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10 Best GRAPHICS of 2017 [4K Video]

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2017 was a standout year for graphics on PC, PS4, and Xbox One thanks to upgraded 4K consoles and shiny new graphics cards. Here are our choices for the best looking games. Subscribe for more: http://youtube.com/gameranxtv
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Text Comments (2597)
Prophet (16 hours ago)
Srsly they fucked up resident evil 7 because it was supposed to be a shooter game like all other till re6 and they made it like a horror movie where u have no choices but watch the movie
ramirezrem (2 days ago)
Wolfenstein 2 should be on this list, this game looks phenomenal.
Mark 45 (4 days ago)
"call of duty looks great every year..." Um infinite warfare?
Zikri (6 days ago)
Damn, i hate my partial colorblind :/. Have 4K but not 4K eyes wkwk
PEACE GAMER (6 days ago)
nice video and well explained
Mr HADES (6 days ago)
Ac origins should be in 2 or 3
Dinushka Rusith (7 days ago)
"middle earth shadow of war"
Tommy F. (10 days ago)
total war warhammer 2 , needs 1080ti sli to run at 60fps in 4k
Y4shas (10 days ago)
Click bait
ultimate gamer (11 days ago)
nice top 10 but assassins creed origins has to be on number 3 or 4
Sophia Rose (14 days ago)
3:24 I thought that was a movie for a second
Rohaan RMB (14 days ago)
The bestttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt game is origins
Siam Sama (17 days ago)
If only every game was specifically and individually optimized for PC, we would not have Wildlands and Crysis and Arkham Knight issues (and other terrible PC ports' issues). *sigh* Of course those games can be done the same for consoles, but most devs literally don't give a shit about PC, as most of the money is in the consoles (easier accessibility for people).
Amirmohammad (21 days ago)
Resident evil 7 graphic on ps4 so bad Change ac origins with RE7
Dime Pavlovic (22 days ago)
Would like to see Horizon Zero Dawn on pc
Darshit Desai (25 days ago)
No fortnite No fun xD
Houston (26 days ago)
What about Need For Speed?
Prince Herenj (26 days ago)
Updated list please
Gajes creations (27 days ago)
Lol you don't wait in origins to get to the morning.. if you press hold a button it changes whether for you
Muhammad Ali (27 days ago)
All list amazing except horizon zero dawn
Assassins origins number 1
swapnarka arnan (1 month ago)
games ill never be able to play
COFFEY HEYWOOD (1 month ago)
fistsOFfury366 D (1 month ago)
really? horizon zero Dawn? wow I can't even. now if you are listing the 10 best then yes, but if you mean horizon zero Dawn looks the best you are flat out wrong.
Danidani 123 (1 month ago)
Your missed gta5
Sonic Gamer_YT (1 month ago)
**Watches in 144p**
Knuckles (1 month ago)
Tameem Rahim (1 month ago)
Escape from tarkov?, pubg?,
ollierkul (25 days ago)
Their graphics aren't exactly exceptional though, and I think they only did fully released games anyway?
UnlimitedJaredzzz !!! (1 month ago)
Any one think that assassins creed black flag should be on here
Clifster (1 month ago)
Izo Khan (1 month ago)
Awesome list.
wittler117 Shndd (1 month ago)
Who’s watching in 2018? ...well Battlefield 1 and battlefield v both look amazing
ollierkul (25 days ago)
The frostbite engine delivers some top notch graphics for sure.
Nikesh Maurya (1 month ago)
very nice collection bro!
Matthew Sussens (1 month ago)
Battlefield 1? Love this channel
Pro gaming guy (1 month ago)
I wish horizon zero dawn could be on PC
hugo miller (1 month ago)
Watching this in 144p
Amy s (1 month ago)
Lost legacy is f*cking copy of Tomb Raider !!
Garrett Isham (1 month ago)
I hate PC gamers, bring it on you rich pricks. I play console so I don't care about frames and I save my money on more important things on my mind. Don't get me wrong, I have been wanting to build a pc for months but you are the actual example of *arrogance and narcissism* that makes me think "do I want to turn into that?" Give me your worse PC master, or should I say, minor race.
azlaniandevil (1 month ago)
Hmmm idk. Horizon looks absolutely amazing! No arguing that, but when compared to the Uncharted Engine idk...Lost Legacy imo up itself even more then UC4 but I’m sure they are the same still but idk I see a little difference. Lost Legacy has amazing facial animations and moveable interactive vegetation that horizon zero dawn lacked
Altaïr Ibn-la'ahad (2 months ago)
Ubisoft Is The Best!!!
Himanshu Joiya (2 months ago)
Uncharted vs Origins, sorry but origins looks way better
Realmasterorder (2 months ago)
Is this Video in HDR ?
Sohail Malik (2 months ago)
Where is far cry 5 😟
Hip Hop (2 months ago)
Are Bhai har game ke description ma system recurment jaroor dal dena....
Tech Pegasus (2 months ago)
Horizon looks cartoonish
Alex Radu (2 months ago)
You forgot nfs payback
BlueSkies (2 months ago)
To me uncharted takes it all. (I have most of those games)
Death Breacher (2 months ago)
Why isn't "Mass Effect Andromeda" on this list?? It should be in the top 5 atleast.
emissary44 (2 months ago)
i havent seen a video that makes HZD look realistic, i dont know but it looks like a fake world to me as what do you compare it to where realism is concered. What in the real world can you compare it too? I am seeing it and it doesnt look real expecially seeing it side by side with the origins game
Hexor S44 (2 months ago)
I need that PS4 Pro 😊 those game are insane looking.
raz raz (2 months ago)
@UBISOFT look at Horizon Zero Dawn graphics. i experienced no fps drop, Try learn something from them.
Patrik Miskovic (2 months ago)
Just like u say it looks far better on pc ,which is not looking far better ,gow on ps4 pro looks far better than anything on pc
William Pelland (2 months ago)
Should’ve replace WW2 with BF1
Alexander Sobieski (2 months ago)
JOHNSON HEZEKIAH (2 months ago)
Where is GOW4 ? Thief’s end ?
J J (3 months ago)
AC origins has great water and beautifull setting, that's about it.
Mayank Sharma (3 months ago)
Horiiiiizon yessssss
K 9 Poodle (3 months ago)
Where's GTA 5, FFXV?
Khan Umar (3 months ago)
and Best Graphic Game 2018 Is God Of war 4 #GOTY ❤
Lord Tachanka (3 months ago)
The problem is that even battlefield one’s graphics are so much better to this day
Garden Green (3 months ago)
Фу бля, Ваномаса на таковой графон дудки
pro to B (3 months ago)
Where is the god of war bad boy
James Lloyd (3 months ago)
Jaw silk wound ilyge mental researcher squeeze everyone calculate wherever reject group.
Ahmed Proyash (3 months ago)
LayerZlayer 2000 (3 months ago)
The best game is halo 2 Anniversary look at the cutscene Graphic its the Revolution
Silent Market (3 months ago)
Ghost Recon Wild Lands, really?
Silent Market (3 months ago)
Assassin’ Creed looks like shit.
Silent Market (1 month ago)
Clifster Played for 10 mins, close it, never play again. Boring as always.
Clifster (1 month ago)
you havent played it yhet
Ancient Dragon (3 months ago)
Horizon Zero Dawn top 1. But in my opinion not as good as Witcher 3 graphics
ravi pratap singh (3 months ago)
straight to the point. good work
Ryukijano Ninja (3 months ago)
*JAKEBAlDINOPlaysonconsoles* and so his games doesn't look that good.
Rogue-Spear (3 months ago)
My PS4 graphics are good enough. If I'm going to dish out money on a PS4 Pro just for the graphics, I might as well build a PC.
jkeville gaming (3 months ago)
Far cry 5 ?
Sub zero (3 months ago)
why unchanted series are not for pc i really love this series
DefroGenetic Player (3 months ago)
Lemme guess Next search Search for: Horizon zero
Vj Dandaigsan (3 months ago)
champions team (3 months ago)
Cesar Rivera (3 months ago)
Bought a GTX 1080 just now and went straight to this video to see what games to buy.
Hanzala Mansoor (3 months ago)
Well just go and see the graphics of ww2
Gaurav Pal (3 months ago)
where is witcher 3
Robert Fabros (3 months ago)
Horizon Zero Dawn!
MorreGaming (3 months ago)
I got horizon zero dawn on ps4 pro and it looks really good its worth all of the money
Belaaj Bojj (3 months ago)
views this video.. proceeds to play league of legends
Vidyasagar Ramachandran (3 months ago)
How about forza horizon 3 over motorsport ??
Prestige Clips (3 months ago)
Where is vice city man😕😕😕
PC Gamer (3 months ago)
Planning to buy Ps4 for some new games, Hit like if you think i should
Umar Bhutta (3 months ago)
your channel is the best channel of the world
Sourav Paul (3 months ago)
Faizan Khan (3 months ago)
Crows Wit Gaming (4 months ago)
I'd put assassin's before horizon, horizon, as beautiful as it is, doesn't have half the detail ACO does (in 1080 anyway) for example, when you roll through or completely submerged in water, aloy has no effect of being wet... ACO has animations for every aspect of the game... And each patch (we're up to 77GBs now) they add new animations... It's quite mind blowing. Just my opinion, otherwise, good list, as repulsive as battlefront is, it is a beautiful game.... But poor EA didn't get a $500,000,000 return on it... Oh how will they ever pull through?! Think of the children!!!!
SteveC (4 months ago)
These lists are useless, because everybody will have a totally different opinion. These silly gaming channels act like they've studied gaming in university, when they're basically just players like anyone else, in lots of cases with less experience. I doubt that clown was even born yet when I started gaming before IBM even released its first PC... go figure.
Pragmatic Gaming (4 months ago)
Killzone 2 should be remade in 4K HDR 60FPS DO IT GUERILLA GAMES.
Eye_Patch_Pirate (4 months ago)
CODWWII? But those are cutscenes!
DasSchiff 3 (4 months ago)
Crysis 100000000000^10000000000000 years later: your then rank is actually similiar
Aniket Bhagat (4 months ago)
Lol, saying COD:WW2 looks good because it has good cinematics. They wouldn't dare make the actual gameplay look like that, not enough loot boxes in the game to cover expenses for that.
Ashutosh sama (4 months ago)
Assassin's creed origins on 10? Really ? It's really good game
nikolygtx (4 months ago)
This its no place for forza 7
Mano Kshatriya (4 months ago)
Assasins creed origin is the best graphical game if you use Dynamic resolution ..
ɓίɓαɓσ ασѵ (4 months ago)
1: Roblox
Péter Kovács (4 months ago)
Tomb Raider??
Dries Duyck (4 months ago)
the hunter !!!
Glorious 60fps (4 months ago)
991 dislikes from pc masterbaters.

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