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Why Are More Games Being Released In An Unfinished State?

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No video game is perfect, but every so often we get a game in our hands that feels unfinished and messy. How does this happen? Let's talk. Subscribe for more: http://youtube.com/gameranxtv
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SpacePrez (1 hour ago)
"we often have the big day-1 patches which is evidence the game had to be rushed to print before they were able to actually finish it" Well, that's not really true. Games on console have a certification process that takes over a month. Its only sensible to keep working on the game after you submit it, and use that time to work on other features or polish.
Spirit Guide1214 (7 hours ago)
$$$. All the game companies care about is money. The European Union just fined EA for making games that are basically gambling. Yep, all of Europe is demanding millions from EA...mostly for the game FIFA I'm guessing. The ultimate team mode is basically a slot machine that people put 1000s into to get player cards. The rest of the industry is just as bad...as almost all games are pay to win! The state of games is at a rock bottom! Games get less fun to play and more expensive every year!
dimorus liu (13 hours ago)
Most of the consumers—— gamers are being impatient and greedy, and of course publishers are even greedier!!! Both end is pushing the devs. How about everyone just get a grip on your uncontrolled desires?! Give devs time and energies to finish their game instead of overwork to death and release unfinished games!!!!!!!!
Emppu T. (15 hours ago)
Funguy (15 hours ago)
Also understand that in the 90's it was common to pay $70 for a game. That's $116 in 2018. The DLC usually comes up to ~$30 for a lot of games, so considering that, even after paying for DLC we are still paying less for games than we used to. That being said, there's no excuse for releasing a broken game, especially when facing the backlash of gamers. Most gamers who pay attention won't buy anything from Hello Games after garbage they tried to pass off to gamers. They still charge full price for that turd after almost 2 years.
FreeQuest (16 hours ago)
Also Day one DLC do I need to say more.
FreeQuest (17 hours ago)
I wait till a game goes gold If I buy one, for instance, farcry or any of these games that have additional DLC that's it I don't purchase DLC for games when I buy it that's the game I buy simple as that. I am quite happy with the standard base game.
Charlie e (17 hours ago)
The answer to your question is; Greed and laziness.
ThreeDaysOfDan (19 hours ago)
Cause the Pc " Master race" mods them and fixes them for free. Don't blame consoles eithe , nintendo and sony arent doing this with their AAA games ( they onlyy develop for consoles) , early access started on PC and so did the bethesda tradition of releasing ga half finished game that modders would fix. oh and mindcraft. It showed you could sell idiots a beta .
Killbot200 (20 hours ago)
The answer to your question is.. because people put up with it. They either don't know their rights when it comes to the purchase of goods and/or services or are too lazy to exercise them...
Lindsey Lewis (21 hours ago)
It's called capitalism. This is why I'm anti-capitalist. They just shit all over everything and do nothing good artistically.
Darren Hunter (21 hours ago)
Speaking as a Web and Application Dev, we normal have a deadline and work up to that point, while testing as well. We have to balance content with functionality, so we may delay some functions if they take longer to complete in our dev cycle til the next cycle. Coding is not a simple matter, some times there are glitches and delays for viable reasons, when you are waiting on information from a 3rd party, or the functionality you want to add may take 3 weeks to complete and not 2 weeks. Software development is not a simple processes and even with the simplest of applications you can hit issues, so for game devs it even harder.
NATESOR (22 hours ago)
80/20 rule. 80% of your labor is to finish the last 20% of the game... Or if you want to be real shitty, 20% of your labor can complete 80% of a game.
Speed Killer (22 hours ago)
you pay money to help them finish the game, its your own fault if you cant wait
Isaac Karr (22 hours ago)
I would like pre polish perk's and honesty
halvars90 (1 day ago)
I have started to feel like in today's world you should not buy any games on release. Wait for about 1 or 2 years so we can get the full experience and most of the bugs will be fixed in that time. More often than not a year or two after release you will get the game cheaper and also a "game of the year addition" with all the DLC, for the same price or lower than people who bought it on release + they did not get the DLC's included.
Irene Parkin (1 day ago)
A game back in the day is like a burger. The burger (including the sauce, bun and lettuce) was the main game, the drink was DLC 1, the fries was DLC 2 and that was it. Nowadays the bun is the game, the patties are the DLC 1, the lettuce is DLC 2, the drink is a Game Stop exclusive, the Sauce is a Best Buy exclusive and the fries are a multiplayer DLC.
Wasteland Seven (22 hours ago)
Personally, I think its unethical to sell a product as a full featured product then sell the features to the consumer piecemeal. Period. I don't care how anybody rationalizes it, its still wrong. Because the product is being misrepresented. Its like selling a car and saying it has cruise control and ice cold A/C then charging extra for these to be installed three months down the line. This is even more wrong if you're selling pre-orders of it sight unseen. I don't have a problem releasing early access so you can work your bugs out the bugs, but, if you're going to sell a game at full price it should be FINISHED when you go to release. Because I don't buy it that they have to do it this way. Another thing is that could be pointed out to the AAA publishers is that when you DON'T give the dev team a chance to actually finish the game, it often ends badly. Driver 3, Mass Effect Andromeda, etc. etc. etc. etc. Pushing unfinished products to market has meant the end of more than one game that had the potential to be awesome and sell well. But, they were sacrificed on the alter of publisher deadlines. So, its not only unethical, but, its bad business in the long run.
NewGuy Gaming (1 day ago)
let's not forget that not only are games released unfinished, but then the idiots who bought the game the "fanboys" defend their broken game to the death and just shit talk anybody who points out an issue with the game. So the developers not only get paid for releasing broken games, but they can also feel justified by all their dumb-ass fanboys. I see so many dumb-ass fanboys I almost wonder if people are just paid by the companies to talk shit to you for pointing out flaws in the game you paid money for.
Wasteland Seven (1 day ago)
Because they can. And until we say no, they will continue.
aurell (1 day ago)
The teachings of Marx are the only way to preserve Video games.
Corrupt Tempest (1 day ago)
"We need to begin selling unfinished games, and offer multiple micro installments to pay for later on." Well in that case, I want to give you greedy fuckers unfinished payments. $60 for half of a buggy game? And $40 for the DLC? Nah, the best I can do is $30 bucks and 10 dollars later on. Dick heads.
Dragon32z (1 day ago)
I think releasing unfinished games is a disguised preorder, there are many people (like myself) that just "doesn't do preorders"
Crazy Nerd (1 day ago)
Unfinished games aren't normal at all. There's no excuse really for this practice. If the game is gonna be $60 with everything to buy why not just make that way in the first place? Why not just give as a whole product like everyone else? Playable games is what gamers want. Would you like to buy an unfinished product anywhere else and then you buy the rest? What other items would you like to buy unfinished?
Neo Moon Sevin (1 day ago)
Re2remake looks aweful aswell even if it's a demo I'm not likeing re2remake at all
Neo Moon Sevin (1 day ago)
Sf5 is aweful for an unreal engine game it makes unreal engine look stupid and I think Capcom are doing it on purpose because there dumb R.E engine was used in 7 and now re2remake even god of war looks stupid aswell again Capcom don't know how to use unreal engine at all or is it Capcom trying to make unreal engine look shitty when that is 700% wrong unreal engine was and is the best ever
Neo Moon Sevin (1 day ago)
Call of duty ghost was fukn aweful it looked rushed and unfinished I broke that game when I finished it glad I didn't have to buy it
SHONUFF (1 day ago)
Exactly what Sergio said. People paying for Pre Alpha and Alpha games like Dayz Standalone the company already got all the money there gonna get no one playes anymore and the devs don't do shit. Game never even made it to Beta what a joke. People need to stop paying for unfinished bullshit.
Conrad Verner (1 day ago)
Because when you f-ed up, EA could buy off your brand cheap?
Luca Pantellaro (1 day ago)
You didn't mention another thing game companies do, and that is purposfully cutting out content pre release and reselling it to us as dlc later or placing it behind a paywall...
thor CoolGuy (1 day ago)
Sure, give your dev team like 3 or 6 months for patches and further development but with Terraria mobile it’s been like 2 goddamn years of delayed release for 1.3.
Suk Mi (1 day ago)
Because soyboys keep paying for them
Danny Meeks (1 day ago)
It's not a glitch in Bethesda's Fallout series for you to see a frozen person with his skin off from his head when you shoot him or her in the head when collision is toggled off (TCL for anyone wondering). It's in Fallout 4 as well. It's just how it is with the physical mechanics of the game when collision is turned off. NPCs can't move in any direction, and when killed, they stay in their position, but graphical effects can still change.
Danny Meeks (1 day ago)
I liked your example of "hilarious" translation in final fantasy tactics. It sounded poetic, the way it was said. He says that your venomous words give me relief, for when you give up, which you will, the poison of your words will backfire on you.
Alan Mchugh (1 day ago)
The real reason, is the business model. It has slowly changed over time from what i had when i was growing up. Game companies earned their money by selling games. To do this you had to make good complete games or straight out con people into buying your game it didnt matter how long people played your game aslong as you sold alot of copies. Now the business model has shifted due to the digital distribution times we live in too keeping players playing a game for longer, thus increasing potential to earn more from micro transactions. One easy way to keep people playing your game is to release a shell of a game and add to it over time (thats what DLC in most cases is). Keeping people on that treadmill. Its no longer as profitable to just release a good game and be done with it.
Aleksey Melamed (1 day ago)
Well, this video could have been like a minute long...
Jarod Smith (2 days ago)
Stop making excuses and trying to normalize these greedy, ridiculous practices. The video game industry is the only industry in which releasing unfinished products is seen as somehow acceptable. This would never be acceptable in any other industry. Imagine paying full price to see a movie in theaters, but the movie is incomplete - missing scenes, characters, and even the ending. You have to pay more money in order to view the complete film. Imagine paying full price for a music album, but you only get a few of the songs and you need to pay even more money to get the rest of the songs on the album. Imagine buying a car, full price. But if you want meters, gauges, tires, a steering wheel, and glove compartment, you have to pay more. Imagine going into McDonald's and paying full price for a "Number 1" (Big Mac, Fries, and a drink). You pay the full price, but if you want the fries and soda, you have to pay even more, despite the fact that the fries and soda are supposed to be included in the meal. Imagine this in literally ANY other setting or industry. Everyone, everywhere would lose their shit. Those businesses would lose customers by the millions and the entire company would go under. But for some odd reason that makes me feel like I'm in an episode of the Twilight Zone, this is seen as acceptable behavior in the video game industry. I don't even see how paying full-price for an unfinished product is even legal, actually. This is literally crazy.
vidyaWolf (2 days ago)
"If it costs money, you should do it later" 1. sell empty box for 60 bucks 2. release "dlc" for 6000 bucks total 3. profit
Because people keep paying devs for unfinished games.
Bruce Wayne (2 days ago)
I'm glad this video mentioned shareholders, something gamers dont seem to understand
vincent kinmond (2 days ago)
money money money
ElMariachi (2 days ago)
Easy answer: Because idiots buy them anyway.
Jayme Capurso (2 days ago)
A timely video considering the state of pubg atm and with more 'Early access' titles on the way where basically it is a 'pay us now and we will fix it later' business model people should vote with their wallet. There is no incentive to finish a game when they already have 90% of the money they will make from the game knowing it will take a further 20% money down to finish it which is why we have the god awful sh!t show that is pubg over a year and 700 million in sales later....Bluehole are already using their money to just make another early access game to do the same thing again instead of focusing on pubg I bet.
Jalen (2 days ago)
All about that moolah
Whippy Racing (2 days ago)
one reason, because idiots pay full price for them
Yahtzee2Blend (2 days ago)
*Pauses on first .1 sec* Money...
Ozzy sil3nce (2 days ago)
it seems to be most AAA titles doing this because the company is just looking for more money. and how do they know the best time to release the game is? I get it if its based off a movie and they want it released for that movie but other then that any time should be a good time. On another note some devs release a game in early access witch its not the same but very similar and if there a good team it helps the devs get feedback quicker and in turn can make the game better tho there are games out there that release a early access game and never touch it or attack players for giving feedback and that doesn't help the dev at all it just puts money in there pockets. All companies should watch the documentary about the atari and the E.T game it could open there eyes even tho as he sed it was a different time with DLC and updates not being a thing it still could help
DeShaun Ikechukwu (2 days ago)
It's not that deep; look, do you remember back in 2013 when Microsoft said the Xbox One will require online connectivity at all times and you all bitched about it? You're welcome. You thought they 'listened' to their consumer class and did away with it, when in fact, developers released broken games so you'd connect your consoles online anyway.
Connor Stilwell (2 days ago)
Without watching the video; the answer is a capitalistic society allows you to vote with your money. When you buy something, especially when it's not a necessity like food or clothing, you have voted that the product is good and the company practice was good and that the product was worth the money. When you look at it this way, you voted for the video game companies to do this to you. You voted that this practice is okay, and you voted for them to do it to you more. If you pre-order a game from a company like EA that has done this before, you have literally gone to the polls and said "please keep doing what you're doing." When you pay full price for a game instead of waiting for it to go on sale, you've voted that the game and all the practices relating to the game was worth every penny. When you pay for a game that you know full well won't be done until the DLC comes out, you've almost literally begged the company to give you an unfinished game and bill you for DLC later. Video gamers (to an extent) have literally done this to themselves. Not only that, but by continuing to buy a product on release from bad publishers, preordering such content, the gaming community is literally begging the companies to do it more. I voted too. I love the Mass Effect games, but I knew EA would botch this one up due to their past business practices. I didn't pre-order. I didn't even buy it until all the bugs were patched and it was announced no DLC was coming. Even then, I waited for it to go on sale for $15. You know what my vote said? My vote said "No, you may not sell me an incomplete, buggy, unfinished game. No, I won't pay a dime for your game until it's done and you've completed the story with all the DLC. And even then, after you've fixed all the bugs and finished the game, this game is only worth a quarter of what the standard is for games because even then it was bad." If you all had done the same, EA would get the message after a couple of releases.
Nathan Morroni (3 days ago)
Here's my take on this: the reasons games like The Witcher 3 and New Vegas can get a pass like they do, in my opinion, isn't because they're just better, but overall have more content and are actually feature complete games. Games like no man's Sky, Sea of Thieves and Destiny 1 and 2 simply aren't "feature complete" come launch. These games launched lacking content that would otherwise be in the game; for fucksake everything leading up to and including the taken King for Destiny 1 was being made as a part of the primary game set for launch. Sea of Thieves, a game I actually love, has an art book detailing content that isn't in the game. Athough I think rare is doing a fantastic job with the game I can't help but feel that stuff was intended to be in the main game (although new stuff added wasn't in artbook to be fair). Compare that to a game like The Witcher 3, all of the game's areas, all of its story, and all of its gameplay and side quests where in the game at launch and the game didn't feel like it was missing anything. That's because for all intents and purposes, the game launched as it was always going to launch: fully completed with a few bugs that had to be fixed. everything that came after that for The Witcher 3 where "expansions" in the classic sense, like Oblivion's Shivering isles expansion or Starcraft's Brood War expansion. That game launched complete, and despite bugs and issues, New Vegas also launched feature complete: later expansions adding to the game. This is what I expect of AAA games. I think it's fine for an indie Studio with way less money to require launching into Early Access, but for AAA games money is no issue, and Publishers need to be honest about the games they're launching and at the very least not making us pay $60 for incomplete games.
diablojd52 (3 days ago)
I am not sure what your problem is with games not being fini
Kalisparo (3 days ago)
early access means money grab right now doesnt it?
Dawaleeb Alhawa (3 days ago)
GREED ... profit first.
Mitchell (3 days ago)
Platforms should make it so companies can’t update their games until 2 months after release unless ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY. That would make devs get their shit together.
The last Perpetual (3 days ago)
When you said that, i thought of something like eposodic games
Molo Tulo (3 days ago)
Jews ?
Felix Jonathan (3 days ago)
After watching this video i realized destiny sucks because of its price and state of being
skriller bee (3 days ago)
Because fanboys will pay eitherway look at xbox exclsuive
deathsdoor07 (3 days ago)
what game is that in the thumbnail?
Whiskiz Yo (3 days ago)
Why Are More Games Being Released In An Unfinished State? Well that's easy, basically because - capitalism.
Milan Vuletic (3 days ago)
How did no mans sky get a 71 on metacritic?
Red Baron (3 days ago)
The Stone Cold Gamers (3 days ago)
DestructiveBurn (3 days ago)
You should use my Just Cause 3 texture issues. The game completely broke. It was bad. Check it out.
Angel Serrano (3 days ago)
good examples of a bad beta is battlefield, the crapy star wars one . the game mechanics sucked.. never got the retail version because of it. and lets not forget mass effect Andromeda. so much potential. the cuts scene were absolute garbage . felt like they outsourced the cutscene and never cleaned it up. how did they not know it looked like shit.
M A (4 days ago)
I give up on video games. :(
PCTube MessedUpMyName (4 days ago)
Is this the right question to answer? Games have been released in an unfinished state for many years now and people are so impatient, impulsive, engulfed in feelings and have extreme expectations, basically easy to exploit. What i would ask is why the hell are games being released supporting an overall political agenda and when people attack these games for doing this these people get labelled as something that is punishable in many countries?
0x1A3C3E7 (4 days ago)
Leonardo Da Vinci was an idiot. As was the case with most of his ideas, he was wrong about art. As long as the artist has a goal, there comes a point where his artwork becomes finished.
Mike Brown (4 days ago)
I'm for smaller dev teams doing this for less money when it is sold. I'm for it to give small dev teams achance to complete and build their tools and skills up over time. To me, it helps build competition in the industry which is actually very good for the consumers. 7 Days to Die and the Fun Pimps are a good example of this. They have clearly grown their game a lot in the years it has been out as there was more cash flow. Bethesda on the other hand has no excuse with FO4. That game was completely unfinished I am pissed at Bethesda. They are now a huge AAA in my estimation and have no reason to be adding shit in way after launch. I'm not even talking bugs so much, but just unfinished ideas and a over-all "unfinished" feel. They have no excuse. FO3 and FONV were more finished than FO4 IMO. I belive Obsidian had less time and were less familiar with the tools and it still felt like their ideas were finished. FONV had a ton of bugs though.
James Fretwell (4 days ago)
Rockstar take their time to release games and it shows.
Guy Dude (4 days ago)
People won't play the free beta so they just sell you the beta.
gonira (4 days ago)
Games got too complicated to develop. Anyway, before they were released with glaring faults too, but there was no way of having fixes, so we took them for granted.
Dave F (4 days ago)
Stopped gaming - problem solved. Got a fishing license instead.
ndflatt (4 days ago)
Pre orders. Duh
anikanbounty97 (4 days ago)
Sorry butt hey have plenty of time to finish a full game jsut look at back in the day when games were actually complete and way better then todays
TechDivision (4 days ago)
The thumbnail sums up to any early access games I played before
anikanbounty97 (4 days ago)
I hate way games are today. I want full game full!!!! I hate these games that not full game yet get dlc released to play full game. We consumers are not made out of money!!!
Patrick McMahon (4 days ago)
back in the day with DOS games. games where released unfinished and that's how they stayed. Back in the DOS games when it was released it was finished. Remember 'Outpost' it had clear missing components in the game. It was going to have a method to get back into space and launch to new planets but never got it working.
LyleDeYounges (4 days ago)
Because gamers willingly accept to pay for them, unfinished, and just sit around and wait for updates. In other words; most of them are docile consumers, or fanboys of a certain franchise who are overwhelmingly grateful and would never dare to be critical... about anything.
Craig Margolius (5 days ago)
You’re literally asking for the developers to do more in a game and work harder ie more hours and you’re also demanding that games don’t go up in price. You won’t better graphics, longer game play and crazy in depth stories.. well then just fucking pay developers more !! And it’s not even inherently your fault, the publishers tell you that that’s what you’re going to get so you expect it and even if you paid more then all you’ll do is give the publishers more money.. moral of the story is don’t make games with the intent to get rich, do it with the intent to deal with bitchy children listening to shitty gaming channels and to get slaved to death for no real reward.. ffs 😫 I hate the state the industry is in
BoomCHAKADAH (5 days ago)
BF1 Beta saved my money and BFV Beta will certainly do the same.
Ange Alexiel (5 days ago)
latest unfinished game to be released " danger zone 2 " no music, white little text barely visible on a TV... tons of gliches.. can't beleive this dump is sold for 20 euros, when for 9,99 euros you can buy burnout revenge xbox 360 version on the One , or paradise... i'm sick and tired of these kinda crappy games, last gen on ps3 and 360 it was the best era for arcade titles... on this gen, only an handful of indie games are really worth it .
357M view (5 days ago)
Just downloaded the full free game from internet than put the iso fille to your ps4!
Motor Mouse (5 days ago)
they release them in an unfinished state because they can, they throw the games out and expect people to sit and play them while they finish the game, plus people are stupid enough to buy them, which brings me to the microtransactions in games now currently, people are just stupid, game companies know this, so while people are throwing money into these games, the game companies are laughing it up raking in all the money. false advertisement faulty broken unfinished games, scam shops you name it, gamers are being robbed left right and centre
Otacon 1029 (5 days ago)
I quit playing games when DLC went full blown mainstream. I grew up playing games where everything you had in the game you earned through missions & actual gameplay. There was no paying for the best equipment on day one, you were either a good gamer or you werent. Now anyone can just shell out cash & have all equipment unlocked & destroy real gamers. It was like a succubus came out of no where & just sucked all the joy out of gaming.
N.B.S.P (6 days ago)
ur right i need to be harder about that
Sally Smith (6 days ago)
Im sorry but this video is too slow with too much fluff.
Rui Costa (6 days ago)
7:57 that prob on FONV is when ppl use the cheat Noclip ;)
Rui Costa (6 days ago)
Sergio answer it.. I have tons of games to finish on my steam acc like JC3 that i did 2 missions.. same for GTA5, Subnautica and more. So. Its like Sergio said. Ppl pay for it. Same for microtransations. Other day on Rust i saw a skin that cost 239€. the game cost 9€. :D
Rui Costa (6 days ago)
Oh btw i forgot 9 person had that 239€ skin to sell.
magburner (6 days ago)
PREORDERS. It is because of PREORDERS. PREORDERS allow the developers to get a portion of the revenue from a game in advance, without making any effort. They only then have to work half-heartedly throughout the life of the game to fix the issues, keeping the gullible fans on side, so that they can pull the same stunt, next time that they launch a new game. DO NOT PREORDER GAMES. You would see different work ethic from developers if they actually had to work for your money. On a side not Project Cars 2 was broken badly at launch. There were rumors that it was not even developed for the PS4, just ported over, and not even properly tested. The first Project Cars was a complete mess, but I stuck with Slightly Mad, because I saw that the game had promise. The second game, there was no excuse for that... there were even bugs in that game, which carried over from the first. If you ever see another Project Cars game, avoid it as if it was the plague. Finally, I rarely take games back to the store within the week that they were purchased, so far only two games have this honour. The First, Project Cars 2, the second No Man's Sky...
Mark Evans (6 days ago)
Microtransactions are the devil's spawn.
Ninja Star (6 days ago)
That thumbnail lol
Elen Degenerate (7 days ago)
It have gotten to the point where even I am interested in learning unity, purely so I can make some easy money off steam.
RyNz _ (7 days ago)
I think its not because they are "unfinished" I just think they end up leaving some of the most important play testing up to the consumers now because of the constant extreme rush to finish games... It's easier to release something broken and just fix the parts people complain about the most. IMO
Blazs120gl (7 days ago)
Early access is the cancer of the industry. With the advent of easy to use game engines and game templates, the barrier of entry has lowered so much that some devs are making emtpy game shells and call it early access. Their product is so early (premature) that there's is nothing to access. Some devs have clearly no intention to make or finish a game or improve themsleves as devs. Add up AAA game makers' efforts to put content behind paywalls, or big studios abandoning single player content and now we see that people have lost connection with the original purpose of creating or playing video games. It's not the fault of those who are refusing to play beta games for free. And when devs had their benefits of the free work players have done to them, they simply put a price tag to make testers pay for something they contributed to (producing much more income to the studio that their licenceses would cost to give away for free). Even more shady is early access when devs are offering the game for less money than they plan to launch and players are essentially betting on a game's completion by buying them (risking the money paid for a lower price). People get what they are paying for in advance. You pay for nothing or less than you are happy with, you will get nothing, or less than you expect. About devs that can't afford to not get paid for years until their games finish. Would you pay for vegetables that is being grown? Or for incomplete cars that are promised to be great when they're finished but right now you only have the chassis with no wheels? Whose responsiblity is to get its business into operation and create a product that is in sellable condition? Why would I have to put faith and money into a studio that won't even invest it's own resources into the business in advance? Batshit insane IMHO.
Josh Giles (7 days ago)
Because people pay for unfinished games. Because there are people with more money than common sense that buy preorders, every DLC, every microtransaction. They feed into this system that is quickly ruining video games.
Bluehat Gaming NXE (7 days ago)
EA is a good example to say about it
Cortanis001 (7 days ago)
I would highly argue that first impressions aren't forever. The release state of Destiny was so bland and lacking as an honestly unfinished game that I can't trust to buy another Bungie title at this point. What's more, second impressions can be even worse. Take Borderlands 2 for instance. The patches much after the game was launched grew increasingly anti player and vindictive. That's also not even going into the public statements by those at Gearbox about wanted DLC. The approach was little more than throwing a fit that players wanted more content and were even willing to pay for it.
KEK Freedom Heritage (7 days ago)
Thanks for sharing. Good points.
Mark Schrader (7 days ago)
Except for Star Citizen...

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