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BBC Reports on Article 13 - The EU Copyright Directive

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Text Comments (831)
jonny malayil (5 days ago)
European union is Mafia and WICKED Gangsters and evil empire is responsible for the destruction of European countries by welcoming lions poisonous snakes in the form of Muslims refugees who are nothing but invaders and freeloaders and rapist and fanatic who bombed the club's intolerant and barbaric and also breeds like rabbits and will over take the European countries very soon. Dismantle the Wicked European union and deport all Muslims refugees who are nothing but enemies of Democracy and Bible freedom of speech and liberty and gospel arts literature dog's women's rights etc.
NatTM : Digital Art (25 days ago)
How do you destroy a country and its citizen's lives? Make them join the EU!!!
kebman (1 month ago)
Thank you everyone, for fighting against this shit! Thank you so much!
Tommy DH (1 month ago)
Unfortunately it was defeated :( Am I the only one who actually wanted article 13 to pass? I had a meme folder full of article 13 compliant memes ready. Sheeeit, Machining Eternally.
Kian Saghafi (1 month ago)
2020 hey kid want some memes
Doctor Salt (1 month ago)
The law failed http://www.wired.co.uk/article/article-13-eu-copyright-directive-memes
skittled smoothie (1 month ago)
Is the same gonna happen to Britain? idk
Brian Minghella (1 month ago)
The more they squeeze the more their power will slip through their fingers.
Arjun Arunkumar (1 month ago)
I used to hate brexit ... Now, I think again There is no point in staying with this bureaucratic over controlling government.
Brash Crandicoot (1 month ago)
This is how I found out about it. And it was far too late.
Alpha Lobster (1 month ago)
Try reading the article. Not that scary. BTW, social networks are 0.0001% of the functionality of the internet. Also, the attacks on freedom of speech are directly related to the rise of social networks. Anything that stymies MSM propagation of their social media oriented none sense and limits news on social media the better for everybody. BTW, what is wrong with protecting copyright anyway, if somebody chooses to identify their work as protected. Is that not the liberal way?
Hoshom jonjoa 786 (1 month ago)
It's June 30th by now. Is article 13 in action?
This article is very bad, the young youtubers who make videos for enjoy will miss their channel and this is horrible..
Joe Terrance gaming (1 month ago)
I say we'll still see gameplays as long as we give some kind of credit to original owners
The German empire (1 month ago)
Also new 4th reich
The German empire (1 month ago)
Meps just because they have no sense of humour if this does go ahead and be very strict the eu will collapse
Mercy the seraphim (1 month ago)
WheelieBinMonster (1 month ago)
People just sitting at home doing nothing while 100,000 pro EU supporters marches in London demanded a second referendum. Leave side need to organise and protest back or you want have any freedom anymore.
springtrap1987 (1 month ago)
Im sad
Becca Xoxo (1 month ago)
It also effects editors! That is such a big community on instagram and other sites meaning their enjoyment will be taken away It helps me distress as well so it is stupid
Viral Killer (1 month ago)
So basically you would have to pay for that article you just quoted in the video....dumbest shit ever
Some frickface (1 month ago)
I just tried to fill out the petition, but I’m in the United States. Will this still affect me?
Arcade Alchemist (1 month ago)
if they can't police online movie and music piracy how they gonna police memes? memeflix ? Memester? memewire? memeorent?
Anonymoose Games (1 month ago)
Will the uk be affected after brexit as we will be independant then??? Idk how this all works (edit we wont be in the european union )
Saya chan (1 month ago)
A lot of us in different factions of the left who want this bill to die, it's never been about speech to these people but shareholders and protecting the interests of copyright cartels. So I kind of think regardless of political leanings we all have a common enemy here and this bill if it goes through will fuck everyone.
John Steele (1 month ago)
I say we do whatever the fuck we want. And if were sued. Play musical chairs with your assets like they do just to run their money dry. Any guards come to take you away. Kill em. Send a message to these dictator fucks that make them shit the bed before they die.
Roan Oneill (1 month ago)
I don't openly advertise this but if you install orbot orfox and a good vpn you can openly use the deep web on mobile I know its a Shitty place but at least its not censored
Boyfinn (1 month ago)
Lol the bill passed.
Jonno Quinn (1 month ago)
Super Mario (1 month ago)
As soon as I see this law in place, I'm gonna break every single law of Article 13 by uploading loads of memes. Imagine getting sued for sending someone a meme. Or even going to jail for it. lol
BlaineCraner (1 month ago)
I did write to my MEPs. I shared the info with everybody I know. What else I can do? Even with that, half the people I talked with didn't believe Article 13 EVEN EXISTS. How do you fight something like this?!
alexderpy dash (1 month ago)
They will never beat us we will always find a way around they can't stop us muhahaha MEMES4EVER
Nerd Repelant. (1 month ago)
VPN popularity boost over 9000%
angermgt1 (1 month ago)
said this elsewhere. its very simple . the totalitarian left are getting crushed when information , facts and truth are available . so they must crack down in order to feed the masses from the puppet theater. it is simply about control .
Dysprosium (1 month ago)
It just passed.
Raxer The Dog (1 month ago)
Do you thing it will happen? And if it is there any hope left?
Raxer The Dog (1 month ago)
Dysprosium oh fuck I can't believe it passed
Dysprosium (1 month ago)
Raxer The Dog it passed.
It's too late, it's today and all is lost. But on the bright side, this might trigger EU collapse.
PzGSephy (1 month ago)
So when are you all just going to invade Belgium and end the EU once and for all?
Fuck those globalists
Steve Marz (1 month ago)
Bet on 13. EU must protect hair wearing investors like me. VOTE A HUGE YESS TO ARTICLE 13. Put internet companies out of business for supporting infringement
Ewan Does a Thing (2 months ago)
This whole thing is fucking terrifying.
tumarfa (2 months ago)
Baby Boomers lost touch with their children and grandchildren after the introduction of the Internet, which massively changed the way news and ideas are spread. Their generation is the one pulling the legal strings now and they seem to be trying to revert things back to how they were before the Internet, ie. much more controllable.
tumarfa (2 months ago)
It's very clear that dystopian societies not only exist in fiction.
phoo4402 (2 months ago)
The rise of the European Stasi. GDR never died. They just infiltrated the EU.
frank tomeo (2 months ago)
For what it's worth, I shared this through twitter and facebook. I hope it works.
Max Lee (2 months ago)
anyone still remember this? almost june 20, just reminding.
Lucas Clausen (2 months ago)
pls eu dont fuck up
ruptys donut (2 months ago)
Well it was a nice 20 years guys
tamer ursavas (2 months ago)
They wanna tax the internet with license to broadcast certain things
Cosmic Claire (2 months ago)
The EU will cease to exist in its present form in less than five years. This year alone has already seen major blows to its power, and the year is less than half way through. Lots more to come. The EU is dying. Believe me folks, it's happening. Check out Dr Steve Turley and see his analysis of what has been happening in the last few weeks, which you won't get on the BBC or TeleEirann! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCsiAKRKcgzA_372WbXNBaw
Christian W (2 months ago)
Repeat after me: „FUCK THE EU.“ Again. „FUCK THE EU.“
Evolved Ape (2 months ago)
I love America.
mannofnope (2 months ago)
If this is implemented, every European Youtuber’s channels would die. Their channels would be deleted or jailed, enterntainment would become scarce, there would be no ways to express our creativity. Save the internet or die finding creativity and freedom. Together we stand, divided they fall
Plexicon (2 months ago)
Florian Mayr (2 months ago)
Evolve distribution developer convict transfer handle transition chip sea novel opening.
Tarik360 (2 months ago)
CF is sounding so serious in this one, holy crap...
Orppranator (2 months ago)
Greetings from across the pond Hope we don’t follow you guys in the march towards communism
Daniel Narrow (2 months ago)
https://www.change.org/p/european-parliament-stop-the-censorship-machinery-save-the-internet Please guys. Vote against it. Vote against article 13. We need as much people as possible. Share that spread that. This is the same shit like acta. #SavetheInternet
Yamatoman 64 (2 months ago)
DJ Blue (2 months ago)
Like... i wanna go away mannn i don't wanna stay hereeeee pleasee help!
klinton kavanagh (2 months ago)
I blame social justice, feminazis aka third-wave-femenist, and capitalism for this mess!
Max Holthuis (2 months ago)
Time to move on to the deep web i suppose...
Patrick Bateman (2 months ago)
So nothing changes. Same laws as they already exists.
Giuliano (2 months ago)
https://www.change.org/p/european-parliament-reject-article-13-don-t-prohibit-memes Sign here guys
Matthijs de Rijk (2 months ago)
Sadly I have no friends who actually care before hand. Only after the fact they will realize what has happened...
x1 daring (2 months ago)
#deletearticle13 #savethenet <3
Edvinas Adomaitis (2 months ago)
We need to get this to big youtubers like piewdiepie so the word spreads quicker
Damir Brakic (2 months ago)
MikeTheKoopaWarrior (2 months ago)
REMOVE ARTICLE 13!!! -Serbia
kelton den hertog (2 months ago)
i got a mail from a EU mp who told me at least 100 members are actively trying to prevent this from happening link here: https://marietjeschaake.eu/en/more-than-a-hundred-meps-oppose-new-publishers-right
Cheerleader B. (2 months ago)
So... I'm from Spain... How does this affect me? What will it do? I just wanna know, please.
Verschal (2 months ago)
I'll upload a "reaction videos" by people who did not see this as a threat, based of there face book pictures and tweets...... oh w8.........crap. They must know this is a button labeled "Selfie Destruct"
NAH YEAH CUNT (2 months ago)
its so weird no mainstream media in Germany reported on this, just world cup here world cup there. no surprise they are doing this during the world cup...
FreaK ϟϟ (2 months ago)
7 days... Yet the bigger youtubers havent said anything... Ugh
Sexyrino Kripperino (1 month ago)
Cause all bigger youtubers are more connected to US than EU, so they dont really care
Ian Croasdell (2 months ago)
Its control of free speech. Control is to control perception. The end game is for them to control the population's perception.
Ville Vaarala (2 months ago)
Why would the BBC be reporting on this and like this? Like, aren't they shooting at their own feet here?
Tatnachu (2 months ago)
I wonder, why is almost everybody talking about article 13 and not about the rest of articles? I know that art 13 is the most devastating for us, but other could can destroy or radically change internet as well.
idcaf (2 months ago)
You are wrong when you say that algorythms are good at recognizing actual music pieces. They aren't, at least not on youtube. Youtube algorythms fail quite often and really bizzarely. They arent exactly reliable and spot on about it which is what many people like you seem to think.
Realraven2000 (2 months ago)
Today is OpenMedia's Day of Action and you can't find anything in the YouTube search box unless you search for Article 13 specifically.
Aidan Langridge (2 months ago)
This shit will have people on the streets.
ThunderWork Studio (2 months ago)
2:15 Jim Killcock?
Brandon Mills (2 months ago)
You would think putting an end to terrorism would be higher on the list than memes.
Connor (2 months ago)
You got a license for that link, mate?
Mattias Kihl (2 months ago)
Im tryingt to find the source document for Article 13 Copyright Directive, can anyone provide a link? thx
Tritriumchannel (2 months ago)
You're only looking at this from one perspective dave, All you guys who have been defamed by the MSM time & time again could sue their asses into oblivion over this. Because theyre using your names, which is essentially what you are selling you are like an actor in that sense, without your permission. You are the copyright holder for your own name, they are the online platform thats distributing your name without your permission. They are violating article 13. This proposal needs to burn in an eternal fire, as an example of how low humanity can sink troughout the ages. An example as how to not do things, like the so much feared nazis are. And yet here we are, legislating fascist laws once more in an attempt to gather evermore control over the public at large. Im sure they are the chosen ones this time and nothing will go wrong! Verhofstadt, fraction leader of the liberals & democrats for europe, i mean how much more anti-liberal and anti-democratic then this guy can you get? He is the walking antithesis of liberalism & democracy.
Agape (2 months ago)
I contacted people weeks ago about this myself. People are either ignoring it or so overwhelmed with the amount of other stuff going on. There is just too much happening for people to know what the important things are to focus on. Certainly this is a good strategy to distract people from whats important...perhaps its worked this time. Once its in that will be it. It will be curtains for the downfall of the EU. If people couldn't see it before, they will never see it after this.
hardleecure (2 months ago)
I wonder if Eurobocop is going to stop and block all Islamic extremism as well or does that get a free pass as usual?
Antoni somon (2 months ago)
Will i still be able to see content put by american yt?
Sketchybacon (2 months ago)
Youtube is international.
THE STREAMER (2 months ago)
You guys need to fix your country this is ridiculous.
Gordon Way (2 months ago)
Fuck the EU...who gives two shits about that failing fuckhole...it doesn't matter to real people. You EU fucks can't even keep rapist out of your countries...
Joseph White (2 months ago)
If they (The media and movie companies) can't handle a little bit of criticism, or the use of images, then they will find themselves slowly phased out of existence, as people will cease going to movies, read books, or go to news sites..
lmao (2 months ago)
this fake you ho
Everything Cool (2 months ago)
the bots may break the internet and should be removed but when it comes to laws here in the UK we will clam fair use or dealing as it is called here puls if anyone want to sow they can already but to remove content before you known it is fair use is silly but the eu do not have common law the UK dose the EU is becoming like the USA sate law vs federal law eg ireland and the eu argue over how much tax big companies should pay
Everything Cool (2 months ago)
the bots may break the internet and should be removed but when it comes to laws here in the UK we will clam fair use or dealing as it is called here puls if anyone want to sow they can already but to remove content before you known it is fair use is silly but the eu do not have common law the UK dose the EU is becoming like the USA sate law vs federal law
Tradicon666 (2 months ago)
Don't let EU beat us people! Or else they will truly become the official 4th Reich in the 20th century!
Rony Tar (2 months ago)
groriyah borger needs to talk about this on pew news !!!
CaptainDuckman (2 months ago)
risk EXCESSIVE censorship. Clearly the BBC doesn't mind censorship, as long as it's not "excessive".
MGRay032 (2 months ago)
Most of us already have gone through the grieving proccess and made peace with the death of our way of using internet.
Ash Lawson (2 months ago)
Say this bullshit was to go ahead, as a Brit (about to leave the EU), would this affect us? How does it affect Non-EU countries?

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