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Logitech G Pro Gaming Keyboard- eSports Pros [US]

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What does it take to develop the Logitech G Pro Gaming Keyboard? Hear from the eSports pros and engineers on the Pro Gaming Keyboard. Tenkeyless design. Romer-G performance. Nothing more and nothing less than everything it takes to win! Play More. Play Advanced. Play to Win. Keep Playing. Logitech G. http://www.gaming.logitech.com http://www.twitter.com/logitechg http://www.facebook.com/logitechg http://www.instagram.com/Logitech_G
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Text Comments (150)
In Korea (13 days ago)
I have it and love it. No annoying clicky sound, very responsive to the touch, quick response time.
Ah Dindu Nuffin (23 days ago)
NO Thing can beat Razer Deathadder 5G Elite. 16.000 DPI but DPI doesn't matter as much. Above 4500 DPI is too fast anyway. Waste. But still Deatheadded is the King. I've been following Deathadder since the first model which was collaboration between Razer and Microsfot ( HABU ). Since then I've been getting newer models when one was broken after extremely excessive abuse
Krokodeilakias (1 month ago)
So, this keyboard or G910 for fast fps, competitive gaming?
Hana Song (14 days ago)
G Pro means it designed for Competitive pro players, ofc G Pro
Daniel Baudoin (2 months ago)
My 'R' key sometimes works sometimes doesn't. I popped the key out and blew an air can into it and still not much of a fix. Is there a solution to this?
Lucian Andries (2 months ago)
*Logitech:* Pleeeaaaaaaaasssseeeee, make this keyboard wireless!!!!!!!!!!! Make the illumination work like the K830 keyboard. You can also put AA or AAA batteries in it and make it's battery life like the G613. But please, I beg you, turn this thing wireless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
Danny C (2 months ago)
My dream keyboard
Gabriel Iribarra (3 months ago)
Its faster than the cherrry mx speed? Got u ligitech
Demi (3 months ago)
Hey Logitech, could we get a wireless version of this? It's my favorite keyboard and imo beats the cherry mx browns. I'm waiting to purchase the Cooler Master ck630, but deep down I can't unthink of how good the newer Romer-G's feel. Please make it happen Logitech!
TheNewSky (3 months ago)
0:58 wtf is that giant switch?
Coolaid Man (3 months ago)
I have a esl key cap what do I do if I want to put it on
Nick tan (4 months ago)
Rama Adhiguna (4 months ago)
Tengo Dinero (4 months ago)
did i just see a wireless g pro there
reed salcedo (4 months ago)
Hi logitech team, i wanted to ask if you have a very comprehensive video on how to use the logitech software. I tried so many times trying to save the light effects i want on the onboard memory of the logitech g pro. But the only lighting effect that saves is the static one.
Atom M (4 months ago)
Did that guy at 2:51 dropped something?
DopeyG (4 months ago)
price too expensive
Nikupls (5 months ago)
Bought one, played a few games with it. Malfunctioned on me the second day and died in the middle of a match. Returning to amazon. It was the best keyboard I used in those 2 days... but now i need a new keyboard that won't actually malfunction and die on me in a game. :'(
Deoix GT (5 months ago)
I love how it’s a Logitech ad and at 2:50 there’s a a worker with a dell mouse 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
BrandonPlayz3645 (6 months ago)
Does it work with Mac Air?
Nicktrophe Key (7 months ago)
Lol wtf at the start i saw lol, i mean why in the fuck you need a mechanical keyboard for that 😒
Lostin Mia (7 months ago)
I have a brand new Logitech G910 Spark RGB and I have an older, but brand new Corsair K70 Vengeance Red with Cherry Red mechanical keys. Guess which one is back in its box and under my bed? The Logitech was put in storage for now. These are my reasons: (Keep in mind I never owned a mechanical or G-Romer keyboard. 1. Cherry Red keys are louder but have a more satisfying typing feeling and don't feel spongy like the G910. Though the G910 key distance is shorter I still didn't like it. 2. The Corsair A,Q,W,E,R,D,F keys are curved for gaming. (Bought them separably for 12.00 on Ebay) 3. The overall size ,feel and look of the K70 keyboard is better then the G910. (I dont like the stock G910 weird angled keys though you can buy a new set for 30 bucks. Shoulda came in the box for 149.99) 4. I like G910 RGB but it gets old fast. Red is good enough for me! 5. The aluminum K70 felt more premium then the All plastic G910. Hope this helps
MALO (7 months ago)
You should make a capacitive switches and call it "Romer C". With capacitive, you can make the actuation point variable in each key. And use a cherry stem or adapters for mod ability.
BERAT XD (7 months ago)
Romaji, roller g?
Victor jacobsson (8 months ago)
2:50 Logitech does not blur out the Razer logo on the laptop, but Razer blurs out Logitech logos... Logitech just know they are better.
Hana Song (14 days ago)
Ah Dindu Nuffin (23 days ago)
NO Thing can beat Razer Deathadder 5G Elite. 16.000 DPI but DPI doesn't matter as much. Above 4500 DPI is too fast anyway. Waste. But still Deatheadded is the King. I've been following Deathadder since the first model which was collaboration between Razer and Microsfot ( HABU ). Since then I've been getting newer models when one was broken after extremely excessive abuse
Tetra Phobie (8 months ago)
is it possible to get keycaps for the romer-g switches?
William Kok (8 months ago)
Lovely keyboard I have it
Thantap Panmerost (9 months ago)
You should make GPRO wireless. Logitech pls.
TheUnholyOne (9 months ago)
God damn. I really feel like people just don't think of Logictech when it comes to gaming. It's nice to see that they are taking steps to knock on gamer's doors with a 10lb sledgehammer.
Zig Zag (10 months ago)
I'm really disappointed that it cannot display a solid white colour, even my g102 can show white more than this keyboard
James Bond (10 months ago)
Skaadoodlelelle can talk
Maccas (11 months ago)
Willy G (11 months ago)
I like how they said its crucial for the keyboard to have ur rgb settings saved yet when I close the software the G logo goes back to blue lol k
MightyRaptor (11 months ago)
I need media keys but i need a tkl as well..
Micro Waves (1 year ago)
2:51 Razer
Rami Al-Omari (1 year ago)
RGB means 50% more skills in CS:GO
BERAT XD (7 months ago)
Rami Al-Omari hell yeh
MightyRaptor (1 year ago)
This or the G810
Cxru (1 year ago)
Just bought this and the 203:) so happy
Narkokotik (1 year ago)
remove that glossy shit from the edge of the keyboard
Karam M (1 year ago)
make a clicky romer-G switches please :(
Cloudy Clips (4 months ago)
looool they made it
Yung Sharty (4 months ago)
Just get a razer keyboard
Alejandro (1 year ago)
Is this keyboard going to be on spanish qwerty someday?
alexandra romanoff (1 year ago)
i hate logitech but this keyboard really amazed me gj logitech :) you broke my taboo
Logitech G (1 year ago)
We're not quite sure how to feel about that, but we're glad we amazed you! ✨
Samuel Norsander (1 year ago)
Fix for Nordic layout please.
LordBattleSmurf (1 year ago)
If this has like 5 or 6 macro keys on the left side it would be perfect
Mike Wolf (1 year ago)
This is all well and good, but as far as we see, not one of Logitech's sponsored eSports teams are even using this keyboard in broadcasted competitions/finals. Even Logitech's own website says they're not. http://gaming.logitech.com/en-us/esports/ They're using a G910 or a G710+ or a G410 or G810. This includes the TSM and Cloud9 teams featured in the video.
Zyo Gaming (1 year ago)
Romer G masterrace
Yung Sharty (4 months ago)
Eric Wu (1 year ago)
is it wireless able?
Elej Zen (1 year ago)
why is only the US version available?
Lem Bidi (1 year ago)
Timothy Hinson (1 year ago)
CS:GO is in there! Cloud 9 team ... xD
DejaVuSx (1 year ago)
bullshit to the extreme
nsuinteger (1 year ago)
will there ever be mac layout rgb mechanical keyboard from logitech ? or is that a wet dream -_-
Robert Knapp (1 year ago)
nsuinteger it's a purpose built gaming keyboard. Macs are fetishes and not the ideal gaming platform.
Anime vice forums (1 year ago)
nsuinteger who games on mac lol
SEONBOK LEE (1 year ago)
Does it release in South Korea? Please
In Korea (13 days ago)
It's been out for a while
Howie Tark (1 year ago)
Is there going to be an updated version of the g810 with the detachable cord and on board memory?
waltermagsrichtig (1 year ago)
jungs bringt doch nicht immer die selbe scheisse für noch mehr geld, jede tasta ist ne tasta wie die andere, anderer body und andere switches aber es ist und bleibt ne tasta.... unglaublich, fettsacknerds die es nicht können werden auch mit der neuesten ultra gaming tasta nicht besser....
chemic (1 year ago)
Will there be Nordic version of it as well?
benjaandroid (1 year ago)
g610 has a terrible feeling on her spacebar
ShortBanana (1 year ago)
romer g? nahh
Calvin Dang (1 year ago)
I'd love to test out the Romer-G switches.
Rax (6 months ago)
Calvin Dang the tactile one is kinda like browns but with significantly softer click and a higher actuation point and lower travel distance. And the bottom out feel is a bit cushioned but not in a bad way. They're pretty decent switches ngl
JesseArt (1 year ago)
Why don't pro gamers use more ergonomic setups? I hate using a standard keyboard layout for gaming. I'd much rather use something like my Razer Orbweaver or Logitech's old G13 (which they should TOTALLY redesign and bring to market!). Seriously, build a modern modular and/or adjustable Logitech G13 to compete with the Orbweaver, and I'd buy it in a New York millisecond.
MLGgoomba (1 year ago)
Thank you for making simple and powerful products now. No more of the alien looking stuff anymore.
Thorsten Hagemeier (1 year ago)
fix your fucking software first before releasing new stuff! i'm sick and tired of my g810 acting out. your hardware is top notch but your software sucks balls. how can you not include onboard memory to the keyboard? or make it work that when i untick the rgb start effect in the logitech gaming software it will not show the rainbow wave effect? damn logitech i loved you and put hundreds of money in your products but if you continue to fuck up like that imma sell all my logitech stuff (g900, g27, g533, g240, g810, z337). my keyboard's been out a year and you still didnt fix this well known complaint. pfff
Zyo Gaming (1 year ago)
I think it was intentional that the logo is "off sync" color, so it stands out more. You're probably talking about the centered rainbow effect, the logo always has the color of the center. If you set the vertical rainbow effect, the color actually matches. The clicky spacebar is bothering me as well, but it is a common problem with mechanical stabilizers, mx cherry keyboards also have this issue. The LED RGB ist just beautiful compared to other keyboards honestly, I won't complain about that even it has a blue tint it is just worlds ahead. Other comparable products also have a blue tint and you can counter this by setting a white/yellow in the settings. The only real complaints I have are 1)the firmware (keyboard sometimes acting weird on start up, or not saving settings) 2)the keycaps are just painted instead of double-shot molded and probably will wear off eventually, revealing the transparent background 3)I wish the casing would be made of metal for that price 4)no wrist pad
Jason C (1 year ago)
1) i never noticed that. interesting 2) oh yeah the ping sound. that's a little annoying. you know what causes it? 3)lol i wouldn't know because i set my keyboard to blue for default and red for gaming
Thorsten Hagemeier (1 year ago)
Mandog Bear 1) there is a humming sound when the leds are on 2) all the keys have a different filco ping sound 3) you cant set the LEDs to white becaus then ist appears blue-ish. if you want something that resembles white you have to set it to kinda pink, but if you synchronise your G900 mouse with it then the mouse is pink instead of white 4) some keys dont immidiately depress by themselves, 5) somethis the keyboard crashes and slows down the pc and so on...
Jason C (1 year ago)
meh i think that's about it. The spacebar and all the fucky lighting/software. what else do you personally observe?
Thorsten Hagemeier (1 year ago)
Mandog Bear unfortunately only a fraction of the amout of problems with the G810 alone... stay strong brother
Chris Benn (1 year ago)
But why 1.5mm actuation distance! It would be so nice with a version with 1.2mm actuation like the Corsair k65 speed - just a logitech version! :)
sergioro8_12 (1 year ago)
g610 here
hamzah (1 year ago)
romer g r syit
Trivision (1 year ago)
Add a wrist rest and i will buy it.
Vali (1 year ago)
gibe trade 410 to gpro or dislike?
TheNiceHacks (1 year ago)
Vegan Games (1 year ago)
would love a fixed numpad on the left hand side of the keyboard. general gamer wants the utility and the comfort. the asus one os too expensive.
Chris C. (1 year ago)
Is there a 10 key version?
Chris C. (1 year ago)
I been looking at that one. Just wasn't sure.
LookItsAidan (1 year ago)
Chris C. Just buy G810.
Nasir Mahmud (1 year ago)
2:50 dont give it to linus, he will drop it
Jun Ha (1 year ago)
Nasir Mahmud lmao
NuclearByte (1 year ago)
if this is less than $70, im really interested
happycamperjack (1 year ago)
You should check out the g410. Same switches with a wrist rest , just not metal plate.
Solarism (1 year ago)
NuclearByte it will go down ofc like the g410. Its 120 dollars on kogitexhs website but its 90 dollars on amazon.
サツッピミク (1 year ago)
when you added pro to the name.. yeah its going to be pricey
NuclearByte (1 year ago)
nvm, it's $140 for those wondering (-_-)
TexasPower (1 year ago)
"Only everything you need to win." $130 No wrist rest.
Jason C (1 year ago)
and different hand sizes will define differently what is "slim" and "ok". Also something I kind of left out is also the fact that people who use wrist rests are generally specific about what kind of wrist rest they like. Do you like the feel of metal? Or the organic texture of wood? Maybe plastic with rubberized texture is your best of both worlds that is soft but firm? Do you like your wrist rests slanted? How slanted? How tall? How can it be positioned? I personally don't use a wrist rest, but just by guessing i'd say most legit wrist rest users understand their own preference, and thus very little amount of them would even opt for the stock wrist rest even if they bought a keyboard that came with it. For example a couple of friends i have buy their wrist rests from amazon, even though they own the Corsair K70.
Sonic Dave (1 year ago)
+Jason C not really. It also depends on how high the keyboard is. Stand and all. Tilted or not. Etc. I prefer titled keyboards with stand and wrists wrest. There are also many standard keyboards which are slim. You don't need wrist rest there.
Jason C (1 year ago)
SonicAce Dave it's all preference. i personally don't use a wrist rest at all, and in fact most gamer friends i have (hardcore cs puggers who do this like 3-6 hours a day) don't use wrist rests either. some do, but not the most.
Sonic Dave (1 year ago)
came to say this. unless you tell me only "paid pros" are gonna be using this keyboard lmao. wrist wrest is a necessary for me. esp since mech keyboards aren't exactly low or have slim body.
TexasPower (1 year ago)
"P R E F E R E N C E"
MATHPC 40 (1 year ago)
Yesssss!!!!!!!! I waited so long for this!!
Noslen López (1 year ago)
This is how gaming gear should look like.
Kevin Gerlach (1 year ago)
pls with iso layout german plsssss
ANGRY CATTO (1 year ago)
Anyone else want to see a sound teast for the giant switch?
ilapasditbjr (1 year ago)
release date in france ?
Tom Schlüter (1 year ago)
g502 mouse, g910 keyboard, g633 headset :D yay
JemmonLemmon (1 year ago)
2:50 ITS LUKE AND LINUS!!! LINUS LOOKS AMAZED AF! (the fat guy died)
Phil (1 year ago)
Is there any keyboard that is better then the 910???
SmallVilleTM (1 year ago)
Finaly Logitech comes up with a small keyboard, but still not small enough for my taste, i use logitech all my life (g900 mouse atm) i would get their keyboard when or if they make 60% mechanical keyboard. That would be a perfect size keyboard for me :)
Fehrium (1 year ago)
Can we expect a model with numblock and the volume wheel you had on the G710+? Still waiting for something like that, else I will probably go with corsair this time.
Sentry (1 year ago)
2:50 L I N U S ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! FTW
TheNewSky (3 months ago)
He's holding the giant switch lol..
Wenxiang (9 months ago)
Catchadorian (9 months ago)
did linus just had a razer laptop?
Kenny Lay (1 year ago)
Yeah, the video where they visited the production of the switches was great.
Sonic Dave (1 year ago)
Sentry :D good catch I didn't notice him lol
Kristallo Ronaldo (1 year ago)
I bought the g810 but this is way cooler imo. Should have waited fml
Leafbreath (1 year ago)
Well I still have my heart set on the 810 to complete my collection of the Logitech Holy Trinity of (rbg) peripherals.
Niyog RV (1 year ago)
2:51 I'm pretty sure the guy over there dropped something
BERAT XD (7 months ago)
Linus drop tips
Jack Dunn (8 months ago)
🤣🤣🤣 Linus
I like the frame design of the G410, I hope they retained it
Rama Pranawa (1 year ago)
well you made my dream come true logitech. a tenkeyless g810 /g310 without the overdesigned alien look.. :D i would bought that thing
ArchieGamez (1 year ago)
So, does the switches feel clicky like cherry MX blues/browns? Design is pretty sexy and quite compact.
ArchieGamez (1 year ago)
Ayy sounds good thanks
Patrick Bonner (1 year ago)
ArchieGamez They're the softest tactile switches you can get.
Sun (1 year ago)
Romer G switches feel like MX Browns in my experience. MX Browns have a tactile bump near the actuation point, and the Romer G switches also have this, but it's very, very faint. The switches, while I have only used them for a few hours demoing them on another keyboard, are fantastic for gaming and typing is even pretty good. However, if you love the click, these aren't for you, because they don't make any clicky sounds. They are pretty quiet in comparison to other switches. Another thing to note is that they also do not have to be bottomed out, and you'll reach the actuation point very quickly. Overall, a good switch. I'd look at reviews on the G810/G910/G410 for more info on the switches. Those keyboards use the same switches as this new one.
krissthebliss (1 year ago)
This I like
Niels Van Nimmen (1 year ago)
So it's like the g810, but without the keypad?
Sun (1 year ago)
More or less. It looks like it has all the features of the G810, but is a tenkeyless, for people who don't need the keypad for inputting numbers and whatnot.
TheEmeraldboy100 (1 year ago)
"G310 but without the alien look — we also added RGB".
SEONBOK LEE (1 year ago)
Does it release in South Korea?
양민 (1 year ago)
SunBok Lee 제발..
Lo L (1 year ago)
THANK YOU I've been waiting for this for so long lel
HeyCharlieBall (1 year ago)
Wireless G Pro when?
Jagan (1 year ago)
There are plenty of pro players using the Logitech G900 which is a wireless mouse. If done properly, wireless can be a good thing.
chemic (1 year ago)
Wireless and Pro in the same sentence? :D

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