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New taunt: Flying Frenchman!

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Want to use this item in the game? Vote here: https://goo.gl/6aAy9x Ride of the Valkyries performed by University of Chicago Orchestra Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution Non-commercial No Derivatives 3.0
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Text Comments (6717)
The Winglet (7 months ago)
I promise I'll do a real upload soon
Lock Jaw (20 days ago)
The Winglet oh how I would love for a real tuant
Hagen Mcmoran (27 days ago)
Wow I'm never celebrating April fool's again
Matteo73M (30 days ago)
The Winglet to op
ToJaDragon (30 days ago)
This would be a Pay To Win taunt
Friendly Sniper (1 month ago)
The Winglet this need to be in tf2 workshop
Mito Lieutenant (4 hours ago)
YES! But remove the machine gun
Phlog Flying Phwyro (7 hours ago)
Spy planes vs tank-pants soldiers
Jonhbob Bobydon (1 day ago)
POOTIS PIG (1 day ago)
Taj Moore 2 (1 day ago)
I want this
nicklas blondin (2 days ago)
pay to win :D
Fishum (2 days ago)
"time for some spinning, that's a good trick." prequel memes strike again.
Tf2 Pootis (2 days ago)
Holy shit ride of the valekeries
SPY GAMERS (4 days ago)
100% ha ben won't accept it cause too unfair
SPY GAMERS (4 days ago)
1 hit kill and speed boost
SPY GAMERS (4 days ago)
I mean gaben
christian dang (8 days ago)
YES!!!!!! The French BARON FLYS!!
koulis 05 (8 days ago)
kinda too op for spy :/
Too much effort done
Yousterz (9 days ago)
I would like this, but it would be like hell when a whole server is using it.
Xobloz (9 days ago)
It would be better as a game mode french battle
Blue Milk (9 days ago)
This needs to be in the game
Kacpian (9 days ago)
so pay2win taunt :/
Cypteur (10 days ago)
Pay to win.
Cypteur (10 days ago)
Am I the only one that knows this was from “Sonic & All Stars: Racing Transformed”?
I want this tuant if i have my new pc
Atosovo Šílenstvý (10 days ago)
Aybars Akdeniz (11 days ago)
Brave French pilot flies over German positions (1916, colorized)
光司輝一 (11 days ago)
Smitty (11 days ago)
XyTED (11 days ago)
Got a Mannco Store ad before this...
IteP KecSke LoL (12 days ago)
It's too op
Samuel Giraldo (13 days ago)
It would be the best taunt, but it is very op
I think this taunt are inbalance
Panservogn (14 days ago)
too op
Nextail (14 days ago)
This should be a game mode instead
Cvancek Cz (15 days ago)
WWII in a nutshell
I Have No Name (16 days ago)
its TOOO op
Zachary Rittenhouse (16 days ago)
This would have been better than the scooty scoot
Bud (17 days ago)
Flying Frenchmen versus Tank Top, 3 shots from the Tank Top will kill the Flying Frenchmen, and 150 rounds from the Flying Frenchman will kill the Tank Top.
Eggnogs too much (18 days ago)
April fools!
Rundur (18 days ago)
*Flying Frenchmann
Uryoix (19 days ago)
Lmao this would be perfect with the tank emote for soldier could have tanks v planes
CyNeX (20 days ago)
Needs its own game mode
Hagen Mcmoran (20 days ago)
I was really wanting this in the game
Snooky ಠ_ಠ (20 days ago)
Good idea! But it's too op, I mean, taunt kill + bust = Op xd
pyxxl. (21 days ago)
Seriously though, I would enjoy seeing this (even if less op)
Doctor Chain (22 days ago)
I just image this on Vsh game modes XD
Greatest Engineer (22 days ago)
if its like $11 im not paying for that taunt im just gonna keep my Kazotsky kick if its free sure ill get it
Fake Player (22 days ago)
This will never be ingame taunt cus to op. Imagine flying spys everywhere in the server
Parrot Majula (22 days ago)
This made valve to create WW2 vehicle taunts like "Panzer pants" lol
Commander F777 (23 days ago)
Please make a real version for the workshop, it’ll go great alongside the new Scream Fortress taunts for 2018.
Commander F777 (23 days ago)
Best idea: a server with one team only using this taunt vs. a team only using the soldier’s new taunt
Dick Boef (23 days ago)
I cant vote and its not 1 april
Luka Miletic (24 days ago)
I hope they add that for real
Virgil the Ghost (24 days ago)
Isn't this kind've Op?
HellSpoon (24 days ago)
This should be an actual taunt But it only floats and its bullets don't do damage Just like the new tank taunt for soldier
HellSpoon (24 days ago)
This would make a good Hale Boss
Ondra Mat (24 days ago)
Yes that is Věry cool
IkMan (24 days ago)
this seems a bit op....
Snowboy - (24 days ago)
At least we got the Panzer Pants for soldier
John Badgers (24 days ago)
Too much OP
Jacknan Visker (26 days ago)
This is bigger than op weapons
Seirra Moon (26 days ago)
I know it was an April fools joke but still it was funny and I could see it being a taunt (kinda like the broomstick one)
Sliathedarkfox11 (26 days ago)
seems like a Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed reference for me
Xx_KiddieStrangler_xX (26 days ago)
Imagine if you could fly over death pits
Robert Robert (27 days ago)
The Spy of wisdom.
The Mann (28 days ago)
Wouldn't say it would be a taunt if it could shoot..
Cake Is awesome (29 days ago)
Just a weee bit over powered
Beerus Sama (29 days ago)
It's so OP it wont win
Roblox Meme (29 days ago)
It seems too over powered xd
kaizerrr gamer22 (29 days ago)
I think this taunt is better in halloween like a power
Gayce (30 days ago)
Could be a game mode ???
İsim Verilmez (30 days ago)
XxXprokillerXxX: http://prntscr.com/l611s6 Professional: Kick the hacker! Lord_Swing:VOTE KICK THAT HACKER!
SAS OP (30 days ago)
it’s too overpowered
SAS OP (30 days ago)
Matteo73M (30 days ago)
To op
Jackson Green (30 days ago)
I think this would only be balanced if there were no machine guns.
timatab (30 days ago)
I want
Antti Lempiäinen (30 days ago)
I like it but maybe take off those Machine guns...
Benjamin Henstra (30 days ago)
Hance Salas (1 month ago)
*clicks link* ahhh what?
Kacper Blaszok (1 month ago)
new M E M E
This was upload on 1 April. Joke Taunt :)
HydroBazooka (1 month ago)
0:24 bum bum bum da bum bum bum. I love Spy
shyguyshow (1 month ago)
if it gets added to the game i dont Think there will be any way of killing people with it
Elijah Vu (1 month ago)
too Op
- djmess2 - (1 month ago)
If this was in X10 mode... Dear god...
Mlg Trolls (1 month ago)
dan truong (1 month ago)
Spinning is a good trick
Noah (1 month ago)
Sorry to burst your bubble, but it's a little op. Good idea though, man
Biggius Niggius (1 month ago)
Way too OP
Ssnakee (1 month ago)
So op
baguette assassin controlling a plane
Cystal Dude (1 month ago)
i swear it isnt pay to win
Tacocat Gaming (1 month ago)
Can this please become an actual thing, without the guns and the taunt kill of course.
the bob squad (1 month ago)
HonoredCrusader (1 month ago)
I think it’s perfect but not the machine guns
WoLoW (1 month ago)
ツDaniel (1 month ago)
overpowered taunt
I would want to use this
Someirrelevantbruv (1 month ago)
The guns are op
Scarlet Scout (1 month ago)
I would like to have this in tf2 but it’s a little to op
Jeong Woo Rhee (1 month ago)
Scout's mother: "Where are you going Spy?" Spy: "Away from my responsibilities." Proceeds to mount a plane and take off crashing out of the window
TheMoltenKnife (1 month ago)
WARNING: UNNECESSARILY LONG COMMENT AHEAD Nice animation my guy! I wish I knew how to do stuff like that. Apart from the troll vote link (REEEEEEEE) this is actually a really cool idea. I would suggest the controls being: Forward to go up & away, but it slowly goes down when not pressed; Strafing as normal; Backward slowly moves in reverse but doesn't actually fly. The machine gun & boost is too op to stay, but I think you should keep the taunt kill. Imagine the french Air Force just casually tearing up a chokepoint. XD This is just my idea, though. Like this comment if you think these are good stats.
Daniel Jestice (1 month ago)
It seems a little op with the machine guns

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