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20 NEW Nintendo Switch Games Coming OCTOBER 2018

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Nintendo Switch will have a great year in 2018. Today we will take a look at all new Nintendo Switch games that will come out in October 2018. Top 12 NEW Upcoming RPG Games On Nintendo Switch (2018 & 2019) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3p4rHcv5t2c -Follow Us - Twitter ⇒ https://www.twitter.com/SwitchPlanetOff
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Text Comments (320)
SwitchPlanet (1 month ago)
40 STUNNING NEW Switch games JUST ANNOUNCED! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6qWwXeaE71g
Sean art and more (10 days ago)
What about undertale
Asasins creed odisey on switch ???its full game ???
IAN 101 (4 days ago)
Lol seeing the games is switch still worth it?
Mastershell (18 days ago)
Thinking of getting a switch or a Xbox one s but none of the games are quite doing it for me other than maybe Monster hunter generations and I'm not the type to buy a system for a single game lol. And I know "portability" but still. Hmm..
火鉄圭人 (20 days ago)
Gus David (20 days ago)
A moto racer game, is this for real? Haven't seen one since world tour on psx
Elias Lara (21 days ago)
I got the switch mostly because Mario odyssey looked awesome (and it was). I'm an old gamer stuck on old franchises. any suggestions for me?
Eddie P (22 days ago)
Wait youve gotten so bad youre including japanese eshop hames to make these videos? Are you fucking kidding me? Im 100% unsubbing after this shit. What you do isnt even hard. Why be scummy?
Aron Maddocks (24 days ago)
I see batman I click
was mit just dance 2019?
Pedro (27 days ago)
i know that this is a video for the nintendo community but I see so many fantastic games that could be released for PS Vita too make me sad :/ I hate Playstation for leaving Ps Vita
Rob Oliver (29 days ago)
Actually just bought a switch today with the new Mario party
Why most games on switch look like it's made for kids?
Yato (1 month ago)
Boku no Hero is everything I saw in this Vid
anh do quoc (1 month ago)
Batman the enemy within. This title remind me Arch Enemy.
Jotaro Kujo (1 month ago)
Lukas Wirtika (1 month ago)
when ARK will be released?
Bokoblin Joe (1 month ago)
All featuring the new funky mode
Nagamitsu _ (1 month ago)
Hey, you guys made a pretty big mistake there with Child of Light. It's actually released in Japan. ;)
Arthur Galassi (1 month ago)
Como assim assassin's creed odsey?
pegasus 27 (1 month ago)
I was believe what batman arkhan :( but good video but batman :,( but...
Assassins Creed in switch?
†Leonic 458 (1 month ago)
11:30 is the best game.
surf master 102 (1 month ago)
I NEED BEYBLADE BURST FOR NINTENDO SWITCH NOW I BEEN WAITING FOR GAMES AND MY BUDDY GETS IT BEFORE ME please people of Nintendo please make beyblade burst for the switch free I been playing beyblade for a long time please
Chaaaleeeh997 (1 month ago)
Still waiting for them to announce Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker for Switch!!!
The Kingslayer (1 month ago)
The only good game for the switch this year is smash bros and fortnite.
FriskyFox (1 month ago)
Super Mario Party is the only game that looks good, imo.
blake112x (1 month ago)
How many people click on this video think "hey, I did not know batman origains coming to switch." Miss leading - thumbs down and never watching this channel again.
Epica6 soona5 (1 month ago)
Whoo!! Can't wait for Mega Man 11! A new Batman game also, based on his apprentice, hell to the yeah!!!😎😎
Zsolt Dienes (1 month ago)
thank you for the 5 commercial shit within 10min (Y)
Apfel TicTac (1 month ago)
I think batman isn't coming, is it ?
FS AceOfSpades (1 month ago)
tell tale shut down so its unknown what they are finishing and not finishing
Jason Tiwari (1 month ago)
Yoollooooooortskdhsjhsjd BATMAN SEASON 222222222ejdjdgsjisjshs OMG IM SO HYPED
☠MrHairyNutz☠ (1 month ago)
I want Disgea 1 so bad but i wish they included part two on that but i'll buy that when it comes out on the switch it's that good.
Daniel Rostom RC (1 month ago)
Una pregunta , el Ac odyssey va a salir encerio en switch ? Alguien que me responda graciaass , y si es que va a salir estaria muy buenoo 😆😆
Larri S (1 month ago)
my hero,assassins creed, and beyblade
NintendoFanBoy07 (1 month ago)
If your impressed by games like this then you are easily pleased by anything. Very sad.
NintendoFanBoy07 (1 month ago)
Stop intrupeting these videos with ads every 5 fucking seconds!! FUCK!!
kac perro (1 month ago)
Możecie zrobić Seven Days to Die bo to dobra gierka
betmanjacv87 (1 month ago)
Beyblade, really!? 😓
Gambit2483 (1 month ago)
Batman TWEWY My Hero Academia Dark Souls and StarLink (Maybe Valkyria Chronicles) Who said Switch has no games??
kac perro (1 month ago)
Zróbcie Watch Dogs 2
Phoenix Wright (1 month ago)
Detective Pikachu 2 !
andybuttz (1 month ago)
YES!! A BATMAN GAME!!!! Urgh, a pointless Batman game.
TheBlackDeath 893 (1 month ago)
Also nur crap 😂 naja macht nichts, hab sowieso nicht so viel Zeit und wenn ich mir jetzt dann ne Switch hole, zocke ich halt die 3 aktuell besten Spiele und das reicht dann auch ✌️
코구멍 (1 month ago)
스위치....한글화 된 게임만 많으면 엄청 구매많이했을건데ㅜㅜ한글화 겜이너무없다
ENDERBOUNDX (1 month ago)
MEGAMAN 11!!!!!!
LankyBard (1 month ago)
I'm so glad I don't own a Nintendo Switch.
Jaime Perry (1 month ago)
You don't have a switch and yet here you are commenting on switch games ... find something better to do with your time, seriously
lunala Nick (1 month ago)
*8:50** at 10:00 PM* I KNEW IT!!!! Zzzzzzzzzzz...
Phoenix Wright (1 month ago)
Please Ace attorney dual destinies and spirit of justice remake translated in FRENCH !
Traveon Coleman (1 month ago)
When I seen the cover I thought it was gonna be a Batman game not Batman Batman
Reyner Esteban B.H (1 month ago)
Dark souls is not the remastered version, is just Prepare to Die edition.
Angel C. (1 month ago)
But didn’t you hear. Bendy will be released in November
Angel C. (1 month ago)
Who’s hyped for Bendy
Sugai Nco 偶想 (1 month ago)
Nvidia switch... I mean, Nintendo Shield.
reed (1 month ago)
Is the enemy within really coming? It's supposed to be october but there's no release date. Also telltale went bankrupt. I'd love to try it on switch but I have my doubts about it getting released.
Dazai Osamu (1 month ago)
I can not wait to buy the game of boku no hero
ElectricBacon (1 month ago)
Anyone want to be my friend ? 🤗😇 drop them FC and I’ll add you ! 🙏🏽 #SwitchLife
Woohoo sooo hyped for warriors orochi 4 :D
caspervnm27 (1 month ago)
Very excited for the Harry Potter game
Stinky Pinky (1 month ago)
I already own Mario Party! Bought it for $7,100 on eBay!!!
Hyun Yoo Park (1 month ago)
T Lo (1 month ago)
No New Batman Damm Jerk 🖕
El Mantishrimp (1 month ago)
Mario Party would be the only game I'd be interested in getting. But Red Dead 2 is coming out at the end of the month soooo
Samar Hamal (1 month ago)
Nooobs play this
Bayley (5 days ago)
Samar Hamal why dont you shut the fuck up you to poor to buy the swich that why
Samar Hamal (1 month ago)
+blastermasterdbs TYSM
blastermasterdbs (1 month ago)
Samar Hanal I was not expecting but I am surprised that you gave an honest answer and to honest your right
Samar Hamal (1 month ago)
+blastermasterdbs haha who cares bro...the thing is that Nintendo neeed to give many other high quality games which we got in Xbox ps4 pc u know like GTA
blastermasterdbs (1 month ago)
Samer Hamal how can you say that when I have been a gamer for 15 years on many other platforms than Nintendo just hear yourself say that when you say your the biggest of the noobs you know how ignorant you sound think before you speak
Cocain Batman (1 month ago)
Day by day I waited Arkham collections on the switch
Shadow Suave (1 month ago)
2:09 sounded like Peter from family guy talking to Joe lol
Nafis Zaman (1 month ago)
Ya just like Nintendo players have to play outdated FFV when most other players play the Remake. Just like that when Nintendo players have to play batman Telltale game when others play Arkham series....smh
Hunter N (1 month ago)
Alright fuck this channel, got excited to see Arkham Origins was coming to Switch from the thumbnail and they lied.
Nacho Gonzalez (1 month ago)
Bro you are greedy lol so many ads chill with the ads.....
TUZOIVAN16 (1 month ago)
0:18 ¿Alguien más escuchó "golpea gentes"?
Shinokut (1 month ago)
Bokuu noooo herooooooo
Dwight Tenbroeken (1 month ago)
are you dutch?
Shinokut (1 month ago)
Tim Browers (1 month ago)
More proof the switch is only capable of old ports and indie garbage. The switch will be on life support soon , I regret buying it.
jio06 (1 month ago)
Sucks starlink has no online
하심심해 (1 month ago)
아크는? 아크느으은? 아크!!! 빼애애애애애애애액
良 良 (1 month ago)
AGATH0R (1 month ago)
Does megaman usually come with a hard mode?
강우현 (1 month ago)
한국사람 손
Trip Andfall (1 month ago)
Another great video guys!
ivan tri mundial (1 month ago)
mark of ninja to save the month
Francisco Ortiz (1 month ago)
Assasins Creed Odyssey in the Cloud 😡😡😡. No es justo
JAY (1 month ago)
valk isnt 19.99 got me all excited till i turned my switch on loooool
Hector Gonzalez (1 month ago)
Cell shading will forever be Nintendo switch's best friend
Fear Kratos (1 month ago)
These games look so fuckin g lame.
Ryo game89 (1 month ago)
Please physical only because i love collection game.😁
Alessio Cece (1 month ago)
Well Most arent....🤔 At least the "AAA" ones, I think.....
Link 23 (1 month ago)
I'll choose playground over 2k19.If I can't get realistic graphics,then I'm going for the beautiful cartoon style instead
Wicked Minish (1 month ago)
ZZz..next year can't come fast enough...
Ron Bautista (1 month ago)
They need to drop a remastered version of Bully for the switch.
Walter Shontz (1 month ago)
They just need to remaster all the Golden ps2 games for switch I would love to play vice city on my switch
Ryan Sizemore (1 month ago)
and The Warriors. Fully remastered. I never played it. I want to play it.
Alessio Cece (1 month ago)
Whats that?? 🤔 Ah, I remember something, but what is that Shit??
Sam Édouard Galarneau (1 month ago)
Fear Kratos (1 month ago)
Ron Bautista They are aren’t they
Crash Override (1 month ago)
YoTwone Barker (1 month ago)
Fuck Michael B Jordan !
Master Roshi (1 month ago)
If nintedo release RE 4 for Halloween on the switch I would be happy
SongJiangShiJin (22 days ago)
+R.I.P XXXTENTACION FOREVER REMEMBERED not going to happen. Way too demanding.
Its rumored resident evil 2 remake will be on the switch. I hope it does happen.
NintendoFanBoy07 (1 month ago)
I have it on GC and Wii I personally don't need it again.
SongJiangShiJin (1 month ago)
+Master Roshi true dat. The only reason I own one is because I travel a lot for work and it's neat tho have something to play in the hotel or in the plane. I would have really regret it if it was my main console.
______________ (1 month ago)
how about revelation collection?
Chackobrack (1 month ago)
The thumbnail made me think it was an arkham game...
Shamari Williams (16 days ago)
I know
gahttzmcisneros (1 month ago)
Grrr same here
FullMetalPunk (1 month ago)
Chackobrack yeah same kinda disappointed it wasn’t tho tbh
Corey Roach (1 month ago)
You missed salt and sanctuary it comes out this month physically on switch
James Kulpa (1 month ago)
i cant believe they would charge 50 bucks for disgaea 1 screw that
lewa3910 (1 month ago)
Beyblade on switch ... more like baeblade ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
ola ola (1 month ago)
Nice android games
Ruben A (17 days ago)
Omg noobs thats on phone two you know noobs stop talking get some help
Farhan Shaikh (23 days ago)
Yeah zelda botw, mario odessedy are very nice android games. 😂 Wait smash bro and diablo 3 also coming on andriod. Oh wait.
Gavin Rogerson (1 month ago)
lilSenDog  Didnt realise you can play the upcoming doom eternal on your i phone oh wait.
sol0_gp (1 month ago)
Good luck with your iPhone and Android games; and good day to you :)
lilSenDog (1 month ago)
sol0_gp android games look better tbh and my iPhone is not only 1080 but goes as high as 4K which my switch pales in comparison
Getarasa Limojoyo (1 month ago)
i thought telltale filed for bankruptcy, even their walking dead project is cancelled, what about this batman??
Jonathan Johnson (1 month ago)
Awww I miss the bey blade and the yu gi oh days. Good times
Tevo J.R (1 month ago)
Switch needs an online FPS game bad
One less lonely memer that might have been the dumbest shit i read in all of 2018 my ngga “FoRtNiTe Is A fPs”
One less lonely memer (1 month ago)
+look an idiot to my left fortnite is an fps for the most part
One less lonely memer he clearly said FPS not free to play shit fortnite
One less lonely memer (1 month ago)
Paladins, fortnite?
Nightfall Shadow (1 month ago)
Not one single game that looks even remotely good.
Elias Lara (21 days ago)
I agree. only Batman, star fox and the Mario games catch my attention. I'm an old school gamer looking to move on to newer franchises. any suggestions?
skeech1979 (1 month ago)
Mario party and starlink seem like the only polished games entering the ring.
Alessio Cece (1 month ago)
To you Idiot!
Michael Jackson (1 month ago)
Not even Mario party?

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