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PRAY IV DEATH (1 year ago)
Tv settings ?
Brandon irons (1 year ago)
Hey why did his leg go through the rock @ 8:07 ??
J Fonzerrelli (1 year ago)
HDR for life!
ray cabrera (1 year ago)
There 9000 series are better and the geek squad warranty barely covers anything
Bugs Bunny (1 year ago)
Hey bro do you play uncharted 4 game mode?
cels013 (1 year ago)
Blaze -4K- what are your picture settings on it?
Blaze -4K- (1 year ago)
Bugs Bunny yes
Roger Diking (1 year ago)
does it look good pc gaming ??? whats the refrsh rate with pc??
madgizmoo evilkenevil (1 year ago)
Heliosvector its 20 in game mode
Heliosvector (1 year ago)
Roger Diking about 35ms but max 60fps
kryptoniteee (1 year ago)
My boy blaze! What you sayin homie. Hit me up some times homes. You gotta nice tv now you dont holla at your boy no more. Why dont you lend me some money dawg.
Matt Hall (1 year ago)
The colors are amazing in this panel. I own it too. Very good for games and other sources of content. It is very versatile.
Cassidy Carroll (1 year ago)
Goddamn, your best buy experience sounds soo familiar. Haha.
Bob Billy (1 year ago)
it would been a epic fail if you had got a pc
Kenny Chung (1 year ago)
I know exactly what you mean about the Las Vegas time lapse video at BB. Gorgeous black level...but it's gotta be the 8000. BB got the 60 for $1199 this week
Hani Habbal (1 year ago)
Hey man, you've had this tv for bat a month now I'n guessing. Have you heard about the issue with the back panel separating from the screen? I've read many reviews where that was a big issue. Supposedly caused by the heat up of the tv and the fact that the panel is glued together? Also, I've read abt issues with light bleeding caused by the fact that this model has an edge-lit display. Have you experienced any problems with that? Cheers
Heliosvector (1 year ago)
Hani Habbal from what I hear, nearly everyone has that issue, but it's only cosmetic and people are so impressed with the clarity that many decide to keep it despite the back panel peeling.
Allister Washington (1 year ago)
Magnolia is what they call it
marcaineasunder (1 year ago)
Got the 8500 and man I'm impressed!you need to try titanfall 2 on there.youll definitely be blown away.cheers
Blaze -4K- (1 year ago)
marcaineasunder I will next video I did try it on my other suhd tv looks amazing
D-Nasty's Noise (1 year ago)
Fuck Overwatch! Uncharted 4, Tomb Raider and Forza Horizon 3. Those are the games of the year.
D-Nasty's Noise (1 year ago)
I have a Sony Xbr65x900c and it looks fantastic. I also went Sony for the passive 3d.
D-Nasty's Noise (1 year ago)
Magnolia. Lol
D-Nasty's Noise (1 year ago)
I'll never forget. I worked for Best Buy and we opened the first one in Florida. Lol
Blaze -4K- (1 year ago)
David Lagnado lol fucking shit I forgot
mat matwom (1 year ago)
iv got this tv ,, its bad ass
MRDUKG (1 year ago)
Hey man... I am going to get this tv but I have heard that the back of the tv comes apart from screen due to it not having screws... have you noticed this yet? hopefully not..
MRDUKG (1 year ago)
Thanks man.. still looking at the 65".... :)
Blaze -4K- (1 year ago)
UK Garage House Bass DJ Mixes I a lot more common on smaller models
MRDUKG (1 year ago)
Thanks.. I have read loads about this issue, but I still really like the TV.. bloody annoying as LED sets have been around for ages now and they still cant make one without some kind of issue.. :)
simix1000 (1 year ago)
UK Garage House Bass DJ Mixes yes it will, i have bought 49''ks7000 ( europe model ) and after a week a back panel haze unglue little bit, but nothing series, it is beacuse of the heating, but still the tv is really good and picture is amaizing!!
Blaze -4K- (1 year ago)
UK Garage House Bass DJ Mixes don't believe the BS man the tv is well built excellent screen
Beast enjoy playa
MR 4K UPSCALER (1 year ago)
congrats on the TV , i can't recommend enough this TV , The Size , The Quality, The Features. One of the most balanced and well built TV's Samsung has build in 2016.
Bob Billy (1 year ago)
I got this TV for £770
Bob Billy (1 year ago)
Blaze -4K- I said £ not $
Blaze -4K- (1 year ago)
Bob Billy sure u did
Xquidd (1 year ago)
Man I like your shit, you should upload more
Blaze -4K- (1 year ago)
Xquidd thanks a lot dude appreciate it
JacobOlli (1 year ago)
Are you gonna try ARK Survival Evolved on PS4? Would like to hear you and Rev's thoughts about how it runs lol
SuperNovaHeights (1 year ago)
JacobOlli why the "lol"?
101dumars (1 year ago)
I just got a 48" 4k tv
Craig Rogers jr (1 year ago)
damn that color blinding me
idan124 (1 year ago)
looks stunning
AttitudeEraKidd408 (1 year ago)
what's your picture settings for standard mode
AttitudeEraKidd408 (1 year ago)
Blaze -4K- oh okay thank you I'll keep a lookout for that video then bro.. add me on PSN
Blaze -4K- (1 year ago)
AttitudeEraKid408 I use movie mode
Blaze -4K- (1 year ago)
AttitudeEraKid408 ill make a video
elnutty (1 year ago)
Hey blaze do you have any tips for calibrating ur TVs?
Blaze -4K- (1 year ago)
elnutty yes I will
checarlos956214 (1 year ago)
how are the colors compared to ur 7000
Blaze -4K- (1 year ago)
checarlos956214 7000 colors are great it's a solid tv..has HDR but the size the screen HDR is so good on the 8000
checarlos956214 (1 year ago)
the js7000 tv that u had has a wider color gamut,this according to rtings
checarlos956214 (1 year ago)
i have one of these tvs and a ps4 pro and it destroys anything on pc with high settings
madgizmoo evilkenevil (1 year ago)
Punch Down King you havnt got a clue, 8k 120hz:)
madgizmoo evilkenevil (1 year ago)
checarlos956214 (1 year ago)
Punch Down King buuhhhhhh
Punch Down King (1 year ago)
checarlos956214 no it doesn't. Any pc with a medium graphics card can run at most 8k or higher. This 4k nonsense is stupid. Such low resolution and 30fps?i have a pro and a pc and quite honestly i run games at 8k at 120fps.Catch up soon buddy
tmoney231979 (1 year ago)
Bro what picture settings do you use if you don't mind posting
gezforce (1 year ago)
Congrats on the new screen Bro! Imagine Last of us part 2 and Uncharted 4 Lost Legacy on that Bad boy ;)
icy 0 (1 year ago)
gezforce Last of us 2 is fucking looks unbelievable. Last of us 1 is already one of the greatest looking games ever made
Solidrev (1 year ago)
I was just at best buy. Was buyin little man a game so I went over & looked at 4k tv's. Blaze I can't tell you how uninterested I am. I was more tempted to buy the xbox one s BF1 bundle & only cause the console looked cool lol I didn't buy it though
Blaze -4K- (1 year ago)
Bob Billy I don't need to sell anything lol love my xbox1s
Bob Billy (1 year ago)
Solidrev sold my Xbox 1 s to help pay for this TV cos I never play my Xbox
Punch Down King (1 year ago)
Solidrev console looks cool vs games looking cool. If you almost bought that discount ps3 over a game i don't know how stupid you are
Solidrev (1 year ago)
+Blaze-N-Piff ok
Blaze -4K- (1 year ago)
Solidrev bull shit
vinniecorleone62 (1 year ago)
Samsung is the best IMO, I've tested so many & you just can't beat the visual fidelity, period. Glad you're digging your new toy, gaming just got better.
vinniecorleone62 (1 year ago)
My 2015 JS8500 was $3600, I bought it for $2000 on Memorial Day at Best Buy, I've never seen a better one & it's a brighter & higher contrast than the LGs I compared it too, I love it, the perfect television with nano-crystal HDR & 4-K. 2015 was the last year for active 3-D technology as well, so bad ass.
vinniecorleone62 (1 year ago)
And it has 3-D which I love, the 2016 & up ones do not, so ours is the last great all in one 4K HDR TV IMO, I have a bunch of 3-D Blu-rays because of it.
checarlos956214 (1 year ago)
vinniecorleone62 i bought my js8500 for 3200,its a beast just like all top of the line samsungs
Shredder 666 (1 year ago)
1500...dammit I just bought that TV for 1899 2 months ago...oh well.

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