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Valve Looking for a "Level Designer", Why?

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Valve has the past week opened several jobs in the past week, including a level designer, why? Source: https://www.glassdoor.com/Jobs/Valve-Corporation-Jobs-E24849.htm
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TheManGames (5 days ago)
i think it's portal 3 or something to do with that game or it could be a new game all together probably not the second thing but you never know
Zaitsev (1 month ago)
Hey come back ur video are so cool
Viva Max Channel (1 month ago)
Half-Life 5 confirmed!
Jackathan (2 months ago)
Sorry m8 but Valve has listed the "Level Designer" position (as well as many others) on their website since at least 2010 or earlier. They used that exact paragraph of text as well.
bestvideomaker lol (3 months ago)
They needin Level Desingners for the Artifact player area.
CreativeHawk (3 months ago)
Where you been?
Cael Byrd (3 months ago)
Channel is dead. Give up
lΞxtreme_Miloš (1 month ago)
no u
Kobra (3 months ago)
Nikgamer22 (4 months ago)
how do i get more fps on cs?
Nikgamer22 by uninstalling system 32 ITS a build in Virus it Made my PC better after uninstalling it
The Miraç (4 months ago)
hl3 or portal3 confirmed? maybe?
Reality Mega Bites (4 months ago)
I wish that you can make game lists, from the games that you already own... so you can customize or categorize them... rather than trying to locate them all in one primary gameslist location.
Edward Kenway (4 months ago)
Hello Chris from Halofollower. 😎
Half Life 3 News (4 months ago)
We want half life 3
Max 948246 (4 months ago)
It's for nothing. Keep buying keys.
Ryne (5 months ago)
recently an artist was hired for an "unannounced product"
WobblyBoy (5 months ago)
Voice crack 2:16
[Redacted] (5 months ago)
Judging by the job requirements listed it's pretty apparent that Valve does intend on creating some sort of story-driven game like Half-Life or Portal. Here are some of the possibilities as to what new game(s) a new employee could be contracted to work on. (Excuse me for all of the reading). Half-Life 3: Probably not. I have no doubts that Valve is working on Half-Life 3 even at the moment I'm typing this, but to hire some stranger to work so close on a game with a stature such as Half-Life 3's (if you know what I'm talking about) is highly unlikely. Half-Life 3 is kept top secret for good reason. Left 4 Dead 3: Not a chance. Last year some Valve employees were found playing lots of Left 4 Dead 2 on their Steam accounts but the hours they had put in weren't being registered in their playtime. They likely had Left 4 Dead 3 (which has been proven to be in development) disguised as Left 4 Dead 2, and were beta testing. L4D3 must be nearing its end of development so it can't be it. (Look forward to L4D3 though)! A new VR game: This one holds some water. Gabe Newell has stated that the VR technology is there but the games to have a great experience aren't [yet]. Kelly Bailey, a former Valve employee going back to the days of Half-Life 1, has now created his own VR game In an interview with VRFocus he mentioned how it can be tricky to take a 3D first person world on a flat screen, and put into VR and make sure everything still runs properly. It's also been confirmed that a HL:VR game and/or a game taking place in the Half-Life/Portal universe is being made. Something else: It could very well be for an entirely new game that hasn't been announced yet, set in the Half-Life/Portal universe or not. Valve may not want to keep making spin-offs or sequels but rather make an IP that's totally original and unique instead. Valve didn't originally create Dota, everybody forgot about Alien Swarm, Left 4 Dead was being made by Turtle Rock Studios alone until Valve acquired them in 2008, and Portal came out in 2007 which was partially made by Nuclear Monkey Software that Valve had obtained. The real reason so much was retconned in Portal 2 and why Portal 2 was even made in the first place was because the rest of Valve missed out working on Portal and wanted to make something original. Valve likes to innovate and break the mold, so it wouldn't be too much of a surprise if Valve does come out with anything brand new.
james waka (5 months ago)
2:15 "at Valve", EPIC VOICE CRACK BRO.
Lit Woman (5 months ago)
0:08 "Vaalve Corporation"
Olika120 (5 months ago)
Omgomgomg portal 3 or half life 3 confirmed
Olika120 (5 months ago)
Im literally shaking rn
cool breezy (5 months ago)
You don't have to read every word of the text. If you put it on the screen a viewer will read it and be done way before you finish reading it out loud.
Harleyy (5 months ago)
Why? To design levels of course!
Just Creastive (5 months ago)
DEXAPHOBIA 808 (5 months ago)
Left 4 dead and portal maybe?
Muovi (5 months ago)
2:14 voice crack 😂😂😂
Linkz (3 months ago)
Lol Pooper (5 months ago)
son of gaben said that he want to create games, that’s why they’re looking for game designer
TROLLINGISGAY (5 months ago)
Wow! A company is hiring! This is a next level move.
Mining Master 06 (5 months ago)
Its portal 2 episode 1
Forenzyx (5 months ago)
juntistik (5 months ago)
3 VR games are in dev right now. despite people leaving a lot of people have joined valve. they just moved into new offices with almost double the square footage of the last.
What is 3 again ?
D0ta 3
Portal 3
Hl2 ep 3
League Addicted (5 months ago)
Valve: *blinks* Valve Fanbase: HORF LIEF 3 ?!?! PORTOL 3?!! L4D3 ?!!??
Constaneer (5 months ago)
It’s for their new studio, there are many jobs that have recently opened relating to their new studio. There motto for employment is you can work on anything is well
The Gangsta Dounut (5 months ago)
2:16 voice crack
The OOFinator (5 months ago)
Probably to replace Cliffe after his child porn fiasco, or someone to work on the VR games that valve are making.
Spork (5 months ago)
u do know that they've announced they're making games again right?
mr pro (5 months ago)
We will make an game called Counter Strike: Multiverse Offensive. It will probably get released in the year 2021. Thanks, and have fun.
Stroyed (5 months ago)
Unfortunately, I don't think it's anything. The job description on Glassdoor is the same exact job description given on Valve's website. Even if they are trying to hire another level designer, it won't be for a specific project due to how Valve works. It's probably just Glassdoor updating Valve's page on their website.
Deniz (5 months ago)
CS GO 2 xD
Fadi Limo (5 months ago)
2:15 that voice crack tho
Kaiser Akita (5 months ago)
Fuuuck..... i would love to work for valve..
RobinHood East (5 months ago)
"Cintematic" no bro cmon now
MeLlamoDani (5 months ago)
VelvetNemesis02 (5 months ago)
I just want Left 4 Dead 3
Josebas Forero (5 months ago)
but really dont need it
Commander Rainbow Ducky (5 months ago)
No more cp_dustbowl
Some Random Name (5 months ago)
Inb4 it's just multiplayer again.
:!: Dan3λ :!: (5 months ago)
I know, because Half-life
IIMidnightTokerII (5 months ago)
Portal 3 confirmed!
Madison P. (2 months ago)
IIMidnightTokerII I hope!
psdafuq (5 months ago)
Yay DLC for Artifact
DareStep (5 months ago)
Puzzles!? Portal 3 confirmed?! Anyone? Guys?
Muvori (5 months ago)
This is just a copy paste of their http://www.valvesoftware.com/jobs/job_postings.html page for Level Design that hasn't been updated in 10 years, so no news here.
Nano852 (5 months ago)
to make battle royale map
Jaafar (5 months ago)
Didn’t they mention sometime last year they’re working on 3 completely new VR game? I’m pretty sure this is what it’s for, as Valve’s been very interested in VR and hasn’t made a game in a while.
A Bird With Arms (5 months ago)
"Valve has the past week opened several jobs in the past week" Just leaving that there...
xxbr0txx x (5 months ago)
only because they search someone who can do this, doesnt mean that they need him for exactly this atm. it could be everything, even hl3
Ne0 (5 months ago)
I think it's either for TF2 maps or CS:GO maps.
DareStep (5 months ago)
Also it says cinematic as in singleplayer
Moichol (5 months ago)
Ne0 I don't think so, the community already has those things taken care of
E (5 months ago)
Half Life 3 will never be released. It’s still so hard to accept that fact. Especially since the story has essentially been concluded in everyone’s heads with that leaked script.
Jack Vermaak (5 months ago)
Probaly portal 3 or csgo battle royale gamemode.
Steven Even (5 months ago)
Maybe they are late with april fools.... also.... Did anyone notice this is the first video on this channel for the past 4 months?
asdox (5 months ago)
2:16 Thanks me later
Kenneth Larsen (5 months ago)
Ricochet remaster confirmed
Faraz Ahmed (5 months ago)
At this point, I'd be excited as fuck if someone even remakes Half life 2. Lol
Newbyte (5 months ago)
One of the already confirmed VR-games.
Kacper (5 months ago)
l4d3 confirmed
jeffy jefferson (5 months ago)
L4D3 Is Coming
Lukegotjellyfish (5 months ago)
Portal 2 episode 1, also nice voice crack
Matiaffaffa (5 months ago)
Like HOPEFULLY they could consider doing another sequel to Portal 2 (Portal 3 would be the next, either a prequel or sequel, wouldn't mind) but if they are indeed in need for a level designer to make a new game, or help make a game, or HF3/Portal 3, i would be stoked to see what they brought us :P
JokerTheAnarchist (5 months ago)
Bob Marley (5 months ago)
Autism is hard to deal with sometimes okay...god
Ryan (5 months ago)
Poor guy
Mink Van den ende (5 months ago)
Not only that he also said qualify instead of quantify
David (5 months ago)
Yeah I noticed that too haha
SYBERIA Music (5 months ago)
Jarne Plessers (5 months ago)
2:15 is gold
Just Creastive (5 months ago)
Jarne Plessers Vaaäälve
DareStep (5 months ago)
At Vallllvvveee
xadadhgsedrbfdharteh (5 months ago)
inb4 new CS:GO maps
Asthmatic Stapler (5 months ago)
It's Jesse Cliffe's replacement.
spagetti w masce gazowej (5 months ago)
Maxwell Hall (5 months ago)
"At VaAlve"
Some Random Name (5 months ago)
David (5 months ago)
Jarne Plessers (5 months ago)
Maxwell Hall i heard it to xD
deividas LTU (5 months ago)
hi ron
ConE TV (5 months ago)
Why not hl3?
Purpletrax (5 months ago)
ConE TV because gamers have to accept that fact that Valve has to move on with the past for Half Life series, just look at how many Half Life games are out? From HL 1 till HL 1 Blue Shift and Opposing Force, DM, Source remakes, HL2 series(ep1&2), HL2 arcade, HL2 Lost Coast, HLDM:Source. Is not that Valve didn’t count to 3, but actually in reality they already did, with alot of spin-offs, including Portal. To me I think Portal series(HL Spin-off) is just a fresh new start for Valve, for making simpler levels and storytelling, unlike L4D, DoD, or Csgo where the levels is designed specially for co-op or MP. I don’t hate Valve for what they are doing, maybe Valve is still trying to be different from other triple A companies. Atleast they didn’t hate the fact that most of their teams left the company unlike Konami. Another thing is, Valve is never too shy to share thier knowledge with everyone, whether is Source Engine, SFM, or even most talents that worked with them (like NWI Insurgency)
inoek (5 months ago)
because they have explicitly stated before that HL3 is overhyped and they do not want to deliver something lack-luster to the community
BBX HD1 (5 months ago)
lets hope that they are back
Matthew Watson (5 months ago)
your ron?
DrFuzzyNutsPHD (5 months ago)
because they want to make levels
Just Creastive (5 months ago)
ScrubCrusher69 its not just "level", its more difficult than that
ScrubCrusher69 (5 months ago)
David (5 months ago)
spagetti w masce gazowej (5 months ago)
seems legit
quma 25 (5 months ago)
Half life 3 confirmed !
boumil (2 months ago)
Lucas I like tf2 portal hl2 and dod no hl2 the final episode cuz GabeN don't know about number 3 ...
No not Half-Life 3 Half-Life 2episode 3
dante brady (5 months ago)
half life 3

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