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Why Do Game Developers Need Publishers?

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The game industry is tricky business. But what is the purpose of a developer and a publisher? Let's break it down. Subscribe for more: http://youtube.com/gameranxtv
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Brooks (3 days ago)
Does game publishers pay for the game development ?
doomleika (3 days ago)
Two words: Star Citizen
NexoFX ISKU (1 month ago)
Publishers are necessary for as long as game developers need direction in order to finish a game. Look at Star Citizen, everyone but their fan boys has by now realised that the game will never come out anywhere close to what was promised and CIG has no publisher behind them, doing anything against their constant missing of deadlines and feature creep.
Lord Colin (3 months ago)
lazer tag (3 months ago)
game makers need to sell digitally.. that way they dont need a publisher
M Alebeery (3 months ago)
so to summarize all this 8 minutes video : they need publishers because of 2 points : 1. marketing the game . 2. gave money to the developers to finish developing the game. this is 8 minutes video right here
Beepboopbeep (4 months ago)
Please does anyone know the game at 7:11 ?
Hawking Chair (4 months ago)
There are zero, NOT KIDDING, ZERO, good marketing companies. I honestly can't remember the last time I saw an ad for a game that didn't make me cringe or just want to avoid the game. With no training whatsoever, I would bet my testicles that I can make an ad for any game that will at the very least make anybody want to try it out. The bar is so low for these things, it sickens me that people will still spend their money on this garbage. Nice vid though. Informative. I'm just annoyed at the lack of awareness in the industry.
Cpt. Shmitt (5 months ago)
We need socialism... that'll put an end to this.
Andrei Gruntov (5 months ago)
I think the trend will be moving to independence from publishers by establishing a small publishing unit inside the dev team - more cost effective way of releasing games, less pain from juridical and financial stand point, etc...
Patrick Nederstigt (5 months ago)
I think CD project red is a good example of how it can be. They make and publish their own games, of the top quality they desire. If it's not good enough it will be delayed without someone telling them, publish now or you get kicked...
SkillGame (5 months ago)
4:42 6x Falcon, the dream!
starwars7642 (6 months ago)
Well we know there is a dark abyss that awaits companies like EA Activision and Ubisoft a rabbit hole of karma an irony followed by a long dark hole leading to... well essentially what ever dark abyss you belive exists for the evil and greedy but until then CAPITALISM YOU MAY NOT ALWAYS LIKE IT BUT IT WORKS
Hmair Simons (7 months ago)
That sounds about right to me
Jem (7 months ago)
Love the thumbnail 😂
I'm looking for a small gem any suggestions
Ike G (7 months ago)
But I still wish that Respawn had not gotten sold to EA. The studio may still get shut down, after which there's no way of knowing whether the devs at least got their way, no matter what EA promises or swears to hold on to right now. So if the devs had been kept outside of EA's grasp AND failed, we'd at least know that Respawn wasn't cockblocked AS MUCH as by a simple publisher.
nintendians (7 months ago)
if your starting a new gaming company and don't have the money, then of course you'll need big and well known publisher to help you out.
Skeptik (7 months ago)
Publishers are greedy Jews that are a cancer to the gaming industry.
ReadyMemEveryMem (8 months ago)
What's the game about robots at 7:12?
dabajabaza111 (8 months ago)
I don't think you need advertisement to make your product known. If you have a great product, the community that uses it will take care of spreading its information for you. If you pump out shit, however, then you're going to need ads because nobody is going to recommend shit to their friends but ads recommend shit all the time! I'll go a step further and say developers are losing both integrity and money on their product by giving publishers any input and a cut of the revenue. Take a look at Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice for a perfect example of what a capable studio can accomplish *without* a publisher calling the shots or paying for advertising. The game has been spread by word of mouth more than anything because people who are deep into gaming communities recognize a good game and the value of developers being able to create what they want and the insignificance of publishers.
james crowley (9 months ago)
games that are made/published independently are most likely going to be better because of the freedom it brings the devs,they don't have to answer to publishers who's main concern is money,it's not just a game but a passion project
Krom1hell (9 months ago)
How about NO?.... The need to have a publisher is just like the need to be married :))....traditionalism :D While you can go by the book (traditional), you could actually set your standards for what you will and will not stand for ;)...... For a smart person, no matter how good a publisher will make a "add", if the game sucks, you realize that ;)
Ryan Harris (9 months ago)
Videos like this remind me why I subscribed, thanks for all the hard work guys!!!
lazarus30001 (9 months ago)
Hairbrain schemes seems to do pretty well with the Shadowrun franchise despite lack of a publisher.
austin hall (10 months ago)
Visceral games wanted dead space 3 to be even scarier but ea thought making it co-op because no one likes a single player game and they need more money
Alan Langley (10 months ago)
Falcons voice sounds the same as as the guy from unbox therapy, I’m I wrong?
Eric Witte (10 months ago)
To put another hand in your pockets.
dbeehler (10 months ago)
Digital downloads should definitely be cheaper than buying a hard disk. They dont have to pay to produce the disk, so why are we charged the same price? even if it's $5 off. $5 is a lot to some people.
PC Master Race Commander (11 months ago)
I'm making a game but I want it done the way I want it done not some one else
Lil Savage (11 months ago)
Chloroxite (11 months ago)
Let me just take a second to tell you that that is quite possibly the most beautifully accurate thumbnail I have ever seen, and I love you all the more for it.
Jon Price (11 months ago)
The only publisher's who need to up their game are EA, Activision and Ubisoft. EA's games come out of the oven half cooked. There's nothing worse than playing Mass Effect and thinking this game has an amazing concept but lousy execution. Activision is a conveyor belt publisher, releasing fish faster than anyone can complete the previous title. Ubisoft's problem is rose tinted glasses. They just need to take them off when showcasing games at E3. If you're playing a really good game, chances are the publisher and developer are of one mind, patient and honest
Jared (11 months ago)
All companies need publishers. Blizzard Entertainments initial publisher produced kids games on PC but they had the supply chains and know-how to put out software. The difference was Blizzard's initial publisher firmly believed in giving the guys at Blizzard creative license and as it continued to pay off they left them alone. That ethos has been mostly preserved with Activision and Blizzard's current relationship but I doubt it will remain, especially after Morhaime retires. Physical cost production of software doesnt amount to much. Labor and marketing are the significant line items
Zodiac011 (11 months ago)
You can easily spot games that were either not play tested or no enough, like Battlefield 1, Infinite Warfare, Black ops 3, Wildlands, Mafia 3, Andromeda, Sniper Ghost Warrior 3, Fallout 4, Skyrim Special Edition, ARK:SE and plenty more, they are really buggy and have some game breaking bugs and some not so game breaking but immersion breaking and annoying bugs, some of them are so huge that they cannot have possibly gotten through without the Developers saying "Meh, it's okay" or just not play testing it, like the brightness bug on Battlefield 1, it's been there for like a week, it's impossible to read things in the menu and certain parts of the HUD because it's too bright since the last update, how does something everyone is experiencing (at least on PC) get through?
I KP (11 months ago)
The begging of that video gave me epilepsy 😂
Rick C-132 (11 months ago)
See this is a subject most people don't understand. Take Destiny 2 for example. Because a lot people might have a problem with the final development, i.e. microtransactions, dedicated servers, FPS, or overall content, they might take their frustration out on its fans like it's their fault. It's like "dude, I know it's not perfect but I still want to enjoy the game I bought, so back off".
nexotope zero (11 months ago)
impressive work falcon really appreciate this video
Noody Cup (11 months ago)
I don't know if this video was made before the release of Divinity Original Sin 2 but Larian Studios is both the developer and producer of their game and I consider that game a AAA release. They are crowd funded so it is possible to not need publishers. If anyone likes turn based RPGs with great fully voiced acting and amazing combat that actually forces you to think about the situation then you should play it. An easy 10/10 for me.
Jack Super Fly (11 months ago)
Digital Downloads... The problem is now internet costs. Gigabit? Hell no. Not available everywhere.
J.C. Hall (11 months ago)
Thanks, I was wondering about this about a week ago and you guys really answered my questions.
Shmozone (11 months ago)
I'm fine with DLC if it's actually good. Mass Effect 3? I didn't care. Skyrim? same thing. Battlefield? Why would I pay 20 dollars for 4 maps?
GrayFox370 (11 months ago)
@ 2:38 the problem is most of the new so called "AAA" games are the ones that are forgettable and mediocre. Case in point watch Gameranx top worst games of 2017 first half. Look at number one. Mass Effect Andromeda is extremely mediocre and very forgettable to put it nicely. Same goes for Ghost Recon Wildldands, Sniper Ghost Warrior 3, Mirror's Edge: Catalyst, Homefront the Revolution, Umbrella Corps, Watch Dogs 2, and of course...Destiny 2. Then you have these indies that are far better than any of those games...Dead Cells, Hollow Knight, Dungeon Souls.
ManiacX1999 (11 months ago)
Same reason movies need producers, they need money to make the games. It costs millions upon millions to make games, they're ridiculously expensive to make.
Sword N Bored (11 months ago)
Can we please stop associating a 60 dollar game automatically means quality and depth?...I mean look at Nba2k18...
Karim Fawzy (11 months ago)
Falcon....thumps up for the research and presentation, man
NotequaLto /// (11 months ago)
I love when some indie devs add jokes and references and they don't have to be approved by a publisher.
LimitedSauce (11 months ago)
+gameranx please for the love of god... ive seen dozens of people asking for the soundtrack you used at 6:07 for months but ive never seen an answer to it. ive spent hours going through the web and found nothing...
Gold Strings (11 months ago)
Hellblade did not have a publisher.
Noor Maes (11 months ago)
guys, devote anybody hear larger this ooe
Emma J. Hamby (11 months ago)
Honestly in a lot of ways, YouTube is your answer for this. Because to be honest, I didn't even know about hellblade until you said something and now it's on my steam wishlist until i look more into it.
Jacob Sutton (11 months ago)
The amount of love and care that got out into the old EA games.. Example, when I was young NFS: Hot pursuit 2 on PS2 was my favoutite and will always be one of the best racing games the development and developers/EA put into back in 2002. Then underground 1 & 2 like fuck games like that we're amazing. My opinion games will never be what customers want and love anymore it'd what catches the eye, its all micro transactions and money that controls the gaming industry big time now sadly
Tj Cunt (11 months ago)
halo 2/3 were amazing because everyone and their mother were online 24/7. That wouldve not been the case if there were no publisher
Distro Designs (11 months ago)
The thing with pricing is you have to make sure that no matter where you sell the end product always costs the same. It's something you learn in freelancing. Having different prices in different places makes for angry clients and customers feeling ripped off.
Dayrahl (11 months ago)
Why not to buy digital it still cost the same why not have a case ?
David Potts (11 months ago)
So, how do studios independently publish? How do studios become publishers?
Nick Slaby (11 months ago)
that edit at 2:55 tho..
Shawn Stone (11 months ago)
Activision ruined destiny, that's all im going to say... so much potential and interesting content that gets scraped and made into a basic, run of the mill fps
Jangus Roundstone (11 months ago)
Yeah games will be better when publishers quit acting like they own the developers! There should be more of an understanding relationship between developer and publisher. Too bad money and greed is behind nearly every problem. Patches was right about us. Who else wants him to make an appearance in Code Vein?
Jon Smith (11 months ago)
I think they are living in the past. Word of mouth (social media) does enough for a good game. So put your money into the game itself instead of wasting it on publishers.
Cosmic Potato (11 months ago)
Indie games are the best
JacobLZP (11 months ago)
Pc games are like 20 dollars
IshidaNikurasu (11 months ago)
BioWare did GREAT for years, then EA decided too put them on a serious leash... What happend? tons of microtransactions, gamebreaking bugs and short inconsistent stories.. If you ask me, publishers should NOT have the last saying, they should be an asset too distribute and NOT decide how the game should end up being...
JoelTRowe (11 months ago)
To me the worst thing is that is completely the same if you buy physical copy of the game or virtual...same freaking price....and when you think about it, it's not fear to us(consumers).
Soufiane Tinoudi (11 months ago)
Why do developers forget about the security o their old games ? Like activation with the old CoDs ?
Keith Knell Jr (11 months ago)
Ok so the publisher has the final say over the developer. But what if someone owned both the game publisher company and game design company simultaneously. The publisher don't got the final say than now do they. I'm surprised no one has thought of that.
Duck (11 months ago)
game at @7:06 ?
Banana Joe (11 months ago)
I really liked what you said
Mike McCarty (11 months ago)
And then you have Cloud Imperium Games. No publisher, and taking their time to make sure the game they are working on is done right. And a bigger budget than most tripple A games.
Hard Core (11 months ago)
Musthegreat 94 (11 months ago)
I’ve seen that picture 500 times before cmon 6:49
SlevinCCX (11 months ago)
One of the biggest problems right now is Publishers knowingly releasing unfinished products to be finished later through patch after patch after patch. It's becoming a norm, paying full price for alpha/beta games. And they also know, yes, we the gamers will be upset... but will completely forget about it 2 weeks later. Yes there are exceptions, there are always exceptions, lets focus on the whole and not the few.
Risky Rocker (11 months ago)
Falcon is the best
Kaze Vongola (11 months ago)
The problem is that "gamers" are too lazy to do research. There are no games that I don't know about, because I do my research and buy games accordingly. I haven't bought any games, that I regretted later, because I buy games I am interested in and don't buy them until I know that they aren't riddled with issues, even if it means I have to wait a bit longer to play it. If the gamers themselves did more research, game devs wouldn't need publishers to advertise for them, and at the same time ruining the industry that "gamers" supposedly love. So what it all comes down to is that its not the devs, nor the publishers that mainly are at fault, but US the consumers. Just like when it comes to everything else that is ruining the industry like DLC, season pass, micro-transactions etc. Gamer mentality: ”I gotta blame somebody. Otherwise it’s all my fault. Fuck that.” - Chloe the Thundercunt (Life is Strange)
WolvenRoedel (11 months ago)
I see destiny 2 Worst game atm and i dont watch the video anymore
Nerd Spaz (11 months ago)
Making a video game is basically like writing a book who's gonna want to publish it
Dylan Vieira (11 months ago)
Well yes hellblade is of the best games I have ever played. Especially for the price yet not many people played it, did they?
KYS Kido (11 months ago)
Anyone know the game at 7:05? Thanks
Fgl (11 months ago)
7:12 what game is that?
ReadyMemEveryMem (8 months ago)
Subsurface Circular
Fruzzy (11 months ago)
i blame capitalism
Generally Everything (11 months ago)
tl;dr: Being out there, and the publishers having connections.
FlatDietSoda (11 months ago)
Whats the game at 7:17
ReadyMemEveryMem (8 months ago)
Subsurface Circular
Dhruv Menon (11 months ago)
You guys are such hypocrites. You whine and whine about how the triple A side of the industry is stagnant, and then when it's your turn to put your money where your mouth is , you rush to get the newest Destiny or COD instead of supporting the indie side of the market where most of the innovation and passion resides. THE CONSUMER IS AT FAULT. They publish garbage and you just throw money at your screens without a second thought, when you know you have the power AND THE FREEDOM (I'm not from USA btw, Inb4 murica memes) to boycott and direct the industry however YOU see fit. But then again, normies will be normies. You've got more important things to do in your life huh?
Last First (11 months ago)
Great vid
Pavel Drotár (11 months ago)
Could we get the names of the games shown in a rapid sequence around the 7-8 minute? In the future, could their names pop up in the video as they are being shown?
Drakensson (11 months ago)
SquareEnix Collective
IVN117 (11 months ago)
A great company with a great vision such as bungie will most likely be torn apart due to Activision. It's unfortunate that that company will not be around for a long time due to greedy fucks at the top.
Wilhell and Magiocrity (11 months ago)
It is hard to totally hate publishers, however I back indie games and projects. Star Citizen is one that i really hope it comes to fruition of its promises.
Liam Kyzer (11 months ago)
That's why I'm gonna be a freelance game dev
Webbie (11 months ago)
publishers seem pretty useless now since you can raise good money on a kickstarter site if its a game people really want. Plus with digital distribution its easy to share out the games you make without the extra costs of printing out copies other than maybe some special edition versions. I guess one weird benefit of a publisher is the pressure... you have to get something decent made within a certain time period which can be good because without one you end up with a seemly endless development time like Star Citizen.
Max Boss (11 months ago)
I actually learned why pretty heard from playing the Android game developer simulator game. Basically expenses just rack up over time. Your employees have to be paid, the game costs money to make and if you just keep taking out bank loans eventually it will be game over. A publisher kinda takes care if all that for us plus they can help with distribution
kittyconcat (11 months ago)
Yeah its pretty terrible honestly would like to see that change for the better. There was a time where games and gaming in general became stale, due to it being very repetitive. Its all how you said derived from games that had success, never to change until they see a drop in there result. We should all know tho it will take (hopefully NOT) many years for that to change, due to new gamers (people that are new to the gaming industry) they will be new to it and it might be a never ending cycle of DLC...Not that its terrible but it might never change.
Kyle Danielson (11 months ago)
Where do game publishers go when they die?
Zishawn Malik (11 months ago)
Ok, your title screen is gonna give someone epilepsy. Also, games are the way they are because of inflation. Games are price inflation rose from like $50 to $60. To cover the costs of inflations, they sell DLCS to break even or make more money
Jonathan (11 months ago)
......almost EVERY single triple AAA game breaks even (and most likely profits) on DAY one sales.
Vanter (11 months ago)
What happened to Falcon's voice?
Michael M (11 months ago)
should change the title of this video, why do game developers need cancer?
PainX187 (11 months ago)
someone has to take the rap for making MTA and spamming dlc
James Brand (11 months ago)
Easy counter to the whole developer needs publisher argument is STAR CITIZEN
Luis Roman (11 months ago)
Well reason why devs don't really got control like publishers is because devs are just the workers basically and the publisher is the boss
Michael steffens (11 months ago)
I'm not sure you understand what a publisher does and nobody understands why you are not for the current state of game publishing because it doesn't impact anything in anyone's world.

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