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Why Are More Games Being Released In An Unfinished State?

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No video game is perfect, but every so often we get a game in our hands that feels unfinished and messy. How does this happen? Let's talk. Subscribe for more: http://youtube.com/gameranxtv
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cornflkeboy1 (33 minutes ago)
I don't care what the reasons are -- I don't appreciate feeling like I wasted my hard earned money. This shit is gonna keep happening until people stop accepting it and refuse to buy a game until it's finished.
DAS Neuge (1 day ago)
I read an article many years ago talking about Lucas arts. They brought a movie director in to help set the pace for release dates of games. The movie director and game dev. Have two different mindsets to release dates to the movie director the game has to be done on this date because that's how movies are. While gaming dev. Believe it's ok to go past the release date a bit just to make sure the game was finished. And this caused a lot of problems at Lucas arts to the point where a good chunk of game dev. Left and where I think this whole unfinished games started from
Raaid Cotman-El (8 days ago)
Vocal fry...😥😥😥😥
Lucky_Miner01 (24 days ago)
When he explained from the person who said to sell unfinished games perspective I can see how cos it gives you a ‘taster’ of the game
Damkee (28 days ago)
Why?Here comes the money!!!!
Klony (1 month ago)
So Age of Empires is not finished how?
Adam Poole (1 month ago)
i always ready to harp on bethesda for making games that are usually borderline unplayable.. they do not testing of their games before release and they know that they're always buggy messes but they don't care.. which is why i won't waste my money on them
AppleBottemGs (1 month ago)
All the Assassins creed games after Assassins creed 2, were all unfinished in my book, and honestly I use to rate the game 10 stars but now i Their more like 8 or 7 stars
Lee H. (1 month ago)
The reason we pay companies to beta test their incomplete games is because the price of games has not kept up with inflation. Games *should* be around $85 for a base game. That price, however, would cause riots. So now, developers give us what they can for $60, and then release paid DLC to make up the rest of the cost of development. It's a little different for fighting games. All the characters are developed before release and then they choose the ones they want to be DLC, and they sit on a hard drive somewhere until it's time to start releasing the "new" characters in the season 1 character set.
subby pop Girl (1 month ago)
Great video !
subby pop Girl (1 month ago)
I miss the old gaming days,games were finished you only got a few huge releases and between that you would get a lot more niche games ,not all saturated crap out now ,devs don't care now just want that quick buck,and ppl are happy to wait for that patch fix,it's a disgrace imo.
Preflight Drip86 (1 month ago)
this is why i like insurgency sandstorm. They held back the console version until winter 2019 when pc came out in august because it was glitchy and they wanted to polish it. i respect that and the changes they have made are worth the wait.
ben scalp (1 month ago)
Why is Alabama unfinished?
CreationsVibration (1 month ago)
Yeah I stopped gaming for this exact reason coupled with microtransactions
L3mon Guy (1 month ago)
Mark Clarke (1 month ago)
speak through your nasals more
jacob lansman (1 month ago)
Some games push Early Access a lot. Ark Survival Evolved - first released as an Early Access game in 2015 and only recently released as a full game. The difference - almost no game play difference besides new dinosaurs but the price went from £25 for the main game to £60 when it was officially released.
Pillsnpie Gaming (1 month ago)
Well its actually pretty great that they can patch a game these days even after release since the last time a game was rushed pre 90's thanks to a publisher the whole market was destroyed all because of a little game called E.T. i dont condone this practice though its just a thought that popped into my head. i would rather wait an extra 3 months with heavy beta testing then get an unfinished product that usually hasnt been optimized and is stuttering and laggy.
Testa Me (1 month ago)
why? becoz ppl keep buying them , thats the reason , just like loot crate and gacha
nvstewart (1 month ago)
Haven't watched the vid but this is my theory. Easy Access. For years Easy Access has being a 'thing' and companies have realised that people will pay to play these buggy and unfinished games, and so that has allowed gaming companies to lower their efforts and released 'finished' games that are low quality and buggy.
undeadbobop (1 month ago)
I hate to be that guy but games have been finished released for decades. Hence why there are second games. Also george lucus is known to plagiarize intentionally with a god complex.
Matthew Godwin (1 month ago)
Why cause coding is expensive and hacks finds bugs and exploit them
Stayshtum68 (1 month ago)
I work hard for the money I earn. So I no longer buy new games. I haven't bought a new game in over 10 years. They are a total rip off. And as for buying digital games,I would only ever buy one that is never destined to be a physical game also,and only if it is less than £15. I never play online either,so most modern games are made to be played online for the best experience. It saddens me after playing games for over 40 years,that greed is killing the whole genre.
Christopher Burton (1 month ago)
RIP Paragon
*Cough* MGSV *Cough*
_Rc7[Alt]_ _ (1 month ago)
We dont talk about that game anymore
jay dee (1 month ago)
so you have to pay for DLC, did you really need to make a video about this? lol.
Laurentiu Iliescu (1 month ago)
Is sad seeing ppl playing on that dirtyass low pixelated graphics on ps4 and xbox ....
EchoMecho14 (1 month ago)
Look at Zelda: Breath of the Wild. They delayed that game over, and over. Yet, it won many awards and even title of Game of the Year. Worth the wait? Damn right.
Francis fw wells (1 month ago)
I wish there was a $2 game that was a walking simulator and every week they add story and a gameplay element every time you spend $2 and at the end the game will end up costing $100 dollars now be fucking awesome
Wray2real w (1 month ago)
Unfinished games not a new issue. Games in the past sucked because they rushed to finish. They were incomplete messes with untapped potential. Games can now use dlc to fix what they didn't have time to put in right. The new era gives games a second chance they would not have had in the past.
CallaWolf (1 month ago)
So the current mentality of the gaming industry is "Why do something now that you can hold off on doing later?" Yeah, haven't heard that since high school but I am also not surprised and it seeks like a legit explaination.
FoeBro4 (1 month ago)
Didn't mention the biggest unfinished game right now? Ok.
E (1 month ago)
Jose Carreon (1 month ago)
Gta, CoD, assassins creed, these games went down hill because of this
WerewolfDex (2 months ago)
I just realised a lot of the thumbnails for gameranx have something related to WWE
CipherBytes (2 months ago)
Because they want to get paid before the do the work and with no promise of finishing the job. It's an entitlement mentality.
Legendary Mizo (2 months ago)
At least fortnite early access is good as the normal
Legendary Mizo (2 months ago)
Why did you put god of war ? God of war is a finished game. know you are a xbox fan but don't try to insult ps4 exclusives
Jérémy B (2 months ago)
Why are so many YouTube videos clickbait and trash?
MIMALECKIPL (2 months ago)
Kick the big business out of gaming, and we get good games again.
Darby Martinez (2 months ago)
7:04 is ridiculous. Portal had one of the most unique game mechanics ever.
A.J. Rusinek (2 months ago)
I dont think I've bought a full priced 60$ game in like legitimately 6 or 7 years. I always just wait till they go down to 30 dollars or lower.
Jose Traviesa (2 months ago)
This DLC thing is crap! I never buy DLC, hopefully more people follow and developers stop selling us half baked goods
Vexa Grimwoe (2 months ago)
9:02 That's where you're wrong, kiddo.
Vexa Grimwoe (2 months ago)
sonic '06 was 'bad' because it was rushed. I want to play it though.
Video Guy (2 months ago)
I only clicked on this video to answer the title question and others can watch something else. "People are stupid and keep buying them that way."
Stephen Borowy (2 months ago)
I think some games have done early access well like Warframe, but not every company can be like them. By giving the developer/publisher my money, it's a promise that my contribution will help the development process and they will finish the game. I didn't buy PUBG, but how long has it been in beta? It feels like early access is a gamble because there is no guarantee that they will finish it and that you will enjoy the final product.
Stephano Digiorgio (2 months ago)
falcon u ma niggha!
Lost in the Dark (2 months ago)
You didn't mention WARFRAME! SO I DISLIKE!!! :D
Endly Anantha (2 months ago)
i thought the term "unfinished" in this video is about "bugs", aka problems. the game is not finished until the bugs are squished. if it's about cut or reduced contents, it should be called "incomplete" instead, so people can buy those pieces as DLC to make it a full game (if that's what the publishers are aiming for). anyway, in case of bugs, i think the developers nowadays grow lazier because of the gamers' community's existence, maybe they think like "oh just let 'em (bugs) be, people will eventually fix 'em somehow, they got Nexus and Reddit gamers community for instance". just my opinion, though.
Gus Cleitus (2 months ago)
i don't think this video is even relevant to the topic of videogames, it was just an excuse for you, as a homosexual, to spam negroes.
Richard Small (2 months ago)
A buddy of mine asked, why do you call Bugthesda this instead of its name. I said, they care more about money than quality. He replied back, but they make great games. I said, they release bug ridden glitchy games that a small army of no-pay college credit interns could fix playing the game during a beta test. Codsworth is broken atm by Creation Club, which you can't get rid of on consoles. Some of the quests continue to have minor easy fix bugs. Bugthesda however allows modders do all the work of repairing the game after each subsequent patch. Their latest patch BTW is causing save files to crash left and right because of the 0 kb bug. And instead of fixing all that, they're moving on to 76. Which upon release will be buggy and glitchy because that is the norm for Bugthesda. Except this time modders won't be able to fix anything because that will require access to the servers. He said, you're very angry. I said, you damn skippy. Companies like EA and Bugthesda made me that way.
Littoil (2 months ago)
Minecraft 1.13: It was delayed so much that no hype existed when it released. It was a little buggy, but the features... Amazing.
Black Lanner (2 months ago)
So all game reviews should be changed as well. Don't make a game review until all of the DLC has been released and updates completed. Only review and endorse finished products.
Tim Adkins (2 months ago)
Without watching any of the video(yet) its because we as consumers allow it, and a lot of gamers view having access to a "closed beta" as some sort of badge of honor. Most of which dont actually know the first thing about bug reporting or have anything special about their setup. So what you end up with is a game that is optimized for generic and common hardware, and if you have anything unique, you get and unstable, buggy, piece of shit. Games had better quality when testing was done by pros. Its now a profession full of kids.
Jas on (2 months ago)
I remember I bought a “battle front” and it wasn’t finished. I had to wait for dlc to patch it so I could play the next level..
That's why i wait some time after a new game launches to buy it when it's actually done.
Richard (2 months ago)
IMO If they are going release part of a game early say for example the first 10-20% of level they should release it for free as a demo
jarrod neuhaus (2 months ago)
I literally watched a review that gave a fully released game a 9/10 and then said it would be good in a year with updates...if I bought a book from amazon that I had to buy the last 5 chapters when they were done 6 months later then I would not buy the book. Why should video games be special. I'm fine with large scale DLCs and patching a few bugs but "service" model games or day one DLCs just don't get buys from me.
Thomas Dang (2 months ago)
I love gameranxs essays
krudmonger (2 months ago)
When DaVinci said "Art is never finished, only abandoned," it wasn't meant to be taken literally the way Lucas seems to have. It was fun/clever wordplay, like when MacArthur said, "Old soldiers never die, they just fade away," he didn't mean soldiers never actually die. He was being poetic. Soldiers eventually die, and art is (for all practical purposes) eventually finished. If you bought a painting you would not expect the artist to show up at your door one day saying "Hang on, I just need to tweak a few things and then you can have it back." Game companies need to learn to "abandon" their games in a playable, complete, and (if at all possible) bug-free state.
McBean 56545 (2 months ago)
This gives me a better idea as to how I should develop games.
Muffin_man17 (2 months ago)
Can we all take a moment to think about how many early access games came out that never left early access and use the early access more as an excuse rather than a warning.
CalebTheCashew (2 months ago)
More like "GamerAnxt"
John Galt (2 months ago)
Because morons won't stop buying them? I never got the point of no man's sky. At least in most sand boxes you can build or do something? Seems like you're just trying to fuel your ship up to fly to another planet to fuel your ship up in NMS? Do you even build a base? Do you just fly away from the base and never come back? Please stop giving your $ to companies that hate you like Steam and EA.
J G (2 months ago)
Do they have time to finish anything??? Yes; the loads of crap, remakes, and betas that people eat up, are the same as kids who ate Frozen when that came out. Thanks to the popularization of season passes and episodic games, all we get is what this man says in this video, and indie games Btw, I can recall cartridges and still being works of art more than the crap that comes out now for instant gratification...
boothegoo pc (2 months ago)
Mainly because no one has the balls to do anything about it. If you went and brought a book or DVD and 20% was missing you would have every right to return it for a refund. If you took 1 of these companies to court you would win 100% of the time.
Joshua D. (2 months ago)
$ once someone does this, it becomes the meta! they know how to play the game.
Franklin Lamar (2 months ago)
10/10 review. First , devs just copy paste code from old games, ( lazy, save money , time table , doesn't matter why) , look at gta5 , the original vehicles meta was pretty much identical to gta4 vehicles meta, they literally just copy pasted it over. Even hitman , during episodic release the npc's had the same exact dialogue from hitman absolution , but was later removed. This is not the problem, the problem is the devs who wrote the original files have moved on to different companies , and the devs who take their place are not really familiar with the coding ,and they add more lines of code that conflict with old lines ( and they dont know how to fix it). Second,what you said at 6:06 people will find something broken with any game ,doesnt matter how refined it is. Devs know this and rather then pre refine , only to receive additional criticism , they choose to release unpolished versions knowing you were going to complain no matter what , and they fix it to make it appear as if they were appealing to consumers. Two birds with one stone.
ZephyrFluous (2 months ago)
Am I literally the one solitary person that actually liked Black Flag?
David (2 months ago)
If someone took the same idea as Lucas to take time and money to make amazing games players wouldn't mind spending the money playing games that are short and boring are not fun that cost what a new full game should. If you want to charge more for exp fine but don't release a half shit game lol.
Daryl Scullawl (2 months ago)
Soon we will have games that all you can do is run around. People will be okay with it and try to find some sort of excuse to try to justify it.
Britexit Engineer (2 months ago)
Greedy arrogant CEO's that's where the problems lie.
David (2 months ago)
At the 31 second mark of the video I was thinking "because the boss wants the game released so they can quit incubating and start making money".
John S (2 months ago)
More reason not to feel guilty of pirating games.
BluSpectre (2 months ago)
I think that all the same arguments apply perfectly to Microsoft Edge. An early new "revolutionary" browser that had everyone saying it's trash because it was, but now that it's great it's too late; Everyone hates it.
Just Adrian (3 months ago)
If devs. wants money we give em' give money
Soheil Dehbashi (3 months ago)
literally any ubisoft game 😂
Soheil Dehbashi (3 months ago)
Why didn't you mention for honor????
guido Aguirre (3 months ago)
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Ronnie Branch (3 months ago)
ViperStudiosAndy (3 months ago)
I remember Battlefield 4 being rushed out the door and being a mess and constantly crashing all because EA wanted to launch alongside the PS4 and XBOX One even though it was clearly not ready. It took them nearly 2 years to fix it and make it into a great game.
Archman 155 (3 months ago)
cough sims 4 cough cough
Jeremy Andrews (3 months ago)
My solution to this is basically to just refuse to buy games at release and instead wait until the game gets a few patches. Sort of like how it is with new versions of Windows... you never want to buy a new major version of Windows until it has gotten at least one Service Pack, because it's basically still a beta version before that point. Instead of buying new games, pour over the games released a year or two ago, see if there have been any price drops and if all the major bugs have been repaired. Then in another couple of years, buy the games released this year at a lower price with all the bugs fixed. I think if gamers were smart, they'd teach developers a lesson and make them understand that if consumers no longer trust them to have a finished product on release day, then a lot of people will be cautious and wait until all the major bugs are fixed before dipping their toe in the water. But unfortunately, most gamers aren't picky about reliability and are very time-sensitive and vulnerable to FOMO. This model only works because, to be blunt, you suckers are stupid enough to keep giving money to publishers that do this. If gamers are dumb enough to pay $60 for an unfinished beta over and over again, then they deserve what they get. Otherwise, withhold your money until it's fixed. I actually think that guy's quote about unfinished games is interesting, but I feel his ideas were implemented poorly. He probably meant having a finished game engine, but having you buy level and content packs to expand later. Sort of like if, for instance, Super Mario 64 had a finished game engine, cost $30, but you could only play up to the first Bowser level and visit Bob-Omb Battlefield, Whomp's Fortress, Jolly Roger's Bay, and Cool, Cool Mountain... and then you had to pay another $30 for the second half of a game. I wouldn't mind playing a game that was unfinished in terms of content, but I don't like the idea of a game that's buggy and unfinished in terms of the engine and smooth gameplay. They also haven't reduced the prices at all, and are demanding we pay the same price for these unfinished games as we were paying for finished games. That's not reasonable.
Pillow YTTM (3 months ago)
They should make unfinished games free so that you can try them out before they were even made.also what if fortnite will cost money in the future
Skidrow (3 months ago)
You cod have compared NMS with Elite Dangerous. And then the star wars mmo that did only have singel player done.....
Dean Krol (3 months ago)
This is EXACTLY why I never buy games pre order or directly on release. I refuse to put my money down until I know what I'm getting is worth my cash. I'm not a game junkie and go into the shakes if I can't play a game within seconds of finding out it exists. If people were prepared to wait a little more, it might stop the big money making companies from rushing out broken games and force them into allowing the dev teams more time to finish thier craft. They chuck out broken games because they treat modern day gamers like drug addicts shaking for thier next fix and they know enough of them will rush out and buy an upcoming game without even knowing the quality of it.
Jonathan Ziman (3 months ago)
Because greedy corporate thugs (shareholders/investors) don't give a shit about a quality release; if they say the game launches on day x then it must launch on day x no matter how big of a turd it might be. They know that millions of suckers/idiots with nothing better to do will buy into all the marketing hype and pre-order the turd just so that they're able to play it on the day of release. The gaming community need to vote with their wallets otherwise this will never change.
NotSweetland (3 months ago)
Games weren’t 50-120gb back in the day = less work, expectations, updates. Now games just endlessly update and still mess up, when you can play almost every 360/ps3(ps3 crashes anyways)game for a week straight no crash.....
Gabriel Preciado (3 months ago)
Growing up before these huge paywalls and patches I’ve learned that it’s the newer generations that are ruining the experience because they don’t buy these games under these ridiculous demands it’s their parents and the parents buy these games to avoid contact with the kids and that is a price worth paying I for one never pay day one I wait for deals on psn or from a person who sells their copy at a severely cheaper price because of disappointment
Vacantsix jacob (3 months ago)
Destiny is the game I think of most when I think of not finished oh and DLC dose not count in this argument the game must at least be decent for me to buy the DLC
Miguel Cigarroa (3 months ago)
That’s why go into reviews to educate myself before I spend my hard earned cash.
Lui Grin (3 months ago)
Make a video about campaigns and why no body really plays them and how less games have them
Martins Linux (3 months ago)
Art doesn't really have a date. Video-games is part of that, now it's not thanks to everyone who keeps supporting this unlogical way.
North Strider (3 months ago)
xd 1shot0nek1ll Gaming (3 months ago)
Oranges are better than apples , true or false
Jack the lad (3 months ago)
Cod ww2 had pain jobs coming soon for most of its life cycle
Oleg Bezman (3 months ago)
Most Activision games are unfinished yet they make billions every dam year. They only finished 2 games rest never was finished nor was it intended to be so.
Qais almokdad (3 months ago)
Pubg has weird problems

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