago)
I won't pay until Nintendo offer a proper service.
Gamecubebot (7 days ago)
Virtual console is dead because of this t r a s h, so i did the unsubscribe button
Stre Led (7 days ago)
Oh look, it's the classic ones... again. Why not go with hidden gems or games that used to be exclusively Japan or Europe only? Atleast, put games that allow two players to play at the same time. Or better, scrap the free games and put a Virtual Console.
Jewaun Glenn (7 days ago)
Nintendo doesn't understand it's really simple and its sad
killerkeller 419 (7 days ago)
Hey I got an idea, add more features bring back virtual Console, do what Sony an Microsoft does, put 3 Triple A games on for a month. separate virtual console from the Service, but if they want to pay more for the service put it in, but don’t only put nes also snes,n64,GameCube, and some wii games include. Then also put in a game pass to, do it also like virtual console, if they want it let them have it, but if they want it all wrap it up into one big bundle. 60 dollar for the three triple A games, 70 dollars for three triple A games including Virtual console or if you don’t want the virtual consoles, swap it out for game pass, And also the virtual console games could be Really low Price from the Scale from free to 5 dollars, 85 dollars for the triple A games, and includes virtual console and game pass. Liked this comment if you agree.
David M (7 days ago)
Still no voice chat, phone app dosnts count ,make it native. No friend message system and best of all no real reason to pay for online.
SML Censored (7 days ago)
Second time I disliked a Nintendo video
Travis Swartz (7 days ago)
I steal and emulate these games and I wanna feel bad but Nintendo won’t let me get the games I want from them. So until Nintendo fixes virtual console I will emulate and so should you. show them if they won’t keep gaming history alive then we will.
Basic Gaming (7 days ago)
Worst servers
Morty Smith (7 days ago)
Who else was sent here to read the comments from ReviewTechUSA
The Dan (7 days ago)
I came here to dislike the video
The Dan (7 days ago)
Hero of Time (7 days ago)
So, lemme get this straight: you're using your dedicated, _paid_ online service not for communication, but for playing a worse version of the Virtual Console... and here, I thought Nintendo's mistakes were behind them. Watch, now they're actually going to make Steve a part of the Fighters Pack.
mister meme (7 days ago)
if you really want nintendo to fix their mess then dont buy nintendo switch online show them that we aint taking it
Proud Brain (7 days ago)
I like this
mister meme (7 days ago)
and i respect your opinion
exelsaga (7 days ago)
i'm going to wait another year to buy a switch.
James Rees (7 days ago)
Wish I could get a refund for this service, bought it on first day hoping more things would be added and to support Nintendo, don't own any online games, have an original nes and emulators on all my devices so complete waste of money for me. All triple A games on switch are about £60. Console is a complete waste of time. I use my 3Ds more than my Switch, this console could have been so much more. Old mario games, virtual consoles, metroid, older zelda games.... its missing so much stuff
Shinobi desu (7 days ago)
Nintendo I know you guys have some PR person reading the comments. Please stop being so tone deaf and just listen to your fans that make you big In the first place . This online service is so pathetic it’s almost sad to see you guys keeps hammering it at us
philosoaper (7 days ago)
$19.99 per year for something that isn't worth $19.99 per decade. get lost #scamtendo
Ryan Clemons1 (7 days ago)
I don't think anyone at nintendo will see this and if they did i don't think they will care BUT! Remaber sony and how they seem to not want to get into the times and add crossplay? Yeah Nintendo Switch online is turning into your crossplay. Nintendo and you will need to get back into the right timeline if you wish to get people to start using your service.

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