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Super Mario Odyssey VS Zelda Breath Of The Wild | Which Is BETTER?

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Super Mario Odyssey OR Zelda Breath Of The Wild for Nintendo Switch? Which game is better? Should you buy Mario Or Zelda on Nintendo Switch? Is Zelda Breath Of The Wild the GAME OF THE YEAR? Or is it Super Mario Odyssey that takes the crown? Let us know what you think below! Like/Comment/Subscribe/Share Become A Patreon And Join Our Community By Supporting The Channel - https://www.patreon.com/BeatEmUps Billy's AWESOME Mario Odyssey Review - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rQJjvqRWpEs Billy's Channel! - https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=captain8bit Want to send me MAIL?! - Wood Hawker PO Box 152751 Arlington, tx. 76015 Buy Some MERCH Maybe! - https://socialblade.com/youtube/user/beatemups PayPal - beatemupsmerch@gmail.com Business Email - beatemupsmerch@gmail.com Follow BeatEmUps on Twitter - @BeatemupsWood On Facebook - facebook.com/BeatEmUps Instagram - @BeatemupsWood Join The BeatEmUps Discord Chat - https://discord.gg/zyUGPfs My Second Channel - https://www.youtube.com/user/WoodsMaj... Music: Erek Ladd - https://erekladd.bandcamp.com/releases "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use." All clips and videos belong to their respective owners.
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Text Comments (1865)
SlainYT (22 hours ago)
Both are AMAZING Games!
carlos saucedo (1 day ago)
It's magical to see two persons with different opinions discuting very maturely, no screams, no insults, just sharing good points and each other respecting the opinions and like omg and like i love it and like every discussion should be like this omg. PS.: Like, omg
Bigdonpaul (2 days ago)
I didn't have fun with BOTW either
Josh Wilson (2 days ago)
I thought BotW was a MasterpieceOdyssey was just okay
Moni Monteiro (3 days ago)
xengineer24 (3 days ago)
Breath of the wild was the first game I got on my switch and I don’t regret it at all. I’ve put in hundreds of hours, done so much in normal mode, beaten everything there is to beat, I’m about 3/4 through the shrines and I have a comfortable amount of Korok seeds, and right when I thought I was slowing down, BOOM, master mode time! The whole game restarted and redone in a much harder difficulty, which forces you to play entirely differently way than you would have. The DLC helps ease the pain of fighting enemies stronger than you could ever hope to beat in the beginning, and once you get your stride the harder enemies that flood the map become really really rewarding with their drops and weapons as you progress and become more able to defeat them before they defeat you. I don’t have Mario odyssey yet, I still plan on buying it, but I already bought it once as a gift for my little half brother and I only got to play through the tutorial to the first boss and I have to say, from what I played I’m not chomping at the bit to pick it up right away. Take this as you will, I never played older Zelda games so I don’t have that perspective but I have played nearly every single installment of Mario to some extent or another and I feel like something with odyssey just feels off to me. Maybe I just didn’t play it enough, I will certainly be buying it eventually but if I had to recommend one I would have to recommend breath of the wild. It’s hands down going to be my all time favorite game on the switch until something very very drastic happens in the future with some insane new releases we haven’t even heard of yet.
Áron Csapó (3 days ago)
Both games have bad aspects but the good outweighs the bad by far
JakobzHD (4 days ago)
MYSTIC (5 days ago)
Here is what I think Mario- It was easy, I mean so easy that I beat the game in 4 days, it had no difficulty (in my opinion). The music is great, it has a nice selection, but I don't really mind music in video games. Graphics wise, it's Okay, Zelda has better graphics(in my opinion). I wish there were more kingdoms, like Luigi's mansion or Isle delfino etc. To be honest, I felt disappointed of the game after beating it, there's not much to in the game after you beat it, except collect power moons. I give Super Mario Odyssey- 6/10 Zelda- The game is hard, so hard I got the game 4 months ago and still never beat it, I wish they could turn down the difficulty a little bit. The music is okay, but Mario has a better soundtrack, like I said I don't mind the music in video games. Graphics wise, It was perfect, better than Odyssey. There is so much to do, like shrines,collecting kook seeds etc. To be honest, even if you do beat the game there is much to do even with DLC. I give Breath of the wild-8/10
Zero Eon (6 days ago)
BotW needed underwater dungeons like OoT... some iron boots and a grappling hook too... But people talking trash about it bet you 100$ they searched "Google and youtube" just to beat a shrine or monster. That's not even a gamer... so they should not even have an opinion to give. These games are made to figure out things for yourself... it's called use your brain for the puzzle lol
Sensei Noah (6 days ago)
I own both but botw is better in my opinion
Stefano douche (6 days ago)
Public Lemur (9 days ago)
Im WAY more of a Zelda fan than mario fan But mario odyssey was in my opinion was the best
Charlie Silver (10 days ago)
6:48 to be continued...
N O (10 days ago)
I beat Odyssey in a day botw was so much more fun and better
forgedabouted (11 days ago)
You guys made me not pumped for either of these games :(
Lawson Dillard (11 days ago)
Hyblocker (11 days ago)
mario is better than zelda in zelda stuff and zelda is better than mario in mario stuff
Ali Gülşan (12 days ago)
the only thing i didnt like about botw was how nintendo tried to pull a dark souls on the story dont do that it will never work unless its a soulsborne game
Plumpus (12 days ago)
Deion Greenaway (13 days ago)
I think both😒💢
Cosmo Link (13 days ago)
Both are great but I personally enjoyed Mario Odyssey more!
Roman Empire (13 days ago)
I absolutely loved the heck out of both games. I reckon they were the best out of their respective series. I reckon I's have to give the point to Zelda though. When I look back to both of them, I have greater memories playing Zelda. It could potentially be my favourite game of all time.
Work In progress (14 days ago)
Super Mario Odyssey definitely is better
_R M_ (14 days ago)
Parker Rothrock (15 days ago)
Zelda But Mario was still better than most.
Unusual The medic main (15 days ago)
They're both amazing. End of discussion
Super Dude (15 days ago)
zarnuba gaming (17 days ago)
Mario is the best
Playfaze xbox live (17 days ago)
i would say Mario Odyssey, its the reason why im getting a nintendo switch,
Kid Power (18 days ago)
I've never played either title from either game. Right now started with Mario Odyssey as my first Mario ever. It has been great fun with this game but it's not that deep to the point to give me that satisfaction or interest, but that also has to do with my personal preference for games. Like these guys pointed out, it is pretty easy, you might die 1-2 times at some points but other than that you'll probably blast right though it.
xXHUNGAMERXx (18 days ago)
No its minecraft
Chris Gavouras (19 days ago)
Vote for Mario
flowerz (19 days ago)
Thanks for the honest opinions!
Guymino (20 days ago)
2 words: *S U P E R M A R I O*
Grant Fenstad (20 days ago)
Zelda , I have 111 shrines
Ashley Paul (20 days ago)
Mario was my first Nintendo game but I just had more fun with botw you can lose track of time playing that game I once stated to play at 9:00pm and look at the time...... It was 8:00am.......😳
metal saga (20 days ago)
Team botw zelda
Jayden Hamilton (20 days ago)
This is why Breath of the Wild is my 2nd favorite Zelda game, it had half of the experience of zelda games that I love. Only HALF for me, twilight princess is still my favorite Zelda game.
Zash 27 (21 days ago)
I liked BotW but that beginning and ending were very weak mostly the ending and the world felt so empty to the extent the game was almost depressing so Mario was better imo
Zash 27 (21 days ago)
Both are fantastic games but I'm gonna go with Mario
Spenser Bainbridge (22 days ago)
I found Zelda more enjoyable but both become increasingly simple as the game progresses instead of the other way around, botw in particular. Gannon was waayyyy too easy
Eli DO (22 days ago)
Zelda was a lot harder and in depth but Mario is quick to the point and made me laugh. Idk which game is better
Ngyes (23 days ago)
Splatoon 2
Ngyes (23 days ago)
Isolation 2
Ngyes (23 days ago)
I meant splatoon but whatever
Yoran Koppes (23 days ago)
I watched this video to choose which game i’ll buy. Still don’t know but liked watching.
seb sant (24 days ago)
I'm going to save you time zelda was better
joey keyes (24 days ago)
Ali Qeblawi (24 days ago)
Which one should I get like fr
PeterGaming27 (24 days ago)
i think zelda is better but much respect to mario fans i just like the open world of zelda and you can do whatever you want and both games are awesome though
brandonisi (25 days ago)
As an “old school” gamer and someone whose first Zelda was the original, I LOVED BotW. It’s the closest the series has come to the original
Pied2004 (26 days ago)
I am for Zelda because MARIO got boring when I finished the story, so I only did 25h 3times less than on stardew valley and 10 times less than Zelda . Even if MARIO is a great game
aj wagner (28 days ago)
"a little game"
cj steel (29 days ago)
When I was playing Zelda it felt like I wasn’t doing anything the whole time. It felt like I was just wandering around doing nothing, but when I was playing Mario I was always doing something and that is why I like Mario more than Zelda.
Jack Taylor (29 days ago)
Mario ... just cuz I’m a fanboy
john wydak (29 days ago)
I loved both but I felt the story in odyssey was waaaaaay to easy but a very great after game. On the other hand botw had a both challenging story and a challenging after game. So I chose botw.
Coolskater_714 (1 month ago)
Honestly, I appreciate Breath Of The Wild for bring in something new to the franchise. Mario Odyssey however, didn't completely change the formula, if just felt like some typical Mario game. But in the end, both games are great to play. Breath Of The Wild is filled with a lot more content, Mario Odyssey really just feels more like something to be called "Super Mario Let's Collect Moons!". In my opinion, I'd say Breath Of The Wild is the better game.
GamingWithZack (1 month ago)
I think Mario is better
GamingWithZack (1 month ago)
I know a category. Which game would be better for all ages?
12thMANbro (1 month ago)
Karun Pandey (1 month ago)
Who cares which is better. It is up to the player. And if you have a Switch, you should have both of them.
Lunati q (1 month ago)
I like oddessy better probably because i was too exposed to zelda.
Speedster1102 (1 month ago)
I’ve played both and give them a 10/10 but botw is better in my opinion
Jase Judkins (1 month ago)
Mario is slightly better
Abraham Almeida Bonnin (1 month ago)
Mario is king
Elec MobMan (1 month ago)
I loved both of them but I had a little more fun playing zelda
Zelda is better
Gabe vaz (1 month ago)
I enjoy Mario games more but this time I enjoyed Botw more
TheCreator Pro (1 month ago)
Zelda is better
G4L Rambling (1 month ago)
Both games are great but if I had to choose one I'd have to go with Super Mario Odyssey. Breath of the Wild's just missing too many things that made all the previous installments so great. Like actual dungeons and a variety and uniqueness in boss battles. Plus the soundtrack in Breath of the Wild is kinda' boring. Seriously the only thing Breath of the Wild did better than Super Mario Odyssey IMO was the combat. But that's not saying much since Mario has never really been about combat.
joshua frank (1 month ago)
Zelda is better
Poppys Animations (1 month ago)
Team Zelda for the win
bEN-OFFICIAL MASSIVE (1 month ago)
Pretty funny Billy's just chillin' in his boxers
Brad Duski (1 month ago)
I wholeheartedly agree with the guy on the left. I liked Zelda and agreed with the world, but I missed the Zelda dungeons and thought the temples in botw were very tedious and simple. Fun at first but towards got old in mid to late game.
Markr13 (1 month ago)
gabeao7 aguilar (1 month ago)
UEven VapeBro? (1 month ago)
I know I'm late to the party, but I haven't played either one. I just *(finally)* ordered my switch two days ago, but I bought both games with it. I'm looking forward to playing both of them equally, as someone who grew up being both a Mario and a Zelda fan. Awesome video, both liked and subbed. :)
Hrafnar Ísak (1 month ago)
I enjoy Zelda better
Gundy Ninor (1 month ago)
I like both almost equally, but with Zelda you get almost overleveled when you reach the endgame, whereas with Mario you don't get that
Diego Galvis Rey (1 month ago)
Zelda Botw FTW!
Killing Sun (1 month ago)
This is the video with which I found your channel and today it’s randomly in my recommended for some reason lol. I guess I’ll rewatch!
Hamzah Abdulaal (1 month ago)
Jonah Abenhaim (1 month ago)
Well so far, breath of the wild feels way too complicated for me. While for Super mario odyssey it’s fun and simple.
Nathan Long (1 month ago)
Mario is definitely better
CJ Carter (1 month ago)
Mario Is better because Zelda is to long
Both are great but I’m a Zelda person , despite my name , BOTW is my 2 fav Zelda game , below ocarina and tied with twilight or
Forget that OR at the end
Nuclear Knight (1 month ago)
Courxx Studios (1 month ago)
Beau Johnson (1 month ago)
MrGuy 780 (1 month ago)
I think BotW
Ian Cabrera (1 month ago)
TB_Legend (1 month ago)
Qasim Al-Janabi (1 month ago)
I got a switch last week and my first game was Bayonetta :)
Nintendo fan47 (1 month ago)
I LOVE both but... I like odyssey a little more
Bobcat One (1 month ago)
Anyone who's properly played through both games would know that breath of the wild is better
Dennis Copeland (1 month ago)
Mario odyssey
Manolo Dorgelo (1 month ago)
Roen (1 month ago)
eahh... dungeons ok.. but they had put in the 4 beasts.... .which actually represented somekind of dungeons.. but still indeed, i also missed that exactly, the 3 crystals of water (zora) fire (goron) and forest (deku) that had to be gathered before getting the master sword etc
Brendan (1 month ago)
Dude, the Ghostbusters 2016 costume?
Chris Gennusa (1 month ago)
The only criticism I have of Botw and it really is small Is the lack of traditional dungeons. If they follow the same formula for the next Zelda but have dungeons like twilight princess/Ocarina of time it will be the best game ever

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