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Minecraft Mobs: Mooshrooms

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Text Comments (119)
Zachary Erickson (4 months ago)
How the hell do you milk a baby? Also how come you can't breed a Mooshroom with a cow? Does the fungus corrupt their DNA that much that it makes them incompatible?
Ainsley Snyder (1 year ago)
I.....always though mooshrooms were hostile mobs. I feel stupid now.
Brad Schaefer (2 years ago)
Mooshrooms are honestly my favorite mob due to how useful they are (KEEP MILKING FOR STEW AND YOU NEVER DIE) and how goofy they are (Mushroom Cow = brilliant, I'm sure Notch made them just for the pun name)
GreatGamer4 (2 years ago)
I spawned in a mushroom islands biome after I watched this.... Good luck :D
NeoUzzy (2 years ago)
0:59, goes back into mc ... HOLY SHIT WHATS ON FIRE HOLY ...oh ..
Sunrise (3 years ago)
My nickname is mooshroom! I LOVE MOOSHROOMS
FinJproductions (3 years ago)
Ive never found the mushroom biome goddam it
J Waughtal (3 years ago)
+tanks gaming just use customized world type which is aimple
MCTrina (3 years ago)
Me too
Jossie Snyder (3 years ago)
Did you know if you make a cow and a mushroom in love mode i mint make a baby mushroom or a baby cow
daviangel (3 years ago)
+Jossie Snyder Yeah going to try that and see what happens!
Thomas Holtz (3 years ago)
Yahaire5 (4 years ago)
Hahaha, "Facility of bovine breeding". It's good to know you put effort in every bit of the video. =P
Zachary Erickson (4 years ago)
OH MY GOD! IT'S FUNGUS COW ZOMBIES FROM THE LAST OF US O_o! So cutting off mushrooms is the cure? I don't think that's true.
Olivia (4 years ago)
Mooshrooms are AWESOME. So weirdly strangely AWESOME.
horheristo (4 years ago)
So it gives a "mooshroom stew" or a "mushroom stew"? please be more specific. I tried to replay a few times, could swear you said "mooshroom stew" but wiki got nothing on it
Dank Memes (4 years ago)
mushroom stew
Bangbabangbabangbang (4 years ago)
Write "lost" to seed section
Frank van Veen (4 years ago)
K nobody cares
Bangbabangbabangbang (4 years ago)
No problem :p
Frank van Veen (4 years ago)
Awesome Thanks dude!
MaxMikescrool1 (4 years ago)
+Phillip motsinger you spawn right next to mushroom biome
MaxMikescrool1 (4 years ago)
Karothhal (4 years ago)
Get on creative- get a lead- and fly them back home on the lead :D
Cam Gardiner (4 years ago)
if your going to cheat just spawn them in
KChaos005 (5 years ago)
what's so bad about saying first!???....makes no sense
Sultan King (5 years ago)
He said ..... Wait for it!!!!! Michelle Jackson
Lauren McKenna (5 years ago)
....its not an asian approval face... its when someone says something sarcastic or dumb..-.-
Moshilover 1100 (5 years ago)
why the asian approval face?
Moshilover 1100 (5 years ago)
shut up*
Moshilover 1100 (5 years ago)
nobody cares bitch
Ethan Severy (5 years ago)
pokepatrick1 (5 years ago)
Yeah, it's this thing with a Cult I'm not involved in...
Ethan Severy (5 years ago)
Alrighty then. :D
pokepatrick1 (5 years ago)
Want the hand shake of death? Don't worry, it's a friendship thing. You don't die regardless of the name...
Ethan Severy (5 years ago)
ya! :D
pokepatrick1 (5 years ago)
But it was funny to see people saying things that other people already said, like "Your mom must be proud" and stuff like that.
Ethan Severy (5 years ago)
Sorry, don't mean to yell but I just wanted to know!
Ethan Severy (5 years ago)
Yeah, I agree. :)
pokepatrick1 (5 years ago)
people change.
Ethan Severy (5 years ago)
I know but there is no reason to post it when you don't even care.
pokepatrick1 (5 years ago)
Read what it says. Comment posted 1 YEAR ago
Ethan Severy (5 years ago)
dragonmcmx (5 years ago)
I think it was like a random advertisement that sends you to a random link to earn money or play a game... with a lot of thumbs ups...
Ethan Severy (5 years ago)
Ethan Severy (5 years ago)
Seriously? That is like one of the coolest facts I've heard about minecraft!
Ethan Severy (5 years ago)
lol! :D
Ethan Severy (5 years ago)
Then why did you post that comment?
pokepatrick1 (5 years ago)
Nor do I!
Ethan Severy (5 years ago)
Nobody cares, shut up.
mannofnope (5 years ago)
Mooshrooms give mushroom stew if milked by bowl.
Alexander (5 years ago)
It. There, I said it too.
Kyle C (5 years ago)
A.K.A free virus
dragonmcmx (5 years ago)
It was pretty much the same as this: @yjneg Yeah man, you know, you can make money by simply completing a survey. Come check it out at *stupid adfly link* and, as always, it was a top comment :S
Kyle C (5 years ago)
Damn now I want to know what he said.
dragonmcmx (5 years ago)
Oh, i think it was one of those advertisements that always get thumbs ups iirc... like: @uih98o7gh yeah, click this link to earn money and blabla stuff
Justin Walker (5 years ago)
Damn it! What did he say?!
FPSGHoST808 (5 years ago)
Troll used "BLUE SHELL"! asiantortoise has been "FLAGGED AS SPAM" and pushed to "LAST PLACE"! "BLUE SHELL" is super effective!
Miguel Xero (5 years ago)
You must use a comma if your comment was meant to be directed at someone. I'll just go ahead and correct you; Shutup, Grammar Nazi. See? Much better isn't it??
haveasliceofmypie (5 years ago)
I have yet to come across a mushroom biome.. one of these days.
Major Gnuisance (5 years ago)
How is babby formed? how is babby formed how cow get pragnent
Jakub Gesla (5 years ago)
ᴀʟɪʙɪ (5 years ago)
No it's not.... It's another word for babies. o.o When I was little my mom used to say 'look at the other babbies over there.'' It's not an accent...
ᴀʟɪʙɪ (5 years ago)
-.- It's another word for babies...
emily (5 years ago)
These babbies lol
dragonmcmx (5 years ago)
No. Just NO!
MrWilliamionsea (5 years ago)
MrWilliamionsea (5 years ago)
Mooshroom is the best passive mob in Minecraft.They give you everything that a normal cow gives plus mushrooms/mushroom stew.
matrixphijr (5 years ago)
"...but you can milk them right away." MINECRAFT LOGIC
Ben S (5 years ago)
Martzfartz (5 years ago)
i know all these things i just cant get enough of ur ids ^^
MamboBean (5 years ago)
It's an accent. Get over it.
Truthcast Alpha (5 years ago)
*GASP* You said it!
Cat Alunya (5 years ago)
To get Mushrooms.
Its7up (5 years ago)
Ahmad Samhan (5 years ago)
because brown cow is too mainstream. now they put mushroom design on it
Jacque M. Ferguson (5 years ago)
thank you so much! XD
ZDZTheDreaded (6 years ago)
Umm... lol?
Linda Love (6 years ago)
I love these videos
pokepatrick1 (6 years ago)
first: then your a good person. second: I KNEW IT!
pokepatrick1 (6 years ago)
you are probably hoping to get thumbs up, and my saying so is just going to make people want to thumbs your comment up more, but first did you go back to the end of the the comments just to see if someone said first? and second dont replay to comments someone left over a month ago! do you think they would remember posting that comment!?
SwiftySlasher (6 years ago)
Nathaniel Acevedo (6 years ago)
theJMAK1 (6 years ago)
Well, I don't know, since I don't know what babby is.
2FonziesWithSnakes (6 years ago)
How is babby formed?
Jack McGuirk (6 years ago)
1.0.0 game
woross1 (6 years ago)
I did that too when giant mushrooms went live!! xD
rvporterfield (6 years ago)
YingofDarkness (6 years ago)
the same way you would any other farm animal. you just have to be careful to not let them get into the water because usually the mushroom biome is surrounded by water
Clarisse D (6 years ago)
Wish I would find them, but the friend with who I play with would most likly burn them.... Pyromania.
pokepatrick1 (6 years ago)
on there other videos this one guy replayed "in a small penis contest" i wanted to say something stupid and confuse him but i could not post comments on that video any more.
TasosZ Zannettis (6 years ago)
sooo if i find mooshrooms... how the hell can i take them back home???
Fourthspartan56 (6 years ago)
Are mooshrooms in the xbox edition?
naufal261 (6 years ago)
oooooohhhhhhh the mooshrooms babies is so CUTE!!!!X3
Ben Miller (6 years ago)
I found a mushroom biome today! Legitly!
Léon Noël (6 years ago)
I want to find a mushroom biome so bad!
MinecraftMineMaster (6 years ago)
Ryan Robo (6 years ago)
Best animal ever, unlimited food! And when you need armour just kill it for some more food (steak) and some leather!
Nicl1230 (6 years ago)
Cutee Shortii (6 years ago)
Yeah. It lasts for a while too.
hi5560 (6 years ago)
u can use lava instead of coal?
AnvilPro100 (6 years ago)
I think they are jelous
Zer0 of Time (6 years ago)
Zephyr PH (6 years ago)
Really? Never knew that before...:D
use the seed idontcare or kingdom
They also have an extremelly rare chance of replacing a cow in any other biome
Zephyr PH (6 years ago)
They only spawn in Mushroom biomes which is the rarest biome there is.
foop (6 years ago)
how come i can never find a mooshroom???
Obiwan Cloneobi (6 years ago)
i found one it was cool but i had only found one tree at all then i saw a mooshroom kingdom
Armin Maza (6 years ago)
how about tellyporting? lol

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