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Ma Kyout Nae Kyone - (J Me & Ar-T) Sea Game 2013 Song

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I do not own any rights for this video... Please subscribe for more videos... Thanks :) Credit : Lyric and vocal by Jme & Ar-T Music and Mixing by K.G.K Directed by - Arkar Video Produced by Arkar Production Arranged by Event Master Sponsored By Premier Coffee Co.,Ltd.
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Text Comments (50)
komay komay (11 days ago)
J Mee good
moe moe (2 months ago)
Myan mar
Nyi Nyi (5 months ago)
Tun Tun (8 months ago)
J me. 😎
ye naung (1 year ago)
naymin Kha (1 year ago)
Hip Hop Ko Soung
naomi love JM (3 years ago)
j me, here i am your fan.and i wish you sing gosple song more n more...may God bless you
Zhang Tingting (4 years ago)
  J-me and Ar-T both awesome .. really respect J-me .. your face and your manner show it :) keep it up bro! Looking forward to more awesome MV like this .. and thanks to those who make this MV 
Rain Bow (4 years ago)
Good myanmar
jinxiong xia (4 years ago)
how a great song our Myanmar has a great future !
Sai Yannaing (4 years ago)
Myanmar kwa
roel batu (4 years ago)
Great song. Respect from indonesia
Eaindray corey (1 year ago)
Thx a bunch!
katherine phyo (4 years ago)
Zaw Min Thu Gyobingaug (4 years ago)
yin minthu (4 years ago)
Loius Kham (4 years ago)
J Me in assertive manner really inspire to be a tough athlete with strong mentality !! 
Lê Hưng (4 years ago)
I'm Vietnamese, but Thailand Champion :|
nguye vtinh (4 years ago)
ASEAN muôn năm. Myanmar, Vietnam  cố lên.
Aung Khin (4 years ago)
Aung Khin (3 years ago)
Waiphyo Aung (5 years ago)
Powerful song
thi ha (5 years ago)
Good your Music JMe. R T.
paul stoner (5 years ago)
Way to go Jme ... Keep up ur great creation.
Angae Tinoo (5 years ago)
EhLay MuzicsTV (5 years ago)
Arkara production is best in Myanmar.
Thiha Zaw (5 years ago)
jamie is the only rapper that meets int'l standard. but the chorus guy really putting me off.
zin min (5 years ago)
very like song movie.
chitthu lay (5 years ago)
I like this song movie.
stephen lwin (5 years ago)
Mite mite
Aw Su (5 years ago)
J Me ကို ဟိုးအရင္ထဲက ၾကိဳက္တာ .. ခုထိပဲ ..။ :)
Thiha Zaw (5 years ago)
king of rap
shwe htoo (5 years ago)
one more J ME, i love ur voice,also Ar-T.this song.
Sithkha Nay (5 years ago)
i like
shwe htoo (5 years ago)
i love J ME ever,miss him,
maung sithusoe (5 years ago)
bossss!!! mr. jme and mr ar-t
khine minnaing (5 years ago)
i like ko j me
Chintan Dave (5 years ago)
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Chan Nyi (5 years ago)
We are Myanmar !!!! I like J to the me(.ျမန္မာျပည္သားမ်ား...........)
Mc Gilbert (5 years ago)
go go myanmar.....we are Myanmar......
Dr. Philip (5 years ago)
Very grateful song keep going JM.
hostile girl (5 years ago)
u zaw (5 years ago)
ၾကိဳက္ ၾကိဳက္
Ma Way Bu (5 years ago)
Arkar L. Naing (5 years ago)
P'werful Man! ! !
Kyaw Hteet Khaung (5 years ago)
Very good :) nice VDO
linn htet (5 years ago)
cristiano kothat (5 years ago)
like that my man j me ....

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