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Jurassic World: Evolution - Before You Buy

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There's a weird intersection of business simulator and blockbuster dinosaur franchise that just seems near impossible, but Jurassic World: Evolution is here. But is it good? Jake brings you another Gameranx Before You Buy with all the dirt. Watch to see if it's worth the risk of getting eaten by a prehistoric monster... Subscribe for more: http://youtube.com/gameranxtv
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Text Comments (1899)
gameranx (1 month ago)
populartrev (2 days ago)
Great reference Jurassic Park is the best
Vsauce 6 (2 days ago)
Samuel Hearne that’s what I was gonna say
rick the meme lord (7 days ago)
Over 600 people carr
EyeScottVision (16 days ago)
This is why gameranx is my favorite rating channel
Ma names Bruce (17 days ago)
Don’t get cheap on me Dodgson
Creeper _girl101 (3 hours ago)
I can't read the comments due to a network connection...
Bastion (20 hours ago)
It’s fun
Bryan Parks (1 day ago)
If it goes on Steam Sale....I will snag it
Can you play it offline
Nj L (1 day ago)
need more death animations for the guests
Ding 31 (1 day ago)
Looks like an Awesome game, but I'm going to wait for a sale.
Dude Why (2 days ago)
I’ll wait till a sale, not a too deep one though. This looks like a 29.99 or 39.99 kinda game
Generic Name (2 days ago)
I got it for free so I don’t give a shit😏
Paul Jwfk (2 days ago)
Jurassic World evolution keeps crashing every 30 minutes
Kev Dawg (2 days ago)
It’s not worth buying
Space Rocker 74 (2 days ago)
I love the Jurassic franchise. I would say $65 for a brand new Deluxe Edition game (in Canada) is a good deal. That's no problem. It WILL end up on sale in the next month or 2 no doubt, I just didnlt feel like waiting, To me, it was worth a buy. I bought the Deluxe Edition of this game for $65 in Canada (I figured you get everything with Deluxe for $5 more than the standard, or I WILL buy the Deluxe content later for sure even if it's nothing, 5 Dinosaurs for $11 or $15 more, so I just bought the Deluxe Version....), and at this point I feel like I've gotten my money's worth. Rarely do I feel I got my money's worth on games these past few generations, but with this one I do. In the time I had with it, I learned to play the game, I've played the **** out of it for a few days, I unlocked the second island (out of 5 or 6, the second smallest island), and I unlocked the biggest island, which is free play sandbox Isla Nublar as a blank slate, nothing on it, which I haven't played yet. I've only unlocked 9 of 40+ Dinos, same goes for genes and traits, buildings, fences, that kind of thing, everything else, very minimal all around. What I can say is I want to play more of it. I'm tempted to sit down for a few hrs now and try to unlock the 3rd island. I actually want to see what's up ahead. For me, that kind of game is rare. I see issues with the game play that could be better. Minor gripes compared to the rest of the game like people getting eaten or killed. It's always the same and it's usually by somebody with their back turned not noticing the 25 ft terrible lizard creeping up directly behind them, with 30 screaming people running away all around them. It's like game physics makes it so the first person to come within 10 ft of an approaching dino, if the dino or person breaks that threshold and gets into that bubble, that person is the next victim. and it's always the same with most. Big carnivors are the same animation. Dilophosaurus and Rapter both pounce the same even though Dilophosaurus has that rattle head decoration and spit before it does, it ends the same as a Velocirator kill. Intelligence of in game creatures and humans is questionable, kind of dumb but that really is a minor gripe compared to everything else. The game is fun with plenty of unlockables, and the thing about it is the big Sandbox Island. You play and finish the game, then you can go back the the largest in game island, blank, with an unlimited budget and access to everything you unlocked to build cool Jurassic Parks. I haven't got there yet, but it sounds good. I like it. Hopefully we get some updates and extras in the future
Jack 22 (2 days ago)
I’m going to try this game on my Xbox and if I don’t like it I’ll just refund it
NorthernMonkey (2 days ago)
As other have said it is a bit pricy so I will wait for half price or less. After watching a few lets plays it doen't look like it has much replayability so I will wait a see.
That one Guy (3 days ago)
also holy shit 60 BUCKS? maybe 30-40, but not fucking 60
That one Guy (3 days ago)
i mean you could argue that they made it that price so that you wouldn't have to hassle with DLCs...i would much rather prefer like a 5 dollar Fallen kingdom DLC, instead of a 60 dollar game with waaaaaaaaaaay to many reused asets (Animations especially)
Zachary Sturgeon (3 days ago)
This is the same dev who did Planet Coaster, which was really good. I may have to check this out.
Ryan Kelley (3 days ago)
Would’ve sold a lot more
Ryan Kelley (3 days ago)
Should’ve been 40$
Foul Lily (4 days ago)
sadly the only reason i dont have this game yet is that price. I love JP and JW and I love park builders, but i have to agree with almost everyone that the price doesnt fit the content. The campaign is huge sure, but from every lets play ive seen of it, there isnt much of anything to do and from watching as well it feels more like an early access with how bare it is...even planet coaster had more to do then this game does and thats kinda sad considering its the same people who made it. Whenever i do get this game (and I will since I still do love this concept and dinosaur park building), i sadly see myself stopping after ive unlocked all the achievements :/ so I really REALLY hope they actually update this game (or give free DLC if thats how they prefer it) and not just leave the base game as is and add in DLC after DLC
Henry Allen (4 days ago)
Am I the only one who wants a game where you play as a dinosaur in the mesozoic era and hunt other dinos n shit?
Mr Meeseeks (4 days ago)
This game I was around at 30fps on the standard Xbox and standard PS4 but what about the One X and PS4 Pro do they at least try to Target at 60fps?
FaZe D¡3g0 (4 days ago)
Shiloh Curplop (4 days ago)
I don't want this game any more thx
Abu Savage (5 days ago)
Review seems very fair. In my opinion what threw me off was how unforgiving the tutorial portion was. I barely learned anything. I had to look up on Youtube how to manage power and remove dead dinos. But once I got the hang of it (which didn’t take too long) I had tons of fun playing it. Its pretty addicting
SkullZx XD (5 days ago)
This game is great TRASH
Standingcrown (5 days ago)
The science division keeps slashing my tires for ignoring them :’(
Nicholas Archie (6 days ago)
It's really fun I can't stop playing
I love the game probably my favorite game on my Xbox because the graffics are so good well done to fronteir and I love Dino's to just seeing when you creat your first dino ahh so cool looking and I agree when you said that the Dino's don't really do anything they should add the pack idea with the raptors or the more duck billed Dino's because it make more sense and it would add a lot to the game but I love the game.
Dev4stating x (8 days ago)
Jensann Blaber (8 days ago)
I would love to buy this game but 50 pound for a game I would get bored of so quickly it’s not worth the money
Brandon Kilgore (8 days ago)
Do that have more than one fast food restaurant now?
The_Lee_ Man (8 days ago)
should be a $40 game like planet coaster
Am I disabled (9 days ago)
Jack Garrard (9 days ago)
I have to say that I bought it not fully knowing if it would be worth it but found myself more than happy with it and have been grinding over 30 hours
Sky Blue (9 days ago)
I hear jake say "sandbox mode with infinite money" and my brain hears "spared no expense."
Ricardo F. (10 days ago)
The dinos don't even sleep :(
SamFisher1717 (10 days ago)
Jurassic park operation genesis was sooooo much better
Julian Romero (10 days ago)
The game overall is really well made I believe that After All These Years Sue Tycoon still feels a lot more real for the simple fact that it's a lot easier to satisfy the animals in zoo tycoon these dinosaurs are really hard to make happy it doesn't really have a Terrain change or anything like that it's just either a lot of trees no trees water more water more space and it's really weird how I started making small cages for them cuz the first island was really Limited and the animals were happy and once I unlocked the second island I'm making these bigger cages for all these different type of dinosaurs and a lot of the grass types can get along and end up living together fine but it doesn't really specify on which ones do they get along with and which ones they don't so it's really hard to kind of satisfy these dinosaurs by the way it's ridiculous that the Raptors can take down an electric fence full body Force I was hoping they would if anything jump over the fence they break the fences every 10 seconds and it gets really annoying when you're trying to advance in other parts of the game and you cannot fast forward the game play either so it takes a bit of a while for things to happen
Seth Ledyv (10 days ago)
The game lags like a motherfuckerrrrrrrr on PS4
Aj Lupan (11 days ago)
I think it is a decent and fun game. It builds on JPOG but only by a margin. The graphic quality is nice and the dinos are awesome. However there are several major complaints or additions many in the community would like to have added or done. AI for dinos and guest is a big one to be upgraded. Dinos don't interact with one another really and it would really be nice to have more animations and variations. Dinos don't hunt/attack/defend in packs and herds don't defend/attack or move in herds which would be a nice update. Socialization/population for the dinos also hurt that point to a degree. It would be interesting to have a dino stampede. Dino animations are repetitive as just roaming, panicking, socializing, feeding, drinking and combat. There are no variations of these, there are no trophy kill animations as represented in the films. Many want more innovations for buildings/addons, security, decorations, terrain tools, R&D and etc. Many have addressed to get rid of terrain obstructions/limits due to placing of buildings as it makes it time consuming and tedious in order to place buildings. I agree that it is nice for the challenges with restrictions on the five islands but for the sandbox it seems still limited/restricted to how big you can make your park and not able to really make your perfect park the way you want due to those restrictions. There is clipping/collision issues that happen with dinos and walls; dinos into other dinos that are the most frowned upon which it would be nice if that is fixed. Another option for feeders to be automatically replenished from rangers as it is tedious for many when trying to build, complete a mission or just wanting to spend time with your dinos. Pretty much to be able to have rangers/ACU do automatic task without having to be told to do it. Be nice also for further variations of feeders such as cows, pigs and other plant life. It is a decent and fun game but with hopes of a lot of improvements and willing to put up the money in hopes for a sequel to have these things fixed and built on. Many would like to see aquatic and pterosaurs added as well as a few other dinos possibly but I don't see that happening really due to the restrictions on the islands and not much forethought of such additions for this game as they didn't know exactly how to best to add those into it. So in my opinion it may be best to hope for JWE2 that would bring back the random island creator for the sandbox, bigger islands, more missions, AI, animations, terrain tools, decorations and innovations/improvements all in mind that would build on top of this foundation. Also if they would allow for modding, I think that would also help with replayability. This would just be a fan service as many still want dino skins from JP/JW series that isn't in the game and it would be nice to have them for the rides and buildings as so far the one JP skin to be unlocked is for the ranger jeep.
One BIG BOII (11 days ago)
worst thing to happen is when your vilociraptor your indoraptor your indominous or you T-rex break out cos they are faster than most herbivours
gordon Freeman (11 days ago)
30 dollars tops
Dinossauros Espaciais (12 days ago)
Better than IGN
Dredious (12 days ago)
Worth the money. Great game and the wife loves it to so that in my books make the game worth the price.
Jurassic Doggo (12 days ago)
Too late, I pre ordered it and am almost finished
Triggy McTrigger (12 days ago)
It has absolutely no management challenge, thats what broke it for me. Planet Coaster is the best example of park management and size.
Ricky Mac (12 days ago)
Definitely a fun game you can play while listening to a podcast or something. But not worth the $60 price tag
LaurensAngelous (13 days ago)
You mess with rexy you vecome a snacksy
player one (13 days ago)
why you dont zoom on people to see the details you are some shit
Carrie Obrennan (13 days ago)
I just got JW evolution for xbox one. I love the game it's great the only thing I don't like is the stupid electricity and how it's set up if they could make that easier it would be perfect!
Monica Larsen (13 days ago)
how do i change the language? i bought it and it was in german.. i cant understand anything or change the language :/
Reilly Davidson (13 days ago)
To much for a game that was inspired by an app
THE PIZZA_LORD (13 days ago)
I wished there was a Nintendo Switch Version
Jurassic World Evolution is better than Fortnite;)
Talan Mortensen (14 days ago)
Game looks like shit unfortunately. It reminds me of a free to play phone game that you get bored of after a couple of hours and uninstall. 😕
Chez Chex (14 days ago)
More decorations, more mechanics in the way of au for humans and dinosaurs, better dinosaur sizes and ratings, mosasaur. I've been hooked grinding and after about 50 hours I unlocked every single thing in the game in order to start building my sandbox park
Fuze Himself :D (14 days ago)
I would just prefer more dinosaur animations
Mighty Mouse (14 days ago)
It’s oversimplified to accommodate controllers. Console plebs shouldn’t even get the opportunity to play top down games. If you see controller support on a top down, pass. Good chance the game will have console cancer like this game.
Abyssal Lagaiacrus (14 days ago)
I look at the thumbnail. *RAPTOR JESUS IS THAT YOU!?*
cliffedward (14 days ago)
Wish I'd seen this before buying. OK for PC but not really a 'game' in the true sense of the word.Just Empire building. Won't really entertain the youngsters.
Mia Khalifa (14 days ago)
Pakorn Wattanavrangkul (15 days ago)
No, shit only goes wrong if you designed you paddocks poorly, which rarely happens unless you never look at the in game dino stats, or more likely when you do division missions where they forcibly make the dinos rampage. Other than that, long storms are only problems if you dont use the highest tier electric fences and subsequently build proper storm coverage, assuming you are even playing on one of the islands that even has storms (Only Islands 2, 4 and 5 have them and Im pretty sure there is none on Nublar). Also power outage is only a problem when you make it a problem.
Pakorn Wattanavrangkul (15 days ago)
No it does not take trial and error to know what each dinosaur requirements are. There is a stat chart on each dinosaur, some with numbers, detailing what you need. Only thing you need to guess is how much forest you need, usually it just either all forest or patches, and how big an enclosure you need which you can just guess from the size of each dinosaur.
Pakorn Wattanavrangkul (15 days ago)
Failure? No Disappointment? Yes Had fun? Yes, till you discover that the game has no depth It is a very pretty game that that is all there is to it, especially when compared to JPOG. Quick list of stuff missing or just weird design decisions for a park builder game -Attendees have no personality -They spawn from random buildings rather than come in through the entrance of the park -Economy is incredibly simplistic and too easy to stay in the green -Cannot look at individual guests -Very limited number of ways to view dinosaurs (2 viewing areas and the gyroscope) You also cant start a random park fresh with new islands. You are stuck with the 6 with the same rate of progression. Also the islands are very small and with the buildings being very picky about terrain, it gets much harder to build the way you want. Problems with dinosaurs -No species counter in park overview making keeping track of how many of what you have a chore -Limited social interactions between dinosaurs (as in there is like 5-6 states they can be in eating, drinking, social, roaming, panicking and rampage, BTW social is just them standing in a circle and crying, no physical interactions like clashing horns of hitting heads) -Canned and staged animations (compared to fluid ones from JPOG) -Dinosaurs are very predicable (compared to JPOG) -EVERY dinosaur can break a concrete wall -Carnivores will always kill off all herbivores they can kill no matter the enclosure size and rather than killing when hungry -A lot of skins look really bad, especially for the raptor -Dinosaurs pose no threat to rangers (Large carnivores crushes jeeps in JPOG) Essentially, the game is way to easy and once you know how the mechanics work, getting 5 stars on all islands is a cake walk. And there a lot more wrong than was mentioned above.
Pakorn Wattanavrangkul (15 days ago)
Also dinosaurs do not leave when you try to get into an enclosure, even if they are right next to the open gate when your jeeps go through (Needs double gates like in the first movie).
Steven Surch (15 days ago)
I hope they release an update that lets u control more in ur park. Like play as rangers on foot, play as a dino trying to escape or just trying to survive in ur pen while the park refills the food by itself. Cause this game is beautiful and needs to let more creativity to be let loose. But to me this game is a 7.5 id give it more but it feels repetitive after a while but good thing the dlc spiked things up a bit☺️
Jaiden Harrell (15 days ago)
Mee I like the game seems fun 😐
The Invincible Iowa (15 days ago)
Jeff Goldblum did reprise his role as Ian Malcom for the game. And that’s definitely a plus im sitting at about 25hours on the 4th island and still enjoying it. Here’s hoping it doesnt lose support and keeps the content coming to justify price. As is: i agree $55 was a bit much to pay. But your mileage may vary. So far im a happy customer.
ManBearPig (15 days ago)
On another note, this game has the best main menu in any game, period! Perfect mix of nostalgia, theme and a no-clutter menu!
Med Otaku (15 days ago)
Damn it... I just bought it and it's downloading now. *I should have watched this video first*
Kaelin Middleton (16 days ago)
if we could BECOME the dinosaurs...it would be like the ultimate experience
joan Gallardo (16 days ago)
Why this game cost $60? Like wtf is this GTA 6? Or elder scrolls 6?. No it’s just a farming game but with dinosaurs.
This game needs some patches and more content and a price drop.
I. El-amin (16 days ago)
Can someone pls tell me do you need psn network
NoahNachos (16 days ago)
I don’t understand why the only Jurassic Park games we’ve gotten have been a lego game, a point and click adventure game, and now another park builder. I think the franchise would work way better and be way more interesting as a survival horror game or something.
EyeScottVision (16 days ago)
What do you call a blind dinosaur——a doyouthinkhesaurus
Giles Mulligan (17 days ago)
Robert Mclachlan (17 days ago)
So you have to unlock creating your own park? you can't create one from the get go
Pineapple Gamez363 (17 days ago)
Soo is this game worth it???
Big Boss (17 days ago)
I'll be a terrible park manager. I would deliberately turn off the power so the dinosaurs can have their meal.
Nelson (17 days ago)
I remember playing the original jurassic park builder on the original xbox. Honestly the best time ever
sarge,s recap c (17 days ago)
I like the game and crazy shit my triceaeatops sat next to my science center naping like y tho
Rouge agent 45 (17 days ago)
What should I get this dying light or r6
TRexMareOnElmST Gaming (17 days ago)
I can’t build good proper fences for Shyt
TRexMareOnElmST Gaming (17 days ago)
Those issues you mentioned can be fixed with updates
TRexMareOnElmST Gaming (17 days ago)
I really had a hard time with this so I wasn’t playing for awhile
JuliPoolFan (18 days ago)
Just the video I was searching for.😁👏🏻
Fonzys Gaming (18 days ago)
Sounds more like a full time job than a game 😂
GavinGamer100 (18 days ago)
5 Stars 👌
Rob Twine (18 days ago)
Do Sudden Strike 4! It's a new RTS game which looks pretty good! Xbox One X enhanced.
Dino King (18 days ago)
There should be more hybrids in my opinion. Also I️ don’t think electric fences are working. That or almost every dino I’ve had just is immune to electricity. The graphics are AMAZING. How does it even render 111 dinos (yes I️ had 111 dinos at one point; on the sandbox island) at the same time without frame rate or quality drops?
Neonblue1 (18 days ago)
This game was really amazing for the first 8 hours for me after that continuous loop of 8 hours I quit.
The Wanderer I (18 days ago)
If they patch a few things and maybe the price drops I would probably get it
Mysteryman XX (18 days ago)
I disagree with the voice acting
Semajyelrut (18 days ago)
I love Jurassic Park/World, don’t think I’ll be buying this game though. Thanks for the great review
può commentare solo (19 days ago)
I'm italian and i understand nothing😭😂
Emily Rodriguez (19 days ago)
I wanna play this game bit I'll wait till it's on sale. The price is just too high for me
The Spy Crab (19 days ago)
You should be able to control the dinosaurs lol then it'd be worth it
Denise Roosevelt (19 days ago)
no one cracked this game yet!!! damg capitalism...
друг друг (19 days ago)
Gaming Raptor (19 days ago)
Best Jurassic park game since Jpog

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