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7 things we wish we knew before playing Kingdom Come: Deliverance

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Kingdom Come: Deliverance is finally here, bringing with it a realistic medieval world of mud, slime, death, blood, fire and despair. But the world of Kingdom Come can be a confusing place, so, like the benevolent feudal lords we are, we thought we’d round up seven things we wish we knew before playing this brilliant, unusual game. (Oh, and if you're looking for the spade - follow where the dog barks are coming from...) When you want to push the boundaries of play, Play Advanced with Logitech G. http://www.LogitechG.com http://www.twitter.com/logitechg http://www.facebook.com/logitechg http://www.instagram.com/Logitech_G
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Text Comments (1095)
I get most of realism in game. But, why you cant pick apple from the table while sitting at it?
Techno Gaming (13 days ago)
*God bless you Henry*
Tae Kwon Kid (25 days ago)
Sometimes I wanna do side stuff but the main quests keep me to busy and it sucks
Tomislav Terek (1 month ago)
this game is such a marvel! hope to see many more games trying to mimic this ones ways.
player one (1 month ago)
this game is a miracle sooooo realistic
Ivan Leech (2 months ago)
What’s the song?
Chris Bradley (2 months ago)
Love the review and the game, but I like when people say things like water wasnt safe to drink back then. Historians have come to the conclusion in recent years that we dont hear much about water in the old texts because it just wasnt important to mention, just because they didnt write about drinking water didnt mean it was unsafe to drink.
iijmister X (2 months ago)
Is there any difference between the PC version and the Consoles, as in you can't do this certain thing because there isn't a button for it on console... I wanna get it on PC but I really don't feel like spending 300 on a G card and then 50 for the game.. so is console the exact same ?
Unknown G (2 months ago)
i still remember when me and the priest got drunk, fought guards, and rung the church bell, and had sex in dirty place
xLionsxxSmithyx (2 months ago)
yeah... The tavern Wench wont forget either, she gave you one hell of a thirsty look During mass in the morning.
Alvaro Rocha (2 months ago)
Just today after playing I thought "this is what a Total War soldier's life would be like", then I come and listen to this second paragraph. :O
Ghqebvful (2 months ago)
I found out the you can't just sneak up behind just anyone to choke them into unconsciousness. Word of warning for the sneaky snues out there.
Ghqebvful (2 months ago)
I loved that escape part. Grabbed a horse and jumped into the moat. "Onward buttercup there is fuckery to spread"
odinterimon (2 months ago)
I hate this game, way too hard too quick & you cant free roam as you cant get out of the area without doing the quests exactly as they want you too. If you finish the quests and get into "run" if you havent spent 4 hours plus in the start area thiefing and killing you wont get to the next safe zone and if you do you will get shot and killed before you get tothe next safe area, who wants to do the same thing over and over before the games even started,if I had know this I would never have wasted £30+ on it and most of the help you read to level up has been nerfed already as if it wasnt hard enough. Then it will crash !!
Nicholas Wilkowski (2 months ago)
The mangy musky blood Lord. Also lonely.
Johnny rotorr (2 months ago)
WheresMyBuns (2 months ago)
Im not going to watch. I am going to learn the hard way...
Nimori Kandara (2 months ago)
Cullen Diethron (2 months ago)
Because it was bad in those times people got fined by village and tone guards
GabiN64 (3 months ago)
I don't own this game yet but I think it's is worth getting just for the historical value alone.
MONDO HELLFIRE (3 months ago)
number 1tip we wish we new was not to buy the game 60£ piss taker's
WolfVsWolf82 (3 months ago)
Pro tip: dried foods such as dried meat, fruit & mushrooms do not spoil. Stock up on these from the trader, or butcher & your good. They’re pretty cheap to buy & if you keep yourself topped up on nourishment you’ll go through them more slowly. Keep some on your horse too. That way you’ll have reserves if needed.
Cullen Diethron (2 months ago)
No no no wine it's better
BaraZulu (3 months ago)
this game would be better if i could cut a motherfucker's arm off.
João Colaço (3 months ago)
O bought this a few days ago and still haven't played it. I know I'll need a few hours so I rather wait 😀
The Assassin (3 months ago)
God bless you Henry!
xLionsxxSmithyx (2 months ago)
"Henry's come to see us!"
Karl - Dragonstar (3 months ago)
Another way to get some groschen is to loot the bodies of people when you stumble across fighting groups in the wild. If the winners are guards they wont attack you if you come up unarmed (weapons away) and you can loot freely. If the parties are all enemies (bandits, or Cumans) , wait until the fighting is over then either take down the remaining NPC's, or wait until they get bored and move on (use the advance time feature here) and stay off the beaten track and out of sight until they have gone. Use 1hr time advance lots until they leave. Be prepared to save in case things turn to crap ;-)
Karl - Dragonstar (3 months ago)
'Neat trick'... If you aren't worried about being particularly chivalrous, or you're outnumbered take your (armoured) enemies out with a bow and arrow. At close quarters an arrow in the face takes the fight out of enemies VERY quickly. In situations where you are facing multiple enemies, take on the melee' (hand to hand) enemies and try to move around keeping your enemy between you and any archer enemies. They (the archer enemy) may well assist you by accidentally shooting their own comrade in the back - it's kind of satisfying to have your enemy work for you a bit!
Mephilis 78 (3 months ago)
Yes, being late for a quest KCD could have some serious consequences for you, however, the NPCs are allowed to procrastinate and be tardy willy nilly without any repercussions. The bastards!!!! (Captain Bernard marching at a snail's pace to Talmberg, while I race past him on my horse, in Ledetchko, only to be told that I fail because I was late. WTF!)
Mephilis 78 (3 months ago)
As far as number 3 is concerned: Anyone who has any knowledge of fencing, whether it be olympic or HEMA, would have the general idea of how to use this system. For example, all I had to do was get used to the controls, and I was off killing armored mercenaries and selling all their gear for the big $$$. My advice is to utilize the thrust (stabbing people). As is fairly well known in the fencing world, the thrust is the most devastating, and deadly, attack one can make with a sword or polearm. Especially when it comes to European weapons. The European Longsword and typical arming swords of the time, were designed primarily for the thrust. That is why they aren't made with a big swooping curve in the middle like a Shamshir or Katana. The Cuman swords are definitely geared towards cutting (slashing at) the opponent. Anywho, in theory, the thrust is the hardest to defend against, and has the most probability to penetrate armor. It, in IRL anyway, is also a far more precise attack. In the game, you do have a limited ability to aim your thrust, however, and the quickest way to kill an opponent is usually a series of stabs to the face (especially considering that most people in game don't have a face covering on their helmets), which I like to call "sniping". Edit: Also, from what I can see of everyone's gameplay footage, everybody seems to be obsessed with playing without a shield! To be quite honest, nearly everyone in the middle ages would have chosen to use a shield, and for good reason. It helps to protect you, as well as opens many opportunities to attack. If you are out their roaming the Bohemian countryside looking for a life of adventure and riches, then for Christ's sake, take a damned shield with you!
Chris G (3 months ago)
Because of all the damn bugs this game has, I would suggest downloading the "always save mod". This way if you encounter a bug that screws with your mission progress (like I did only 2 hrs into the game!) you can just load back and try again rather than starting an entire mission from the start if the game didn't autosave close to the bug or you didn't drink a schnapps. I save game now quite regularly. Plus, I personally hate the save mechanics of this game.
Rick Robinson (4 months ago)
I’m looking forward to this world, when I’m done enjoying Far Cry 5.
lol thaman (4 months ago)
Pro tip. Don’t save thresra
Jones Johnson (4 months ago)
Is the game good now? All bugs patched?
Cullen Diethron (3 months ago)
It's fun but not for everyone
John Darcangelo (4 months ago)
Wish I knew that I wouldn't be able to save my progress. Had to quit playing and I never even got past the bandit camp mission.
xLionsxxSmithyx (2 months ago)
You can save, Drink some Saviour Snapps.
Jay Boi (4 months ago)
Hint: complete “in gods hands” side quest first as it is a time sensitive mission and you will fail if you wait to long known from experience :/ also I cannot knock out a guard to save my life
Ion Meth (4 months ago)
when i saw lock pick and archery i wanted to try it myself so much, but after 40 hours of game play, i am still unable to do both. my lock pick is level one and my archery will miss even target standing in my face.... this is partly due to my shitty pc lag and jerky mouse, but i myself sucks too. other than these points the game is actually very easy, you dont really have to learn pickpocket or lockpickig, most of the stuff u can just rob to get. you dont need epic items to end the game average stuff is sufficent enough to clear the game, but evem expensive stuff is not hard to find. just knock some people out take their key and walk right into their storage
Geedwozer (4 months ago)
I have been stuckin the sea of side quests, and can't really continue the Main quest, Timmy seems to be dead, and Runt is not Ever seen.
James Frost (4 months ago)
7:00 I jumped over the wall and was surprised that there was a dialogue option for the guards.
Michał Piskorski (5 months ago)
I spent like 5 hours exploring the introduction because i wasnt aware its an introduction.....
TheLightShade5 (5 months ago)
Looks irritating in a really fun kind of way lol..
Arsenic Flask (5 months ago)
Some of those things couls have easily been found out by watching the gameplay trailer
Vox Vinity (5 months ago)
Another tip is that when u start the run for it quest, get on the horse and bring out sir radzigs and slay all the cumans near Theresa's house and the one going to it down the road, horseback=OP After killing the cumans loot their armor
Vox Vinity (5 months ago)
Kill any hostile enemy u see, loot em and sell their items that say their worth more than a hundred groschen or so and you'll eventually get a lot of moneh....dat is if u and ur horse can carry all of it
Portoweeb (5 months ago)
how many hours of gameplay does it have? i will wait some months to buy it lol
Portoweeb (5 months ago)
Cullen Diethron (5 months ago)
50 to like 120 hours or more it all depends on your play style
PDanielR (5 months ago)
kingdom come is a survival rpg done right! i really enjoy it and i hope they add more stuff to the game
Dirk P. (5 months ago)
What i d liked to know befor playing KCD ... is that i´ll make me motion sick to the point where i was out cold for a whole day ...
philip robinson (5 months ago)
i have this game on order yey
TheNotoriousJutt (5 months ago)
NO 3rd person camera ... not cool
xLionsxxSmithyx (2 months ago)
It's actually really good in 1st person.... and that's coming from someone who loves playing in 3rd person.
Cullen Diethron (5 months ago)
Mods and its not realistic for third person
Kim Bugge (5 months ago)
The game looks good and not many bugs now, but the gameplay is rly rly boring and you play like this mom crybaby blacksmith 100%useless kidd. dont buy this game if you enjoy gameplay but if you just just need to skip time maby for sure the most pointless crap i have done for years. My best tip try out witcher wild hunt now thats a game
xLionsxxSmithyx (2 months ago)
go play with your rattle.
dan wheeler (5 months ago)
I hate that in 2018 you literally have to research and spoil all games before you buy them...
TheCooPeer (5 months ago)
Why do all people have such easy lockpicks in the videos? Were they patched to make them harder after everybody said they´re too easy? The Talmberg lockpick looked much much harder for me..
Cullen Diethron (5 months ago)
Because lock picking was very hard
Corbin W (6 months ago)
The game is amazing, but it is so hard to get used to
Wedge Antilles (6 months ago)
It was glitchy and bugged as hell.
Wedge Antilles (6 months ago)
It was glitchy and bugged as hell.
Arctic Acoustics (6 months ago)
I wish I knew the game was complete shit before I bought it
Ser Woolsley (6 months ago)
against more than 2 bandits just wear heavy armor and arrow people into the face, it's kinda easy and fast, if you don't have armor use horse + bow, it's more difficult and longer but at the start of the game you suck so better than nothing
Kiwaloayo (6 months ago)
or as me and my coworker call them HHSCHHLAVIOR SCHHHNAPSCHH
BellowD Gaming (6 months ago)
I found it easy to ko opponents and steal everything for them to be defenseless
Jack warr (6 months ago)
I don’t know how I feel about the voice acting and dialogue, it feels a bit mediocre
Juppie902 (6 months ago)
This game puts fallout 4 and its " S U R V I V A L M O D E " to shame. Bethesda gtfo. For example clothes in Fallout 4 (and 3 and NV, but 4 is supposed to be flagship) dont deteoriate in combat, dont get dirty, and your looks dont affect anything but your own stats.
Robbie Binns (6 months ago)
I want a game, not life. Eat food, but food goes bad so eat it early or you'll get sick, hurry up or you'll miss the entire quest. I think I'm good. I'm not gonna give this one a go. I hope all who do love it.
Leonaldo Brum (6 months ago)
Thank you!... You saved a lot of people from a lot of frustration today! 👍👏
AustralianPhenomena (6 months ago)
when I first started playing the starting duration of the game, The game made me feel like I was total shite at it. I was screaming thinking this dude needs to practise with a sword why is he so shit haha XD then I realised the real combat only happens after you've trained with Bernard, so this whole time it made me feel like I was absolute poop at the game. First ever game that lowered myself esteem at the beginning my hats off to warhorse hahaha
Jay Jay (6 months ago)
Biggest tip save, save, save in different slots. This game has game breaking bugs.. On PC download a save mod.
Bryce Baker (6 months ago)
Don’t kill Ulrich!!!!! (German white shield knight)
Logitech G (6 months ago)
*shakes fist at your profile pic*
tommy two-times (6 months ago)
wish i had known how shitty lockpicking was gonna be
Kelly Mcgrath (6 months ago)
omg its sooooooo gooooooooooooood
John Kidwell (6 months ago)
pro tip: don't waste 60 bucks on this unfinished abortion of a game
Mord Middenheim (6 months ago)
Partake of bathwenches if you need a charisma boost.
J. Bingham (6 months ago)
When you begin the game, don't rush your way through the first objective. Before you do anything, walk around the fields, and pick up the plants you see. The traders in town won't all buy them, but some will. It will take a while, but by doing this I was able to acquire 180 groschen before I even bought the charcoal, and if you raise your herbalism to 10, you can get the leg day perk which gives you strength points for every time you pick plants. Good luck.
Goattacular (6 months ago)
Train like mad with Captain Bernard as soon as possible. Learn advanced combat skills like ripostes, perfect blocks, and master strikes. Careful, your gear will take damage if worn. However, damaging your gear through sparring will allow much lower risk maintenance practice, which raises your maintenance skill and gives you some really powerful perks. You will also level up your defense, warfare, strength, and agility quite a lot when sparring. Practice weapons are advised to minimize injury and excessive armor damage. Also, perks for swordsmanship are specific to the type of sword you're using, so pick a type, and stick with it to master the chains/perks.
SzoQ (6 months ago)
Never hold E in any shop. I stole something many times instead of talking to traders.
McDiezel (6 months ago)
Wow all of this is explained in the tutorial...
Cosmonauteable (6 months ago)
i wish I knew the game was bayed
billyfury2608 (6 months ago)
I’d rather walk around ashton bus station with a nail in my shoe.
Matrakillo (6 months ago)
This will decide if I buy the game: Can I dress as a priest to take people off guard and stab them when they try to confess to me?
fg g (6 months ago)
That it’s glitchy as fuck and remember not to buy it on release like I did
Ost Wind (6 months ago)
would love to pick it up. but dont want to play as a guy
Ost Wind (5 months ago)
Nazi Pug Vikings would crush the Zulufaggots 10/10
Ost Wind (5 months ago)
Nazi Pug uuh looks like I’ll have to wait for a viking dlc in which some strong berserkers and shield-maidens invade kingdom comes filthy lands
J. Bingham (6 months ago)
Then you'll want to stick to things like Elder Scrolls, in this you're playing a specific character, not someone you can create.
Ost Wind (6 months ago)
Helmut Kogelberger Joanne de Arc would be good too
Helmut Kogelberger (6 months ago)
Then you will have to wait for "Medieval Housewife - Deliverance"
Death is A Businessman (6 months ago)
I can't pick a god damn lock in this game to save my life. I'm on console. I regret it solely for that reason.
xLionsxxSmithyx (2 months ago)
It's super easy when your lock picking gets higher... I'm picking very hard locks on Xbox.
DyingCr0w (6 months ago)
Game is best enjoyed doing a balanced mix of main and side quests. This will ensure a proper character progression, and prevent some unnecessary combat frustrations. There are a TON of side quests and activities anyway, why not? Players that rather go out and start doing their own thing, instead of rushing the main plot, will feel right at home here.
Herkuless (6 months ago)
Great story and fun gameplay
Pockysenpai (6 months ago)
Pro Tip: Use a broken controller as a stress ball.
Michael C (6 months ago)
Should I buy guys?
xLionsxxSmithyx (2 months ago)
I'd say buying guys is a personal decision that you should make for yourself... here's a link though. https://www.gentlemen4hire.com/male-escorts
TricksyKitsune (6 months ago)
The game is brilliant. Most rpg's nows days are really more like action games. Still they are great games, but do not live up to the rpg genre as it is supposed to be known for. This game does and it is great. You find yourself actually living as this character, visiting the shops for regular maintance and food, or whatever your needs are. You actually have influential decisions to make and you live by them. It all really gets you in there and living as the character. Mentally you adapt his brain pattern into your choices... Have I ate, am I tired, do I need to repair anything, restock on food, discard or find a new purpose for old food, what tasks should or do I need to do, do I have enough time for them all, will this decision become a problem later, did I just fuck up and cause some big whiplash against me or others, how will I actually handle this situation, and sooo much more. You really start taking in his living patterns and thoughts on your own whim rather than having the game telling you to do things itself, it is all very fluid. Heck, you have to actually train in aspects to make them worth while to use. Archery for example? It is intended to be trash. A beginner would not pick up a bow and draw it so easily while aiming. So taking time at a target or whatever else depending on the skill really helps; Especially in increasing the immersive feeling of the world. At first you will shake a lot, and with weaker starting bows the arrow drops quicker. Not to mention there is no retical and breathing is a thing to account for. So it all adds up to being a shit show at first. Same applies for most things, including swords. Training is essential, and physical conditioning/practice really determines if you can keep up with more difficult opponents. You start off sluggish and weak, but as your strength and skill in using the mechanics improves you will really start feeling that accomplishment and progress. Oh, even the stealth and robbing mechanics are pretty great. People see you from far away, will act curious and follow you about in certain places, will detect you fairly easily unless proper caution is used, and really it is thrilling. Sneaking into a house and having to look all around as you creep about is really tense knowing you cannot easily save at every moment. Failing a lock pick or pick pocket will lead to them waking up requiring quick action on your part. Idk man, it is just such a good rpg. Once they polish the bugs out, it will be great. Not to mention they are planning additional expansions or sequels to keep the story going if I remember right. In whatever way, they are supposed to be like chapters of a single story. I believe.
DarkEternal6 (6 months ago)
"Alcohol was safer than water" That is incorrect. It was only during the industrial revolution that water became really dangerous. People in the 15th century knew how to keep water they drank clean.
Bradley Poplack (6 months ago)
Have this game for ps4 and the R2 button doesnt work for this game, looked it up on google and its a common problem for other players. Such a shame
Yung Vermin (6 months ago)
The narrator sounds like Ben from The Yogscast
Kamiya Was right (6 months ago)
I love how colorful this game is. It’s a nice break from the brown and gray games seem to love nowadays.
OrvilleEX (6 months ago)
Tip: If you have some time on your hands, make sure to set aside a couple of hours to properly level up your skills in a certain weapon. This also goes with defense etc. It will definitely help you out in the later stages of the game.
Zombie_Melodies (6 months ago)
Best game ever
Irrapture (6 months ago)
As soon as I started playing, I installed a unlimited saving mod
B0p G0d (6 months ago)
Savior Schnapps are just P2W items just paid with in-game money
Xion RB (6 months ago)
r5 1400/rx 580 4gb High Settings/Med 60+? I want this game and unsure..
OP (6 months ago)
is it just me, or.. Would it be really cool if Henry grew a beard over time?
MrFiddleedee (6 months ago)
i've been gaming my entire life and have been waiting for this game to arrive of course graphics cards are more expensive than a car so it looks like I will need to save for months just to hope to play the game
Irreantum (6 months ago)
I knew what sort of game this was within just a few minutes. I got the ale as one of the first quests, but I did it before doing something else. When you came back with the ale later, after another quest, father gets mad at you and says it's gone warm. I was fucking mindblown. I knew that if this was how subtle the consequences could be, and how varied the effects are, then this must be a truly amazing and different game.
James Hilliard (6 months ago)
Pro tip: If you are ever thrown from your horse in a densely wooded area, remember where you are, find a clearing and whistle for the horse to come to you. You will lose your horse if you ignore these tips and will have to buy another horse or spend ungodly amount of time trying to find "pebbles". (That's what I am doing now, and yes it sucks.) War Horse Studios, please for the love of God, fix this!!!!!
xLionsxxSmithyx (2 months ago)
bro, just Whistle.
Daniel G (6 months ago)
Anyone else just jump off the bridge to escape from the castle? I mean it seemed pretty logical to me.
Dexter Dexter (6 months ago)
Pro tip: Listen up boys, this game has soo many options, and it is sooo long, that caring for little things, don´t matter overall, for example in my first playthrough I took to long to talk with my father, so he got mad, in the next I was so surprized that did not happen at all, and I won a few fights.....so thing is, you gotta play this as stalker call of pripyat, just go full random, it´s the best way to enjoy it :)) Now Get out of here Henry. Don´t take your time to save everyhting, or don´t get upset by something that happens :)
Wizard John (6 months ago)
7 things we wish we knew before playing Kingdom Come: Deliverance........ It's full of bugs.
Ponb Ponin (6 months ago)
1 thing we wish we knew before playing Kingdom Come: the game is trash
Cipher655 (6 months ago)
I wish i knew that this game is shit. Literally the worst game i have ever seen.
xLionsxxSmithyx (2 months ago)
keyword.... "seen" not played.... maybe if you played it you would like it you lost little lamb.

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