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Logitech G Play: G903 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Gaming Mouse

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Trusted by top esports professionals, G903 with LIGHTSPEED™ wireless technology delivers incredible responsiveness for competition-level twitch targeting. Featuring the world’s most advanced PMW3366 optical sensor, G903 offers superior tracking accuracy and consistency even at speeds over 400 IPS. The flexible ambidextrous design, customizable lighting, and a lightweight 110g design means G903 is ready to meet your exacting preferences. Add POWERPLAY™ wireless charging system to keep G903 charged while at play and at rest. When you want to push the boundaries of play, Play Advanced with Logitech G. http://www.LogitechG.com http://www.twitter.com/logitechg http://www.facebook.com/logitechg http://www.instagram.com/Logitech_G
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Text Comments (167)
Vercz Beyblades (7 days ago)
The one thing you repeated over 2 or 3 times is saying you can add that 10 gram weight
Vercz Beyblades (7 days ago)
I have a g903 I always use for gaming
Deost (11 days ago)
Just SE'd this product. Hahaha thanks for the free product dumbasses.
Deost (4 days ago)
Cole O'Reilly Socially Engineered. You make your own research and hopefully if you try you can SE a g903 or whatever you want
Cole O'Reilly (4 days ago)
what do you mean?
Lucian Andries (11 days ago)
*Logitech:* Please tell me what is the battery life for heavy use with the LEDs off. I stay at my PC 10+ hours a day, mostly browsing, watching videos, shows, movies, and sometime gaming. My PC is a home theatre console tv system... I can't walk so, I've made my entertainment station OP. :) Also, can you make a version of it that has AAA batteries? It needs mooore battery life! I need an ambidextrous gaming 1ms mouse with back/forward buttons on both sides. It has a scroll wheel with both scroll modes, but the mode change button is under the wheel, like the MX Anywhere mice, and the button next to the wheel is the middle click button, or can be assigned to/as it. And it is relatively small, like the G305. This is my dream mouse!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
Hendrixrules66 [GD] (12 days ago)
Is it better than the g502?
bobsort (12 days ago)
So how about dimensions? do you guys all have same size hands?
Natayo (19 days ago)
What is the difference between "LIGHTSPEED" and "Chaos Spectrum Professional Grade" on amazon ? The lightspeed cost 100$ more than the Chaos spectrum because of the "400 ips ?" What is that, is it really better or it's just scam with a different name on Amazon ? Please answer me Before I buy :( I don't see the 400 ips on the logitech page so I don't know what is the one I should buy There are the sites : 1. https://www.amazon.ca/Logitech-Spectrum-Professional-Wireless-910-004558/dp/B01CEFEMFW/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1530206657&sr=8-1&keywords=logitech+g903 2. https://www.amazon.ca/LIGHTSPEED-POWERPLAY-Wireless-Charging-Compatibility/dp/B0716ZFWWV/ref=pd_sbs_147_4?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B0716ZFWWV&pd_rd_r=be6d4da6-7b04-11e8-975a-5b92ab03b59c&pd_rd_w=lW2BH&pd_rd_wg=3ePBH&pf_rd_i=desktop-dp-sims&pf_rd_m=A3DWYIK6Y9EEQB&pf_rd_p=3743643050606576516&pf_rd_r=ZFQDN8GWGVT15R9Q7CCV&pf_rd_s=desktop-dp-sims&pf_rd_t=40701&psc=1&refRID=ZFQDN8GWGVT15R9Q7CCV
American Alien (1 month ago)
literallly the best mouse ive ever used the design feels great and there not any cons to the pros
rubydog 25 (1 month ago)
I think a v2 of the g503 with an updated logo, power play compatibility, lighter, and more premium touch surfaces would sell extremely well. If you are listening logitech, just know that your best mouse design so far ergonomically and with button placement was the g503. Its just too heavy, and doesnt feel like a $100 mouse despite its performance. Fixing these issues, I think you'll attract alot of new customers.
James Liu (1 month ago)
Jonathan Tomasi (2 months ago)
2018/05 still being the best mouse ever made
Best Rare (2 months ago)
after buy ,, its garbage mouse ,, logitech gone! , its not 1ms response WTF? logitech i cant play with it anymore its so slow with TN monitors i was useing Gpro and its siper best mouse ever ,, dunno if something wrong in software but no guides in yt about that
Best Rare (1 month ago)
rubydog 25 Lol i cant speak good english but its okay i can at least make you undestand what i want
AgentX Anon (3 months ago)
Can you replace the internal battery?
10 player (3 months ago)
When do you guys release g903 in Korea. I have been waiting for this!!!
Julian UK (3 months ago)
I just bought this mouse and it really is worth every single penny ! A mouse that has thought of everything !!! as a lefty, i can't tell you how much i appreciate someone finally doing this ! Under testing i cannot find any noticable difference between a 1000hz wired expensive gaming mouse vs this. Both poll at 1000hz both buttery smooth against a g-sync / 1080ti setup. Well done Logitech !
Itzrelevant (5 months ago)
Amazing simply amazing
I C (5 months ago)
Powerplay seems like an overpriced gimmick, but if you hate all the annoying issues wires and wireless mice come from, it is perfect! Loving the freedom!
Xethmondeus Wave (5 months ago)
G903 is the worst mouse I have ever used. Even worse than the old ball mouses. I wanted to smash it so bad but it was so expensive. It is oddly shaped.
star kitty (5 months ago)
meanwhile im sitting here with my g303 (at least I got or free)
Pedro Machtura (5 months ago)
Quem tá aqui pelo Fora da Caixa da Like
Gabriel Alves (5 months ago)
vim pelo fora da caixa
Aaron Stephens (6 months ago)
Can we make a better software to use now? :D
Clio P (6 months ago)
Dear Logitech, please can you add a 'sniper' button. It would be a button on the side of the mouse which you press and hold with your thumb that massively reduces movement speed of the mouse. This way when I'm going for a head shot I can press and hold the button to make a very accurately aimed shot at a tiny target a KM away.
Anexa (6 months ago)
Anyone that owns this mouse do you know how to add rapidfire/macro?
TheAmazingWorld OfVidhi (6 months ago)
the side buttons are macros.
Xthasys (6 months ago)
my sister bought me one of this in USA (im from Argentina) the leds from the dpi dies in the second day, im very sad because i like the mouse :'(
RightWingKing (7 months ago)
I went from the g500s to the G900 and omg I've never had a better upgrade in my life! Except for the upgrade I got for the president this year😉
Riot- MS (7 months ago)
im complaining about my wallet being too light :weary:
Carsten Hansen (8 months ago)
I went from a G500 to this, a G903. I think it's a fine mouse, but honestly not worth the price. A thing that bothers me is the fact, that there is the light is turned on _constantly_ even when your computer is off. Way too much light, and you can't turn it off, unless you install their software, which I shouldn't have to. It's not enough to turn the mouse off, you have to pull the wire out (I use the wire) for the light to turn off. So nah, I wouldn't really recommend it. I think it's overkill for most people.
Mickael Prevost (9 months ago)
Have g903 with the powerplay, know need just g600 for powerplay
[Insert Name Here] (9 months ago)
That power pad will give your hand cancer after a couple years. just an FYI.
star kitty (5 months ago)
honestly if u want to never have to worry about getting cancer literally killing yourself is the only option
Do you eat red meat? Do you smoke or a close relative/friend does? Do you drink soda? What about snacks? Processed food in general? Almost everything in this planet gives you cancer and is potentially more dangerous, the last thing i would care about is a stupid mouse pad, who only gives enough energy to charge a mouse.
Dynamic Dissonance (7 months ago)
@Alexandru you need to be carefull and why less arrogant, specally if you have no idear what you talk about. Nothing is proven right now. But he indeed coud be right, thats why alot of studys are on their way right now, For ionising EMF's its pretty much proved that they can indeed cause cancer. (stuff like x-rays- gammarays and so on. here some information to non-ionzing radiation (low frequncy, Infrared, microwave and so on) from www.cancer.gov : Why are non-ionizing EMFs studied in relation to cancer? Power lines and electrical appliances that emit non-ionizing EMFs are present everywhere in homes and workplaces. For example, wireless local networks are nearly always “on” and are increasingly commonplace in homes, schools, and many public places. No mechanism by which ELF-EMFs or radiofrequency radiation could cause cancer has been identified. Unlike high-energy (ionizing) radiation, EMFs in the non-ionizing part of the electromagnetic spectrum cannot damage DNA or cells directly. Some scientists have speculated that ELF-EMFs could cause cancer through other mechanisms, such as by reducing levels of the hormone melatonin. There is some evidence that melatonin may suppress the development of certain tumors.
Alexandru Constantin (7 months ago)
Only on your flat earth.
Tommy F. (9 months ago)
logitech makes the best mouse ever , my last logitech lastet 8 years and i have done everything with it , now i got the protheus and its just perfect ... ive tried razer and its just shit
Jason Hunter (9 months ago)
I think Logitech is retarded. Why have you used USB the last 20 years, if you can't provide realtime data over that cable? Also, I see that USB-3 has some realtime extensions. Is this even used in this god damn mouse? Why are you not talking about it? Is it because you don't use it?
rubydog 25 (1 month ago)
Jason Hunter I dont think you understand much about mice.
Andy Lam (9 months ago)
What mouse pad is that ? That thing is huge.
Hmm (10 months ago)
The only thing thats stopping me from buying this and POWERPLAY is the price. Im not going to pay 250 dollars for a mouse and a mousepad...
TheAmazingWorld OfVidhi (6 months ago)
you can get the one without powerplay, idk if its available on amazon
XCRunnerS (10 months ago)
also if you guys could work on a g502 improvement I would 100% buy it
XCRunnerS (10 months ago)
Im happy i have something to look forward too switching from casual to more hardcore gaming
Parzival Z (10 months ago)
Now Logitech g900/g903 are undefeated . G900 + G633 user here
Hardcore Gamer hahaha i have a similar mice+headset combo (g903), im thinking of buying a g810 keyboard (so all the periferals rgb can sync) , i have heard they are faster than Cherry mx red but are difficult to get accoustomed to, so im in a dilema.
Saigun X (10 months ago)
Black Friday 2017 wish
philosoaper (10 months ago)
I trief a G900. I hated it. I need at least 4 buttons on one side, so won't get this either. I need a replacement for my G700S. I like the G602 layout but it's battery only so that's out. What is my current logitech alternative?
techsimmons (11 months ago)
How many grams does it add to the mouse if you use the PowerPlay module?
Jesse Mata (11 months ago)
A wireless G502 next please! :)
Maddo03 (11 months ago)
Great stuff. Now please re-make the G930 headset, same microphone, better drivers and a charging dock. :)
Aqxea (11 months ago)
Did he say he added 15 million click buttons? LOL
Scar (11 months ago)
He said 50 million
칼인오조슈아 (11 months ago)
May I trade this with my ROG Spatha?. Tiz much cheaper and better than the Spatha it seems. :3.
칼인오조슈아 (11 months ago)
wut?, the comparison i made or the trade?
Brian Cheng (11 months ago)
Joshua Cariño is this a joke?
Martial Warlock (11 months ago)
Is it better than G900 chaos spectrum?
mtr D359360 (11 months ago)
As G903 added a weight in the pack and it enables the mouse to charge via the power charge mouse pad, I think it might be better than G900 in customization of the weight of the mouse, while I think the battery life of G900 is really enough. I just bought a G900 a few days ago and I feel good too.
Randall Donadio (11 months ago)
Razer has me fed up with their copy paste customer support and terrible software. Terrible is putting it lightly. Literally reinstalled Windows AND built an entirely new PC and the shit still couldn't work. Switching over to Logitech is an easy decision. Besides Razer's wireless mouse having shit laser instead of optical. One thing I would like changed on the Logitech premium gaming wireless mouse side is the aesthetics. It's the only area Razer beats them.
Antonio Tomarchio (11 months ago)
Usb Micro Usb or Tipe C?
mtr D359360 (11 months ago)
Both are Micro USB.
EmeraldGameZ (1 year ago)
GuineaFridge (1 year ago)
I own this mouse and it is amazing, feels great, plays great. I use it mainly for FPS and it is even better then the g403 that I've had for over a year and a half. If you have the cash to dish out it's hefty price tag I would recommend it. Razer has nothing on this.
Valk (5 months ago)
Yeah, I love mine.
zach paiz (5 months ago)
GuineaFridge do you need the lightspeed receiver thing.
Razer's got nothing on anyone, Zowie and Roccat have better option than the deathadder. Cant even understand why ppl buy their shitty and overpriced products.
Razer Fanboy (1 year ago)
these guys look like they want to kill themselves
TioDragon (1 year ago)
Waiting for the "G502 Wireless" (i like the design of the G502, imo it's better for fps gaming)
Esthyum (1 year ago)
Logitech makes the mouses on the market
Taewoo1999 (1 year ago)
I already buy g900 ;-;
Andrew Fantolgo (1 year ago)
let's give a moment of silent for the razer boys who would copy logitech new innovation and rebrand it and put another laser sensor
MrApplewine (1 year ago)
So where are all the thumb buttons so I can change directly to weapons in Quake? Also, I can never reach that forward thumb button without moving my hand.
Madvillains (1 year ago)
Can standard Qi chargers be used instead of PowerPlay?
june sun (1 year ago)
I was hoping the new one was lighter... guess I'll just stick to ec2a with their inferior buttons and surface.
E.Z. Wang (1 year ago)
Is this faster than the g900 in input speed due to the lightspeed?
Luis Pabon (1 year ago)
Simge Yildirim (1 year ago)
whats the difference from g900-g903 sorry for my bad english guys
Dan (1 year ago)
Difference between G900 & G903 is that G903 features 50 million click durability, optional 10gram weight, supports Powerplay via Powercore Module that captures electrical magnetic field and then converts into charging current in order to have infinite power. Indeed, it is worth to buy G903 & Powerplay due to the fact that you no longer have to unplug & plug in charging USB cable to the mouse ever again.
Tom Huish (1 year ago)
The G903 supports wireless charging through a new logitech mouse mat, and it has adjustable weights. It's basically the mouse that the G900 should have been, although I wouldn't even consider upgrading tbh because they are so similar
뇽안 (1 year ago)
If you already use G900, you do not need to buy G903 again. But if you feel that the G900 is light, buying a G903 might be a good choice
Jesse Mata (1 year ago)
G502 wireless :(
rästik (1 year ago)
size of the receiver!!!! why???
Logitech G (1 year ago)
Go ahead and open a case with our support team at http://logt.ly/60528WfcK so we can help!
IsakH85 (1 year ago)
The big dongle you plug into the charging cable is just an adapter for the actual reciever, which is the small thing sticking out at the end there. You can use just the small reciever if you want.
DaLi (1 year ago)
What exactly is the point of the Right side buttons, unless you are left handed? I'd much rather prefer to have 4 programmable buttons on the Left side of the mouse. ..you know for the Thumb and not the pinkey finger ^^, I need those extra buttons! Just not on that side of the mouse.
DaLi (1 year ago)
I Highly doubt that your reply is based on anything. The G700s (although not a good example for a gaming mouse) have 4 smal thumb buttons, and It's never an issue to press the wrong button. (The issue was the horrible build quality of the buttons) Anyways, having 4 side thumb buttons is just one of those things that make 100% perfect sense, where you can lift the thumb up or down to select what pair or buttons you want, then you either use the tip of the thumb or the joint of the thumb to press the proximal or distal button. I've never heard anyone say "oh this game pad only needs 2 buttons like a NES" because its " too easy to click the wrong button in games." That said, also adding some DPI switching buttons where the index finger can reach, would not be a bad idea either. When the left hand is left to handle up to 104 keys, at least give the right hand 2 or 4 more buttons. More buttons please!!! Just NOT like those ridicules stupid MMO mice. ^^, Cheer's!
IsakH85 (1 year ago)
Most people do not want more than 2 thumb buttons, too easy to click the wrong button in games.
DaLi (1 year ago)
yea cool, but If I where to buy this mouse I would Macro something to those buttons anyway.. Because 2 extra thumb buttons is just not enough, where as 4 Large buttons would be just perfect.
Slippy Toad (1 year ago)
They are for people who want to use their left hand. It's not a right hand exclusive mouse.
Jairo Ortega (1 year ago)
clicked this video with my g900 bought a week ago :'v
Miguel Torcuator (1 year ago)
Wait so how much does the power play module weigh in g?
Mikey Hope (1 year ago)
I need a g502 wireless :(
BlakeF1991 (1 year ago)
I have the g900 and g403 wireless. I prefer the 403 because it's so much more comfy in my hand, I wanna like the g900/903 but the shape is just odd to me
David Pinkis (1 year ago)
adding some replacement silicon pads would be a nice touch too
David Pinkis (1 year ago)
Just sayin', it'd be nice if an extra set was included in the package..
Yee Ne (1 year ago)
you can buy replacement pads for the G900 on Logitech's website. I'm sure they'll do the same for the G903
Kim Jong Uce (1 year ago)
Sucks that new tech just keeps popping out so fast, can ya just let the people enjoy what just came out a year ago before you throw more shit out lol
Iqmal Rao (8 months ago)
NoobKiwi you are just plain stupid
MimoMa (1 year ago)
You can better make everything wireless, because your cables SUCKS!! I have Logitech G633 Cable keep breaking and need to send it back and then i not even talk about my G9 and G502 mouse cables. Fix your cables or i not buy logitech anymore!!
SirCrest (1 year ago)
Just bought a GPro last night. maybe G90...4 in the future.
KennyKennTV (1 year ago)
KennyKennTV (1 year ago)
Thanks dan :)
Dan (1 year ago)
I think it's same physical dimension with G240 (Cloth Mouse Mat) and G440 (Hard Mouse Mat). For Powerplay, size is 1.7" x 12.6" x 10.9" http://gaming.logitech.com/en-us/product/powerplay-wireless-charging http://gaming.logitech.com/en-us/product/g440-hard-gaming-mouse-pad http://gaming.logitech.com/en-us/product/g240-cloth-gaming-mouse-pad
Mele (1 year ago)
So in short if you have G900 you're still good.
Richard Pureveen (1 year ago)
When can I buy it in a Dutch store?
Radical Moose Limb (1 year ago)
I bought the g900 as soon as it came out. Do i have any reason to upgrade if i do not care about the weight or battery life?
Jaime Guzman (1 year ago)
It also supports the new wireless charging mouse pad coming out in august.
yummdiddy (1 year ago)
nope. the sensor is the same so performance is essentially the same. weight and BL are the only major mods
Kim Jong Uce (1 year ago)
Im gonna stick with G900 im happy with its battery life as is. they just made g903 life spam lot longer then G900. Till my G900 gives out, then i will upgrade.
dkwchow chow (1 year ago)
rip razer lancehead
Jaime Guzman (1 year ago)
just returned my lancehead. sensor is garbage, it doesn't work properly with synapse 2.0, and razer has a shitty support system.
Raphael Chagas (1 year ago)
who the fuck would complain about the weight? Anyway, Logitech is king. I'm happy with my G900, but this is genius level! You guys are great
Tom Liu (10 months ago)
Raphael Chagas 107g is bit light actually, u don't like heavy mouse doesn't mean other people are the same as u
Penzonor (1 year ago)
How can someone thinks that 107 gram is light? Maybe they are playing over 2k dpi? In fps games under 90 gram/balanced weight for low sensitivity gamer is very crucial.
rubydog 25 (1 month ago)
I play on 2k dpi, so what are you saying about me?
Burak Eren (10 months ago)
GD Teamspectrum thats why you suck ass.
Rocket Jump Ninja (1 year ago)
G900 is still the best all purpose mouse I've used... so much so that it's the one I use the most. The only reason I switch from it is to play first person shooters. This could work in a lot of games, but if you're like me then the weight, shape and size don't allow for the best aim. But for video editing? I refuse to use anything else now. G903 might be even better with that POWERPLAY tech.
Fyre (2 months ago)
TheViolander psst, the 403 can be wired and wireless too, but nice 900 choice.
Can Yücesan (5 months ago)
yeah if i had that mouse for free and they wanted me to say that it is good i would do the same as you do :D you don'T know how it feels to get scammed by them i spend 1200TL to logitech and they are japaneese scammers that sell stupid trash under a plastic shelve with flashy designs. i still like ur vids but i know that you are getting paid by logitech to give positive comment. you don't suggest romer g but u can't say that they are trash cuz they support you know that the g633 g533 g933 has some serious issues abot the lack of quality and other stuff but you are not allowed to talk about that just because they are either paying you money or giving free gear no hard feelings zy. what i mean is it is good to use but not to pay 600TL for a g900 cuz it doesn't deserve it. if you want to know why i'm so mad you can see my other comment to this vid
3 Brother Gaming (6 months ago)
Rocket Jump Ninja i
Javier Valdez (1 year ago)
everyone who is reading the comment of rocket jumper, like literally trust the words of this guy he's the best mouse review in youtube.
Bk sun (1 year ago)
Those guys neck are bent 45degree, is that an ergonomic mouse ?
bmxduerden1 (1 year ago)
Just me what thought the g900 was too heavy compared to other mouses?
Rokupix Ruiqi (1 year ago)
g502 wireless please!!!! or update g602
clearest blue (6 months ago)
g703 has less customizeable buttons. and it needs to be grip type to be the true successor of g502 'cause there's no current gen logitech mice which seems like a g502 or g602. even hardwarecanuck loves this mice, the g502, the pros is only is not able to be wireless, but glad it's my first gaming mice since i have gaming laptop perhaps i need a wireless one for gaming :( and has many buttons like g502, tried to look for g602, it's not better than g502 -_-
SajePlays not when there exist the lightspeed wireless technology with NO perceptive input lag (hard fact). Fuck wired, im never going back after already getting my sweet g903, this thing is awesome.
Nick Le (8 months ago)
How about the G703?
SajePlays (8 months ago)
wireless is horrible
Dan (1 year ago)
Thanks but no thanks...
Google Sobre Mí (1 year ago)
jajaj pero si uno de 12 euros que me costo es 50 veces mejor ostia puta jajajaj 180 euros
twil (1 year ago)
juanito97 Es mejor ? Estás seguro ? :'D
Google Sobre Mí (1 year ago)
todo lo de logitech es muy bueno pero se han pasado con el precio
NxD 1337 (1 year ago)
how much is it gonna be in €
조지훈 (1 year ago)
g903 I love it wow I use g900 but it look like wonderful
Irving Chies (1 year ago)
thanks for making obsolete the mouse I just bought month and a half ago :/
Dan (1 year ago)
Hmm according to PCWorld article, MSRP and release date for G903 is $149.99 USD and may be released in late June. I'm not 100% sure if it's placeholder or not. But time will tell. http://www.pcworld.com/article/3200427/input-mice/logitechs-powerplay-mousepad-wirelessly-charges-your-mouse-while-you-use-it.html
razor480 (1 year ago)
Its the same price the 900 was
Dan (1 year ago)
Well I have decided to return G900 to Amazon and then pre-order G903 and Powerplay mouse pad. http://gaming.logitech.com/en-us/product/powerplay-wireless-charging#featuresAnchor
Aaponton (1 year ago)
Dan L its worth imo
Aaponton (1 year ago)
Dan L i expensive i got my g900 for 100€ on sale
Dan (1 year ago)
Thanks for adding 10gram weight to make mouse feel a bit heavy. Can you also make wireless version of G502 Proteus? By the way, what's the MSRP and release date for G903? If people own G900, is it possible to get a replacement/exchange/discount with G903?
Slippy Toad (1 year ago)
You could sell the G900, but you almost never get replacements or discounts on previous products for newer ones, I'm afraid.
Ideas Man (1 year ago)
Do these come with a program to change the dpi presets?
Ovidijus Baublys (1 year ago)
Yes, there is sofware for that call'ed :Logitech gaming software

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