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Top 10 INSANE Survival Games You Should Play In 2016

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Here is the list of top 10 best survival games of all time 2016. This list includes the best survival games which players can survive, open world, build their base or fortress, fighting monsters and zombies and creatures. Tell us your favorite survival games of 2016 in the comment down below. ➢ Top 10 Medium SPEC PC Games 2016 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BKieP-AJDFM ♦ List ♦ ■ Subnautica (0:20) ■ The Flame In The Flood (0:57) ■ 7 Days To Die (1:59) ■ The Long Dark (3:10) ■ The Forest (4:07) ■ Don't Starve (4:38) ■ ARK: Survival Evolved (5:26) ■ RUST (6:12) ■ Stranded Deep (6:52) ■ DayZ (7:22) ♦ Follow us ♦ ■ Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/TechMasterTricks ■ Twitter : https://twitter.com/TechMasterTrick ■ Google+ : https://plus.google.com/+TechMasterTricks ♬ Music ♬ ■ Intro : Milk N Cookies feat. Alina Renae - Mastodon (Louis The Child Remix) ■ Outro : Audioscribe - Free Fall ➢ Thank you for watching!
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Text Comments (646)
Adam Chyba (4 days ago)
hey Colony survival good game no?
I Am Playing 7 Days To Die, Ark Survival Evolved , Stranded Deep , The Forest, Don't Starve Together
Gregory McCardle (22 days ago)
Raft should be like idk... recommended..? Idk at least somewhere.. ;/
jxyzgnx SD (28 days ago)
subsicribe now?? hh what do you fill ?? 0_0
Chris Chrysler (29 days ago)
top 10 insane clickbait for views,I hope you get killed
Go to google and type: *gamesecrx guide* You'll get the only free secret tool completely FREE for this game.
Chris Chrysler (29 days ago)
Stone Muzza (1 month ago)
that video of rust you showed is ancient the game looks like a triple A title compared to that now lol XD
FedXgamer9 (1 month ago)
Subnautica is the best!
Nibba (2 months ago)
shit it's 2018 i cant play these anymore
chouye 555 (2 months ago)
1 3 4 5 8 9
Matt O'Neil (3 months ago)
Where's radiation island
SuKa sUKa (3 months ago)
nice bos paket konplit
INFERNO DRAGON (3 months ago)
ᄊЦんムᄊᄊ乇Ð (3 months ago)
TheLongDark #Legend
copyrightsounds gamer (4 months ago)
I like ark survival evolved
Cro Gamer (4 months ago)
New! Journey of Life - Survival game
Genesis Vanessa (4 months ago)
/a/ Download PC Games http://tiny.cc/n4wsqy
its wolfy (4 months ago)
My favorite is ark survival then the forest and 7dayz To die thats all
DADDY Albert (5 months ago)
But it’s 2018 can I still play them
Kiki KAKA (6 months ago)
I have got Don't Starve, The Forest and DayZ... And I must say DayZ is really bad and The Forest is a must... And don't starve is funny with friends!
Olsen Chua (6 months ago)
I thought this all is free
Death Sycal (6 months ago)
Ark is awesome
orc slayer (7 months ago)
LegenCat (7 months ago)
Subnautica I Have
CreeperGeorge24 Brooks (7 months ago)
liin jin (7 months ago)
for all those dayz haters ... We wouldnt have any survival games survival games started from dayz yes its laggy buggy and glitchy and the devs dont take care of it but we must all appreciate what dayz has done
doctor strange (8 months ago)
that was a copy of rust right
best attakersHD (8 months ago)
ark survival evolved dovnload link pls
Ivan Valentina (8 months ago)
In my opinion 7 days to die is the best
Bloctopus (9 months ago)
ark should be #1 like if u agree
Neil Usdin (9 months ago)
Sorry, but NOBODY should be plying Rust. If the game is never going to come out of alpha, then it's not even finished. Plus losing your character once a month and having to start over? HELL no.
Dicky Mo (6 months ago)
Thats waht makes rust fun xD
Gilad Naveh (9 months ago)
that's why i stopped playing it. it is so frustrating, plus if you don't have a clan, it is pretty much impossible to advance in a month
ori drone il (9 months ago)
ark is the best game
Kimberly Timson (9 months ago)
I wish ark was $20.00 instead of $60.00
WlakyMaster (9 months ago)
I need a help about name of this game. So it is 2000-2008 game, you are on tropic island and you are surviving (you are playing only with cursor from first person, probably as a women), you find some mystery on island, I remember there is a monkey in game somewhere, etc.... :) If anybody help me, thank you!
Shaunak Mitra (9 months ago)
Wheres minecraft
Lexa Maestro (9 months ago)
every is p2p
THEknight TWIST (9 months ago)
none of these games worth it only from top 7 and up!
Scatter brain (10 months ago)
the forest amazing game !!! del puro miedo no me lo eh terminado
RiftZM (10 months ago)
Ark has so much potential, but the game is still fuckin' broken. This month alone, they've released 4 huge patches for PS4. Still buggier than shit, and ridiculously laggy. Rather than fix the flying bug (if your Pteranadon is too fast, you will crash), they capped the flight speed. If you sink points into their speed still, when a new patch comes out, the speed gets bumped back down to the cap, and all those points you sunk into speed are not refunded. I'm convinced their team of programmers and coders bang their faces against the keyboard, compile the results, and send it out as a new "patch."
Gold_ One (10 months ago)
Hi. السلام عليكم ورحمه الله وبركاته
Nex (10 months ago)
Ark survival evolved should be first
Fortnite Watafaka (10 months ago)
Wher the fuck is Far cry primal
Ghost (10 months ago)
what about Miscreated?
John Andrei Juan (10 months ago)
hello is this game is for Android IOS or for Computer?
Suhaib M.C (10 months ago)
full screen and type (awesome) and see the colors flashing
Mario (10 months ago)
Sorry im on 2017
funny point (10 months ago)
Give me link of 1st game
Khritos (10 months ago)
I think ark must be the first one!
Yudi Plays!! (10 months ago)
please give me DAYZ download link PLEASE no standalone
Lichlord Kazam (11 months ago)
subnautica at number 10?? its the best survival game i have ever plaid! next to the forest.
Noterrac (11 months ago)
7 days to die have to be on the first place not DayZ
Ultra Skitz (11 months ago)
my computer cant handle any of these games
Youtubista DZ (11 months ago)
The forest is like FarCry -_-
Janoi Dixon (11 months ago)
You just earn yourself a new Subscriber
nika gumberidze (11 months ago)
rust link
Jarl Vatnøy (11 months ago)
ark survival evolved should be number 1
IsakDoesNothing (11 months ago)
the forest should be nr 1
Jessica Pro (11 months ago)
i definitly agree with you
IsakDoesNothing (11 months ago)
ark is also a good game but its quite hard for beginners to start to play it :/ (i tried With some friends but we all failer misserably, the forest on another hand was a easy to understand and had some really good gameplay
YT xRisePlayz (11 months ago)
ARK have everthing epic textures and stuff try it out :D
YT xRisePlayz (11 months ago)
GUYS ark is the best :D its sooo fun to play ark :DDD
Doug Games (11 months ago)
Really ??? ARK 4°
Erik Pliberšek (11 months ago)
1 yer
Erik Pliberšek (11 months ago)
i oredi have subnautica
OLDSHOOL GAMING (11 months ago)
I think Ark is the best game here
Steamed Aurora Borealis (11 months ago)
I gotta say, I really appreciate the "skip to #" options. More list videos need that.
Raizer 92 (1 year ago)
DayZ SA Best
Airwipe (1 year ago)
I don't think number means it better than number 10 ppl.
TheSpoi (1 year ago)
i'd put a microphone at #1
Johnny Moncivais (1 year ago)
What is the forest on? PS4?
Xstream Gamer (1 year ago)
dood these are boring games plus they take up to much space
Some Loner (1 year ago)
Where's minecraft?
Harys 8 (1 year ago)
How is don't starve better than subnautica
Gam3rGh0st5654 YT (1 year ago)
Can I play these on ps4?
tik tok (1 year ago)
this dude from DayZ company.. puck u..
Alwayz_ Sleepy (1 year ago)
I feel late!
Connor alexander (1 year ago)
I recently got the forest, not gonna lie it was to impress a girl, but upon playing it, I decided fuck the girl, this game was what it was all about, got all my friends together and we started playing, it should be at least in the top 3
FoUnD yOu MuSiC (1 year ago)
Nice game
Qecko _CZ (1 year ago)
the long dark is a good game.
EDDEX Z (1 year ago)
Edvin and naf (1 year ago)
7 days to day same for walking dead
Simon Kerr (1 year ago)
dayZ will have base building in the future but not like the games your thinking of think in a military prospect tent camps with barricades and watch towers Arma people think and if you do a little research on Bohemia well get ready for a fight in the cockpit
Ryan R. (1 year ago)
I Want A Survival Game That Has # No Zombies #Survival #Looting/Crafting #NoSnow #NoLag #Hunting #FirstPerson #Bows/Guns/OrJustNormalWeaponsNoGuns #InAForest/OrAnIsland #NoStuttering #GoodFPS I Can't Find A Game That Like The Things I Just Said Plus I Want The Game To Not Lag Help Please..
konnor thompson (11 months ago)
Cool Mike TV then that wouldn't be survival
Ray Hoodoo (1 year ago)
Omg that music somebody kill me pls
Genghis Khunt (1 year ago)
what game is f2p and good
Chickenface 20 (1 year ago)
I definitely thought subnautica would have come in the top 5
Brandon Rabon (1 year ago)
Basically what you need to know is Ark is #1,no none of these games are free (for some reason everyone seems to need to know) and 7 days to die is ass,it looks like it's from the 90's.The forest is the easiest piece of shit I've seen Thanks K byeeee
Tyra Havoc (1 year ago)
The Forest is better than Don't Starve. I'm not hating but how could you put it in front of The Forest
Carlos Player #ConTV (1 year ago)
Ark Survival Envolved is better then all you said.
GamerGuyPlayz (1 year ago)
Is subnautica on android or iOS
Dat Boi (10 months ago)
gamer guy no xD
Cpt.FireEagle (11 months ago)
gamer guy unfortunately no
MrBaconGuy (1 year ago)
Where the fuck is unturned it should be number 5-1
abdul salam (1 year ago)
u say that these are the top 10 insane games
Thanasis's Thanos (1 year ago)
are you Fukien high
Goutham Mannuru (1 year ago)
please try not using these music they are disturbing , usually at midnight
Joe Merica (1 year ago)
Lets face it guys...We never got the awesome zombie survival game we were all hoping for. Some come close like 7 days, but its not quite it.
Mica Sarmenta (1 year ago)
Most likely to download Rust, Subnuatica, and Stranded Deep? Like if you agree
Da Nub (1 year ago)
ark survival evolved must be in 1 place it is the best game its so cool
holidajva (1 year ago)
Subnautica is the only game worth money here lel, maybe rust
Quality Bleach (1 year ago)
Subnautica should've been #1...
eualadindeal (1 year ago)
I see "you should" I press "fuck you" button... then watch the list is outdated, the game-play is ripped from other videos, total fake not to mention the disgusting title... "you should"... yeah... I should press thumb down whenever I read such shitty click bait titles

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