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G512: RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

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The G512 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard balances exquisite design with incredible performance, offering you a choice of three keyswitches: Romer-G Tactile, Romer-G Linear, or the all-new clicky GX Blue. When you want to push the boundaries of play, Play Advanced with Logitech G. http://www.LogitechG.com http://www.twitter.com/logitechg http://www.facebook.com/logitechg https://www.instagram.com/logitechg
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Text Comments (63)
iramike (8 days ago)
how can i use lightsync ? for example the lights turn on when music is playing can i do that ???
Kexin (10 days ago)
Please refresh your MMO mouse. The G600 is practically a fossil. I'm in the market for a new MMO mouse and it looks like Razer or nothing.
Would love a tkl version.
Ageraow (11 days ago)
add midia keys and will be perfect
Tegar Raditya (13 days ago)
does the led lights leak from the switch?
Tegar Raditya (9 days ago)
Graeme McKenzie i think it does leak, since the g512 use cherry profile switch.
Graeme McKenzie (9 days ago)
Tegar Raditya yes unlike the g513
xRaTcHy (13 days ago)
Kailh Switches? No thanks! same mistake like Razer.
PhipsPlayz (13 days ago)
Funny that the Rainbow Six clip was taken from a console
Breon Nagy (13 days ago)
Make a ten-keyless and I'm in
OptionalLemon (13 days ago)
Just bought this after breaking the umpteenth cherry mx red and blue key on three different keyboards. Really liking the linear switches so far and especially the total lack of light bleed. We'll see how this one fares over time. Edit: I actually got the G513...
Herbert Pratama (13 days ago)
i need volume wheel
Moon Seonggyun (13 days ago)
fix your G(garbage) Pro headset
Moon Seonggyun (11 days ago)
Theo it says it is compatible with dolby 7.1 but it doesn’t work with it. And it has no software and also it deosn’t connect with g gaming software. Pc cant figure this headset when it is connected in. Also sound quality is so bad compare to g933 which i have been using for 2 years.
Theo (12 days ago)
Moon Seonggyun well say whats wrong with it.
Bewts McTewts (13 days ago)
Who cares? Make a new G13 revision, that's what people want.
Mike Crompton (14 days ago)
Made of carbon so when my legs touched the ground it shock me
태신 (14 days ago)
1:43 what??? Kailh????
Ryan Stewart (13 days ago)
oh yeah im blind
태신 (13 days ago)
0:25 also Kailh
Ryan Stewart (13 days ago)
yeah but not for logitech as far as information disclosed says
IKSDE XD (13 days ago)
That cheap chinese copycat makes custom modified switches for other companies, also having better lifespan compared to competition. (e.g cherry)
Ryan Stewart (14 days ago)
Exactly what I was wondering, I thought it was new romer G switched not cheap chinese copycats. Maybe it was a different keyboard
Mecha120 (14 days ago)
How is this different from the g513
태신 (14 days ago)
Mecha120 g513 has a palm rest and gaming keycaps
Flinth (14 days ago)
I wish i could have this Keyboard with the brown switched
DDuckFin (13 days ago)
Flinth The romer g tactile is similar to brown switches
Victor Sampimon (14 days ago)
Some questions i have: 1: How much will it cost? 2: Will the USB pass-trough be USB 2.0 or 3.0? 3: Is it available as of today? 4: Does it have the same size as the G413?
TruthHurts (14 days ago)
Google.com You’re welcome
nick deupree (14 days ago)
Victor Sampimon it is $100 and has been out for a few weeks
Why Me (14 days ago)
I want a g810 look but with G keys and more media keys and if possible custom keys next to media keys. G810 looks great but I don't want the fugly g910
Karlencho (14 days ago)
I'm in love! 😍
Jamp Gen (14 days ago)
KnackwurstKnut (14 days ago)
Tkl Please!
Wolfstein.3D (14 days ago)
If only Logitech keyboards wouldn't come with lowest quality ABS key caps which show wear in no time.
The Notorious (4 days ago)
they dont, they just get dirty very fast..which isnt good either, but if i clean my 1year used g910 the caps look just like from the first day
Heng Dina (14 days ago)
Just release the G pro wireless mouse already damn it !
Sam Van Gucht (13 days ago)
Heng Dina g305
Thomas Rowland (14 days ago)
I really wish i could afford to upgrade from membrane :(, also thinking of getting you g402/502 but have no moneyzz
Thomas Rowland (14 days ago)
those are either not really an option or wouldn´t get paid to do it
Nexifyy (14 days ago)
Even like asking your parents if you can do chores around the house for some money or raking/cutting grass of neighbours or friends/family can help you get started making money without an actual job
Nexifyy (14 days ago)
Thomas Rowland not sure how old u are, but I got a job last summer until now and I’ve made money to have a pretty cool setup :)
Ricardo Rita (14 days ago)
How about a new gameboard? I love my G13 but is getting old
Prindagelf (14 days ago)
a revamped G13 with mechanical keys that worked with the rgb sync software would be a dream come true
Ricardo Rita (14 days ago)
@Logitech please give us a new gameboard! With a better lcd screen. Usb hub. More keys to the thumb area and will be perfect!
Jamp Gen (14 days ago)
Ricardo Rita yeeeah ! Me too. I want a new G13, i hate razer
6 th like 5 the comment
GoofOne TV (14 days ago)
i will soon upgrade my G213 to this!!
iramike (8 days ago)
i do that now i have g513 i feel diference but not to much the g213 simulates very well romer g feeling, the palm rest on g513 is great! so confortable
iceowl OW (14 days ago)
GoofOne TV praise the sun
Andrei Catangay (14 days ago)
Sacri ficer (14 days ago)
I love my g pro keyboard
Luddholt z (14 days ago)
Can you guys send me that keyboard and i Will advertise it in My setup videos! ((:
Pingbot (13 days ago)
TruthHurts (14 days ago)
But your setup is trash and your channel is dead...
Primescape 16 (14 days ago)
Luddholt z or be like anybody else and just buy it??????
EVAC (14 days ago)

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