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GTA V 747 Jet Landing Gameplay (Ps3/HD)

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Most videos here didn't show any landing of the planes, so here I am, taking a complete (short) flight with the 747-look-a-like plane. I have to say, landing feels kind of cool in this thing.
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Patrick Waiyaki (2 months ago)
Good landing but that runway is for private jets.
Draco (1 year ago)
pffffff ... you don't no pilot aircraft ....
Team Icon (1 year ago)
To enter the airport without any fuss from the police, you need to complete all the missions and buy a hanger 🙄😮
Nasiba siba (1 year ago)
Miky Torrico (1 year ago)
very very noob
Paul Berger (2 years ago)
very nice
Pedro Fit (2 years ago)
the best landing i ever seen in this game 10/10
Elchapito OMG (2 years ago)
hi c:
CAP (2 years ago)
What game is this?
Aleksander Kalinowski (2 years ago)
not a mod video.. but is it possible to create an Ilyushin IL-96 mod?
Kenneth Dayrit (2 years ago)
Nice landing uh👍
Kenneth Dayrit (2 years ago)
Lil Savageboy (2 years ago)
That is a Boeing 747-400 but the Boeing 747-8 is the latest version of the Boeing 747.
That is not a boeing anything, it's a made up passenger aircraft that looks like a boeing.
GloxE (2 years ago)
u know airplanes rnt that slow irl
Enoch Rietschlin (2 years ago)
Good task
Rafi zahran Nugraha (2 years ago)
nice landing
Justas Griškevičius (2 years ago)
flaring is possible in this game. lower your speed just about right so it doesn't stall, raise the nose and it should just fall down. i do it all the time in this game.
US L1ONLINE (2 years ago)
nice landing ;)
The Flying Gasmask (3 years ago)
ps3??? you are in first person!
F Dannn (3 years ago)
Terrible landing, it is possible to manoeuvre and replicate how a real 747 would actually fly in this game, firstly you need to begin making your final approach from about mount chiliad area to make it realistic and when you land you need to come in without pressing the accelerator button, slowly decrease altitude and let it glide in on its on power on the final approach and just before touchdown lift the nose so the main wheels touch down first then put the nose down..
I dont think he was trying to make a realistic flight for aircraft nerds.
Ziggmanster (2 years ago)
But keep in mind, GTA isn't a flight simulator.
Ziggmanster (2 years ago)
Yeah, now THAT's something I wanna see.
Luis Pedro Mendiondo (3 years ago)
You flared too little or none but still, good video
VGXGaming (3 years ago)
And you tooled off the wrong runway!!!
Rick (3 years ago)
How do you take off on the wrong runway?
VGXGaming (3 years ago)
Now you know:::OWNER VIDEO STILL A NOOB!!!!!!!!!!!::::
VGXGaming (3 years ago)
Buy the::::Flight School San Andreas on store::::I never get wanted levels and I know everything about Grand theft auto 5!!!!!!!!!!
Wdowa94 (3 years ago)
And flaps down all the time...
Reg Lei (3 years ago)
nice job man!
Surajit Majumdar (3 years ago)
!! OMG.. After take off you didn't retract flaps. How come a B747 take turns like that like it's a F/A - 18!! Even at the time of landing, there were NO FULL FLAPS, NO SPOILERS, NO THRUST REVERS yet it stopped like a BMW HP4 with its BRAMBO disc breaks. But..one thing.. Imagine if a Flight Simulator with realistic control like X-plane and graphics developed by Rockstar, how cool would that be!..   
Jacob Nomafo (3 years ago)
You should have flared more
+Paul Donaghy I feel like I know you.
Yameen Tazwar (1 year ago)
Paul Donaghy Oh really go to gta online and you'll see
Paul Donaghy (3 years ago)
This isn't plane simulation x 5 billion noob its grand theft auto 5 something 6 year olds like you haven't heard of
Lazlo Corn (3 years ago)
the flaps aren't retract. What's wrong with this game??
Paul Donaghy (3 years ago)
It's gta v that isn't the main point of the game
Crossbuck Productions (4 years ago)
You took off from the wrong runway but still a great video. :)
Bernard (4 years ago)
Damn, you flew really close to those buildings.
Pearl B1P1N (4 years ago)
I hate amature pilots!
Oyun Her Yerde (1 year ago)
Smoke Gaming Channel He plays FSX and X-Plane too. Go learn something about this guy.
jean tsai (3 years ago)
fuck u you were on to when you started
Interp Zero (3 years ago)
/watch?v=TfzQAftIZ48    Better than FSX :D  ..watch the whole thing without pausing 
Toph BeiFong (3 years ago)
+pearl bipin LOL play pmdg and get the 747 and play on vatsim
Pearl B1P1N (4 years ago)
No I won't I finished all missions in fsx
Gogrannie (4 years ago)
Never ! Ever! Try stunts in this plane. The pull up is terrible.
Oliver Lavelle (4 years ago)
Yeah. It's cool. But not realistic. Planes that size need at least 2 miles (3000m) to land , that runway looks more like a few hundred metres. , and way too narrow in comparison to the plane Has anyone who designed this game actually been to an airport before in their life, because runways are extremely long !
Sylwester (4 years ago)
+Oliver Lavelle But the amount of space that would take up is incredible, they already reached the maximum amount for gta 5 older gen, maybe in new gen but probably not.
Smoke Gaming Channel (4 years ago)
Flight simulator
GamingMPM (4 years ago)
The Big Griffon (4 years ago)
I highlighted this when flying the 747 yesterday to a friend, I noted that the airport is hilariously small. It's like you're taking off and landing from a scale model!
GamingMPM (4 years ago)
+Oliver Lavelle Totally agree.
Pearl B1P1N (4 years ago)
dude you didnt flare [ raise the nose of the plane]  before landing!
If you tried that in this game it would blow up.
Agents Hat (4 months ago)
Pearl B1P1N its gta not fsx
lee skitt (2 years ago)
you dont play gta, oh god you cant flare and he landed fine.
Mazen Izzeddine (2 years ago)
+GamingMPM i know this comment is old but please be kidding man
GamingMPM (4 years ago)
+pearl bipin Not even that would compare to ho it is in real life
KING DEE (4 years ago)
Booo that landing
Sohib Rashad (4 years ago)
That ps3 or xbox ?
LCodGaming X (3 years ago)
+Sohib Rashad omg. thats the stupidest question in da world.
Bro perfect (4 years ago)
Did u read the title????
XB_Boss (4 years ago)
The plane hes driving is a 747 idiots
Oliver Lavelle (4 years ago)
The plane he's FLYING
(Th3*Evil*WithiN): (4 years ago)
It took you forever to get off the ground..
Free Kodak (4 years ago)
Nice landing dude
CrypticssTV (3 years ago)
It was terrible!
Sniki3GaminG (4 years ago)
retard ! retard ! retard !
Now anybody that doesnt know about planes is going to think this is an offensive comment.
GamingMPM (4 years ago)
+Sniki3GaminG yeah :D
Sniki3GaminG (4 years ago)
Really? Only Airbus? :O I didn't know that ^^ but i know it's a b747 :p
GamingMPM (4 years ago)
This isn't a Airbus. Only Airbus' do that XD
GamingMPM (4 years ago)
813 (4 years ago)
You know you can buy a hanger at LSIA right ? and once you have it you can fuck around as much as you want on the runways . You can steal ANY PLANE THEIR except for the 737. Also if you look at the video at 4:25 you can see hangers in the distance. The second to the left would be your hanger. Just another tip with it, if you have it , you might as well buy a tank because that is where you can store a tank as well. 
Verzaak Mon (4 years ago)
+dylan ellis the one he is flying is a 747 and on the airfield are some 737's.......
KING DEE (4 years ago)
It's not a 737. And know more about planes then you i can tell you how many seats and how many rolls are in a plane just by seeing it once and I know smallest to largest and it's a 757
Andrei Bondoc (4 years ago)
Yay I'm not the only person who knows how to fly an aircraft in gta v xD
GamingMPM (4 years ago)
It's not hard. You should try FSX.
spiffcats (4 years ago)
Yeah, its rare. I can land a 747 on the top of the twin towers, and on the roof of the mount chilad building. 
alexaplaydespacito (4 years ago)
hey and also i dare you to fly a 747 through those skyscrapers using the knife flight i did and i made it!
Tempo Gamez (16 days ago)
Well done my boi lesgo
alexaplaydespacito (4 years ago)
Steel27Sentinel97Z (4 years ago)
If you look at the texture on this 747, looks like it has been dented, if you look at it carefully. Why didnt cockstar let us fly the 757s or 747s?
SkylineGTRR34Freak (4 years ago)
+The709Kingdom I agree about the first part, but not the second. It was already seen in Michael's trailer, which was released more than half a year before the release.
Supany22 (4 years ago)
A Jumbo Jet shouldn't be flying so low but the flight looked pretty realistic
Kyle Reid (4 years ago)
it is so funny watching those police chasing you in a 747 hahaha!
Sword Black (4 months ago)
Kyle Reid and not be blown away by the jet engines
shalomw89 (4 years ago)
I can do better
Eric Reyes (4 years ago)
Good for you
Daniel Rodrigues (4 years ago)
Does anyone buy a airport
Dean Kruse (4 years ago)
it makes it easier to steal planes and get away
VALOR | Community (4 years ago)
@Grinder shut up... in the title it mentions nothing about being 'realistic' anyways i can see you hardly know anything about aircraft yourself to be honest! quote 'to fast to hight to early gear and you normally dont steer with the rear wing' 1. He can lift up his gear as long as he has a positive climb rate (which he did), 2. its not called a rear wing, plus there are 3 effective mechanism to the rear fin for example: rudder, elevators and the fin its self as it provides the turn of the rudder. so im sorry for your lack of knowledge but don't question people without knowing i thing yourself. :D
Un Phoque (4 years ago)
Gg for landing
Vonoxid (4 years ago)
to fast to hight to early gear and you normally dont steer with the rear wing
This is (was) gta 5, not flight sim.
Joker (4 years ago)
Its not so hard flying and landing a 747 in GTA V guys just buy the airport so you have all the time to take off without cops chasing you and landing isnt that hard just slow down enough when landing on the strip and dont forget eject the wheels once your on the landing strip just hit the breaks 
GG popa (5 years ago)
Oliver Lavelle (4 years ago)
Except FSX is WAYYYYYYYYY more realistic Gta v has a 600m runway by the look of things. LAX actually has a 3400m runway
bordwfoc (5 years ago)
idiot....you act like he's playing an advanced flight simulator.
Bernard (5 years ago)
He's flying a jumbo jet between buildings and around mountains at a super low altitude and you mention the lack of flaring
SkylineGTRR34Freak (5 years ago)
I did a speed taxi with cops on my ass, didn't wait for take-off clearance at all and the descending/approach wasn't really great either... Actually everything could've ended in a disaster in real life :D
London Hart (5 years ago)
Good landing
ladiesman82212 (5 years ago)
if you buy a hangar at the airport then you can steal planes without getting a wanted level
SixFootScream (5 years ago)
Can you retract the flaps?
John Luelf (5 years ago)
you didnt flare........ would have ended in disaster in the real world. But for a game, nice landing!
you are very good at landing
rafaboas (5 years ago)
good flight and a very nice landing
Mostafa Badawi (5 years ago)
go under it then press triangle if u r on ps3 or y on xbox
tu et trés bon en atterissage use google translate
AviationChannel27 (5 years ago)
Its quite dumb how these police cars are almost overtaking you while a 747 takes off at almost 300 km/h lol Nevertheless very cool game.
Carlos Phill (5 years ago)
I like everything about this video! Unlike most noobs, you actually too the taxiway! and your landing was beautiful!! Great video!!
MW3BO2MEX (5 years ago)
How to get in
ZackMartin24 (5 years ago)
Fantastic landing.
EGC (5 years ago)
nice game
ben (5 years ago)
they do, if you buy the hangar on ls int
flubbers man (5 years ago)
You easily can getin 737 or if not get in the moving one
VoiAhoyTV (5 years ago)
how did u get in the 737 plane?
jamn610 (5 years ago)
damn gandhi, i thought you were long dead
Sideshow Bob (5 years ago)
You should worry more about Nathuram Godse.
henry sitsonyourneck (5 years ago)
Like I said years ago: Money has never made man happy, nor will it, there is nothing in its nature to produce happiness. The more of it one has the more one wants.
legoboy4243 (5 years ago)
3,ls internatoinal airport,trevor's own airport and a millitry airport
Hitman4661 (5 years ago)
3 i guess or 2
Peter Kolev (5 years ago)
NO i dont Think so but you can fly the private jet and the 747 and some other fun Aircrafts souch as ac130 and military jet plane
Hitman4661 (5 years ago)
can u fly that 737 airplane ?
cody smith (5 years ago)
i would love it if you were a pilot i was one of the best at-400 pilots in gta sa but your flying smoother on here witch is so close to real life your flying smoother than i did on gta sa
Robin S (5 years ago)
How did you get it?
MrKerrTV (5 years ago)
You're pretty descent at flying
Patrick Pelletier (5 years ago)
You can buy a hanger and iit wont trigger the cops, but i am happy u posted this, i didnt know these jetliners could be flown
Anselmo Fernandes (5 years ago)
It's annoying that just going into the airport triggers the cops. But it's a good video
SkylineGTRR34Freak (5 years ago)
around 110 bucks for the Collectors Edition
jamn610 (5 years ago)
nice :D how much did the game cost man?
AmazeVideos! (5 years ago)
flyus747 (5 years ago)
is there a way to land at lsx w/o stars? b/c that actually kinda annoying that the cops are always on you and plane enthusiasts just cant land the plane right w/o cops chasing them
flyus747 (5 years ago)
ur the first GTA V video to properly take off meaning u used the full length of the runway and u taxied all the way to the runway with the cops on ur tail lol
flyus747 (5 years ago)
ehhh!! u got to fly the jumbo jett!!!
SkylineGTRR34Freak (5 years ago)
NinjaPandaGAME (5 years ago)
I have GTA5 too :D
jamn610 (5 years ago)
Is this on gta V? :D

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