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Life Is Strange All Easter Eggs And Secrets | Part 2 | 1080p HD

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More Easter Eggs in this Special Edition! This part is dedicated to my lovely viewers' comments! I also found few more that weren't in the comment section so here it is Part 2 with all the content I missed in Part 1! I hope you enjoy this! Music: Max & Chloe Theme OST The List: 01. The Catcher In The Rye 02. Dr Who 03. Warren The Stalker 04. Ghost Doe 05. Michel Koch in the Gallery 06. Braille Message 07. Hawt Dawg Man 08. Tomb Raider: Lara Croft 09. Monty Python's Ministry of Silly Walks 10. Winston Smith (1984) 11. Lisa Simpson (The Simpsons) 12. I Aim To Misbehave (Serenity) 13. RAWS (JAWS Parody) 14. Trust No One (X Files) There are few I didn't include such as LOTR reference since it's quite obvious or Bane ketchup which barely can be seen (I used highest resolution and texture settings and it was too blurry to see it). The Kate's 'actual' video is some blurred low res shit that can be barely called a 'video' so this doesn't deserve to be counted as an Easter Egg, sorry. Thank you for watching! Subscribe to stay tuned for more Easter Eggs!
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Text Comments (138)
kimchi (1 day ago)
holy shit i loved warren but what the fuck
ᴘʟᴀʏᴇʀ 2 (21 days ago)
Does anyone beatbox when his outro plays? i do.
Alani wright (24 days ago)
The hawt dog man is in the tv in life is strange 2
X Tar (1 month ago)
Also the doe in the junkyard appears in the same spot where rachel is buried
Fanny Tuominen (1 month ago)
run 187 (1 month ago)
Text from dog in nightmare 😂..
JoNy 13 (1 month ago)
song in outro?
The Dank USSR Hunter (2 months ago)
in that easter egg you saw lisa simpson there are john doe and steve aswell
Randomz Stuff (2 months ago)
SUP3R PATRiiiCK (2 months ago)
You forgot the Hardy's reference
Lilith Calcifer (2 months ago)
There is also an easter egg behind a house at the beginning of the game. You can find lot of symbols, like in "La Horde du Contrevent", a novel of Alain Damasio. Also, Max says "those glyphs remind me of the wind".
Lilith Calcifer (2 months ago)
Bazarnaüm (2 months ago)
there is another you missed. near from the "trust no one" at the end of the video, you can find strange sign behind the little house. this is a reference to "la horde du contrevent", one of the best book writen by Alain Damasio, the co creator of dontnod studio.
Master Krosed (2 months ago)
In the lisa simpson easter egg there is too the name of John Doe. It is a name of a hacker of Roblox
Aron108 (3 months ago)
God i love The Catcher In The Rye
احمد رمضان طه (3 months ago)
I think the stalker is not Warren , it is captain spirit the protaginist of Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit that had produced recently
In 6:26 there is something written by john doe. John doe is a famous roblox hacker he hack everyone who plays at March 18.That is the story
The Hawk 98 (4 months ago)
Hot Dog Boy can be seen also in their new game, The Amazing Adventures Of Capitan Spirit, where you can actually play the game
Imogen Davies (4 months ago)
There’s a Neil Gaiman reference at Blackwell Academy but I’ve never seen anyone mention it.
TartS MarSh (4 months ago)
The boy *warren* he knows too much WE MUST ELIMINATE HIM!
Hirmuinen (4 months ago)
Hawt dawk man is BACK in captai Spirit Lmao
Agent KD (4 months ago)
You forgot the Friday the 13th Easter egg in the barn in episode 4
PisicaNazdravana (4 months ago)
warren?????? are you ok???
Chloe E. Price (5 months ago)
Why the rewinding doesn’t work on Warren ???? That’s so creepy... and he somehow appeared in the life is strange: before the storm.. and he was creeping or...idk what to call it... but...he was like staring at Chloe... down the street..
SuperDude312 (5 months ago)
2:52 also the doe is invisible on the photo
JM CANT BE PUSHED (6 months ago)
That warren thing creeped me out a little
Grim Reaper (8 months ago)
Warren must've really like max
RedGamerZ (8 months ago)
That doe ghost is Rachel
Elvira Eisen (8 months ago)
Dude, you forgot all Beatles references
Death Killer123 (8 months ago)
We all know kacpi wouldn't let us down he always find more easter eggs for us to experience
The64Whore (9 months ago)
"Their 15 mins are almost up" being said by John Doe was great. Not only is it referencing the popular saying but it's literally about how long Max was present in that time line. To me thats another appearance of the spirit doe just foreshadowing and guiding Max along.
Orphan Tulip (9 months ago)
Rewind does work
Andrew Thiago (9 months ago)
I really never saw a game wih so much easter eggs and some of them was right in front of your face like: ''calm down and carry on'' for example.
cmoon (10 months ago)
When you're in the alternative reality in episode 4, where Chloe is paralyzed, take a look at her computer. There you'll find a playlist of some bands she is listening to. One of them is "Pisshead". And now that we've probably all seen Before the Storm, the fact that she even likes Pisshead in the alternative reality just made me smile, even when it's actually not a big thing :D
hanafruit (10 months ago)
Oh shit lmao I never realized Warren spied on Max at the beginning of episode 2
Kayck Rodrigues (10 months ago)
In episode 2 , in the part of the scrap, the bus that has the number 142, a reference to the movie Into The Wild, the bus in wich Alex Supertramp "The Magic Bus" :D
Kayck Rodrigues (10 months ago)
I discovered it myself and did not ser anywhere on the internet , and a good referencia to do in a next vídeo
Gaming And Living Style (11 months ago)
u miss deus ex arm in the gallery art.
The Unknown (1 year ago)
Lara Croft 😆😆🖒🖒
That Catcher in the Rye reference would’ve been even better if you looked at the poster, Max would say something like: “oh, uncle Holden. You and your adventures.” Cause Holden’s last name is Caulfield as well! That would’ve made the reference so badass. Talk about a missed opportunity
Tyler_318 (1 year ago)
I found the swing easter egg when I was younger... ...By accident cuz I had time to do some stuff...
RPG Is Life (1 year ago)
You forgot to mention the "It" Reference in the nightmare in the final episode. "Max, Rachel and I are floating down here in the sewers."
Andrew Thiago (9 months ago)
WOW, IS THAT true? Because i really heard He saying that i i knew that he was reffering to something!
NH' Soria (1 year ago)
The Doe is the ghost/soul of Rachel Amber.
Shir Tsarfati (2 months ago)
You can also see it fade out at the background during the cutscene where they find Rachel's body
Chloe E. Price (2 months ago)
NH' Soriahz yep... and the butterfly it’s like presenting Me...🦋
Just a human (1 year ago)
In the first episode (Crysalist) the scene where you take the picture of the blue butterfly, the graffiti on the wall has the illuminati on it
P Wiley (1 year ago)
One thing you missed. There's a graffiti "hole to another universe" which appears in a bathroom at Black Well (I can't remember if it's in the main building or the dorms), and also appears in Chloe's room. This suggests a unique connection. It could be Chloe saw the one at Blackwell and was inspired to put it in her room, or she may have drawn both herself before being expelled from Blackwell, OR my favorite possibility, they were both drawn by Rachel Amber.
Andrew Thiago (9 months ago)
Yes and i thought that just me saw that, I was thinking the same!
Willian Marchesan (1 year ago)
has a reference on abbott and costello in ep 2, in the junk yard, when Frank talks to the girls. These are the same names as the Arrival movie, although the game was previously released. Refers to a book
YetiUprising (1 year ago)
You still missed 2 World of warcraft references. Max says "kek" to someone in a text and I forget where but she had a spoken reference too.
ClownPrincess OfCrime (1 year ago)
The "Trust no one" is looks exactly like the one in the gravity falls. Even the writing style is the same.
Miss Steak (8 months ago)
Oh God thank you ;w;
The Conquistador (1 year ago)
Warren that's creepy af bruh
My nan is dead (1 year ago)
in episode 1, when you get the flashdrive, check the computer and max states, "who will survive, and what will be left of them?". The tagline from the original texas chainsaw massacre.
Brandon McBadass (1 year ago)
Wow, there's a lot to this game
kill me (1 year ago)
3:50 also in the pre- order Chloe has a hawt dog man coustoume
Lollyta1298 (1 year ago)
Also, the tube with the blue hair tinting lotion has an image of a German youtuber with blue hair (Ira Vampira). Anybody German here? :)
Zalan Bakota (1 year ago)
My favorite is that in the boy's shower, next to the pool, a soap is on the floor. Definitely someone dropped it...
COOL DOG SOS (1 year ago)
Patrick Chen (1 year ago)
Also, if u pay real attention, the doe stands on top of Rachel's body
Tan Yu Ann Playz (1 year ago)
I just realised (0:48) one of my friends are named Victoria
Ernesto sibbley (1 year ago)
Lol 2:15 Warren has powers too confirmed. XD
Jack K (1 year ago)
The owl is also a David Lynch reference
Jack K (1 year ago)
I hope in this Easter egg series, they include the coffee for breakfast at Chloe's house thing.
Hayze Gaming (1 year ago)
I remember when i saw "Warren the Stalker" for the first time and laughed my ass off :D
Tone Deep (1 year ago)
That thumbnail tho
Kalmko6363 (1 year ago)
it's not "Dr. Who". it's "Doctor Who?"
Ribster (1 year ago)
I didn't really mind Warren until that.
der ass von andreas (1 year ago)
i saw someone,his name was billy gates😂
SonGoku (1 year ago)
Hey Kacpi i have a question are u a polish duuude xD i think u are a polish duuuude
też tak myślę XD\im think that too XD
TurbanatorGamer (1 year ago)
Just finished the game yesterday after I got it for free from ps+. This game has fucked up my life..
Patritta HD (1 year ago)
ok cool
justin why?. (1 year ago)
Patritta HD no,i feel the same
Patritta HD (1 year ago)
This has nothing to do with the game but sometimes I need the depressed mood, I am always happy but sometimes you need that sadness. Am i the only one?
justin why?. (1 year ago)
Patritta HD idk,but this game made me depressed for like 3 days
Patritta HD (1 year ago)
Ok so that's why this game is cool. But how can your life get involved
Phenomenon TV (1 year ago)
you forgot the twin peaks reference in episode 2 in the dinners bathroom. On a mirror is "Fire walk with me".
Laís Costa (1 year ago)
Phäno Men and now they're using it on Before The Storm plus the band's name Firewalk. I bet my ass it was written by Rachel and Chloe.
GotenDJgamer (1 year ago)
in episode 4 when you are in the house of the dark room is a reference of friday 13
Samuel Hofstetter (1 year ago)
i know I'm late, sorry, but with the doe, when you look at the picture of her in your notebook, there is no doe, just empty forest!
Joel Letham (1 year ago)
When you refer to Winston Smith as a character from a movie, I lost a bit of respect. The movie is a second rate adaptation of a critically acclaimed book. No need to create more uncultured swine that do not possess a 9th grade education.
THETOOT (1 year ago)
Weak video
awesome Andrew (1 year ago)
I heard Friday the 13th easter egg when max and chloe discover the dark room
UnknownHuman (1 year ago)
On 6:30 hold up!!! Back little bit john doe on roblox guys😵
Scary Spaghetti (1 year ago)
Imakid Jade John Doe and Jane Doe are names used when real names aren't known or revealed, or just a normal name. This has nothing to do with Rotrash
single lowercase e (1 year ago)
Imakid Jade jane doe is a popular name,not only that shitblox creepypasta
BlueStarGaming 2017 (1 year ago)
Imakid Jade yep I saw it the second oldest player in roblox
Erika Summer (1 year ago)
That Warren thing shocked me O_O
romantic jerk (1 month ago)
+Christian Westenberger i don't think so, he was going to ask us out so he was looking to the door to see if we were coming. I mean it was just like 2 seconds, why y'all saying he was stalking
flodA reltiH (4 months ago)
I don't like Warren lol I always go with Chloe
蟆逼赣腻 (1 year ago)
warren want to fck her and
Yow Mama maybe but, if you would do it Like Warren, it could be that you get arrested for stalking.
Yow Mama (1 year ago)
You guys realized that warren is waiting for max right? .. after that shower or whatever , max goes out and found warren there at the gate and warren asked her if she wants to go on the "ape marathon" . So he was just excited to tell her and obviously waiting.
BeboSlam (1 year ago)
if you look at the picture of the ghost doe its not there
Professor (1 year ago)
Sick and sleepy but still not enough to get out of my house today
Asian Potatoes (1 year ago)
About time love this game
yehmec (1 year ago)
Your outro song is from you? cause I'm so loving it! if there is a long version can you give link please ?
Benek Patison (1 year ago)
What's the song?
Benek Patison (1 year ago)
JustAnøtherPhan (1 year ago)
Reiko The song that plays over the Easter eggs is called "Max & Chloe" by Jonathan Morali
SeNoX007 (1 year ago)
Najlepszy w sekretach i easter egach ;). The best on secrets and easter eggs
David Gonzalez (1 year ago)
Huh, now I know why there's a rule34 page on these characters.
Ty YuZekken (1 year ago)
Need more!! xD Can't wait to see what you find when Before the Storm: Life is Strange comes out.
Ty YuZekken (1 year ago)
YOU ARE THE MAN KACPI or WOMAN lol but seriously thanks so much for this was long awaited. Thanks for your hard work on these vids and dedication. Always leaves me wanting more <3
SeNoX007 (1 year ago)
Ty YuZekken this is man ;)
SherlockBuzti (1 year ago)
Nice Video my Friend. :P keep up the good work! (Saying that everytime, but hey its true :D)
Beetow (1 year ago)
COMIC SANSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
TO MUCH DANK MEMES (1 year ago)
far crt 4 easter egg
Kelis-melissa (1 year ago)
I just watched part 1, this is awesome
RodneyMac12 (1 year ago)
Did you know the voice actor of Chloe, Ashly Burch, also voiced Nadia in the tomb raider Baba Yaga mission
Joakim Berg (1 year ago)
This game though... Bae > Bay
Zyro Music (1 year ago)
My Life sucks Give me a new one
dakota heaton (1 year ago)
cimmik any one he they didn't specify
cimmik (1 year ago)
A strange one?
Azertic (1 year ago)
gta5 easter eggs please
Azertic (1 year ago)
TO MUCH DANK MEMES (1 year ago)
Azertic you can find gta eastee egg juar wrote on the title
David Wyremba (1 year ago)
i love your secrets
Avocado S (1 year ago)
And everyone in the comments, Have a lovely day! ♡♡
Patrick Chen (1 year ago)
Tinky Lala how come irrelevant comment liek these get so many likes
Brandon Ditmore (1 year ago)
Bubbles LOvE thank you!
TheBestKiller Gaming (1 year ago)
Nice work man love u!(not gay)
Mystic Gohan (1 year ago)
please do any of the Ninja gaidens
Avocado S (1 year ago)
Hi! I love your videos! Thank you soo much! I am a huge fan of Life is Strange and LOVE the Easter eggs!!! (^_^)
Ezrah Abdullah (1 year ago)
samee and the story really make a guy like me cry...

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