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Ghost Stories- The Tower of London

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Ghosts in the tower of London...
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Karen O (1 month ago)
We do not know what happened to the two Princes. Henry Tudor could have done it in 1485. Richard could have sent them away. Anne Boleyn was exhumed. She did not have six fingers.
Wireless Wizard (9 months ago)
Anne Boleyn did NOT have six fingers on either of her hands or six toes on either of her feet. The six fingers rumor was spread by Catholic propagandists after her death to make her (and, by association, the Protestant movement as a whole) look worse than she already did. (Extra extremities were seen as "witch's marks." It's doubtful Henry would have looked twice at her, let alone went out of is way to marry her, if she really had a "witch's mark.") She had a slight hint of an extra nail on one of her fingers, but that's all.
LadyBoleyn xxx (1 year ago)
Anne Boleyn did not have 6 fingers, nor did she have 6 toes. What a load of rubbish being spoken in a very stupid false video.
lawrence watts (1 year ago)
Complete Rubbish...
jennifur sun (1 year ago)
i know tht the serfs had a bad life but as God is my witness, i wouldn't want to have been a Royal woman in those days
Theseus9 (1 year ago)
I bet Ann Boleyn's ghost is still pretty hot. I wouldn't be scared to see her, I'd ask the specter questions.
KJW 1066 (1 year ago)
The six fingers thing is a total myth. Any credibility this might have had was lost with the mention of Anne's six fingers
Jake Lauritsen (1 year ago)
TokyoQueen (1 year ago)
There is no evidence to support Anne Boleyn had six toes or six fingers. If any had any physical deformities, Henry wouldn't have even given her a second glance. The Queen's House actually wasn't where Anne stayed during the days leading up to her execution. From several documentaries, and historians who looked at records of the time, she actually stayed in the same apartments built for her during her coronation. They no longer exist today, because they were torn down after her death.
tincan tincan (1 year ago)
I worked there for 5 years as window cleaner across road.. I'd sit outside and eat my breakfast at 7am.. but on Fridays I worked from 1am.. at 4am I went to drink eat and sat over road on tower hill.. all sudden this guy in white shirt came down the grass bank sat near me. he had blood on head and shirt open and was saying they won't let me die I just wanna die.. I had my hot coffee ready to throw in face.. all sudden he stand at the old Roman wall and disappear..he sat near me for about 30secs and not once did we speak to each other it was like I wasn't there
Trevor Wills (1 month ago)
Do you read Steven King novels.?
jennifur sun (1 year ago)
wooo hooo did you give up your job? if not did you not be there at the same time of day
Mum's Pumpkinhead (1 year ago)
I'd love to go to the Tower Of London to have a look around
Blank Blank (1 year ago)
RonsSweetie5 same
redfullpack (2 years ago)
Someone enterprising from Asia should bring TONS of jossticks, incense papers, paper made gifts to burn at Tower of London, to appease the spirits there. Maybe bring teams of Taoists to chant 24/7 there
Linda Mikkelsen (2 years ago)
Anne Boleyn wasn't Catholic, King Henry left the Catholic Church and his first wife so he could mary Anne.
if individual deaths haunt the EARTH which are associated with some bad circumstances then where are THE millions of . souls killed in German concentration camps, where are THE millions of Russian souls killed and raped by the Germans , where are THE souls of most of THE atrocities committed by government and KINGS, THEY are nowhere because THESE deaths are caused by THE government who work with the DEMON / aliens. it's all a show, all a PSY OP. the ghosts are NOT ANYONE except tricks. You are controlled by THE DEMONS aliens and YOU are controlled by the aristocratiacy who considers themselves a permanent ruling class of slave masters
Games Cooky (2 years ago)
*giggles* hihi, i've been there :D
Jake Newitt (1 year ago)
Games Cooky I have been there 8 times
YouthfulElf (2 years ago)
I have to admire the guards on night duty! 😨
jennifur sun (1 year ago)
me too but wouldn't want to sdtand in the heat in those outfits
James Harper (3 years ago)
RIP Patrick Macnee.
Mr Blue Lamp (3 years ago)
rest in peace Patrick
GucciTae _x (3 years ago)
Most haunted should explore the tower!
Sara D'Angeli (3 years ago)
Nicole Khan (4 years ago)
Dont advice anyone to watch this.....load of rubbish. Richard 3rd has never been proven as killing the Princes in the tower, no one has. and Anne Boleyn DID NOT have 6 fingers or toes....need to get thier facts straight!
KJW 1066 (1 year ago)
Nicole Khan No Anne didn't have six fingers, I agree on that. And no, it wasn't proven that Richard III had the princes killed. But most historians agree that he most probably did have his nephews killed. Of all the suspects, he is the most likely and the one with the most to gain from their deaths. He had all their close servants and bodyguards removed and/or killed, and he never made any inquiries into their deaths or what happened to them. I believe that anyone wishing to exonerate Richard from this crime has their head in the sand. Most historians believe that Richard and his faithful lackey the Duke of Buckingham plotted the murder of the two boys. Really the only people who believe he's innocent are members of the Richard III society. But they also claimed he was not a Hunchback, though it has been proven that he was, after examining his remains found in the car park.
Sweet Serenei of Lys (1 year ago)
Nicole Khan they also said Anne Askew was accused of witchcraft but she was actually an evangelist
M (3 years ago)
Actually thats not the first time Ive heard that she alledgly had a missing finger.
homebuiltindoorplane (4 years ago)
Count Baltar From Galactica!!
Sharlynn Cheesman (4 years ago)
Anne Boleyn's Body was reburied by Queen Victoria, she also had the remains were gone over there was no sign of Anne having 6 fingers or 6 toes and Henry 8 was vain so I really do not think that he would have married someone with that 
Trevor Wills (1 month ago)
Wireless Wizard is correct. They were first cousins.
Wireless Wizard (9 months ago)
Yes, actually, they were first cousins.
Jake Newitt (1 year ago)
Demi Guerrero Katherine Howard wasn't her cousin
Valerie W (1 year ago)
Sharlynn good point (y)
Demi Guerrero (2 years ago)
yes wasn't she reburied with her cousin Katherine Howard to?
Electronic XXTV (4 years ago)
Joseph White (4 years ago)
Joseph White (4 years ago)
Danielle Dewitt (8 months ago)
Joseph White In your opinion.
Joseph White (4 years ago)
TheThruster24 I agree lol what a fail
TheThruster24 (4 years ago)
The woman in blue is such a bad actress.
Ru (1 year ago)
She ruined it for me.
TheThruster24 (2 years ago)
Dec 27, 2013 I wrote that, I literally thought I watched this like 5 months ago.
BrooklynPerson30000 (2 years ago)
+Danny Boy   haha what?
Sharon Smith (2 years ago)
If she's trying to come off as Britis she's doing the most terrible job of it!! Posh English people just don't have that accent
Art Is Pain (2 years ago)
+BrooklynPerson30000 I thought it was a piss take
rectorman1 (4 years ago)
Actually there is no evidence that Richard the third killed the 2 young Princess it may have been Henry Tudor or his ambitious mother.
Danielle Dewitt (8 months ago)
rectorman1 Princes.
benvolio mozart (5 years ago)
John Steed should be sent to the Tower immediatly !
TheTchaikovskyFreak (5 years ago)
I could point out so many mistakes >.>
nbloverx (5 years ago)
Complete rubbish worst video ever no facts at all
sam jones (5 years ago)
this is the worst vid ive ever seen, most of the stoeys are inaccurate, wish i never saw this one now,
makiavelli999 (5 years ago)
On youtube I get useless discussions and religious bullshit. Luckily The Tower has nothing to do with Jihad. Not yet... *muahahaha*
BleeFisk (5 years ago)
Evelina Neacsu (5 years ago)
It's scary!!!
kurdman12345678 (5 years ago)
salam, no my brother jinns are not demons. they were created by God from smokless fire, there similiar to humans and they have free will like us. some of them are bad and follow the devil, but some are muslims jinns as well
americansarebeggers (5 years ago)
Hellbound Iscariot (5 years ago)
Have you ever seen a ghost? I came close to seeing one and he was a football player. He wasn't creepy. He looked just like everybody else and he was running alongside the jeep I was in. We went to the reservation my sister's friend was at and I found out that the guy lost a friend and concidentally he was a football player. I didn't see no smoke, nothing of the guy. I thought I was going nuts after I saw him, but he didn't hurt me. I don't think he was malevolent; he didn't even notice me
Hellbound Iscariot (5 years ago)
Yes, but I thought Jinn were mainly for Meditterean mythology and made from smoke. Ghosts, I've heard were made out of energy.
Smathoo (6 years ago)
Yeah. And Anne is even related to Edward I
cherrytraveller (6 years ago)
I have and she isn't a whore she is just made to look that way. The true Anne has long been lost in history by Crap books and even crappier movies
cherrytraveller (6 years ago)
totally agree with you on that one
americansarebeggers (6 years ago)
ghosts my bollix!
MissTeenALabarna (6 years ago)
ecicution and murder are the same thing
ChristmasTrax (6 years ago)
Well this video is a load of bollocks!
captchastudios (6 years ago)
Elizabeth Bristol can kiss my ass...faker than fake
Smathoo (6 years ago)
No she didnt lol
Lakate91 (6 years ago)
it also is not known how the boys died
Lakate91 (6 years ago)
There is no evidence to suggest richard the 3rd killed the princes. Though he had the motive so did the duke of buckingham and the lancasters.
Marcus Foo (6 years ago)
Yeah her body weren't torn apart she was burned for a hour
Erika Costello (6 years ago)
Anne Askew didn't die in the Tower. She was burned at the stake off the premises. Anne Boleyn didn't have six fingers or six toes. That was a fabrication most likely spread by her detractors. When her remains were exhumed during Queen Victoria's reign, her hands and feet were found to be normally formed with no extra digits.
MrColdwatercanyon (6 years ago)
Saw a hologram of a man upper bust floating around outside the window while I was readind in bed in Mayfair one knight. The man wore a hat and sine burns and a big nose . The features faded in and out at some times looked like a green, pink, yellow swirl of energy floating around . I got up and looked though the window and it still lingered a while . It wanted me to know it was their . Defiantly had the goose bumps from that one drew the drapes and went back to reading and thinking WTF
Stephen Roth (6 years ago)
Anne Askew was a Protestant who was tortured and eventually burnt at the stake. Way to screw up the facts, you dolts.
Kelly Bartlett (6 years ago)
wow this is really inaccurate.
Pandoraspocks (7 years ago)
What a pity Elizabeth Bristol couldn't get her facts right. Read below about Anne Bolelyn NOT having extra fingers or toes.
Jenny Marie (7 years ago)
=/ Anne Askew was burnt at the stake, she didn't die on the rack and her death by burning was sped up because she got given gun powder by an onlooker to prevent her suffering. And Anne Boleyn was executed because she was accused of having affairs (even with her brother!) and of seducing the King with witchcraft. But really Henry just wanted her out of the way, everyone hated her for taking Katherines (who was loved by all) place. But she was innocent.
madisonelectronic (7 years ago)
Did you ever peel Mrs. Peel.
5Element4 (7 years ago)
Reading the comments made me decide not to watch this video after all... :P
Emma Roberts (7 years ago)
@Bubo25 No he got the divorce on grounds of him having sexual relations with her sister. It wasn't so much as a divorce but an annulment to prove the marriage had never happened to begin with.
annie10103 (7 years ago)
@coachluver09 She had a wart on her finger that resembled a finger.
Pattydole70 (7 years ago)
@coachluver09 I agree. I do not understand why people who should know better tell such lies.
andromeda57a (7 years ago)
There are a lot of historical inaccuracies in this video. Ghosts or not. Fact checkers...invest in them!
Elizabeth Bristol is just a very crazy (or sick) woman.....Anne Boleyn and her 6 fingers, yeah right , the next thing is she had 2 heads and lived further with the head that was saved hahahaha.
Pattydole70 (7 years ago)
@MistressofDisorder Oh come now. Haven't you ever heard of never letting the truth get in the way of a good story? LOL! The made up stories about Anne, rival the ones made up about Marie Antoinette.
Leanne Woodfull (7 years ago)
I adore the Tower of London. Been there 4 times now and I just adore it.. so creepy! You genuinely feel chills on the back of your neck when you're in the White Tower especially!
Tudor Rose (7 years ago)
Anne didn't have six fingers on one hand..some reports were made that she had a second nail on her little finger but this is also not founded on fact.As Anne was very unpopular..alot of stories were made up about her to discredit her and passed around the world by Ambassadors to the English Court.Whilst some said she was fair of face..others said she was quite plain but all remarked on her best asset..her beautiful striking black eyes. The report of six toes is a new one on me and made me laugh.
no_tomatoes (7 years ago)
@dramaprincess94 You Tube wont let me post links. Maybe I'll try to send them thru a message to you on here and see if that works. :)
Nate Gross (7 years ago)
@Isis8 i do live in America. I went to the Keys 2 years ago. I never knew Blackbeard went there, though. i would love to see the pictures you got of orbs and the actual ghost!
no_tomatoes (7 years ago)
@dramaprincess94 They spoke of Blackbeard a little bit while I was at the Keys so if you can ever get down there for a visit (not sure if you live in America or not) , it's well worth it. I caught a good bit on film (orbs and such) and an actual ghost while taking pictures of a bar that had burnt down. I felt the ghost but couldn't see him. My camera caught it, though.
Nate Gross (7 years ago)
@Isis8 i was 12 when i went, too. I didn't see any ghost activity when i was there. coincidentally, i am on vacation in North Carolina now and in 2 hours i'm going to see a haunted house. I think it has something to do with Black Beard
no_tomatoes (7 years ago)
I went as a young child, maybe 12 or so. I've seen ghosts since I was really young, maybe starting at 2 or 3 years old. The only supernatural occurrences I recall were the two princes. As I remember, they were giggling and warming themselves beside the fire. I'm going back this summer, I hope and maybe I'll see something else.
Monique A. Dyer (7 years ago)
When i visited The Tower of London in the summer of 2005 i haven't seen or heard evidence of hauntings. Perhaps on my next visit i'll spend an evening/night there. Gotta love English History.
Harry Wiseman (7 years ago)
@moshimaster123 :L
Nate Gross (7 years ago)
@musicalprodigy7 i went there 3 or 4 years ago, but i dont remember it being scary. i think on the tour they told us 1 or 2 ghost stories. i've been into ghosts for about 6 years now and i cant believe i didnt kno how haunted the tower of london was when i was there.
Kaz (7 years ago)
... they're stating myths as if they're fact. no one really knows how the princes in the tower died. they simply disappeared from history. we can't be sure that the bones found in the staircase are theirs, though it is a likely story.
Emma Roberts (7 years ago)
@saveusrecycle It's a lie. The victorians had to reburry her and she had perfect hands and toes. She supposedly had moles all over her body too (a sign of a witch), also a lie. These accounts are not told anywhere before her downfall; not even by the spannish. She wasn't beautiful by the day's standards but she was perfectly formed. She did not have an affair with anybody, she did not commit incest and she was not a witch. Her real crime was a hot temper and a failure to give birth to a son.
saveusrecycle (7 years ago)
That's the first time I've heard that Anne Boleyn had six fingers and six toes. I doubt that His Magesty, King Henry VIII, would have accepted that!!!! Off with her head!!!!
moshimaster123 (7 years ago)
once i throw a stone at a cofine and a ghost houanted me
moshimaster123 (7 years ago)
the tower of london oh dere
The makers of this film didn't pay much attention in History class!!
DianaRose Goodwin (7 years ago)
The narrator is Patrick McNee, actor.
Rpmseries (7 years ago)
Is the guy who is telling us about the tower of london, Jimmy Patton?, the one who is famous for saying in Chucklevision "No Slacking!".
regszikora (7 years ago)
There is just to much fiction in this, Sadly it takes away from the truly fascinating that is there. I suspect that they never heard that fact is stranger than fiction.
asmodayose (7 years ago)
This clip is filled with false information. No one knows if Richard III murdered the boys, he had the least motive out of all the suspects. And Henry did not behead Anne because the Catholic Church forbid divorce (he had already broken with Rome ti marry Anne), he beheaded her to avoid a long divorce.
brontewcat (7 years ago)
What rubbish. This is the most inaccurate version of the stories of the Tower I have heard. Eg Anne Askew was accused of heresy and racked to implicate Katherine Parr (the sixth wife). She was burned at Smithfield
Trevor Wills (1 month ago)
She was tortured on the rack prior to her execution. She was burned at the stake at Smithfield along with several other males convicted of heresy She had to be carried to her execution on a chair and tied to the pole seated in the chair.The video is accurate on most facts.
SeepingNosferatu (7 years ago)
Raven grave yard. nice. RIP
agent90 (7 years ago)
Even Wikipedia is more accurate than this....
Katherine Preston (7 years ago)
@roselol01 not at the time but i had a video camera and there was a load of orbs. luckily orbs dont scare me
roselol01 (7 years ago)
@Tokiohotelgirl97 did u see/hear anything??
Katherine Preston (7 years ago)
@musicalprodigy7 Same! i love anne boleyn, her life is interesting!
Katherine Preston (7 years ago)
I went there a few days ago :)
Travis Gibb (8 years ago)
that woman in the blue cracks me up how she tells the story LMAO
Alice OfSherwood (8 years ago)
Honestly, my dog could use better facts than this - and i don't even have a dog
AAron Thom (8 years ago)
I hate when they get the history wrong, it just makes all the talk of ghosts seem unlikely to be true.
BBOYBEN BEN (8 years ago)
wauuu i was there early this year...is already cold there coz is freezing there..is realy full of ?????
Alice OfSherwood (8 years ago)
I've been there. I can see why the blooy tower is called that. It's BLOODY freezing in there and the staircase is BLOODY narrow. Not the smart thing to do if you're Homer Simpson
sezums (8 years ago)
I must say I experienced orbs all around me when I visited several years ago. It was very creepy!
KelsieLovesHBC (8 years ago)
@schizoidboy oh yeaahh!!
legomen330 (8 years ago)
I want to go there
YesIamEccentric (8 years ago)
They got it wrong - by the time Anne Boelyn was executed the country was protestant not catholic - stupid posh man

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