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Minecraft Mobs: Wolves

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Let's explore Minecraft! We bring you detailed block-by-block information for our site http://www.minecraftwiki.net
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H H (3 months ago)
I used to love playing with the hostile wolves and even kept one as a pet like a tamed wolf. An update unfortunately deleted them on my IPad, so no more hostiles. :(
kuratajutsu (2 years ago)
Poof? Is that how we explain where babies come from now? "I met your Daddy on my ride home from work. We went to his place and *POOF* you appeared out of nowhere!"
greed fox (2 years ago)
somehow boning a wolf seems like it would be illegal...
COton Channel (2 years ago)
Step 1 : Get 50 wolves Step 2 : Fk everyone with them
villager #100 (3 years ago)
and it will tellyport to you (no offence)
Spectre (3 years ago)
Why is it when I spawn wolves from the wolf spawn egg, if I do not tame them, they vanish after a while? Tried to have a wolf pack roaming around outside my town, but they all went poof
Wolves despawn unless they're tamed
No_ abe (4 years ago)
Please update and include the new Skeleton features.
Literally Stalin (4 years ago)
Milky Man (4 years ago)
you can change the colour of their collar by using dye
scovelme (4 years ago)
this was made before you could do that
Discoh (4 years ago)
0:36 I suggested the feature of wolves not teleporting when they sit. You're welcome. ;)
twan lenaerts (4 years ago)
*gets a tamed wolf* fuck yeah! *gets blown up by a creeper and the wolf dies as well* NEEEJJJ
Berserk Exilist (4 years ago)
Dj Tapatio (4 years ago)
Taiga is pronounced "Tiga"
Spectre (3 years ago)
+XxXasparXxX That never happens...I personally HATE it when people say 'herb' without the 'h' at the beginning or say 'rowt' instead of 'root' for route
ADJLfanatic52 (4 years ago)
Different parts of the world pronounce it differently.
KR ~ (4 years ago)
How often do you need to feed a wolf?
Tuomo Olamo (4 years ago)
Only when they get injured.
Familiar235 (4 years ago)
Hey guys there's a stupid bug about them in Single player. once you tame them and leave them sitting in an area and close the game. They won't stand after you returning to the game.
EVA_Unit_4A (4 years ago)
I tamed a pair of wolves in my Single Player Survival map, and took them home with me, and there I bred them so now I have two adults and one pup.  Shortly after, I turned the game off, with all three inside my house and sitting.  When I returned later in the day, they acted fine until I went outside, and then all of a sudden they became untamed/aggressive and ran over to the sheep pen nearby!  I can't re-tame them with bones or feed them, so they're remaining in Feral Mode and completely focused on the sheep. One odd glitch I noticed just before they changed was that the were moving about my farm in a sitting position, and when they became feral they changed skins to Feral Mode but remain seated. My first thought was to kill all the sheep in the pen (there are plenty of wild sheep nearby to replenish the pen afterwards), and hope that calms them down. Anyone encountered this before?  I've been playing MC for only 2 months now, so maybe there is something I don't know about Wolves' behavior yet.
Spectre (3 years ago)
+EVAUnit4A Ah. I'm too chicken to turn them off lol
EVA_Unit_4A (3 years ago)
+Jen Dowie Nope.  When I make a Survival game, I intentionally turn cheats off.  It pains me sometimes, but that is the challenge of Survival. Thanks for the help though!
Spectre (3 years ago)
+EVAUnit4A Hope you have cheats enabled.../gamemode c then make sure you have a section of at least 2 blocks high fenced off with some bushes or tall grass and a clear spot around where you are standing. Spawn an Ocelot using the creative mode egg (that's what the /gamemode c does), hold yer fishy and wait for it to come to you then right click when it is close and looking right at you. Do this as many times as you like, depending how many cats you're after...I find it's easier to do just 2, then breed them. After that, /gamemode s to turn it back to survival and you're done!
EVA_Unit_4A (4 years ago)
+LegoVader1121 Nah, at this point I prefer vanilla MC.  But thanks for the vote of confidence.  .-.
XminecraftmarioX (4 years ago)
lol well good luck. maybe there's a mod you could get.
Kenneth Barnden (4 years ago)
you can also change the collar colour with dye, just in case y'all happen to give a f*** 
hiperdoza (4 years ago)
You laugh :D
Zoe Parsonson (4 years ago)
If you do not have a name tag you can dye your dogs collar to be the colour of the dye so you can remember
Robert G (4 years ago)
Will it teleport to you while it's sitting?
The coo - king (4 years ago)
but nice i have lost about all the wolves becauseeach of them was shot by a skeleton on the face.
The coo - king (4 years ago)
Teo K (5 years ago)
you can dye their collar.
Devamdoshi (5 years ago)
I bet none of the viewers knew them. Really cool tip!!
Polominous (5 years ago)
You can also dye the wolfs collar when it is tamed.
Serouj Ghazarian (5 years ago)
Serouj Ghazarian (5 years ago)
In Creative,the wolf is a passive mob since 1.6.1/1.6.2
Lionpackleader AJ (5 years ago)
Xbox 360 Minecraft told me xD
Isaiah MacCallum (5 years ago)
i love this guy he is like a minecraft wiki with a voice
phoebe Arnold (5 years ago)
i love his voice
AGirlFromDistrict3 (5 years ago)
Rachel S. (5 years ago)
Poof! A baby wolf appears... :)
You forgot to mention that wild wolves kill sheep.
Nuclar Random Show (5 years ago)
Now, you my friend are talking my language!
ShadowHunter120 (5 years ago)
One thing the video left out is that you can now color the collars using dyes, this way you can tell your tamed wolves apart more easily.
ninjabomb333 (5 years ago)
why cant i find any pine forest biome i played since minecraft 1.4.2?
Adam Kitchen (5 years ago)
wait they were introduced in 1.4???
Nick Thorp (5 years ago)
I have a wolf his name is tank and he loves to attack animals randomly
Lord Sheogorath (5 years ago)
I wonder if minecraft will ever have werewolves to fight.
mrfixed2 (5 years ago)
i found two wolves.....now i have 17 :)
matyviola (5 years ago)
just give them rotten meat from zombies.. not your meat e.e
Rach ael (5 years ago)
once I had like 20 wolves..... then I got a cat................ I made the dogs sit in the jungle then grew trees on them cuz my cat was so cute but scared of them..
Siegan Govender (5 years ago)
yeah i knew bout dat tail thing.....then i ate some cereal.
Ethan Severy (5 years ago)
That would be hilarious!
Ethan Severy (5 years ago)
.......Until I watched this!
TheKindErrumpo (5 years ago)
i know that, i'm just putting it up so that if people want to see it, they can, but too many idiots downvoted it so people won't be able to see it.
flamingbanana9001 (5 years ago)
(Video was made before 1.4 ...)
TheKindErrumpo (5 years ago)
not to mention that if you have dye, you can dye the collar.
Dante Squarcialupi (5 years ago)
LOL Both top comments are about not knowing about wolves' healths.
Squidstick Brown (5 years ago)
You can change their Collar color by right clicking with dye on them.
Tessa Kelly (5 years ago)
I was listening to this while playing (so, not watching the video), and wondering around just after sunrise (in normal). I thought it had ended, but then I heard the thing you put at the end, and it scared the shit out of me.
Audrey Gregory (5 years ago)
wolves are found rarely in forest, most common in taiga
When i went in the tiga biome i find 100 wolfes
WindyWolf95 (5 years ago)
i cant find a wolf :'( i looked in every forest i have seen and haven't found 1
PotatoCraft Denmark (5 years ago)
TheEpicAce1 (5 years ago)
Do you have to be holding shift to feed it a bone?
Agent Paradox (5 years ago)
Wolves will not attack creepers so they aren't indirectly destructive
Courthorse (5 years ago)
Dogs are good. :)
Mr Videos & Games (5 years ago)
Instead of feeding your dog meat to heal or breed them, use rotten flesh instead as it won't make your dog ill.
Uncookedsausage (5 years ago)
Cats as well.
Lang Chen (5 years ago)
also when the wolf (dog) baby is born it has low health so you should feed it some meat.
Gourmet Salad (5 years ago)
for who does not know.. if you clicked a tamed wolf with a dye his collar's color well change as what the dye you just used is. i hope this helps someone :)
MW74126 Productions (5 years ago)
Thats what he just said... Ocelots are the wild cats. When you tame them, they become Cats. Its on the wiki, same with Dogs and Wolves.
Jsper (5 years ago)
taija. ha.
greenknight9000 (5 years ago)
i know D: everything now has bit.ly now T_T
ıllıaυraтιcıllı (5 years ago)
i would try your link if it was everything else but bit.ly
ıllıaυraтιcıllı (5 years ago)
phenomXam (5 years ago)
i hope the many bugs of wolves will be fixed soon
Bowfry Frenchtie (5 years ago)
ilipao13 (5 years ago)
Is the baby wolf born tamed?
Jake Person (5 years ago)
yay wolfs
سماخ سماح (5 years ago)
TheDwan443 (5 years ago)
WEll i though that the wolve would forgive me if i gave it meat. IMA Genuis! :D
Emperor Palpatine (5 years ago)
Why did you put a happy face? lol
BlizzardlyNight (5 years ago)
you can also feed them with rotten flesh
TacoLovingGames (5 years ago)
me too :D
Night (5 years ago)
dogs are so good
Its7up (5 years ago)
Shawn Keenan (5 years ago)
same here
Suicidal Daydream (5 years ago)
me nether get it minecraft nether lol me nether
Kodlaken (5 years ago)
i did wanna know how XBOX VERSION everything has a description you only need to press a button and it shows onscreen you pc players need to scroll through many different pages in a wiki XD
samster248 (6 years ago)
are you two twins??
TheDwan443 (6 years ago)
I know :P
Jared Augustin (6 years ago)
I want one
What ? (6 years ago)
you spell evidence weird
What ? (6 years ago)
TEHEHEEE this one was so cuuteee!!!!
Barak Obermer (6 years ago)
why am I watching this, I do not know. why am I replying to your comment, I do not know
DcAeGaming (6 years ago)
wolves have weird sex
Matthew Ellis (6 years ago)
I like how even puppies attack whatever you're attacking or whatever attacks you.
FPSGHoST808 (6 years ago)
you guys are like XboxAhoy except you do Minecraft instead of C.O.D
AngryC4t (6 years ago)
Wow I actually had no idea about the tail thing.
I died in the lava and my dog didnt come back WHYYYYY
Tommy S (6 years ago)
i didnt know that there where 2 people on this channel
YingofDarkness (6 years ago)
that should be common sense though. if you attack anything besides chickens, cows, and pigs it is bound to not like you and attack back
Theocomixinc (6 years ago)
thumbs up if you got an tobuscus add
ImPastYourLife (6 years ago)
learn to spell -_-
one time when i tried to to a wolf i failed and got so mad i killed it
MrMcAwesumz (6 years ago)
Daaang that was some fast breeding. No wonder my wolves always die. I never feed them cuz the wiki says they have no hunger bar.
brokeboymax (6 years ago)
I have a dog but when I right click it it doesnt start following , it used to before but now it just stays sitting . How do I fix ?
TheFoTeFa (6 years ago)
Toby has a better microphone

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