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G512: RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

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The G512 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard balances exquisite design with incredible performance, offering you a choice of three keyswitches: Romer-G Tactile, Romer-G Linear, or the all-new clicky GX Blue. When you want to push the boundaries of play, Play Advanced with Logitech G. http://www.LogitechG.com http://www.twitter.com/logitechg http://www.facebook.com/logitechg https://www.instagram.com/logitechg
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Text Comments (97)
Marius Kirchner (10 days ago)
when is it availible on amazon?
SGG /GD and more/ (16 days ago)
But the name is G513
Nathan Trieu (21 days ago)
How does it compare against the g513
Siddhant Sahu (23 days ago)
This is my best purchase ever 👌🔥😍.....
LukkertjeNL (25 days ago)
Whats the difference between the g512 and g513? No not the numbers..
edward goh (1 month ago)
need help. i cant decide between getting the MK750 or Logitech g512/ Please help. thank you
xPNova (1 month ago)
Does it come with the cushion?
Meme Man (2 months ago)
Too bad it doesn't glow.
Jack Gritzenbach (2 months ago)
Wait what does myth have
Jack Gritzenbach (2 months ago)
This better than razor
Independence (2 months ago)
0:25 we all gonna ignore the fact that they were using a controller? 😂
Rusyda Sadida (2 months ago)
wait, i see media keys doesnt lit. i thought this is g513 minus wrest pad hmm
GleEk07 Clan (2 months ago)
1:49 vote to kick bot Niga csgofast xDDDD
StopMotion Unicorn (2 months ago)
I love this vid because yas and correct feedback wow keep that up
Epic Dude (2 months ago)
Can I have some gamer gear
Jack Quirk (2 months ago)
1:50 how do you miss that look who the vote kick was by
stefan brown (2 months ago)
So the GX blue is a Knockoff of the Cherry mx Blue
Dirty Dan (2 months ago)
Fix the following: - on board memory - key ping - software limitability
Tom Felix Jr (2 months ago)
Dogfight animals
Blue Davi (2 months ago)
Anyone notice that the rainbow six siege clip is with a controller?
Dr.D Xzcs (18 days ago)
Blue Davi I did
Everaid (2 months ago)
Yeah dude I was just about to comment that
Snipe EC (2 months ago)
yup, rip logitech
lee Quigley (2 months ago)
Can yoy send me one for free please
TrafficConeWizard (2 months ago)
I KILL Oreos BOI 666 (2 months ago)
Will it work on ps4
Minyao Minya (2 months ago)
Hi, the g512 gx blue clicky switch is oem styled keycaps? Planning to buy this keyboard and change oem styled pbt d-shot keycaps!
Sancho Jr (2 months ago)
yeah they are because they're kailh switches
HarooKor #3746 (2 months ago)
Hey Logitech, I want a G Pro keyboard with Romer-G LINEAR Switches. :(
Nerdygameplayer (2 months ago)
This made me soooo hard OMG
Danny Le (3 months ago)
Is it just me or does the music in the video give me a Windows XP installation vibe?
Tyler anderson (3 months ago)
0:25 way to show off the keyboard guys. I didn't happen to see the xbox controller that was built in to the keyboard must've missed it. XD
YT_ KingKiller (2 months ago)
Oml bro good find 😂😂
Snipe EC (2 months ago)
was just gonna say that...
Kakachi Hatake (3 months ago)
Hä I dont know it looks like the same keyboard that I have at home but I have the Logitech G418 ??????????????? But its exactly the same Keyboard
kristoffer (3 months ago)
G413 with romer-g linear switches would be great.
iramike (4 months ago)
how can i use lightsync ? for example the lights turn on when music is playing can i do that ???
Kexin (4 months ago)
Please refresh your MMO mouse. The G600 is practically a fossil. I'm in the market for a new MMO mouse and it looks like Razer or nothing.
Hovik Vanoyan-Ogannisian (4 months ago)
Would love a tkl version.
Ageraow (4 months ago)
add midia keys and will be perfect
Tegar Raditya (4 months ago)
does the led lights leak from the switch?
Tegar Raditya (4 months ago)
Graeme McKenzie i think it does leak, since the g512 use cherry profile switch.
Graeme McKenzie (4 months ago)
Tegar Raditya yes unlike the g513
xRaTcHy (4 months ago)
Kailh Switches? No thanks! same mistake like Razer.
HarooKor #3746 (2 months ago)
Recently, Razer is using Greetech switches.
HaZe.ignite (4 months ago)
Funny that the Rainbow Six clip was taken from a console
Sam Day (2 months ago)
PhipsPlayz Ye ikr
Breon Nagy (4 months ago)
Make a ten-keyless and I'm in
OptionalLemon (4 months ago)
Just bought this after breaking the umpteenth cherry mx red and blue key on three different keyboards. Really liking the linear switches so far and especially the total lack of light bleed. We'll see how this one fares over time. Edit: I actually got the G513...
Herbert Pratama (4 months ago)
i need volume wheel
Moon Seonggyun (4 months ago)
fix your G(garbage) Pro headset
lipzi (1 month ago)
Moon Seonggyun It never said that it has surround sound? And thats probably why it doesnt has a soundcard. So, your statements are wrong
Moon Seonggyun (4 months ago)
Theo it says it is compatible with dolby 7.1 but it doesn’t work with it. And it has no software and also it deosn’t connect with g gaming software. Pc cant figure this headset when it is connected in. Also sound quality is so bad compare to g933 which i have been using for 2 years.
Theo (4 months ago)
Moon Seonggyun well say whats wrong with it.
Bewts McTewts (4 months ago)
Who cares? Make a new G13 revision, that's what people want.
Mike Crompton (4 months ago)
Made of carbon so when my legs touched the ground it shock me
태신 (4 months ago)
1:43 what??? Kailh????
Nathan Trieu (21 days ago)
+Ryan Stewart I think that was the gx blue, the romer g is made by omron, while the gx blue is made by kailh because they couldn't fit a click thing inside the romer g
Ryan Stewart (4 months ago)
oh yeah im blind
태신 (4 months ago)
0:25 also Kailh
Ryan Stewart (4 months ago)
yeah but not for logitech as far as information disclosed says
IKSDE XD (4 months ago)
That cheap chinese copycat makes custom modified switches for other companies, also having better lifespan compared to competition. (e.g cherry)
Mecha120 (4 months ago)
How is this different from the g513
태신 (4 months ago)
Mecha120 g513 has a palm rest and gaming keycaps
Flinth (4 months ago)
I wish i could have this Keyboard with the brown switched
DDuckFin (4 months ago)
Flinth The romer g tactile is similar to brown switches
Victor Sampimon (4 months ago)
Some questions i have: 1: How much will it cost? 2: Will the USB pass-trough be USB 2.0 or 3.0? 3: Is it available as of today? 4: Does it have the same size as the G413?
TruthHurts (4 months ago)
Google.com You’re welcome
nick deupree (4 months ago)
Victor Sampimon it is $100 and has been out for a few weeks
Karlencho (4 months ago)
I'm in love! 😍
Lukad Eden (4 months ago)
Tkl Please!
HarooKor #3746 (2 months ago)
KnackwurstKnut yeah.... with romer-g linear switch........
Wolfstein.3D (4 months ago)
If only Logitech keyboards wouldn't come with lowest quality ABS key caps which show wear in no time.
Taine Kingi (11 days ago)
I know right I've had two G810 Orion Spectrum both have wear on most of the common left side keys
The Notorious (3 months ago)
they dont, they just get dirty very fast..which isnt good either, but if i clean my 1year used g910 the caps look just like from the first day
Heng Dina (4 months ago)
Just release the G pro wireless mouse already damn it !
Astr0 (1 month ago)
logitech wireless is amazing mate. 😂
Senor Fluff Thing (2 months ago)
Wireless for gaming is the worst choice to make
Sam Van Gucht (4 months ago)
Heng Dina g305
Thomas Rowland (4 months ago)
I really wish i could afford to upgrade from membrane :(, also thinking of getting you g402/502 but have no moneyzz
Thomas Rowland (4 months ago)
those are either not really an option or wouldn´t get paid to do it
Nexifyy (4 months ago)
Even like asking your parents if you can do chores around the house for some money or raking/cutting grass of neighbours or friends/family can help you get started making money without an actual job
Nexifyy (4 months ago)
Thomas Rowland not sure how old u are, but I got a job last summer until now and I’ve made money to have a pretty cool setup :)
Ricardo Rita (4 months ago)
How about a new gameboard? I love my G13 but is getting old
Prindagelf (4 months ago)
a revamped G13 with mechanical keys that worked with the rgb sync software would be a dream come true
Ricardo Rita (4 months ago)
@Logitech please give us a new gameboard! With a better lcd screen. Usb hub. More keys to the thumb area and will be perfect!
i will soon upgrade my G213 to this!!
iramike (4 months ago)
i do that now i have g513 i feel diference but not to much the g213 simulates very well romer g feeling, the palm rest on g513 is great! so confortable
iceowl OW (4 months ago)
GoofOne TV praise the sun
Andrei Catangay (4 months ago)
Sacri ficer (4 months ago)
I love my g pro keyboard
Luddholtz (4 months ago)
Can you guys send me that keyboard and i Will advertise it in My setup videos! ((:
Pingbob (4 months ago)
TruthHurts (4 months ago)
But your setup is trash and your channel is dead...
Primescape 16 (4 months ago)
Luddholt z or be like anybody else and just buy it??????
EVAC (4 months ago)

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