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Big Planes at St Barths! [XP11]

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Gustaf III Airport is perhaps one of the most dangerous airports in the world. This video will show you why. The game is X-Plane 11. Buy the scenery from here: http://store.x-plane.org/TFFJ--St-Barts_p_674.html The song at the end is Eyes of Glory by Aakash Gandhi
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Jehan Kateli (9 months ago)
The game is X-Plane 11, for all of you asking.
Cindy Sue (12 days ago)
Get a job and buy it.
LittleTiggerHD (16 days ago)
where did you got that scenery?
Pokémon Puller (16 days ago)
I thought it was infinite flight
Lilly C. (2 months ago)
WhAtS xP11 mEaN
Cameron Bruce (2 months ago)
Jehan Kateli r u a pilot?!
G777GUN (22 hours ago)
Were the planes fully loaded on takeoff and did they land with the minimal weight?
Literally Shitler (1 day ago)
Next time, the Antonov AN-225.
Дмитрий М. (1 day ago)
ок. Не подскажете что за музыка игралась в конце ролика?
Goktug Ozgil (1 day ago)
no an 225??????? f.ck......
Wallace Butterfield (1 day ago)
Smooth Landing with the 737. Wow.
Ean Tom (2 days ago)
I thought the black bird only lands at Airforce bases
Toño Blanco (2 days ago)
rip that couple 4:11
JRChrisJR (2 days ago)
He is to stupid for land
JRChrisJR (2 days ago)
Not good pilot bitch kid
ABSCOR (3 days ago)
what a fun video...brilliant, I love it!!!!
Hugo Alvelo (3 days ago)
Good vid. Now try with the Antonov An-225 Mriya.
Martynn 1969 (4 days ago)
Taxiing might be an issue...
sandra Scott (4 days ago)
Why are big planes landing i mean a jet on it failes landing😂
GreenLet (4 days ago)
Lol, he thinks seatbelt signs are gonna help. ITS JUST AS GA- *Backround*: AHHHHHH!!! Ok......... We need seatbelts...
Colin Przybylski (4 days ago)
I Have that game
Brenda Marshall (5 days ago)
lol when you land anyone who would be walking on the path would be hit in the head with the wheels.
Rev (5 days ago)
This is great. I just so happen to have about 5 a380's laying around in my backyard that I have been wondering what I could do with them. Does St. Barths have a Platinum lounge?
José Vicente (5 days ago)
Braking like that makes it look like a freaking aircraft carrier!
B717 mexicana click dc-9 aerocalifornia por fa
Joe Swanson (6 days ago)
FAKE! No SR71 pilot would attempt a landing without deploying its parachutes.
Gisele Amaral. (6 days ago)
o no é caution😳😱
badassm4a1kill (6 days ago)
Are we just going to ignore the fact that his landing with the SR-71 was completely butchered. He didnt even take the same trajectory coming in as he did with every single other plane nor was his altitude as low. He didnt even try with the blackbird.
Ralph Hardwick (6 days ago)
Just because you've managed to get a XP11 take-off / landing to go smoothly does not in any way, shape or form mean that it would be safe for any of these aircraft to try it in real life. You're skimming the tarmac and have a few spare yards of runway left at the end of your roll / taxi. Cool video, but please don't tell me you really believe in the real life dash 7 rule is nonsense!?
Bruno Cisi (6 days ago)
4:15 cool selfie they got there
Hayden P (7 days ago)
you got the FPM plug-in? tells you how many fpm on touchdown... and grades the landing, good landing, you are fired and RIP.. good fun
Chris Surgent (7 days ago)
Ladies and Gentleman; tonight you are in the presence of greatness! Turn the No Smoking Sign OFF and put your Flaps Down for JEHAN KATELI <crowd roars> Top 10 Reasons I LOVE this video: 10. Graphics; you spent some good money; I salute you 9. X-Plane 11 8. You got the A380 to work in XPlane 11; you know a lot about computers 7. It's the perfect length video; not too short, and too long 6. Editing; you have a good eye for this stuff; My mom & step dad are retired Post-Production people... so I grew up around it so I don't look for that stuff but I see it anyways. 5. Timing when it came to the Music. I loved how the music was part of the 'reveal' 4. Monty-Python inspired text at the bottom of the screen...with the much larger text above was great! 3. Watching someone actually getting the SR71 down to a runway; appearently you don't have ADD/ADHD I do and I get too bored w/that plane so I've never tried. 2. THE CLOSE UP's OF THOSE CARTOON PEOPLE WAS FUCKING HILARIOUS!!! You have a great sense of humor! ***AND THE NUMBER ONE REASON: It's such a fun video to watch that it speaks volumes [to me] about the person who made it; someone whose fun, creative, and more importantly - can fly! Thanks for such a great video! Look forward to many, many more! ( P.S. I Subscribed w/the Alert)
Chris Surgent (6 days ago)
+Jehan Kateli - I wear that distinction with pride, thank you! Thanks for the tip on the folders, you're right it is easy. Thanks to a YT video I figured that a year ago, it's just that I only saw the A380 available in XPlane 10 - didn't see it available for XPlane11. I Probably missed it, anyways what I meant to write was that you found it in XPlane 11 and I didn't. Mine has the same Emirates livery (lol)
Jehan Kateli (7 days ago)
Ok, you're definitely my number 1 fan. Thanks! I must add, getting the A380 on XP11 is actually quite easy. Just a matter of downloading it and copying into the Aircraft folder. Anyway, glad you enjoyed it!
Hashimo Hashimo (7 days ago)
When are these simulator type games going to get a proper realistic graphic update, it's like the same as in the 2000s.
Jamie Beech (7 days ago)
Looks like the airport on Tanoa arma 3
MelcherNetwork (7 days ago)
Epic!!! :-)
JoneKone (8 days ago)
In a simulation you are always doomed to succeed, George Hotz 2018
The only issue is: how will the a380 taxi to the terminal? 🤔
Robin Larsson Framnes (8 days ago)
Fuck yeah
Manuel Garza (8 days ago)
1:51 The old AEROMEXICO livery, beautiful!!!
why you didnt try to land in the oposite way? it would have been much easier!
Brandon John (8 days ago)
Those are some hard ass landings lmao
Georodin (8 days ago)
did you really not change the physics? I thought such a big plane needs a longer runway to land?
GENA PILOT (8 days ago)
Volkan89s (8 days ago)
Chris Bolsover (8 days ago)
I rather enjoyed that 👍👍🤣🤣
tractor677 (9 days ago)
конечно ну-ка нах сел прям будто на авианосец.. такому самолету для торможения необходимо возле 2 км
Timothy Whieldon (9 days ago)
Zak Adams (9 days ago)
1:49 I love the vantage point
Zak Adams (9 days ago)
dude what the fuck, how is that even possible
Chanda Kaur (10 days ago)
I like this game very much
Chanda Kaur (10 days ago)
Can you tell me how to download this game
Jehan Kateli (10 days ago)
Chanda Kaur You can buy it from www.x-plane.com. They've also got a free demo. Also, I highly recommend getting a joystick.
Chanda Kaur (10 days ago)
Are you playing this game in your computer or mobile
Jehan Kateli (10 days ago)
Chanda Kaur Computer
Loïc Valla (10 days ago)
Seatbelt sign for SR71 ? There's no need, there's no passenger ! :D
Jonah Holmes (10 days ago)
X-plane 11 = X-plane 10
Daniel Filippus (10 days ago)
In an emergency all airports are legit landing zone rather then a plain field.
Silvio Alcantara (11 days ago)
LMAO awesome video!
Samy Pons (11 days ago)
il va rendre visite a Johnny ?
CATplays GT (11 days ago)
Hah! The biggest aircraft landed and takedoff!
2Darktom (11 days ago)
Your left wing and the Hangar?? A380
Smash Diggins (11 days ago)
my God X plane 11 is beautiful. Don't have the specs to run it myself sadly at least to such settings but I am jealous.
Tour Tool (11 days ago)
Are you sure is nonsense?? This landings and take off were made on ideal conditions, even you lost the right outside engine that would crash on te wall on real situation nor even saying how could you operate the big jets maneuver out of the runway and on that small airport (embark and disembark passengers) .. BTW Great vid .. Keep it up
max wang (12 days ago)
Passengers: Let me off you psychic
Diego urbina (13 days ago)
como sellama el juego por favor
DH_Raptor (13 days ago)
Yes maybe in the game it works but good look irl
XXlurkerXX1 (13 days ago)
ITS A GAME!!! Its not gonna be realistic and first of all planes cant stop like that.
James Burvill (13 days ago)
I don't know what simulator you are using but the runway at that airport is 650m and there is no way in hell an A380 could get off the ground (or land) on such a short strip even with favourable parameters - empty weight, strong headwinds. In fact it would struggle at double the length. Neither could the 737-800 or MD-80 take off/land, cant comment on the blackbird.
Bryan Martinez (13 days ago)
What game is this?
Joey Lebeau (13 days ago)
Fun video. But not the reality. no aircraft in this video can land of take of this airport runway to sort and the wings on the plane are to long.
Theory (13 days ago)
this is fsx you can tell
Yayaskurt (14 days ago)
Ya, sure, is possible, but to risky, i think no one would be able to do it in real life, being worried about ppls life, and own life too.
Brenda (5 days ago)
*Atc has left the chat*
Chris Surgent (7 days ago)
mr. Freeze (8 days ago)
Что за музыка на4:30
Not Lucky (14 days ago)
I believe this is still not valid evidence as you would deafen people on the beach take off and you almost took the heads off and clipped the fence with every landing a that was in good conditions so I believe the rule should stick as it would be extremely dangerous
Tin Aleksič (14 days ago)
You broke landing gear on final plane. :)
Yeah in simulator world it is all possible, just bring down the temp and it's all good. But just try landing a C152 or a piper there and you will get it why there is no big plane or even not much small planes fly there. And by the way it's not a "game", it's a simulator!
Henry Stitt (13 days ago)
It’s a game. It’s distributed through steam. It’s a game, in the same way that Euro Truck Simulator is a game.
OvaltineForLife (13 days ago)
Just play the game instead of being bummed out.
ConteudoAnimal com br (14 days ago)
you can try many time as you want to land a A380 ... on real life is just one chance of sucess after touching the ground
HK Tv (15 days ago)
AttentionWh0re (15 days ago)
I thought you reached the size limit for that place.... then you actually landed that fucking a380 lmao
35 USD (15 days ago)
4:42 Look at the left engine
NUR RAHMAN SANI (15 days ago)
timing landing at plane MD_08 is to late .. 😂
Fahmi Ariandi (15 days ago)
What is game ?
Areesh Majid (15 days ago)
4:20 lol
?Alpha Centaurí? (16 days ago)
It can drizzle and you're fucked using a large plane on this Runway...lol hope you can swim
?Alpha Centaurí? (16 days ago)
Cough cough... 🤔perfect weather conditions
iAmSeaLion 1 (16 days ago)
It’s probably not that it is not long enough, but how wide it is. As you can see in the last clip the a380 clips the wind pole and other various structures as it lands. And would require a very skilled pilot to land there.
Brian Vazquez (16 days ago)
it's possible.
viksra (16 days ago)
My conclusion is that your conclusion is stupid
DO_Clever (16 days ago)
Hey nice landing with the Boeing a380 ;)
doubleutubefan5 (16 days ago)
Seems legit...
Hamsters And Art (16 days ago)
swiss001 copier
Gui B.A (16 days ago)
Impossible A380landing
GamingMachineFTW (17 days ago)
I died when I saw the SR-71
GamingMachineFTW (17 days ago)
"Damn I forgot the seatbelt signs"
CTRang045 (17 days ago)
0:51 Ryanair landing
Everton Gomes (17 days ago)
Como eu vim parar aqui?
Cycling Cycles (17 days ago)
Your aircraft must be carrying a full load of Helium.
Jakub Franko (18 days ago)
I don't understand. If one side is blocked by a mountain, why don't they use the other side? Is it that hard?
Equinox Gaming (18 days ago)
Yeah but you know a plane needs to be able to turn around? Good luck with anything bigger than a Dash 7.. It's not just about the landing and taking off....
C7_Stingray (18 days ago)
All of them have low fuel
C7_Stingray (18 days ago)
The 737 had barely any fuel
TBH gamer (18 days ago)
Do more videos like this
Jehan Kateli (18 days ago)
I hope to make more videos soon. Do you have any suggestions?
D Godfrey (18 days ago)
that md-80 can stop really quickly
Sir J (19 days ago)
4:11 *Typical ryan air landing*
Young Speedy (19 days ago)

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