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It's feast or famine friends and family. All in, lets go. I appreciate my time at freemmostation.com but I need to leave the nest! KEEP THE HYPE ALIVE! I made this video! Hi, my name is Skylent and I hope you had fun! This is my gaming channel where I stream, do reviews & first impressions, and also learn/teach on topics focused around video game culture in gaming podcast like videos! If you are a gamer like me, then follow along lets go on an adventure! ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ★ Donations appear on the stream! ► https://goo.gl/vvslU1 LIVESTREAMS HERE ON YOUTUBE ALMOST EVERY DAY! SUBSCRIBE to LIVESTREAM ► https://goo.gl/a45j2m SPONSOR ► None Yet! Looking! Hello friends and family! I'm Skylent, an American streamer that focuses on helping people find new games to play while I play them myself! It takes a village though, so join me! ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ D̲o̲n̲a̲t̲e̲ ♥ If you want to donate go here: https://twitch.streamlabs.com/skylent Donations show up on stream! Yes, even on YouTube though it says for Twitch! TOP DONATIONS: Based on individual donations. Mr. Precise: $50.00 Rakuman:$22.00 Keklore: $20.00 JetAxis:$20.00 Chanter: $11.00 ♥Patreon lets me stream more plz https://www.patreon.com/skylent PATREON DONORS: J.Bozlinski Keklore Rakuman NerroLT "What do my donations go towards?" Donations fund the stream. Want me to stream more often, newer games, and for longer periods of time? Then donate! I'd rather interact directly with subscribers than otherwise through my video production. The goal is to have about half my time spent streaming and the other half spent producing YouTube videos. Let's keep the hype alive! ➜ Invite a friend to the stream ➜ Share the stream on Facebook and Twitter when I'm live ➜ Follow me on Facebook and Twitter ➜ Watch and participate in chat when I go live Seriously! Keep the hype alive! Thanks friends! \[T]/ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Links YOUTUBE ➜ https://www.youtube.com/skylentgames TWITTER ➜ https://twitter.com/skylentshore FACEBOOK ➜ https://www.facebook.com/skylentgames/ DISCORD CHAT ➜ https://discord.gg/DTDvrqQ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Current subscriber goals: 100K - SILVER PLAYBUTTON HERE WE COME! Stream rules: All caps are a-ok! Be respectful of mods, other viewers and the streamer Keep the stream a positive environment English only (so everyone can understand!) ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ HARDWARE PC: Graphics = GTX 970, CPU = CORE i7 3.6ghz CONSOLE :PS4, Nintendo Switch, Nvidia Shield
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Text Comments (190)
xXRed RustXx (1 year ago)
Hey! I have an idea for you! might help your channel out and maybe work out something with it! check out the mmo on my Chanel and you will see what I mean! if you need more information just reply to this!
Griffca Soyus (1 year ago)
I'm not subscribed to free mmo station. I'm subscribed to you!
loleo123 (1 year ago)
Don't get banned cause of spam uploads Kappa
Ryzon321 (1 year ago)
Follow your dreams ! Good Luck ! and may your heart be in it ! Cheers ! to the exciting and scary world of self employment..... I'm currently facing that question myself...
wammerke (1 year ago)
Ako (1 year ago)
Not even subbed but I still got mad about the click bait.
Alex San Lyra (1 year ago)
Skylent has balls!... and my support!
Kendall Faulkner (1 year ago)
Skylent you are the best and i will continue to support you!
Shawn B (1 year ago)
Game over man!
calamityx2 (1 year ago)
No! Don't quit on life! U have so much to liv... oops nvm thought this was something more serious....... But hey glad ur taking a career risk man, hope ya suceed in ur endeavor.
Don Balsley (1 year ago)
courage and fortitude will see you through
Christopher Acosta (1 year ago)
Good luck man!
Reuizi (1 year ago)
+ you nid to get proper rest man, i dont want to watch youre video in sleepy voice
Reuizi (1 year ago)
i cry a bit, thnx mmostation too i thought they cross the line or whatever... but it just you spreading your wing , goodluck
Flubzor (1 year ago)
Still viewing, dont care on the quantity, always enjoying... brave decision
Clayton Alexander (1 year ago)
Good shit Sky seriously. You got the determination and the charisma to make it happen my friend. Go for it. Ive wtched your channel for about 6 months months now and it has and is growing pretty well. keep it up bud.
ChaoticLegion01 (1 year ago)
Honestly man, I think you are making the right choice.... your follower base is decent, and I really do support your decision to quit FreeMMOstation. I first heard you on FreeMMOstation.... and from there followed you wherever. So ATTACK gaming is going down the pan too huh?
The Jordan Complex (1 year ago)
Watching this video made me sub to your channel, BUT PLEASEEEEE don't put out a video every 6 hours. Less videos with higher views is better than a ton of videos with less views. Work on putting out good content so that you build naturally. Also, be realistic. A full time job is going to take up A LOT of your time and you don't want to burn yourself out. Definitely make sure your life and funds are stable. And i'm not saying don't get a full time job, but it'll definitely cut into the time for your channel and if you start burning yourself out pumping out videos, you're gonna start resenting your channels.
Viking Hammer (1 year ago)
Amir Salehabadi (1 year ago)
you don't have to do this go to twitch your a streamer
Incumbent Lethargy (1 year ago)
Good luck! You got my thumbs up buttons.
Malicious Affection (1 year ago)
O.o Way too high risk. 4 yearsish and not much growth, to make things worst MMOs is not the best things to make a channel on at the moment. Not to bash, but because I don't want you to crash.
Hashimoto Giichi (1 year ago)
its just a prank...... isnt it ????
Hashimoto Giichi (1 year ago)
are you serious know no way
MrGeopap (1 year ago)
are you doing all the pixel art with your face?
MrGeopap (1 year ago)
you should totally make a video of how you do this. something like fooling around with pixel art. it looks awesome. keep up the good job. :)
Skylent Games (1 year ago)
+MrGeopap I made it yes.
Peter Xiong (1 year ago)
I be here to sup you, your one of the YouTuber gamer that actually review games as they are and ppl should learn more about you.
Salvyar Archer (1 year ago)
Maybe you can do a video on "ashes of creation" THE new upcomming mmo in my opinion
Michael Coffey (1 year ago)
@Skylent I do not have my own channel nor will I ever least nothing with your ambition. However there are people i watch an adore from Jesse Cox to Cynical Brit to Boogie to Defranco to a dozen or so more. An every single you tuber has pretty much said do what your passionate about. Show content yOU yourself like, that YOU yourself are passionate about and the views and subs will come. Of course come games are so mega popular most ppl do it. But decide if you want to do lets plays, reviews, interviews, Q and A's, do you want to be seen, do you want to be faceless, all of these things matter. However, I feel if you do not do that if your constantly just jumping from top game to top game while the views will be there for a bit, in the end people will find a channel with a reviewer who they like, and sees and talks about games as we do or in the 1 sub case he or she does..... So yea to thine own self be true......... what are you passionate about?
Riley Mateus (1 year ago)
I don't actually remember how I found your channel. I think it was a top 10 twitch streamed games or something that you posted here on your channel.
Domingo nieva onetto (1 year ago)
Hey dude! Congratulations on jumping whole heartedly into your own project! However, hearing about the 6 videos a day made me a little bit confused as well as other people commenting. I've already told you this before once in a stream, I really think you should explore making some short reviews of around 5 minutes to introduce topics and games and sutff like that, to complement videos that are more complete and, of course, longer as well. Basically, I really think you could have a lot of success with an array of different lengths videos that complement each other, but you know, that's just one subscriber's opinion. Good luck with this new project anyways, keep the hype! ;)
John Malovich (1 year ago)
If your main goal is to get most views, and most money, please tell... Im treating this youtube stuff as art, if you're only into money i wont comment anymore :p
Avetarx (1 year ago)
I actually just subscribed before watching this video. Wish you best of luck with channel and success in YouTube career!
Rory M.P. (1 year ago)
Skylent, I haven't been here for very long, only joined at about 15k, but I can say for certain you are my most watched and favourite Youtuber at the moment and I love all your content. Good luck in the future, and I hope everything goes well for you. Keep doing you! Also, as much as I would love to see it, you don't need to upload 4 times a day. You'll get worn out waaaay too fast, probably lose motivation and then just give up - if you want to do loads of uploads, do gameplay+commentary with little editing, something that doesn't require anywhere near as much effort as your normal videos. I'm not saying you can't do (I know you can), but it will likely be really draining after a while. Additionally, I have exams coming up soon and obviously can't revise if you keep uploading :D
Michael Fraga (1 year ago)
with these clickbaits you will not go far.
egal (1 year ago)
Fuck Riot games. They are so stupid to not hire you.
Vladimir Iordanov (1 year ago)
Well imo 2 vids a day is waaaayyy too much and youlll eventually get burned out really quickly. 1 vid a day is an amazing achievment in and of itself. Cheers man, proud of you. And yeah i did find you from mmohuts/station
Flycap (1 year ago)
I've been following you for a while. I've liked every vid I've seen, but this is the first one I've commented on. I dig your style as a content creator and I think you got it. As you can tell by my name, I'm looking to get into content creation very soon. Keep doing you yo, and make sure to have fun the whole time. I look forward to more vids, but that every six hours thing.... WOW! If you kill yourself getting to where you wanna go, you wont get to enjoy the fruits of your labor. P.E.A.C.E.
KeterSouls (1 year ago)
I wish you all the luck in the World man, your channel is great!
Shripaul Rooplall (1 year ago)
I actually did discover you on free MMO, I was looking for an age of wushu review, since then I had subscribed you your channel, but I think you're gonna do fine.
Rexilerlight (1 year ago)
Plz upload ur gameplay with commentation and I think it would work well with what you're trying to do
Greg Bobchick (1 year ago)
Shadow T3KK (1 year ago)
I just wonder what he went to full sail for
Liam Glasel (1 year ago)
I just don't understand how you have so few subscribers! your videos are brilliant (altho I am not a fan of your streams, but I don't like streams in general) and your personality is great :) I would love it if you done a few more "series", such as First Impressions? anyway dude I really hope you make it big and hit 1 mill subs quick :D I'll like as many videos as I can :)
Nidham (1 year ago)
can't you do both until this Chanel does better ?
Syther Shadows (1 year ago)
Best bet for making it solid in youtube is a "steady" supply of videos that people will watch from start to finish
Noah Dela Calzada (1 year ago)
Skylent were with you all the way 😄
Alisson Sampaio (1 year ago)
Bro, don't push yourself too hard, you're just "starting". You have that unique kind of videos and most of your viewers like it. DON'T CHANGE THAT. You're fucking amazing, keep going WE ALL SUPPORT YOU! KEEP THE HYPE ALIVE!
Ivan Bayum (1 year ago)
That's the spirit!
Ino Uzumaki (1 year ago)
SKYLENT!!!! Can you please stop writing everything in Caps in your Videos. I think everione can see the title when it's not written in CAPS! Pls take this comment seriously.
Ino Uzumaki (1 year ago)
ok :D
Viking Hammer (1 year ago)
I'm joking... :T
Viking Hammer (1 year ago)
animefreak5219 (1 year ago)
I know it's "bad", but tbph I am totally happy about this. Now you don't have to promote games that are actual crap! lmao
animefreak5219 (1 year ago)
Glad we can finally get the real Skylent opinion on games now
Theitsybitsyspider (1 year ago)
6 hours is too much. Your viewers will be overwhelmed.
Rickey985 (1 year ago)
I think you should start off with a survey or something like that to get some idea as to what your target demographic likes Me personally, I like some of your controversial videos (around 10 -> 20 mins), something I can play in the background while I gather in BDO.
Ryan W (1 year ago)
FreeMMOStation was going nowhere anyway, they ran out of ideas long ago
DotaCard Channel (1 year ago)
I will be right here when things are stable enough for you Sky. We all gonna S2 to see this channel get some buff! And just tell me if you need any kind of help.
DrakeSlator (1 year ago)
Not sure if this would work well or not, but if your looking for some ideas why not do something like a Steam Library vid? Where you show people what you have and ask what catches their eye and then create some top lists by genre for people to vote on what they wanna see. You've done so many First Looks over the years, so why not take a Double Take and see what's changed hopefully for the better. How about a series dedicated to Truly Challenging Games, Rouge-Like/Hardcore, and/or Games that make people Rage. How about a "Minigames" series, not playing actual minigames, but like io or other light games where you rate if they are worth an hour or so here and there. Or something like "Great Games no one Plays" Taking a look back at awesome forgotten games, or games that don't have Hype Train stops, but are worth the Bus Fair. Game Mechanics/Feature Discussions, along with other topics of debate. A series that rates if an Alpha/Beta game is worth it's Founders Pack at the time of recording. Along with a look back after changes when possible. Game Versus Game Vids Taking games that are so similar and putting them head to head to find what one is more fun. A "What ever Happened?" Series where you remind people of games the fell off the radar and what's going on with them. A "WTF?" Series where you torment curious people with short plays of games that probably never should have been made while trying to figure out what they were even trying to do in the first place. Gaming Prank Vids/Clips for when the joke was just to good. Um... Sobering up, out of ideas. >.<
Dejan Bezjak (1 year ago)
You have potential, dont worry, just work for it, but for your own will, you must be satisfied and so will we be!
Justas Šemeta (1 year ago)
i just found your channel by coincidence :DD but i was so fking lucky :d and keep up the great content man , luv it !!!
Vio Dragon (1 year ago)
do what is right for you. Don't care what others think and things will happen when they happen.
WTFAnyNameWorks (1 year ago)
We got your back Skylent, keep going !!
Grey Crimson (1 year ago)
It's all good man :] hope you make it in the world as yourself :] I wonder if Fallout Shelter would a good game to review, it's sorta very time based though, like you come back every few hours to set up some things and then come back later again, could be good to show it off for others to get into it :0
Mafrans (1 year ago)
Don't tell me you are going to keep your "I will do everything" policy because that isn't going to work. Let your community help you and thank me later. Personally I would do everything in my might to help you out.
melih ergen (1 year ago)
good luck in your new advanture sky, will support you as best as I can.
David PT (1 year ago)
Well I think you did a good choice friend
blivvy (1 year ago)
Was REALLY worried you were going to shut down totally - glad to hear you're still going to be around. Found you through FreeMMOStation, but never subscribed to them, only this channel. Also, not sure if it's your thing, but the way you described the bit about games that don't get enough attention and nobody shares much about them - I'm a *BIG* fan of a game called Concealed Intent, which is really hard to find anything about. It's an amazing turn-based strategy game, but it's gotten none of the attention it deserves.
The Gaming Seale (1 year ago)
thought u were free mmo station lolll well
leafrek (1 year ago)
good luck bro, gonna support you all the way <3
German De Anda (1 year ago)
a support for you here! cheers! hope you the best!
Robert Prus (1 year ago)
Just take care of your health. I know few content creators that had to make a break for months because constant sitting in front of computer made them sleep deprived and migraine. Take care!
Yousif Alsa'ad (1 year ago)
ill be there , well you ?
holygore (1 year ago)
with youtube going the way its going in not suprised you quit
Dionysues (1 year ago)
Good luck man. You put up a lot of quality videos for 30k subs. I'm sure if you keep your drive up you will see constant growth.
Kriss Gagnas (1 year ago)
Didnt really like the freemmostation but i like your channel.
Levi (1 year ago)
that clickbait though...
ufke (1 year ago)
way to go skylent! Although a vid every 6 houres? i'm afraid your going to burn you out. i think a structured upload scedual is way more effective like 2 vids on that day 1 on that day  1 day off no vids at all  etc is gonna get you a lot further. But who am i to decide what you should do, do what feels right and goodluck!
Masamune S (1 year ago)
Doesn't matter where you go or how far you go Skylent.. WE are all with you an support you bud, Walk proud an keep yr head up. Best of luck to you.
Shady TheFur (1 year ago)
Honestly it's true I used most of the time to watch the videos from free mmo station and because of that I heard your voice and saw your pixel face pop up a lot and I was curious as to who you where then I found you channel and I have been loving your content ever since
Nirman Juhanis (1 year ago)
i'm worried.
Tauras Zilinskas (1 year ago)
my dream job would be playing games writing reviews and uploading them on youtube even if they are pay 2 win games
129das (1 year ago)
not the greatest timing.
Borgadn Rager (1 year ago)
Good luck
Pite Raubenheimer (1 year ago)
Skylent, you create great content. You're professionaI and entertaining, I will definitely support you.
Werder Lork (1 year ago)
You know what, dude? You've got some balls. I like your balls ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I can respect them. I really want you to succeed now, and I'm looking forward to what you're gonna do from now on. Hang in there, we're with you.
SnippleSnapple (1 year ago)
Are you gonna build this channel off of clickbaits? I'm unsubbing if that's the case.
Blahidontcare11 (1 year ago)
remember, networking is extremely important. Doing videos with other YouTubers I think is the lifeblood to a YouTube career.
Werner Smith (1 year ago)
I like your videos so fcking much and I like the way you are brutly honest and cut the bs when reviewing games... I think you should get more views for reviewing the games you do and I realy like the fact that your not scared to review games you know thats not that gona get that much views and just another thing is that you do alot of f2p games...Horay for being poor
Mezmerizer 9 (1 year ago)
1-2 years of college?
CopyCatMaster01 (1 year ago)
Quality over quantity. Just remember that.
Rethosphix (1 year ago)
Do you think you can make a living income with just Skylent though? Real questions.
MASTER M (1 year ago)
We are all here and we all will support you skylent :D
AcesX (1 year ago)
Supporting you for sure... but what the f is this misleading clickbait title
ISceneAshley (1 year ago)
Herrschweiz I mean, its not misleading. he did quit. he quit freemmostation.
Yuen (1 year ago)
Much support here...I have some comment opinions about this... Maybe rename your channel to someone else for this endeavor (maybe Skylent Games?) Google how to rename a google page or a brand account if not know. Totally suggest making an intro and/or outro vids. And maybe hire an editor to do it. Consider maybe new types of vids every now, an example would be discussions with other youtubers about games. Don'e be discouraged if you don't see results immediately in a couple months. Some MMO youtubers I subbed to took them a few months before they got noticed, example LazyPeon. (Though I don't know how long he was making vids when I subbed, he wasn't as popular as he was now though.) Finally advertise your FB/Twitter and channel if you happen to be on someone else's vid. GL!
Omar Karam (1 year ago)
Wishing you the best of luck Sky :D
Christopher Pfaff (1 year ago)
Totally back your decision man, will support you through the tough!
Flibber Nodgets (1 year ago)
I think the first time I saw one of your videos, it was about Gigantic. Good Luck
Luis Lorenzana (1 year ago)
You got my support, just started following but have been loving all your videos. Keep it up and props on focusing on this!
Aphexon (1 year ago)
Ok, ok... Stop whining and get to work!!
Oujnine Mohamed (1 year ago)
tbh i feel bad for mmostation.. but i respect your life decision but i think what you really need is a brand name ..skylent is more like a personality and it might not be working (some stuff i learned while taking marketing courses) also you migh wanna focus on quality rather than quantity since you're not big enough now.. if u get bigger then u can get on ign or gamespot or just continue on expanding your brand ..anyway love from Morocco good luck i'll make sure to support you anyway i can in the future!
PREYMIS (1 year ago)
Greatness starts with risks!
Yamahko Gribbis (1 year ago)
I think 4 videos a day sounds like WAY too many. Focus on one or two at most, and just keep your upbeat and honest style. As far as what you said about be frustrated by not knowing the content desired by us - I can tell you what I want more of. It is best for me when your research leads me to hidden gems. The big titles can be glossed over in my opinion, there are dozens of sources to learn about any main stream game. The example I think of first was your recent coverage of Wartile. I might have never heard of it without this channel, and now I am getting my friends hyped up to try it. I am SUPER hyped to hear you want to share your Full Sail experience as well as industry experience. Good luck with the whole thing!
HarryPoggerz (1 year ago)
Good luck to you skylent, may good things come your way!

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