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BlackDragon88 (21 days ago)
Vick JR (30 days ago)
Nigga said he'd pay anything just to smell those panties after training
Vick JR (30 days ago)
Vick JR (30 days ago)
Coach prolly got a stiffy
KEN L (1 month ago)
I'm absolutely in 💘.
atsekoutsoube (1 month ago)
What a magnificent collection of divine female bodies
Ien Obik (2 months ago)
They're mosly minj munchers btw.
Gorilla Entertainment (3 months ago)
#1 say no more 😀
Down South N.O. (3 months ago)
Choclate yes
Steven Burkes (3 months ago)
Fuck the nfl
Morris Jones (3 months ago)
Nasty shit ass i bet you they smell like shit. Selfish ass sisters. Wanna be men. No good. Wicked creation generation.😎.
PJ Staten (3 months ago)
I would love to be the quarterback so I can get behind that ass and get tackled as I throw the ball. 😛🏈 By the way #1, #6, #14 & #15 can get this dick!
King Sly (3 months ago)
I have tried to take this seriously but still can't.
roger ramirez (3 months ago)
Kiara Patterson.... I love your ass black my live,you very beautiful....
mike blount (4 months ago)
Butt yummy
Jerome Green (4 months ago)
Like why tf they doing drills for, nobody is checking for skillz outchea
smoke taylor (4 months ago)
So when it's that time of month...do they still wear those drawz?...petty ik...but just curious
Rich Diamond (4 months ago)
Damn, I love this game!!!
40th Street Black (4 months ago)
I could NEVER EVER coach in this league.
KoolHandDuke (4 months ago)
Who else thinks #1 needs a larger number because her big beautiful booty is about to swallow that #1 whole, like a fucking scooby snack.
KoolHandDuke (4 months ago)
It won't be long before the coaches of these teams become the latest in the growing list of sexual harassers. How it hasn't happened yet is beyond me. Look at those asses man.
KoolHandDuke (3 months ago)
Vape Dude--You're probably right. More than half are most likely lesbians. Such a waste of pussy if you're a man looking to smash.
Vape Dude (3 months ago)
KoolHandDuke Probably because these are no ordinary women. Try and disrespect one and they'll fuck you up.
Ed Esteezy (4 months ago)
roger ramirez (3 months ago)
...Kiara Patterson....beautifulllll.....
Joe Black (5 months ago)
Damn. Shorty in the middle @ 2:23. You can sit a bottle of Henny on that ass.
Deuce BigBelow (5 months ago)
i want #6 and #1 bad let's have a 3 some from La team 😉
Bishop Grey (6 months ago)
Love black women
"El Jefe" (6 months ago)
Naja Christmas is just amazing
Don Tarver II (6 months ago)
Definitely couldn't coach these teams, lol. Step behind center and my dicks going in before that ball snaps.
黃小胖 (6 months ago)
Mary Kali (6 months ago)
Ugly asses, strange
Mary Kali (6 months ago)
Gross! No more weird shows. Threw away Bronco crap, no more sports unless it's me working out. What shit this is!!!!
halfwaydowntheroad (6 months ago)
I love l.a. we love it. Haha. BTW...do the coaches in this league take this seriously? On that note, do they think someone will take this seriously outside this league?
AssasaMan X (6 months ago)
Fuck NFL Sunday and Monday. I always rocked with this. What happend to it though?
P Freeman (6 months ago)
13 gay men protetested evidently!
diz0973ify (6 months ago)
Bouncing ass everywhere I LOVE IT! My dream would be, to be the quarter back ❤😍❤
Sweden is Lost (6 months ago)
Libtard women complain about pressure to be skinny. Most guys don't want skeleton skinny girls. But you do need to workout some though. Like these girls do. Lazy flobby fat girls are not sexy.
Oneman Oneman (6 months ago)
Fuck white boy loves them black birds arses, fucking hot !
Andrian Bethea (7 months ago)
7,10 wow I thought 10 was #1 I was looking at the 1 ass cheek to hard
Andrian Bethea (7 months ago)
Mo Ass, Mo Ass, Mo Ass good lord
MANOLO (7 months ago)
buenas nalgotas
rayshawn howard (7 months ago)
Damn all those beautiful fart boxes they got some nice asses on them
Bj Majors (7 months ago)
The whole black team got ass,ass,ass & more ass
naj s (7 months ago)
I need number 1
cassidy12165 (7 months ago)
#7 God damn
The Black Schwab (7 months ago)
Kiara Patterson!!!!
Sanchez Ballin (7 months ago)
Ayee #1 is phat too death!!!
KoolHandDuke (4 months ago)
Sanchez Ballin--She needs a larger number because her big beautiful booty just swallowed that #1 whole.
George Page (6 months ago)
Even the white girls got booty.
Quinton Williams (7 months ago)
They take their sport serious.I can see the passion. Im going to start supporting them. Not on no pervert shit but yes they're fine
HARPYRON (6 months ago)
Quinton Williams i feel you but im gonna support for both reasons lol hell they know whats up!
mr gray (7 months ago)
How can you watch this without a hard dick
George Page (6 months ago)
How many in one point where either strippers or pornstars?
ASSMAN/FEETMAN (7 months ago)
Melvin Green (7 months ago)
Those lady are amazon
Prophecy Jackson (7 months ago)
L.A. is tha Fucking Team TS
Darrell Real OG (7 months ago)
# 1 yes indeed
archie rome (7 months ago)
I'm not feeling guilty anymore, Im going to watch women play football . Hell they watch men play and have on their jerseys cheering for them. I'm a fan of the all black team don't need any jerseys. Don't care what my lady says.
BRAWLIC215 (7 months ago)
Ass tats always does something for me
B M (7 months ago)
#1 #4 #10 ill take all 3 of em oohhhh yeah
B M (7 months ago)
i'm sayin right dam lol
BRAWLIC215 (7 months ago)
Java Python 1 and 10 got cakes
LazarusStirs (8 months ago)
Excellent!!! Love this raw video.

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