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Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice - Everything You NEED To Know

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Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice (PC, PS4, Xbox One) is the latest game from famed Dark Souls creators From Software. Details are still scarce, but we've rounded up everything for you here. Subscribe for more: http://youtube.com/gameranxtv
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gameranx (7 days ago)
Can't wait for them to release more trailers and gameplay because we didn't have much to use (lol) anyways, what do you want from this game? Expectations are already pretty high.
"Everything you need to know, except we don't have jack shit to work with". *SO* we don't learn Jack shit that we've already been told dozens of times. Gg
AsharOzborne95 (1 day ago)
gameranx Vaatividya did this waaaaaaay more in-depth and with muuuuuch more detail. Smh. Smh. Dislike
9CBOOMER7 (4 days ago)
Not bashing your commentary, But I'll take it. you never played the Tenchu series. Tenchu Z being the 1 of the last in the series. Sekiro really mirrors the concept of tenchu z from the footage we've seen. Sekiro is seemingly a more fanatical Tenchu like game. Tenchu was more realistic (again from the footage seen in the trailer).
Broken Games (6 days ago)
AC: Japan.... from antivision boys... CEOs gotta get to that $45M level in this fiscal year to catch up dEAth.
Yakō kuma (6 days ago)
Yeah... watching the same thing over and over gets a bit stale. But at least the presentation is as usual.. Excellent.
TheKeithvidz (2 hours ago)
tenchu vibe - my eye awaits.
Raymondo Bloncè (2 hours ago)
yukmsacierzorro (6 hours ago)
I'm completely sick of RPG experience elements, so it's kind of cool that they changed up the design in a way that it doesn't need it. Never minded it that much in in Dark Souls as grinding wasn't that big of a thing, but a leveling arms race between you and the AI always makes a game less fun to me. I much rather play a game where just the scenario's and enemy movesets get more difficult.
EpicOriginal Swede (13 hours ago)
Enrique6700 (13 hours ago)
This gonna be a good deamn game not like that shit of Dark Souls serie
Tim Manno (1 day ago)
Can't Wait!!! :D
Edison Fanguy (1 day ago)
I think People believe that Fromsoft has only made souls games. There are plenty of other games they made that don't have the soulsbourne gameplay, like with nice door-open scenes. I don't think any doors are opened like that in armored core and that's a pretty big deal for Fromsoft. So I think its more what you want from souls games but this isn't one, but one will be coming. However if Fromsoft announces the new Soulsborne successor then it will devalue these two games they are about to put out. The successor game is in the works, just being hidden.
Deron Davis (1 day ago)
Get off it it's not a soul game point it's a samurai action game smh something new souls are dead the creator came up with something new as he said.
whitwhap (1 day ago)
“TONS OF DETAILS” . . . First sentence of the video: “There still isn’t a lot of information out there on Sekiro.”
Mark Bloomer (1 day ago)
he's the original yoshimitsu!
MugShot (1 day ago)
TFAJD (1 day ago)
Dude, Im impressed how hard you avoid to talk about Tenchu... Im Impressed. last activision + FS stuff = warth of heaven. Your welcome.
Nechtan (2 days ago)
Tenchu ripoff
Areguil (2 days ago)
Just watch Vaati's video.
Still thinks BB is not a DS clone demanded by Sony.
Split Second (2 days ago)
Yes just like the good old ps2 days 😂
Max Storti (2 days ago)
im excited for this game mostly because its gonna be harder than all of the other dark souls games.
DxV04 (2 days ago)
Posture bar? You assumed that. Lol this was lazy reporting. All you did was compare sekiro to dks. FROM has a long history of making good games. Why only compare it to dks?
César Camilo (2 days ago)
YOU'RE AWESUM, MAN! I actually felt like I was hangin' out with Andy, the New-Guy.
Heavix Music (3 days ago)
Such an amazing studio, this will be excelent!!
TheRenxl (3 days ago)
You know, based on this video, I realize now what it somewhat reminds me of. It's not by any means a copy, but the reference to stealth and the shots you showed from the trailer felt very reminiscent of Tenchu Z. That was one of my all-time favorite games from the 360 days. If the stealth is anything like that, (an example would be assassinations through the classic Japanese screen door,) then I'm already more interested in this title!
Florian Bohn (3 days ago)
I am very glad to read the comments and see that most of the people are actually fine with the new concept. Somewhere in an old interview with Miyazaki I read that he never wanted to make a DS2 initially. Miyazaki said that he likes developing new ideas and that sticking to one franchise is not his prefered way of working. I just replayed the whole series and realized that you can actually feel that mechanically. Demon Souls : World/Char Tendencies (what a crazy mechanic) Dark Souls : vagrants, bonfires, world design, estus (all crazy stuff), Bloodborne (Chalice Dungeons, No shields allowed, Insight). All these "first" games where the most innovative. So I think that this will be insanly good !
MalakiaLaGatta (3 days ago)
It looks like a really good game. Too bad I don't dig the setting and aesthetic in the slightest. I would've totally purchased it anyway if there was co-op and pvp because ambushing my friends by jumping from a rooftop sounds fun as hell. But with no online components and a story I am not interested in I guess I'll wait for a sale.
StaticGames HD (3 days ago)
I'm all about new game ideas but where the fuck is the moonlight great sword?
jboydgolfer1 (3 days ago)
Before souls, there was chromehounds, best mech game EVER. FU sega
TheoriginalTaiClaw (3 days ago)
Zelda name drop for absolutely no reason, it feels like it may be more like the Ninja Gaiden series. I like how he was trying to indirectly hint that he or people he knows think that it'll be too easy because you can revive anywhere. I mean they'll probs put a limiter on it like maybe 1 revive and then you're just dead, but that repeated hit on this game will be too easy.
Pimpalinho 1 (3 days ago)
Chris Pratt talking about video games , lol :)
Scott Spicer (3 days ago)
you musta missed the "pushing the door animation" in the trailer cause damn......its exactly like soulsborne
Fardawg (3 days ago)
Thumbnail --> "TONS OF DETAILS" Actual video "There still isn't a lot of information out there... but there are some little tidbits..." Nice clickbait, jerk!
Muzi Comic (3 days ago)
To me it kinda feels like Nioh beat them to market... But still looks like something i want on day 1.
Follow the Flood (3 days ago)
Wtf??? How possible could it be harder???
Will Nyx (4 days ago)
I was turned off when he said can't change equipment
fabio romero (4 days ago)
so yeah... this game is tenchu without rikimaru or ayane
9CBOOMER7 (4 days ago)
Not bashing your commentary, But I'll take it. you never played the Tenchu series. Tenchu Z being the 1 of the last in the series. Sekiro really mirrors the concept of tenchu z from the footage we've seen. Sekiro is seemingly a more fanatical Tenchu like game. Tenchu was more realistic (again from the footage seen in the trailer).
SisAndBroTOYShow (4 days ago)
I'll wait for Bloodborne 2 or another souls like game This is basically Nioh 3
Tyleed Smith (4 days ago)
Everything I've seen and heard so far has me on board. People can feel how they want, but hasn't From software earned our trust? I'm honestly surprised to see lack of faith by some in this community. They given us about 5-6 of the same type of games all of which are great so don't you guys want something new from them? Have an open mind instead of trying to label this game something it's not.
Lots Of Keys (4 days ago)
Git Gud Casul
Elora Barua (4 days ago)
I usually enjoy your guy's videos, but I have to say... this was probably the most CRINGE-WORTHY video I've seen from this channel. Everything was "Dark Souls this" and "Bloodborne that." No mention of Tenchu whatsoever even when mentioning stealth and grappling hook. There's more to FromSoftware than the Souls games, ya know. 🙄
Rituliant (4 days ago)
I'm not sure how I feel about no RPG mechanics, I always like seeing my character improve throughout the game and removing the gear is really iffy about me but I'm sure I'll love it.
AceAscendus (4 days ago)
From Software's 3 upcoming games: 1. NEW IP DARK FANTASY = Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice (action-adventure genre) 2. Mech game = New Armored Core game, AC6 or perhaps a reboot. 3. "a very weird game" = ??? (still unknown) As for Deracine, it is a small side-project and not one of their main projects.
Dorin Alexandru (5 days ago)
Easily my GOTY and I like how From is trying to move away from the Soulsborne formula.
De Waal Van Der Colff (5 days ago)
I want this game, but i'm scared of breaking the disc with rage.
TheAdvocate619 (5 days ago)
Never had a stealth mechanic in a from software game. But they have tenchu..... obviously a spiritual successor to tenchu. C'mon man..
Deadpan Flook (5 days ago)
This video does make it sound like From Software have only ever released Souls games, instead of being a company that's been making games since 1994....
hunter erks (5 days ago)
I just don’t feel like this will be worth the price tag simply because there is going to be a huge lack of replay value. Why would you play it more than once? A fixed story, same weapon, no build variety. Unless this is a 60+ hour game
Fenix Anime BG (5 days ago)
I hope this tane to be easy and difficult(to be intense but to ressurect at the same place)
Demonic Vomit (5 days ago)
I can’t wait to use that grappling hook to yank an enemy towards me like scorpion.
bobtista88 (5 days ago)
The closest thing to a tenchu game which I've been waiting a long while for
Rodrigo Dariva (5 days ago)
Im really sad, im not buying this game
Matthew Tyler (5 days ago)
its not "safe to assume" that there will be an interconnected world. ds2 and 3 did not have one, only ds1 and bloordborne(i think, i havent played it much yet)
Joe Arnold (5 days ago)
I mean, I’m glad to see them trying their hand at something different. That said, this info knocks it off my “buy immediately” list and to my “wait and see” one.
Amazed Alloy (5 days ago)
I hope the moonlight greatsword shows up. Maybe an upgrade for your arm that makes your katana glow. Also it's called shadows die twice so maybe you can only resurrect once before starting over
The Hulk Jabr (5 days ago)
Sekiro looks awesome and he looks like a Mortal Kombat Character
The Hulk Jabr (5 days ago)
I think this game is going to be very enjoyable
theDude (5 days ago)
Everything or ten random things !
Usual Rain (5 days ago)
The point i said " Holy shit this is a really different game " was at the time he said "There is a dedicated jump button"
Christopher Simon (6 days ago)
About 80% of that is disappointing. Honestly I've had to decide to skip for now 😭
hella cash (6 days ago)
i'm still hoping they'd make a bloodborne 2.
GroupofHoodies (6 days ago)
soulsarai. the Dark Souls of samurai games
Jesse Palmateer (6 days ago)
Souls Gaiden Borne?
GeneticColossus (6 days ago)
For those who want to understand lore before playing the new FS title, just go watch VaatiVidya's video on shadows die twice. It'll give you the estimated background of the game from the history they used from reality to craft it's story.
Section8dc (6 days ago)
People think this is going to be easier? I see the opposite lol. No summons and no grinding for levels? I think this will be the hardest game yet.
incognito mode Bl (6 days ago)
will not play it solo (づ ͡° ³ ͡°)づ
goga bredo (6 days ago)
are they going to put strong attention to the plot since it is single player ?
Lofty Smalls (6 days ago)
All I know is that it it's not Online, it better be replayable af; and without classes or customization, I don't see how that's possible.
zanychelly (6 days ago)
“Never had it in other From Software games” ?! How not, Tenchu is made by From Software
Danny BRITZMAN (6 days ago)
This is my minimum for the game. Very difficult, when you die there is a large sense of loss (Like losing all your souls or blood echos upon death), and a mood that consumes the entire game. I'm not saying that mood has to be so depressive or lonely like the other souls games, but they are consistent and overwhelming. I want that.
Haohmaru HL (6 days ago)
The only thing i NEED to know is release date. Everything else is not NEEDED to be known
Nick Plays (6 days ago)
Maybe not call the video "Everything you need to know" since you even admitted that there's still not a lot of information available yet. Maybe call it "Everything we know so far about..." or even "10 things you should know about..." since you even did the video in a countdown style. A few months from now that "Everything you need to know" title won't make sense when more information starts to trickle down to the public.
DondyGamer (6 days ago)
I like how you point out that we haven't really seen stealth segments in from software games before. Let me ask you this, what about Tenchu?
Florian Blanchard (6 days ago)
Diabetes southwest quite effort stick her alternative arise independence.
Heart92a (6 days ago)
"There's still not a lot of information out there about Sekiro" "Here's everything you need to know about Sekiro"
DJ Ransom (6 days ago)
The amount of times u compared this game to dark souls and bloodbourn is just ridiculous..it gets annoying and cringy..everything you said about this game had to do with dark souls
Michael Higbee (6 days ago)
Definitely getting the game, but if I’m being honest, I am a bit disappointed that it won’t play like a souls game.
Nikolaj Knudsen (6 days ago)
Good clickbait
UnfairStone (6 days ago)
Only 1 weapon? Level based on armour and weapon upgrades? Everyone using the same items needing to improve their skill rather than farm souls? God of War 2 then
lone wolf xu5 (6 days ago)
If you look closely at 0:41 that kill is almost identical to the stealth kills you do in Tenchu Z
John Cena (6 days ago)
Drinking game for every time Dark Souls is mentioned
Robert Bonilla (6 days ago)
"From software has never really had a game with a strong stealth element" *tenchu cries in the distance*
Nick Stark (6 days ago)
I really like how they flash kanji on the screen in attacking and etc. Thatll be cool if they use certain kanji for certain attacks/combos or dodging. In case anyone doesn't know Sekiro means Silence
austin evans (6 days ago)
Seems kinda like the new god of war
Hank Anderson (6 days ago)
Well it's time to Git Gud again.
AveragePerson#38 (6 days ago)
TOO.. EZ..
jrvbamafan1 (6 days ago)
What's with all the samurai games....we've got this, ghosts of whatever it's called and nioh 2. I'll buy this just to try it but honestly not all that excited for it. Would have preferred a Bloodborne sequel or prequel with different mechanics mixed in to change it up but it's whatever.
PheelGood Inc (6 days ago)
Tenchu is a FromSoftware game, so I’m sure they’re quiet familiar with their stealth mechanics.
Ihate allthethings (6 days ago)
The biggest detail I picked up on was that it was in fact not Bloodborne 2. Which was a huge deal breaker for me
Alexieto (6 days ago)
so is this nioh 1.5? 2?
Tortuga Ninja (6 days ago)
Tenchu meets Dark Souls
Tortuga Ninja (6 days ago)
not everything has to be an rpg....I'm looking forward to this game
Batman157983 (6 days ago)
I'm sureFromSoft will keep the resurrection mechanic reasonable to the point it's not piss easy.
Jérémie Magnac (6 days ago)
Nobody care about this game just makes bloodborne and dark souls !
Lee DuFour (6 days ago)
Just Thought I'd mention some have speculated that the Shinobi prosthetic will feature different move sets or "combat styles"  depending on what you use, this would make a lot of sense to me if they plan on not having different style weapons.  A good way to switch up the combat IMO.
sebastian price (6 days ago)
Still can't believe so many people are already walking away from this game because there is no pvp.
Ben Shapiro (6 days ago)
I liked the lvling up system i will sorely miss it
Michael Burke (6 days ago)
Seems like tenchu assassin but better
ShotGunPill (6 days ago)
This game is just gonna be liit
TheFalladin (6 days ago)
Good, the DS atleast were shit with the netcode etc.
Matt (6 days ago)
im not really into souls like games, but i like everything im hearing about this
Roxas 101100 (6 days ago)
I'll stab anyone in front of me in line on the midnight release for this game

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