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JMKit Games: Minx's Easter Adventure (play-through)

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Here is a play through showing you how to find and collect all the eggs, and complete all the puzzles! Don't watch it all the way to the end if you don't want spoilers https://www.jmkit.com/games/
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Text Comments (8)
Frutti Animations (2 months ago)
This is so cute :3
Storm The Wolfdogfox (2 years ago)
please bring this game back i cant find it on jmkit just please bring it back please
JMKit (7 months ago)
Hi it's back on JMKit.com now!
Meagen Harland (4 years ago)
The ice cream man wont serve me
Camila Raydan (3 years ago)
you need the coin
hajar lolo (5 years ago)
Amethyst Jade (5 years ago)
Martina Ščuková (6 years ago)

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