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Apple iPhone 6s Review in 2018 - Is it Worth it?

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iPhone 6s plus review in 2018 unboxing the new iPhone 6s! is worth it? Should you buy an Apple iPhone 6s in 2018! Amazon US - http://amzn.to/2ltX160 Amazon UK - http://amzn.to/2pyWq43 Amazon CA - http://amzn.to/2kfeGtk Connect with Royal Tech! Instagram / Snapchat / Twitter @theroyaltech Get Amazon Prime & other deals FREE for 6 Months! Limited offer! USA - http://amzn.to/2kCxc20 Canada - http://amzn.to/2kZ2bWZ May Contain Affiliate Links ----------------------------------------- My Video Gear - https://goo.gl/4mwdTN Contact us - theroyaltech@yahoo.com (Business inquiries ONLY)
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Text Comments (130)
gauge honaker (12 days ago)
wheres that case link though lol
Augusto Serrato (1 month ago)
Port over to metro pcs and get the iPhone 6s for 49.99
Dexm YT (1 month ago)
You could get a pre owned iPhone 6s for 130 dollars but if you have boostmobile
arman afridi (2 months ago)
Is iPhone 6s water proof
Nitesh Mohite (2 months ago)
I m from india i will buy 6s in *2020*.. 😀 . . *Hit like if u know what i mean
Ravinu Chanmira Appuhamy (4 months ago)
This is the iPhone 6s Plus silly
Kevin Juarez (4 months ago)
I had my 6s for more than 2 years and btw it’s the 16Gb model and it’s still working great
Kevin Juarez (3 months ago)
Alistair Gongob no bro it’s still running good as new.
Alistair Gongob (3 months ago)
Kevin Juarez hands down to you man. No slow downs bro?
Kevin Juarez (3 months ago)
Alistair Gongob lmao I’m still surviving with the 16Gb to this day. I only download important apps that I will actually use a lot. I have been using this phone for almost 3 years and I still haven’t managed to use all of the 16Gb which I find really crazy.
Alistair Gongob (3 months ago)
Kevin Juarez dang how'd you survive with a 16gb model man?
Ive (4 months ago)
Link to where you bought it $200. Mine was $ 400 64gb.
KATURAMU ASAAD (4 months ago)
It’s still a very good iPhone and it’s da one am using by now though disturbed by the space
Nenno Lam (5 months ago)
I still love the design of the iPhone 6s, it just has something to it that I just love!
gail enigma (5 months ago)
I bought a 128 GB Brand New 6s Rose Gold last Feb 11 this year, and so far battery is great. My phone lasted 2days to 3. it runs IOS 11.3. Runs pretty fast. I still considered it as beast iphone for 2018. Maybe because I bought it new from the Apple Store, and the battery was already replaced. Don't play games in my phone.. Most of the time I only used it to text and call or access social media. But so far its still worth it. Just buy a battery case if you still want to use your 6s. If you're planning to upgrade to a higher model, my opinion is you can do that a year from now.
Hamdan Ali (5 months ago)
and it is iphone 10, not iphone 'ex'
Hamdan Ali (5 months ago)
last iphone without an ip rating... last iphone with a physical button... last iphone with a headphone jack............... uh bro, iphone se???
Shaolin Simpson (2 months ago)
Hamdan Ali lol eh hardly can consider since they really didnt wanna make it
Its 2018 and i bought a new 128gb 6S plus, battery and overall performance works perfect than my existing galaxy S8 (battery life is horrible)
Daniel Daniel (5 months ago)
Im having it in 2018 Its still relevant and blazingly fast
Mats van Dijk (5 months ago)
it isn't the last one with all those things the iPhone se is
ian walker (5 months ago)
I don't have one now, but i was using a 6s up until a month ago for business purposes. I personally use the iphone X and obviously there is a massive difference between the two iphones. Even now the 6s holds its own very well. If you are on a tighter budget, and really want an iphone i would say 100 percent get the 6s it is still a great phone.
profire13 (5 months ago)
Watching on iPhone 6s excellent performance
Mill Torralba (5 months ago)
*that clear case tho*
Jack Barrett (5 months ago)
If you can get a day out of your 6s battery then you don’t use your phone much, trust me
Shaolin Simpson (2 months ago)
Jack Barrett true that
Cheese man (5 months ago)
$200? Try $499
Arjun Malik (5 months ago)
Which site I can buy it less than 200 $
Thomas G (5 months ago)
You have the Same voice as the asian Guy from the Good place lol
Cat Valentine (5 months ago)
ohmygod i have that case
Blu3stars e4envy (5 months ago)
I have an iPhone 6s in rose hole 16GB and to me it’s amazing 😉 x
People iPhone 6s is the better phone like iPhone 7 and new X. Its very same you just have new design or just more speed. And that all story about new iPhones.
Dylan Power (5 months ago)
Watching on my 128gb gold iPhone 6s Plus
ACE WAVY (5 months ago)
iPhone 6S Plus 32GB
Jumbo Fanato (5 months ago)
um i’m still using a iphone 6 and it’s still doing fine
Lil fuckboi (5 months ago)
200 dollars:(? in Greece the price is at 400 euros which in dollars is about 400 dollars
Elijah Ignacio (5 months ago)
My battery is worse in ios 11.3 its probablh worth it if its in ios 10
Your Mum (5 months ago)
The base storage got up to 32gb after the iPhone 7 release
Delilah Harter (5 months ago)
Please someone find the 200$ link 😋
R.Haque (1 month ago)
he meant pre-owned phone.
Flashydeen (6 months ago)
Not last iPhone to have an home button and headphone jack cuz se was released after the 6s 😉
Ive (4 months ago)
Flashydeen se isn’t a flagship
tushar goel (6 months ago)
Roland 0391 (6 months ago)
Iphone is one of the best smartphone in the market. The problem was the battery. It will not last a day if you are into gaming, streaming videos and more. But if it's just like call and text then it will last for more than 1day.
Prince’s Life (6 months ago)
Battery is long because you have iOS 10 but in iOS 11 it will become short
gregorylent (6 months ago)
32 gb 6s in india, $550 in 2018 ..
Adah Angela Amora (15 days ago)
Uhhh u should visit philipines, u can buy iphone 6s for like 160 dollars
Yassine Moheddine (1 month ago)
gregorylent very expensive Now 6s 128gb in tunisia 350$
Crazy Lol (1 month ago)
In UK refurbished 32gb is like 230 pounds
Mukomeza flora (2 months ago)
gregorylent here in Ireland its just 279 euro roughly 290 dollars
Antonio Manuel (6 months ago)
I am wondering about to buy this iPhone also I have another Apple devices like a iPad and I don't know if this iPhone would works, I just wanna a phone that's works fast and have a good camera ( I don't play with my phone)
64 bits (6 months ago)
I think you should get use a different camera and use cool color scheme. The colors look too bright and blown out. Good video though👌👌
Manab Dutta (6 months ago)
using mine for over 1.5 yrs still very happy for it though battery is an issue but i have a s8 for backup so its cool !!
paul plummer (6 months ago)
$200? 🙄 I bought mine for $669
IISupermanII (2 months ago)
paul plummer it’s also 300
gogisworld (4 months ago)
Just bought one for $110
cris4529 (4 months ago)
Lolz I bought mine for $80 last year.
Gabriel Basilio Brito (5 months ago)
Wow. You paid 669 for a 2015 phone.
Bareq N (5 months ago)
From ebay with 60 days warranty
Faheem Mashrequi (6 months ago)
Give me a cheap camera as a gift, please.
Abhishek Peter (6 months ago)
Why all the iPhone's have battery drain issues..
Ive (4 months ago)
Small battery
Headhunter (5 months ago)
iOS 11
Jesus Hernandez (6 months ago)
Abhishek Peter cuz it's iphone
Alax Martin (6 months ago)
Got a new one in 2017, 128 GB model
Well idk Idk (6 months ago)
Dha Supremery no i haven’t yet I will soon tho
gail enigma (6 months ago)
Patricia Angelica Flores I bought a 128 GB Brand New 6s just this Feb 11 and so far battery is great. My phone lasted 2days to 3. Depends. Maybe because I bought it new from the Apple Store, and the battery was already replaced. Don't play games in my phone, seldom take pictures. Most of the time I only used it to text and call. But so far its still worth it. If you're planning to upgrade to a higher model, you can do that a year from now.
Dha Supremery (6 months ago)
first200 Aj Have u replaced the battery? I want to get it but just want to see if switching the battery fixes the problem
Well idk Idk (6 months ago)
Patricia Angelica Flores if ur getting a 6s series get a + just because of battery and optical image thing
Well idk Idk (6 months ago)
Patricia Angelica Flores battery’s not good at all . I’m typing this on 6s . Well it was better when I bought it in early June 2016 maybe mine needs a battery replacement but even when It was brand new battery life wasn’t really great
eamonob84 (6 months ago)
I use the 6s and love it. Just bought one on Swappa that's still running iOS 9! Can't wait to get it in a few days and compare to my 6s running iOS 11.
Kyyng Jayy (6 months ago)
Does anyone know where I can get an IPhone 6s for under $300 or $350??
ACE WAVY (5 months ago)
Amazon I got a iPhone 6s Plus for $275
Fazeel Khan (5 months ago)
ZioTroix (5 months ago)
ItzAerx (6 months ago)
Yeah! Virgin Mobile has it for 229.00$! And they also have a deal right now, where you get 1$ unlimited everything for 6months if you buy a iPhone.
Cool Man (6 months ago)
Kyyng Jayy Walmart website and eBay
DIAMLER (6 months ago)
Can you do 6 or 6plus in 2018
WhirlWind (6 months ago)
The 6s does have a bit of water resistance, nothing like the 7 but it’s there
Shaolin Simpson (2 months ago)
Most ppl don’t know about the rubber wrapped around the interior of the phone
Princess Paguital (5 months ago)
Yep! I even made some videos in the pool and it got wet a tiny bit and nothing happend! Still happy with my 6s!
. Hitman (5 months ago)
Yeah drop this poor guy 3 times in water but it has been fine speakers need cleaning but all was fine
Road to Lotus (6 months ago)
Pratham (6 months ago)
*_IM USING THE 6S 32 GB for 1 year.. im just having problems cause the battery is too less for my usage and also i have an apple watch series 3 nike edition.. what should i buy? or should i keep both.. my budget is 350 dollars_*
Dobromir Cvetkov (3 months ago)
i just replace my battery on my 6s and now is evrything is fine :D
Braillynn Rodriguez (4 months ago)
Get a new battery?
neitherlink (4 months ago)
PHT yeah, sadly the Apple Watch doesn’t work with anything but iPhones so I would recommend a used iPhone 6s Plus according to your budget
Kyle H. (5 months ago)
PHT iPhone 6s plus
cocktail jail (6 months ago)
Saad Ahmed (6 months ago)
Iphone is the name of poor battery backup phone charging all the day..i dont like
WAR ROBOTS WITH MIKE (6 months ago)
Sir please do the same type of video for the iPhone 7 Plus
Md Nayeemuddin khan (6 months ago)
Make video on iPhone SE
Royal Tech (6 months ago)
Mohammad (6 months ago)
i have my iPhone 6s since 2 years and 4 months ... i still love it ❤❤❤
Teoh Chee Jin (1 month ago)
How many battery percentage we gonna to change the battery?
Road to Lotus (5 months ago)
Hassaan Saalim my is 79% 😂
Hassaan Saalim (5 months ago)
Jesus Hernandez yes it does but my battery capacity is 86 percent meaning when I fully charge it, it is technically charged to 86% but if you change the battery for £30 it should give a good increase
Jesus Hernandez (6 months ago)
tom pratz oh cuz my friend has the 8 plus and he just got it and the battery is bad like bad
Road to Lotus (6 months ago)
+Jesus Hernandez only if u play much
Dutch landishRDM (6 months ago)
Yes i love mine. Just got it a few weaks ago from a friend who used it for 2 years (and now got an iPhone 8) and it still works great. Battery health is still at 85% maximum. 16gb is enough for me (9.5gb free storage left) and i have hundreds of video’s and pics. Just keep your phone clean and use iCloud
Royal Tech (6 months ago)
Would you consider a 6s in 2018?
anime vlogs (2 months ago)
Royal tech how much is iphone 5c😞
joon (2 months ago)
i ordered one yesterday and its coming in today, so yes
Yes I got my iPhone 6s from the apple store online 32gb with AppleCare and I recently upgraded from the 5s
Genaro Jaimes (4 months ago)
Royal Tech yes if you giving one a way totally take it lmao
TheLegoBrickery (5 months ago)

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