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EA And Battlefront II Really Fucked This Up (The Jimquisition)

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http://www.patreon.com/jimquisition http://www.thejimquisition.com http://sharkrobot.com/collections/Jimquisition-merch Star Wars Battlefront II was a bit of a misstep, huh? EA is licking its wounds after the massive loot box backlash, but there's little time to heal. They got too greedy to fast, and now legislators are interested in games... and gambling.
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Adam Thompson (16 days ago)
I can't afford to win at video games
Gosha Vino (17 days ago)
big thums up, really liked the video! :)
Adam Thompson (25 days ago)
3 time worst company in america?
IAt0m1xI (26 days ago)
So EA CEO was the creator of the loot boxes but its also ita destroyer. Congrats Andrew
PapaScho (28 days ago)
Its true but its rated 16
neednolife (1 month ago)
That sass at the end was just pure money
1983GoldenBoy (1 month ago)
JEAH MAN! I need more Popcorn too! Fuck this fucking fuck business strategies!
Kingdom of Italy ball (1 month ago)
Justice for Visceral
Jonas King (1 month ago)
I think Jim should play a current Fifa game. It would be interesting to see an outsider dig in to it.
Mr.Binks (1 month ago)
On games being to 'expensive" GTA V had a budget to rival every single big Hollywood movie ever made, and on day ,otherfucking one mad well over 4x what it cost to make it. That was weeks before GTA Online and Shark Cards were a factor. It's probably made 8-10x it original budget at this point. So yeah fuck that excuse. In today's world if a game is good. Even if it takes a while to get noticed cough" Minecraft" cough it will make plenty of money. Maybe not GTA V money, but the studio won't lose it ass on a good game that ended up a commercial flop like in old days.
Sir Alez (1 month ago)
F### E.A News when?
Kori Harpoon (1 month ago)
Even after all these months I still love watching this episode.
Montesama314 (1 month ago)
If games "really" cost so much money that EA and others HAVE to cover their losses with microtransactions, then just raise the price to 80 bucks, give us the complete game, and be done with all this bullshit. But that's not REALLY why they're selling games piecemeal. Game companies are doing it because they can.
Montesama314 (1 month ago)
"EA-DICE, emphasis on the EA..." I dunno, seems more like an emphasis on "dice," i.e., the gambling kind.
edgy psychic (1 month ago)
This is what being greedy gets you
ROFL TURKEY (2 months ago)
The Wilson Lootbox. Fuck Andrew Wilson. Fuck him with a lightsaber
Admiral Rob (2 months ago)
Stop buying EA games can save you 50%of your money I save $8628.32 I think I will put it down on a new jeep
Admiral Rob (2 months ago)
Colby Roger (2 months ago)
You do not what to feel want the wrath of Disney
Brace Land (2 months ago)
Anyone who defends microtransactions is clearly a child molester.
dawson lewis (3 months ago)
You know a side note of this that most mobile games will suffer from this as well
OniFeez (3 months ago)
I would have just asked: 'If games are so expensive to make now without the dependence on after market sales through micro-transactions, then how can your CFO state that it would not have a 'material effect' on their bottomline?'
Peter Dibble (3 months ago)
I've got a 'gate-fold-style' copy of "A Bard's Tale". Amazing to think that E.A.'s name actually had meaning, once-upon-a-time.
BusaLova (3 months ago)
I'm sure there are a ton of people working for EA who also rub their hands together at the gut punch the government has thrown at EA's diseased bowels. It's only really the fat cats at the top of the corporate ladder who are sweating right now. Everyone lower in the hierarchy are probably just normal everyday people who are still functioning in everyday life with everyday morals, and rejoice alongside us.
Asbestos Fish (3 months ago)
"yes, thankyou Dave, as you can see here, I'm currently at the EA offices, and it is like a scene from my nightmares, you can see there on that pile of burning tires the marketing team, over there being beaten to death with sticks is the head of the marketing department, and over there in the centre, the crucified CEO on a flaming crucifix. Now, you and I both remember the controversial move on EA's part that instigated this entire crusade on large game developers: when they announced their latest game would in fact be sold in stores, but you would have to pay an extra $15.00 for the game itself." "Thankyou Laura, I hear they are currently dismembering the Ubisoft sales team with hatchets. Now, the weather."
Genxtasy 99 (3 months ago)
Triple Aye!
Bob Malone (4 months ago)
Vegeta! Check his smugness level. It’s...IT’S OVER 9000!!!
Roach DoggJR (4 months ago)
If the NRA can lobby our politicians to reject commons sense regulations like universal background check and the pharmaceuticals influence what drugs can be legal or illegal depending in what would give them competition, all our 'favorite' game publishers can for sure manage to get away doing whatever slimy practice they want.
Earth Since Birth (4 months ago)
Electronic Farts
rodemus18 (4 months ago)
8:06 publishers be damned hahahahahaha
Rex Remedy (5 months ago)
electronic hearts of stone
herrikudo (5 months ago)
MY DUDE REP CHRIS LEE. dude's actually a decent politician my family lives in HI and like him, for a politician at least haha
Rex Remedy (5 months ago)
here is my suggestion: for six months people completely boycott any games in the shops. then you wait until the stock market prices of these companies decline to a fraction of what they have now. and then every gamer buys share in those companies himself. problem solved.
Rex Remedy (5 months ago)
micro transactions are a wankonomy.
Rex Remedy (5 months ago)
luke box
Jun123 (5 months ago)
Best intro music.
EmptyAltruism (5 months ago)
EA=Michael Bay..."theyll complain, but theyre still gonna buy whatever we put out there" ...guess not, eh?
omar tarek (5 months ago)
I on my part love it
omar tarek (5 months ago)
1:46 star wars battlefront (2015) despite being rushed and unfinished as you said...it was good not the best star wars game ever and it's definitely NOT the best game ea produced but was good
ClumsyVash (6 months ago)
retotar1 (6 months ago)
Can we give the worst gaming company title back to EA?
95Andyyy (7 months ago)
wow. a politician that looks and sounds like an actual human being, not something the Koch brothers put together in a lab
Jm 115 (7 months ago)
Yousir Cantknow (7 months ago)
State Reps don't count for anything. Funny, how people went nuts over this. Car manufactures products kill folks when they fuck up and yet still turn a profit. EA will keep churning out shit while demanding all of you to pay for the privilege, and all of you will do it.
cj wars (7 months ago)
this game is crap guns suck one team always can easy walk win most fights the grind to unlock all heroes is stupid long most the solo side stuff needs rank up to use all 3 cards is stupid
Empoleon77 (7 months ago)
12:40- I am already anticipating somebody is going to make some sort of edit of that scene based on this joke, with EA’s logo pasted over Emperor Palpatine’s face, and either the logo of or the face of the leader of the Belgian Gaming Commission pasted over Anakin/Darth Vader’s face. Maybe your face will be pasted over Luke’s. I do not know what would represent you in such an edit.
Lucas (7 months ago)
Might I suggest a new segment: FEAts in Fuckheadery!
Ossian fridh (8 months ago)
ur faking funny
tom d (8 months ago)
More people play on mobile devices than consoles. Wonder why they did not go after Verizon and the such who let it happen for years, on all devices. What changed?
Luke Macys (8 months ago)
Any game with loot boxes mtxs and especially EA can suck and choke and even though its impossible on a rotting baboon penis that died after it fucked a maggot infested dead donkey rectum until it blows its load in their shit eating faces
kaederukawa1123 (8 months ago)
I would like to celebrate their demise, but we are still talking about a game that sold around 10 million copies. Ok, bad publicity and everything, but they won here. They demonstrated that players are a bunch of kids that won't let anything stand between them and their games. Even this amount and this quality of horrifying bs. Thank God for you, obviously.
Scott Elder (8 months ago)
great that this happened or things could've gotten really bad if left unchecked
Scott Elder (8 months ago)
interesting question: are lootboxes a form of gambling? On the one hand you are guaranteed to get SOMETHING so there's no situation where you end up with nothing after spending money like you would in betting. By that token trading card booster packs are a form of gambling, which you could argue they are but then that's a very big net to start throwing. On the other hand it's a way of taking the thing you actually want and instead of letting you just pay for that thing you now have to pay for the chance to maybe get that thing so you are essentially gambling. In terms of legislation it's a weird line to draw but I'm sure the EU will start looking and thinking 'hang on that's pretty fucked up what those companies are doing, lets put a stop to it' because they're good like that
Poever (8 months ago)
“Tripulh Aeee~”
Michael Henry Tillman (8 months ago)
Battle Afront - amirite? amirite? Nvm.
ArmouredLemming (8 months ago)
2 Months on and this episode still gets me rock-hard.
Kari Martin (8 months ago)
EA Need for Speed: Payback?? More like "Pay Us"
Dante Redgrave (8 months ago)
lol think they will make a battlefront 3? 😂
Crows Wit Gaming (8 months ago)
GLAD I FOUND YOU!!! subscribed! 😂
Moe Sabally (9 months ago)
I really want to know this rendition of the imperial march at 5:41. That song gave me a good laugh.
boom baby (9 months ago)
So, I guess I have to move to Hawaii. Damn, that's the first time in years that I saw some politicians who actually knew what they're talking about!!
Zero (9 months ago)
I guess now a days other game publishers can get there stock goes up just by saying fuck EA
Craig Tompson (9 months ago)
561 dislikes and im assuming they are all executives and shareholders XD
John Kittz (9 months ago)
star wars was literally made towards the kids. even lucas himself said it multiple times. them putting lootboxes like this is like nikoledon premium games FOR KIDS still have IAP's in them their taking advantage of kids interest.
Jeremy Martel (9 months ago)
Sadly political figures starting to converse about the shart storm of gambling only ensures the continuance of these scum dick tactics. Anything making this much money will not be outlawed but they will be taxed. Once the government taxes these wallet vampire boxes of dissapointment it will likely work as a green light/permission for other developers to shit in our throats and tell us it's rare limited edition earth chocolate. After all developers are only adding loot boxes for the player.... -_-
Deussebaaj (9 months ago)
If loot boxes are gambling does that mean that EA owes the US government back taxes from loot boxes since 2009 (when introduced in FIFA)?
I really loved that parallel between the AAA game industry and Vaders relationship with Palpatine. Really awesome comparison.
Tree Van Leaf (9 months ago)
Is this why Disney chose to work with them?
iron 13 (9 months ago)
Hawaii is best state now
GrimDeathUltra (9 months ago)
+1 Subscriber
sada das (9 months ago)
Who even pay for EA games? Just fucking pirate that games. Then unninstall them after 1hour of playing when you realize that they are shit. Stick with good producers like cd project red or croteam. Fuck ea and activision.
Tom Todia (9 months ago)
Nerds Lives Matter!
Callum Astley Music Only (9 months ago)
I will say, you're a bit of a psychopath. I like it. The laughing hysterically adds to that image.
Daniel MacKinnon (9 months ago)
Thank God for Chris Lee, awesome guy Also why not place microtransactions under ESRB guidelines and make any game with it M They're usually M games anyway
Jonathan Wood (9 months ago)
Have to say, recently bought the original battlefront, the seasons pass is now free and i bought the game for £12, for £12 i would definitely say its worth it
Hannah Fishburne (9 months ago)
I am not at all saying lootboxes are a fucking God's grace to gaming, fuck no, but my question is, is there a situation where lootboxes can be good? Is it like the presence of Unity assets making games easier to make but invites assholes to the party, or is it just all around shit?
Jstank X Plays (9 months ago)
They should add a label to the games that GOES ON THE FRONT OF THE BOX and ON FRONT PAGE OF STEAM when applicable that CERTIFIES that this game is GAMBLING FREE!
Juan Alvarado (9 months ago)
everyone keeps forgetting that the campaign in the game us only 4hrs long.... 4 HOURS!!!!! for a $65 game. possible $130 If you buy the "deluxe edition"....
Scotty Bhoy (9 months ago)
553 EA employees disliked this videos fuck you and EA down with the system
Stonkish (9 months ago)
Ban the shit and bury EA along with it.
David Westwood (9 months ago)
no one could have put this better than Jim Fucking Sterling Son! thank god for him!
Kenneth Barclay (9 months ago)
I still get chills when he says "the backlash was swift and vicious"
Kharn526 (9 months ago)
Id much rather talk about Janina !
mark adams (9 months ago)
EA destroyed Star Wars Battlefront 2 and Disney destroy the latest Star Wars movie it's just crazy how both are just very bad made by people just trying to make money and not focusing on what people really want. Just make it good and fun that's all. And the money will come
robert mckinley (9 months ago)
Disney won't be mad, they are also one of the most cruel companies out there.
Kenpatchi Ramasama (9 months ago)
Meh, they'll just find a new way to rake in excessive profits. I mean, it's not like they have an entire division devoted to this type of thing. Can't wait till they unveil their successor to lootboxes, and the outrage the vidya community will have to *that* resultant concept. It's now just a cycle like everything else gaming-related.
Lynxan (9 months ago)
I think that loot boxes are more akin to blind boxes or packs then gambling. With those three you are at least paying to get something... is it going to be what you want? Who knows but there will be something. With gambling you know your putting up something for a chance of better or losing what you put up. Personally not a fan of any of them.
ghandi maha (9 months ago)
Irishman checkin in (9 months ago)
This shit is funny😀
Not Sure (9 months ago)
Good video
zanderman2009 (9 months ago)
the 'loot box free' tag in steam would fix the whole steam search function as a temp patchuntil EA and Activision gets sorted
icon777vlad (9 months ago)
To play FPS games u need to be a brain dead M.F........
TheScienceofnature (9 months ago)
EA is right to say that loot boxes are not gambling because in gambling you sometimes win money as well, in Battlefront 2 you don't win money. However the dangers of loot boxes are equality as damaging as gambling because people who get hooked on games will end up spending a lot of money which they will undoubtedly regret afterwards, which is the same as gambling when you lose money, you always think of all the other good things you could have done with that money, maybe paying your rent. Personally I think the consumers who actually spend money on such things are equally to blame for funding this loot box industry. What EA is responsible for is destroying a franchise which they had nothing with its development or creation, through this micro transaction schemes. I think both Disney and EA are to blame for setting the Star Wars franchise on a path of a slow death. The films are greatly influenced by other Disney owned products such as Marvel comics, (in fact you could easily throw Superman into the new Star Wars films and he wouldn't seem out of place), while the games are milking a well established fan base for their money even at the expense of the gameplay, loot boxes are a licence fee to gain a huge advantage over other players, sounds a lot like hacking to me. When players are not on a level playing field, that game is broken and its not worth your money.
VocalCalibration (9 months ago)
I refuse to buy ANYTHING with EA's logo on it unless second hand. And even then I avoid their recent garbage.
Brian Ogilby (9 months ago)
EA=Evil Asses
MyBalls (9 months ago)
money for RANDOMIZED outcome = GAMBLING.. clear enough?
Molecule (10 months ago)
ayy that new intro is cool beans i like it
Seafarinhare (10 months ago)
I flinched when he tossed the tablet.
VerumAdPotentia (10 months ago)
(Walking) War Robots/Pixonic... ...y'all paying attention?!?
TarnishPrower (10 months ago)
*A man and woman dating:* Woman: I work at EA. Man (trying to impress her): I love gambling and predatory practices as well.

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