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Jurassic World: Evolution - Before You Buy

13202 ratings | 510085 views
There's a weird intersection of business simulator and blockbuster dinosaur franchise that just seems near impossible, but Jurassic World: Evolution is here. But is it good? Jake brings you another Gameranx Before You Buy with all the dirt. Watch to see if it's worth the risk of getting eaten by a prehistoric monster... Subscribe for more: http://youtube.com/gameranxtv
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Text Comments (1991)
gameranx (2 months ago)
Jolly CoOperator (1 day ago)
Lmao pure gold!
Derek Hague (17 days ago)
nobody cares
Charizard 86 (20 days ago)
DODGSON, WE GOT DODGSON HERE, see nobody cares
What um have um you um got um in um there um King um kong -Pappa jeff
Furious Figures (1 month ago)
Dotson we got Dotson here see nobody cares I yelled that during the credits of fallen kindom
Gay Little Boy666 (15 hours ago)
Big Dino Dicks in all Your mouths
QuentinDude (4 days ago)
I will buy it at 20 to 25 bucks which I say for 80 plus percent of all games released
ONACLOV (4 days ago)
What i can do if i play this offline?
《Electric Dragon》 (5 days ago)
I just wish it will come out for android...
Dinolover (9 days ago)
Hi random person in the comments
Network Gingerstar (10 days ago)
My parents won’t buy me it 😢
Network Gingerstar Why don’t you buy it yourself?
The Enduro Bro (22 days ago)
I think it's for sure really fun. I love how the dinosaurs do have their own behaviors though. Like the raptors sometimes meet up and talk to each other and stuff. It's really cool
Louis CZ (23 days ago)
I think the game s good but its bad that you have there 6 islands and in everyone you build exact same park. It would not be bad if we could done it like in the movie, for example Isla Nublar will be the actual park, in Isla Sorna players will create dinosaurs, Isla Muerta will be storage for DNA samples and some dinosaurs etc.
Gentlefish (24 days ago)
"I don't see why everyone's bashing it" [proceeds to bash it] Even the favorable reviews can't disguise how bad JWE apparently is.
CKEL (27 days ago)
So I just spent $60 bucks on target with this game and thanks to Jake now I know it might be a bit worth it! Thanks for the positive review.
Andrés Brenes (27 days ago)
Would a 4GB ram pc run it?
Retro Serrano (28 days ago)
Do u need internet to launch the game??anyone??
Sasuke Dragneel (29 days ago)
All of u who r scared of buying this game becaus eof the price dont be its great i got it from my sister thinking she wasted her money but no its great Around 20 hours of fun for 6 hours worth of money Worth for me
Benjamin Moore (30 days ago)
Looks like a fun game! Imma gonna wait til Black Friday sales
Majskatt (30 days ago)
Before you buy; wait for the crack and dont support denuvo protected games that costs a small fortune
Shohan Tutorial (1 month ago)
One thing I hate is bad fight animations and lack of water dinos
Jesse Ross (1 month ago)
i still dont know whether to buy it or not, just like hitman season 1
Nothing will ever top Operation Genesis
DjcinnabunZ (1 month ago)
Jeff Gold-bloom? i'm sold.
my wallet spared no expense.
We need jpog 2 not jwe
ashref haddeji (1 month ago)
Unlimited money , can't play it without it
Gian's lego collection (1 month ago)
Can we get pterodactyls in this? Would make it better! (Already gonna buy it)
James Johnson (1 month ago)
I love it and the breakouts are the best part
Nintenderson (1 month ago)
This is the best game ever!
hughtube88 official (1 month ago)
What's the cost on PC
Ben Phillips (1 month ago)
Did not mention the fights.
The10th Traveler (1 month ago)
Got the game for x box1, I'm absolutely blown away by how addicting this game is. Definitely a must for RTS and SIM players, especially if you love dinosaurs.
Moonlight Blade (1 month ago)
This is a great fun relaxing game game if you're a true fan of dinosaurs. It's not too challenging and it's rather repetitive. Not worth full price. Excellent review I agree with what he says. It feels and plays like zoo tycoon. If you want a serious dinosaur game and looking for combat then purchase ARK and play in PvP mode on official server lol
Juan Cruz (1 month ago)
Are there any Raptors that say "Allen!" ? If not, I can't say that it is worth the price
Marc Young (1 month ago)
Yo dragon vale got an update?
HypnoTwist (1 month ago)
“It dropped quite a few days ago” already doing a before you buy like he unlocked and did everything
GTGAMERZ (1 month ago)
where's the Oops! cheat
Hazardesss (1 month ago)
Animations,Combat Actual logic needs to be fixed
Isaac West (1 month ago)
Really into this game, I'm watching to see how much I'd want to pay on it. I'd likely wait till next February. Depends on my money. 3:32 That's actually a bad part here, I was kind of excited to see the Dinosaurs hunt animals (not the people giving me money). I did hear that failing this game is kind of fun.
Alex Mendoza (1 month ago)
DinoBroof (1 month ago)
I think every character except Ian Malcom is annoying
Cassie5898/KeyUnLock (1 month ago)
that moment every forgets zoo tycoon
Cross Blood (1 month ago)
You should rate the games
Emily Ratterree (1 month ago)
Are you playing on a computer or a video game, like with a controller and TV? Because that's how I'm going to play if I get it for my bday, but Idk how it's going to work
Red Crow (1 month ago)
I feel like it would be better to have sorna be the sandbox instead of nublar
HxCTStep (1 month ago)
In my opinion this game is the shit. I love it. But I also love these kinds of games like RCT, Cities: Skylines, Theme Hospital, etc. If you like those kinds of games and are aware that it's going to be much easier to manage everything compared to the titles mentioned then you'll like this game.
UghNames (1 month ago)
lmao hmu when a decent inde modder takes this game and actually makes it worth the time to grind for specifics
mirjamberendsenlems (1 month ago)
I pre-ordered the game
JustEatCakes (1 month ago)
how do u get unlimited money
if it was like 30$ it would be a buy, i really liked it and 100% it, but once you do that you run off things to do, and the next updates won't add new content, so, except making a site b when carnivore's ai gets fixed, there's not really to much to do next, also the micronotosaurus and the spinosmallrus will stay sadly
Batman (1 month ago)
Glad I watched this. Ill pass.
theuncanspan (1 month ago)
I enjoyed operation genesis. Might get this one day
The Good Stuff (1 month ago)
I lovethe game
Jaiden Animations (1 month ago)
Why no before you buy “Octo expansion”
The Robeast13 (1 month ago)
Who else watched this after they bought deluxe edition?
Marvis Hybrid (1 month ago)
This is my type of game and I haven't dropped off and I have played for over 50 hours
Franco Zamora (1 month ago)
It honestly looks great, and I'm a fan. But I have other stuff to play right now, so it's gonna be Wait for Sale for me.
Mr. Bearzzz l (1 month ago)
This was an amaxing video that cindove let my hype die down for it so i looking fowwrd woildve been dissapointed because i thought the game had ALL the mechanics of the other park builder on pc and MORE but it didnt. This was helpfull and grrat thank you guus for making the videoe
Pata Pata (1 month ago)
game ist good
Creeper _girl101 (1 month ago)
I can't read the comments due to a network connection...
Bastion (1 month ago)
It’s fun
Bryan Parks (1 month ago)
If it goes on Steam Sale....I will snag it
Can you play it offline
Nj L (1 month ago)
need more death animations for the guests
Ding 31 (1 month ago)
Looks like an Awesome game, but I'm going to wait for a sale.
Dude Why (1 month ago)
I’ll wait till a sale, not a too deep one though. This looks like a 29.99 or 39.99 kinda game
Generic Name (2 months ago)
I got it for free so I don’t give a shit😏
Paul Jwfk (2 months ago)
Jurassic World evolution keeps crashing every 30 minutes
Kev Dawg (2 months ago)
It’s not worth buying
Jack 22 (2 months ago)
I’m going to try this game on my Xbox and if I don’t like it I’ll just refund it
NorthernMonkey (2 months ago)
As other have said it is a bit pricy so I will wait for half price or less. After watching a few lets plays it doen't look like it has much replayability so I will wait a see.
That one Guy (2 months ago)
also holy shit 60 BUCKS? maybe 30-40, but not fucking 60
That one Guy (2 months ago)
i mean you could argue that they made it that price so that you wouldn't have to hassle with DLCs...i would much rather prefer like a 5 dollar Fallen kingdom DLC, instead of a 60 dollar game with waaaaaaaaaaay to many reused asets (Animations especially)
Zachary Sturgeon (2 months ago)
This is the same dev who did Planet Coaster, which was really good. I may have to check this out.
Ryan Kelley (2 months ago)
Would’ve sold a lot more
Ryan Kelley (2 months ago)
Should’ve been 40$
Foul Lily (2 months ago)
sadly the only reason i dont have this game yet is that price. I love JP and JW and I love park builders, but i have to agree with almost everyone that the price doesnt fit the content. The campaign is huge sure, but from every lets play ive seen of it, there isnt much of anything to do and from watching as well it feels more like an early access with how bare it is...even planet coaster had more to do then this game does and thats kinda sad considering its the same people who made it. Whenever i do get this game (and I will since I still do love this concept and dinosaur park building), i sadly see myself stopping after ive unlocked all the achievements :/ so I really REALLY hope they actually update this game (or give free DLC if thats how they prefer it) and not just leave the base game as is and add in DLC after DLC
Henry Allen (2 months ago)
Am I the only one who wants a game where you play as a dinosaur in the mesozoic era and hunt other dinos n shit?
fladoodle dooper (1 month ago)
Henry Allen there is a game called The Isle thats pretty cool.
Raul (2 months ago)
This game I was around at 30fps on the standard Xbox and standard PS4 but what about the One X and PS4 Pro do they at least try to Target at 60fps?
FaZe D¡3g0 (2 months ago)
Shiloh Curplop (2 months ago)
I don't want this game any more thx
Abu Savage (2 months ago)
Review seems very fair. In my opinion what threw me off was how unforgiving the tutorial portion was. I barely learned anything. I had to look up on Youtube how to manage power and remove dead dinos. But once I got the hang of it (which didn’t take too long) I had tons of fun playing it. Its pretty addicting
SkullZx XD (2 months ago)
This game is great TRASH
Standingcrown (2 months ago)
The science division keeps slashing my tires for ignoring them :’(
Nicholas Archie (2 months ago)
It's really fun I can't stop playing
I love the game probably my favorite game on my Xbox because the graffics are so good well done to fronteir and I love Dino's to just seeing when you creat your first dino ahh so cool looking and I agree when you said that the Dino's don't really do anything they should add the pack idea with the raptors or the more duck billed Dino's because it make more sense and it would add a lot to the game but I love the game.
Dev4stating x (2 months ago)
Jensann Blaber (2 months ago)
I would love to buy this game but 50 pound for a game I would get bored of so quickly it’s not worth the money
Brandon Kilgore (2 months ago)
Do that have more than one fast food restaurant now?
The_Lee_ Man (2 months ago)
should be a $40 game like planet coaster
Am I disabled (2 months ago)
Jack Garrard (2 months ago)
I have to say that I bought it not fully knowing if it would be worth it but found myself more than happy with it and have been grinding over 30 hours
Sky Blue (2 months ago)
I hear jake say "sandbox mode with infinite money" and my brain hears "spared no expense."
SamFisher1717 (2 months ago)
Jurassic park operation genesis was sooooo much better
Julian Romero (2 months ago)
The game overall is really well made I believe that After All These Years Sue Tycoon still feels a lot more real for the simple fact that it's a lot easier to satisfy the animals in zoo tycoon these dinosaurs are really hard to make happy it doesn't really have a Terrain change or anything like that it's just either a lot of trees no trees water more water more space and it's really weird how I started making small cages for them cuz the first island was really Limited and the animals were happy and once I unlocked the second island I'm making these bigger cages for all these different type of dinosaurs and a lot of the grass types can get along and end up living together fine but it doesn't really specify on which ones do they get along with and which ones they don't so it's really hard to kind of satisfy these dinosaurs by the way it's ridiculous that the Raptors can take down an electric fence full body Force I was hoping they would if anything jump over the fence they break the fences every 10 seconds and it gets really annoying when you're trying to advance in other parts of the game and you cannot fast forward the game play either so it takes a bit of a while for things to happen
Seth Ledyv (2 months ago)
The game lags like a motherfuckerrrrrrrr on PS4
Aj Lupan (2 months ago)
I think it is a decent and fun game. It builds on JPOG but only by a margin. The graphic quality is nice and the dinos are awesome. However there are several major complaints or additions many in the community would like to have added or done. AI for dinos and guest is a big one to be upgraded. Dinos don't interact with one another really and it would really be nice to have more animations and variations. Dinos don't hunt/attack/defend in packs and herds don't defend/attack or move in herds which would be a nice update. Socialization/population for the dinos also hurt that point to a degree. It would be interesting to have a dino stampede. Dino animations are repetitive as just roaming, panicking, socializing, feeding, drinking and combat. There are no variations of these, there are no trophy kill animations as represented in the films. Many want more innovations for buildings/addons, security, decorations, terrain tools, R&D and etc. Many have addressed to get rid of terrain obstructions/limits due to placing of buildings as it makes it time consuming and tedious in order to place buildings. I agree that it is nice for the challenges with restrictions on the five islands but for the sandbox it seems still limited/restricted to how big you can make your park and not able to really make your perfect park the way you want due to those restrictions. There is clipping/collision issues that happen with dinos and walls; dinos into other dinos that are the most frowned upon which it would be nice if that is fixed. Another option for feeders to be automatically replenished from rangers as it is tedious for many when trying to build, complete a mission or just wanting to spend time with your dinos. Pretty much to be able to have rangers/ACU do automatic task without having to be told to do it. Be nice also for further variations of feeders such as cows, pigs and other plant life. It is a decent and fun game but with hopes of a lot of improvements and willing to put up the money in hopes for a sequel to have these things fixed and built on. Many would like to see aquatic and pterosaurs added as well as a few other dinos possibly but I don't see that happening really due to the restrictions on the islands and not much forethought of such additions for this game as they didn't know exactly how to best to add those into it. So in my opinion it may be best to hope for JWE2 that would bring back the random island creator for the sandbox, bigger islands, more missions, AI, animations, terrain tools, decorations and innovations/improvements all in mind that would build on top of this foundation. Also if they would allow for modding, I think that would also help with replayability. This would just be a fan service as many still want dino skins from JP/JW series that isn't in the game and it would be nice to have them for the rides and buildings as so far the one JP skin to be unlocked is for the ranger jeep.
One BIG BOII (2 months ago)
worst thing to happen is when your vilociraptor your indoraptor your indominous or you T-rex break out cos they are faster than most herbivours
gordon Freeman (2 months ago)
30 dollars tops
Dinossauros Espaciais (2 months ago)
Better than IGN
Dredious (2 months ago)
Worth the money. Great game and the wife loves it to so that in my books make the game worth the price.
Toasty Dinosaur (2 months ago)
Too late, I pre ordered it and am almost finished
Triggy McTrigger (2 months ago)
It has absolutely no management challenge, thats what broke it for me. Planet Coaster is the best example of park management and size.
Ricky Mac (2 months ago)
Definitely a fun game you can play while listening to a podcast or something. But not worth the $60 price tag

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